wall breach

  • Achilles: Honey!
  • Patroclus: What?
  • Achilles: Where is my spear?
  • Patroclus: What!?
  • Achilles: WHERE IS MY SPEAR??
  • Patroclus: I put it away!
  • Achilles: Where!?
  • Patroclus: Why do you NEED to know!?
  • Achilles: I need it!
  • Patroclus: Nuh uh! Don't you even think about running off doing no daring do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Achilles: The world is in danger!
  • Patroclus: My evening is in danger!!
  • *explosions in the background as Trojans breach the wall*
  • Achilles: Tell me where my spear is, man! We're talking about the greater good!
  • Patroclus: GREATER GOOD?? I'm your boyfriend!! I'm the greatest GOOD you're ever going to get!
Date a girl who

can launch a 90kg rock over 300 metres, date a girl who can maximise her trajectory and ignore wind resistance, date a girl who can breach castle walls and help you on your siege. Date a trebuchet.

All this tragedy is really well planned, too. If you look at the timeline - Grisha arrived at the walls 20 years ago, 15 years ago Eren was born and when he was 10, Grisha passed the power to Eren. That makes 10 years and around 3 remaining for Grisha. He would not have made the 5 years between the Colossal Titan breaching the wall and reappearing at Wall Rose, so he *had* to pass it down to Eren, otherwise the people in the walls would have been left without any weapon whatsoever. So, Eren’s father passing down the power to Eren makes sense now in terms of that. (That “He’s MY son.” part still is unsettling, though. It still happened against Eren’s will.)

Kruger’s time was up, so Grisha probably got his power right away. So there’s these few things answered.

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prompt: mike catches livan flirting with ginny

There are certain scenes straight out Mike’s nightmares.

His knees giving out mid-game, forever damaged beyond repair. (That one might actually become a reality, to be honest, if Mike keeps playing the way he does. As his PT likes to remind him — he’s not a goddamn 25 year old with something to prove anymore. He can’t play the way he used too.)

The surgery for his knees fucking up, and destroying what little chance he has of ever playing. (Also a possible reality — surgery was risky, even more so for cartilage as destroyed as his.)

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Innuendos - By Corporal/Captain Levi
  • Levi: Oi Eren, are you a washing machine because I'd put my dirty load in you.
  • -
  • Levi: *sees eren's dick* I did not give you authorization to turn into a titan Eren.
  • -
  • Eren: But what if I eat you in titan form sir?
  • Levi: Mmmn then that pretty mouth of yours better swallow me whole.
  • Erwin: levi thiS IS HARDLY THE TIME.
  • -
  • Levi: *looks at Eren* I'd let that titan breach my walls. *purrs*
  • Eren: *whispers* ....just wait I'm gonna say that during sex as soon as I enter just to piss you off...
“Like you”

So I uh, kind of re-wrote the small post 5.11 fic I posted to ao3 yesterday in a more normal-for-me style - more dialogue and stage directions - I’m posting it below the cut cause it’s long. May post it on ao3 later tonight. Not sure which works better. Totally self-indulgent … apologies. 

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It’s quarter to midnight, I got tea, I got music, I got snacks;

Let’s do this!

Jumping on the T-cubed train

(Tamlin The Tool) (Apologies in advance for no direct quotes)

So I just wanted to put something out there that’s bothered me since acotar. Every time I read it I cringed a bit but it felt like such a small thing that, well, whatever.

The fake wall-breach-contract thing.

Re: The reason Feyre initially goes with Tamlin.

Tamlin just made that shit up.

Now I get it. It was before he loved her, and Rhys did unsavory things too in the name of breaking the curse. Kind of a freebe. 

But still. It was untrue. He tells her that the price of killing the wolf-faerie is her life.

…and THEN tells her “humans don’t understand mercy” because now HE’S the good guy for saving her and letting her stay in the manor with him instead of dying. He could’ve just mandated a life for servitude but he makes sure Feyre has reason to feel indebted to him. 

Now here’s the second prong to this:

The care of her family.

Miser McGee has a shit ton of wealth. He promises that he will not let them starve… so long as she doesn’t leave the manor. Never mind that it was for her own good. If he wanted to persuade her not to go to them, then he should’ve EXPLAINED to her or found some other way. It’s just plain manipulative to hold her there with the veiled threat that her family will starve if she leaves

okie doke rant over

Eremin Basics Part II.

This part will be focused on Eren being Armin’s safety.

We all know Armin lacks a copious amounts of confidence and self esteem one would need to feel emotionally sound, especially compared to his other comrades. More often than not, he is not capable of seeing himself as a valuable asset alone, much less part of an integral part of a team. He is always striving to be “useful” even when he has been more than a saving grace to the Survey Corps. He is not physically strong but he is a certifiable genius. Everyone knows this but Eren is intent on making Armin see it.

Eren knows that in a dystopian society where man eating titans are terrorizing livelihood inside the walls, that he has to defend Armin from everything to the best of his ability -  even if that person that is himself.

Here, we experience Armin coming to terms with their first encounter with titans in Trost.

He rambles on about the possibilities of the human race being eradicated by the titan population that breached the wall.

Only to have Eren just quell his fears by the sound of his voice. Eren is not just willing to stop there. Here he gets to the core and figures what underlying narrative will comfort Armin even more:

He shares with Armin that if they’re able to defeat the titans here and now that they’ll become higher ranking officers. Something that he knows tickles Armin’s need to feel “useful.” And thus Eren singlehandedly snaps Armin out of his morbid trance. (with a smile and a wealth a healthy eye contact…)

Eren takes responsibility for the solidity of his best friend and takes every opportunity to confront Armin’s insecurities and turn them into something positive. Eren accepts his best friend as an extension of himself. Therefore he feels the jarring hurt when Armin becomes irrevocably self-deprecating. Like we see here in these painful panels:

Eren feels the tension of the pressure of Armin’s dedication to proving that he can do something important - that he can commit to the ultimate sacrifice. That he’s just as much of a soldier as his peers.

He feels it because he loves Armin and doesn’t understand that why his affirmation of this is never enough. Why Armin doesn’t believe him here:

Where Eren believes that Armin can change the tide of the situation and convince the military that they should not be neutralized. He believed in Armin’s cognitive ability to explain the situation tactfully and successfully get them out of this bind. He certainly believed it. But he needed Armin to believe it.

Or here:

Where Eren explains that Armin is brilliant and that he is needed in this world - just as much as he, and Mikasa, Levi and all the others. He wants to protect and preserve Armin’s confidence - build it up to where he thinks it belongs. Sky high. 

Or here:

Yes, this is a discussion of the dream - but this is also another layer of validation. Eren says to Armin in so many words: ‘Even if you don’t think that this world needs you, I still need you.’ Because Eren feels the need to share that while Armin is a brilliant tactician, he’s also his motivation, his salvation, and that he brings him great comfort. Eren says, “Thank you.” Which is a thank you for giving me a dream to inspire me - but also a thank you ‘for being here and being you.’

And in this series, Eren continues to make it his mission to not only be a physical fortress for Armin but an emotional one as well. He’ll continue to prop Armin on a pedestal and flaunt how strong Armin is until he believes him.


Saruman: If the wall is breached, Helm’s Deep will fall.

Wormtongue: Even if it is breached, it will take a number beyond reckoning, thousands, to storm the keep.

Saruman: Tens of thousands.

Wormtongue: But, my lord, there is no such force.

*They walk over to the balcony and see the Uruk-Hai*

Saruman: Did you not notice that I had a giant army outside. It’s incredibly loud, how did you not hear them? They’re not even trying to be quiet. The sound is deafening. 

Season 1, Session 15: “Higher Powers”

Discovering that magic works again in the pit, Vera and If focus their attention on a way out above. They shoot a Light arrow to a high ceiling over 200 feet above them. Noelani the Golden Tad slips out of Vera’s armor and burrows into the ash shortly afterwards. Everyone begins to dig in hopes of recovering their friend and reaching the bottom for clues. As the party creates a deep pit in one corner, Gwenael and Evelyn discover a trove of old weapons and armor from long abandoned adventurers.

Finally reaching the floor of the cistern five feet under, Ignis finds a small hole in the wall with air coming through it. He channels a Fist of the Four Thunders in an attempt to breach the wall, which slowly causes a massive fracture. Noelani is recovered in the nick of time as the tiled wall breaks, sending a torrent of wind that lifts the party off their feet. Ignis’ quickly ties everyone together using Step of the Wind before being jettisoned towards the high ceiling.

Caught in a frenzy of wind and hovering freely in the air, the party grasps onto a few of eight rungs set evenly around the rotunda. As they hold on for dear life, they also discover words written on each. With clever maneuvering, they make note of the words: KNOWLEDGE, LIFE, LIGHT, DEATH, TEMPEST, NATURE, WAR, TRICKERY. As Vera reads “Tempest,” the gale force winds slow and a shaft of pure white light opens in the ceiling. Deciding to let go together, our heroes are sucked into the bright nothingness.

Falling upwards, then back down, the party lands onto a bed of soft moss on a cliff overlooking a vast ocean, underneath a clear blue sky and cool breeze. Venturing deeper into the jungle opposite the cliff, everyone is beset by thorns and heavy vines that takes a good chunk of health from them. They eventually reach a safe clearing with a single large coconut tree in the center. If climbs up the tree and finds a hidden switch, while Ignis and Vera drink from the coconuts that were loosened in the process. The switch shakes the earth and reveals a short staircase hidden underneath the tree. Fueled by impatience, the party descends once more…

P.S. Shorter session this time around unfortunately, and had to rush the ending a bit. Here’s hoping the power actually STAYS ON next Sunday so we can get to the really good stuff!

@percival-de-rolo as Vera
@kremdelakreme as If
@softbutchhiccup as Ignis
@dantealicheery as Evelyn
+ @lionsquartz & @frillylittlecakes

Skyrim Stories: The Dragon Cult

“In an era far across the seas of time, it has been foreseen that Alduin shall return to cleanse the land in the fires of his wrath. Rahgot is right, the walls will soon be breached by the heretics and we must secure the inner sanctum. Do not fear the embrace of death for it shall last only till the dragons rise again. Then we too shall walk the lands and bring back the true faith.” -anonymous note, written by a Dragon Cultist stationed at Forelhost

By the time of the Stormcloak Rebellion, most of Skyrim considered dragons to be nothing more than ancient legends and childish fairytales. Nords scoffed at the idea of flying, fire-breathing lizards–right up until the moment one burned Helgen to ash. 

But it wasn’t always that way. Back in the Merethic Era, dragons ruled Skyrim with an iron claw. They burned villages, carried away innocent Nords,used the power of the Voice to reshape the world into one more accommodating to their black hearts, and terrorized the land in general. They were creatures hated and feared by local humans, and many mortals longed for the days when dragons no longer took to the skies. 

Naturally, this meant that many of them would bow down in worship. 

The Dragon Cult began as a way for the Nords to appease their winged tyrants. Though they worshipped a massive pantheon of animal totems, having brought the practice all the way from Atmora, they set a special place aside for the dragons. In return for loyalty and tribute, the dragons would leave them alone and terrorize the filthy heretics instead. 

But some were more serious about it than others. There were some that truly believed in the dragons’ claimed godhood, and those that proved their faith were rewarded. The dragons blessed them with powers beyond those of normal mortals, even promising them eternal life if their loyalty was unwavering. These were the Dragon Priests, the leaders of the Cult, and they ruled Skyrim in the dragons’ name. 

Under the dragons’ rule, the Dragon Priests held more power than any general or king. They wrote laws, commanded armies, lived in grand palaces, and punished anyone they deemed to be ‘unfaithful’. Every year, the leaders of the Cult would meet at the Labyrinthian, a grand temple to Alduin, the dragons’ immortal leader, and the center of dragon worship in Skyrim. There, they would discuss matters of rule and worship. This went on for centuries. At times, the Cult’s cruelty was only eclipsed by their masters themselves.

Eventually, their reign would come to a bloody end. One of the Eight Divines and true gods of Tamriel, Kyne, took pity on the Nords. She sent a dragon known as Paarthurnax to teach them the secrets of the Thu'um. Dragons were well-known for their ability to craft the words of their enchanted language, Dovahzul, into a Thu'um–or 'Shout’. Just by reciting Shouts, dragons could breathe fire, summon allies, and even conjure storms with nothing more than their voice and their will.

And Paarthurnax handed this ability down to the mortals. Suddenly in possession of a powerful weapon, the Nords rose up against the Dragon Cult. This was the beginning of the Dragon War, a long and violent conflict between men and dragons

The war only ended when three Nord heroes, Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old, and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, climbed the Throat of the World and challenged Alduin himself. Though only Felldir survived the encounter, and his account of the battle is now lost to history, one thing is known: Alduin never left the mountain’s summit. With the dragons’ leader gone, they could do nothing to stop the Nords from winning the day… and eventually, the war.

With their gods defeated, the Dragon Cult couldn’t stand against the vast army of angry Nords arrayed before them. The Labyrinthian was sacked, the loyal acolytes were slain, and the once-mighty temples of the Dragon Cult became their tombs. The Nords sealed their enemies behind great stone gates and devious traps–they didn’t believe Alduin’s promises of eternal life, but they felt it was better not to take chances with this sort of thing. 

Remnants of the Dragon Cult did manage to evade the massacres. For the rest of the Merethic Era, they traveled Skyrim, recovering the bodies of slain dragons and preserving them in burial mounds to await their ressurection. As the First Era dawned, they retreated to their hidden fortress, Forelhost, where they planned to hide until Alduin’s return. 

Their sanctuary was discovered mere decades later by the Nord general Skorm Snow-Strider. Leading yet another campaign against the nefarious Snow Elves, Skorm stumbled upon Forelhost by chance. Eager to destroy the Dragon Cult once and for all, Skorm left the Snow Elves to their dark fate and laid siege to the monastery. Their leader, the Dragon Priest Rahgot, knew that they couldn’t hold Forelhost once the norn breached the outer gates using the Thu'um. Not wanting to be taken alive, he ordered that Forelhost’s well be poisoned, and that the Cultists use it to claim their own lives. When Skorm’s men breached the Inner Sanctum, they found every Dragon Cultist dead. This was the last recorded encounter with living Dragon Cultists in all of Tamriel. The Cult was gone.

But… it wasn’t gone forever. 

Alduin’s promise of life unending hadn’t been a vain one. Through the use of foul magic known only to the Dragon Cult itself, the faithful lasted long beyond their mortal years in the form of the hideous Draugr. Though they were still locked in their ancient temples and barrows, they knew it wouldn’t last forever. The Dragon Priests knew that Alduin wasn’t dead, and they knew that when he returned, they would return as well.

And so, in the 201st year of the Fourth Era, when a great black dragon descended upon the unsuspecting village of Helgen, the dead stirred in their ancient tombs and rejoiced. The time of the Dragon Cult had come again. 

Snk Read Through - Chapter 9.5 Page 21

Chapter 9.5 is Levi’s introduction chapter and also, the chapter I fell with his character at first sight, I think most of the fandom is with me. Who can blame us? Compared to Eren, Levi is much more stronger, inspiring, caring and compassionate. Compared to Eren, Levi seems more like a hero. It is so easy to love him.

But is this true? Is Levi really the perfect hero of this story? Or is Hange right and he is just a clean freak? Or maybe 

is he



I think he was not even believing he will be able to eradicate all the titans. He just said those words to relieve that soldier. He really do care for his underlings.

We also see someone else too. Who is tall, handsome man? Wasn’t he in chapter 1, too?

As always, Erwin’s instincts are not wrong. The wall is breached.


Quick translation because this is so heart breaking.

[translation: @yusenki ]

Mike: It has been 5 years since the breach of Wall Maria, hasn’t it…

Erwin: Yea, time passes so fast.

Hanji: Erwin was still a squad leader at that time, however he is the Commander now.

Erwin: There must have been some other personnels who could have become the Commander aside from me, however all of them became victims to the titans.

Erwin: Not only them. Many soldiers’ lives were lost in these 5 years.

Levi: That’s why you’re here, so those lives lost won’t be a waste…

Hanji: That’s right. Their death are not a waste. The research on the titans has been improving greatly in these 5 years.

Erwin: There will be more time and sacrifices in the Wall Maria’s reclamation operation. Will you all still be with me?

Mike: What are you talking about.

Levi: Geez…

Hanji: I’ll definitely accompany you! That’s why, Erwin, you should concentrate all SC forces on capturing the titan, you see…

Erwin: …That proposal is declined.

Mike: *Chuckles*

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OK so hear me out: what if it wasn't the junkers hunting rat? I headcanon the outback split into two factions: The Junkers and the Kelly gang, the Kelly gang cruel violence and Junkers desperate rough around the edges anarchists trying to hang onto what remains of their humanity. The two are at war constantly, and the Kelly gang threatens to breach the omnium walls. Junkrat finds his treasure and the Kellies go nuts, desperate for power and wealth (1/?)

The leader of the Junkers knows in their desperation the Kellies might breach the walls. They have invalids and sick kids here. If the Kellies win, they will die. They make the harsh choice to save the rest. Junkrat is exiled. He screams. He fights. He cries. The Junkers are his family. But it’s him or them, and sometimes bad choices are the only ones. If he hadn’t run into Roadhog, he’d have been strung up by the Kelly gang within days. (2/3) 

But the border defenders have orders to shoot on sight. His very presence is a threat to their tentative safety. (3/3)                 

ohhh. that’s an interesting one. i don’t have a very clear picture of what other folks are out there besides junkers but that’s an interesting one. i do really like the. idea that rat’s mostly being pursued by outsiders. corporate paramilitary or power hungry folks acting alone. a rival gang that preys on junkers who leave the shell of the omnium is good, though, that’s really good…