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Full video of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad. In the tv ad version aired before halftime, Fox made them cut the scene of the mother and daughter crossing the border. https://nyti.ms/2k06SMP

“117 countries is far from representing the whole world. “

my dude, there’s 195 countries in the world.


So it turns out that a remarkably large amount of the US-Mexico border is defined by the Rio Grande. Like, Texas’s border with Mexico. 

The river doesn’t provide a meaningful barrier to migration: the Amazon it ain’t. But its existence poses a core problem for Trump’s wall that no one seems to mention: where do you put the border wall in relation to the river?

–you could put it on the US side, as we are legally entitled to do, but then the US effectively cedes the water to Mexico. I imagine farmers and ranchers across Texas might not be enthused by this option.

–we could put it in the middle of the river, on the actual border, and magically divide the water in half … if, you know, you wanted to build a wall in the middle of a river, and thought that hydrodynamics were the same as cutting a piece of cake.

–Trump could build it on the Mexican side of the river, take all the water, and commit an act of war by seizing Mexican territory … if the US didn’t mind being a pariah nation and potentially fighting an honest to god war on the southern boundary of Texas. Again.

This seems like something that ought to be worked out before we start building the wall. It’s not a detail to work out later.

History will always repeat itself.

So when this stupid fucking wall is built, I hope after 4 years we all get together on both sides and tear that shit down like they did the one in Berlin and drink cervezas and dance all night atop its ruins. 

Trump's border wall could put more than 100 endangered species at risk, experts warn
According to a researcher at Rice University in Texas, such a border could put more than 100 endangered species at risk, including jaguars, ocelots and pronghorn antelopes.

  • A border wall between the US and Mexico would cause a population bottleneck
  • A bottleneck is a sharp reduction in a population’s size caused by a barrier
  • This reduces the  breeding individuals and genetic variation in a population
  • The larger species at risk include jaguars, ocelots and Mexican gray wolves
  • The proposed border wall could also cut off natural migration routes and future range expansions driven by climate change