wall ball shots

I’ve gotten almost no pictures of Musette at Disney because it’s rained and/or generally been wet every day. Then the other day at Magic Kingdom, it was actually sunny for awhile… Except for when I set her up for pictures, the sun would immediately go out. This was the nicest picture I got of her with the castle in it.

My Boys Drabbles - Leave it to Dad

Hey Guys. So this is a whole new thing: I got this prompt a few days ago and I honestly didn’t know how to write it at first. Whenever I start a new story, my main concern is to keep it as in character as possible. So, I struggled with this for a while but I think I was able to contextualize it in a way I could see these characters doing what was requested. I hope you guys like it, especially Helen and Katie who really wanted this and are big supporters of this Universe. 

Thank you @jia911 for your incredible fast, incredible good proof reading. And thank you @shepherdess-amelia for the late night exchange of ideas regarding this.

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as an independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

@greysordie asked me to write a smutty story where Amelia would call Owen ‘daddy’.

  • Timeline:

This one sets after My Boys: Better Days, before Back to the Start.

Leave it to Dad


Owen heard the word for the twentieth time in less than an hour and couldn’t help the feeling of impatience that was starting to consume him.

“Yes, Tom?”

“Dad, Danny is angry that he lost to me so many times so he hid all the Wii remotes. I want to play but he won’t give them to me or tell me where they are,” Thomas complained, visibly distressed.

Owen let out a heavy sigh.

“Daniel!” He yelled, through the hole of the stairs “Come here right now.”

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A month back into CrossFit and I’m feeling strong as ever. The flexing selfies are back and I hope they never leave.

I really loved tonight. Kyle was coaching and was in a good mood so that always makes it extra fun. And it was a good workout.

I tried a wall climb for the first time today LOLOLOLOL– struggle bus for real y'all. I got my feet on the wall but did no climbing.

Strength: 5x5 front squat at 75% of 1RM so 95lb for me.

Wall ball shots (14lb)
Handstand push-ups (scaled to push ups)
Deadlifts (135)

Do I enjoy wall ball shots? Negative. Was it easier to hit the target today? Yes!

Worked on not snakin and keeping a plank like position on push ups. People who don’t think push ups are hard are dead wrong.

I love deadlifts. I love deadlifts.

All in all it was a sweaty enjoyable workout! A great end to the week. Now I must tackle some packing and maybe go hang out with a baby for a bit!

WOD: 30/11/2011

Im back in Alberta after a long journey on the western coast of Canada. Tofino this time of year is intense with all the storms rolling in. Got some good surf in and relaxed to the max.

Worked out at the Local YMCA today was good but a huge change from the gym in Auckland. Really realize how far back in the stone ages the YMCA is. Looking forward to bringing in some new material to the place. 

My workout today looked like this…

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5-5 (worked up to 265 Lbs)

WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

75# / side Farmers walk (length of gymnasium and back)

10 Burpees

10 Wall Ball shots


completed 6 Rounds.

It hurt… I think training at sea level for the last 9 months made it way worse then expecting!!!

Me and my swolemate. :)

800 m row
20 double unders (x3 for me)
20 push ups
20 GHD sit ups (scaled to ab mats)
20 wall ball shots (14lb)

28 something was my time.

A good workout with my boy, sister and lots of my other favorite CFB buddies.

Then we went to breakfast with Kim and my friend Desha and now we’re getting ready to head to Savannah for the night!! Kevin’s spent time with and met everyone so now it’s time for Kevin and Tori quality time and the weather is perfect!!

Oh and a pink cupcake!

AND these workout pants are a medium. HOLLAA

So, I don’t post pictures like this one too often, but… STOP AND LOOK AT THOSE ABS!!! Ahhhh! Those are exciting to see! They’re not that great and don’t always come out but there they are!! I’m thinking I’m on my way to my beach body abs goal. Ha!

Alright, I apologize the vain start to this post, but those excited me tonight and I had to share. :)

Tonight’s workout was one that looked easier on paper than it was, but I did really enjoy it. I did the back squats with a guy tonight, and we did 185 lbs. 30 of these got heavy fast, but knowing I was doing the same weight as this guy helped me push forward. Ha! The WOD also went well. My wall ball shots have come a loooong way! :) I got 5+9 total tonight.

Well, goodnight all you wonderful tumblrs! ❤️ Sorry again for the vain intro here; I’m just stoked for the sighting of abs. Hehe!

I knew I was gonna need all the super powers combined of the Avengers for this WOD.

Speed: 4 x 100 m sprints

1000 m row
80 air squats
70 ab mat sit ups
60 double unders (I did 180 singles)
50 wall ball shots
40 push ups

—-I forget my time but it was around 22 minutes.

The sprints are feeling better which I wasn’t expecting. The row was a good steady pace between 1:50 and 2:00/500m cause I didn’t wanna exhaust myself. The stuff between the wall balls was business as usual. The wall balls weren’t too bad cause I did a lower target and the push ups at the end were ROUGH.

Good workout though.
And the presentation went great.

The end

First day of CrossFit selfie vs tonight. I purposefully wore the same muscle tee and did the same face!

Strength: 1 rep max OHS.
I squatted 70lbs overhead!! I was real excited!

10 deadlifts 155lb (I did 125lb)
20 wall ball shots (14lb)


We were instructed to try to stick to sets. With my deadlifts I was good on sets of 5 and with wall balls I tried BUT I just did as many as I could at a time. I accidentally packed pants to workout in and at one point I almost ralphied but it was a good, leave you exhausted type workout.

I need biofreeze on my back and these sweet potato sliders to be finished cooking ASAP.

Oh and work has been so stinking busy lately I don’t even have time to tumble. HOW RUDE.

This bathroom is like my dressing room. Mainly because it’s a one person and big enough I won’t hurt myself getting dressed. There’s no way for light to get in. The power went out while I was
On it today in the middle of peeing (tmi Tuesday??) I really wanted to scream but I held my cool. It was pretty funny. Death eaters were hanging around my building today making the power go on and off. Sadly not long enough to get sent home.

Small class tonight of 3 ladies (we shared the gym with team training but that doesn’t count)

Speed: 5x100 m sprints. I took it easy and went between 50 and 70%. I didn’t wanna mess with my knee.

Buy in: 800 m row
Wall ball shots
Kettle bell swings
Cash out: 800 m run

I dunno if it was cause I was just tired or hungry but my energy felt low. This WOD was hard to me. Any time we do a buy in or cash out, it’s a fancy way of saying start with this then end with that. I started out at 14lb for the wall balls but Natalie bumped me down to a 10 mid way cause your girl was struggling. It’s funny because Kyle would have made me use the 14 and try as hard as I could to hit the target. Natalie bumped me down so I could hit the target no problem. Coaching diversity! Either way I adore them both. Kettle bell swings were good,I could get 10 unbroken and used 35lbs. The run was kinda mehh cause I got a cramp but I just walked and jogged till the end! Tough workout but glad I went. Oh and Nat said I needed new pants cause mine were falling off and affecting my WOD time haha.

Another Texas shirt today.

And now I’m about to eat steak and sweet potato fries for dinner and I bought myself a giant honey crisp apple to have with peanut butter for dessert because I am the master of my own destiny.

615 class had like 15 to 17 people tonight which is basically unheard of!! It stayed real organized and was a lot of fun. We have some new people who just finished on ramp joining our class. I happily welcome to company!

We’re working on cleans all month so we spent about 15 minutes doing that for skill work.

400 m run
30 wall ball shots (14lb)
30 box jumps/step ups (20in)

Oh and the rule was if you dropped the wall ball it was a 5 burpee penalty. I was terrified of that happening but luckily I just leaned against the wall a few times and it was all good!! I had like 10 excuses not to go all through work but I’m really glad I did! Roll on to Tuesday! Thank goodness this Monday is over!!

Wednesday morning got jokes y'all. Dropped an egg and got it all over my boot AND burnt the bacon. Not cute.

Tried citrus spark this morning and it wasn’t bad. Trying to find a flavor to commit to but that is proving to be difficult cause so far most of them are pretty yumma.

I’m not pouting anymore though! It’s halfway through the week and rest day for this girl. (Karen aka 150 wall ball shots?? LOLNOPE)

Someone make me go to bed at a decent hour.

Side note: power skips are the BEST warm up at Crossfit ever because all these tough guys just look so cute skipping so high. I get the giggles every time we do them.

Other side note: have a great day!


Warm up:
Tabata of burpees and jumping squats

Skill: Kipping pull ups

16 min AMRAP
200 m run
15 wall ball shots (14lb)
10 box jumps(12 in)
3 scaled rope climbs

3 + 200 m run.

The warm up was good to literally warm us up I was freezing tonight!

It was so good to learn how to kip properly. With our new rig I don’t have to use a box to reach the bar. I worked on swinging my body properly, then adding in pulling my knees to my chest then finally a little hip pop to go into the pull. I’ve still got a lot of practice and a long way to go but I was happy for the lesson!

The WOD wasn’t too bad either. The run felt great. The wall balls were good. I think I could have done them unbroken but my pants are getting too big and kept falling down. I’m still working on my box jumps but my fear with the 12 inch is decreasing so I should be able to add on a bumper soon. The rope scaled to lower and lift up my body felt better. I felt like I was stronger to lift myself up with my arms over using my feet for assistance. Oh and after I did the 3 round I sprinted my last 200 m. Felt like the Flash!! Overall it was a dang feel good workout.

Now eating some delicious chili with sparkling water.

Then Kevin and I are gonna have a Skype date because why not!? I can’t wait till he gets here!!

also this picture posted first with no words but like when do I ever have nothing to say!? Silly tumblr.

Do you see that bruise near the collar of my shirt!? I just noticed it today. It’s from cleans at CrossFit but I’m pretty positive no one thinks that when they see it. Turtlenecks for the rest of the week it is. ((I kid, I kid))

Good news: after months of being stuck at 95lbs with cleans I hit a PR today of 105! I think there was a possibility I could have even done more but time ran out. But a 10 pound PR is fine by me. The squat cleans felt good today. It was lovely.

Normal news: after that we did front rack lunges, 4x 10, and I did them at 65lb

15 min AMRAP
2 rope climbs
20 wall ball shots (14lb)
200 m run

3 + rope pull ups.

So I did the thing where I pulled myself off the ground with the rope and I tried really hard to just be on my heels because I need to work on my grip strength. Kyle showed me how to start a rope climb…I couldn’t get off the ground…but I was happy for the lesson and know where to start in the future. The wall balls seem to be getting easier to hit the target but doing them unbroken? That’s still not easy. And it was a shuffle vs a run cause it was soooooo hot. A nice workout tonight though. I almost just didn’t pack my gym bag this am cause I was lazy but I’m glad I did.

Seriously though, I’m ready for the weekend! Who’s with me!?