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I think maybe my favourite part of Amanda leaving the house and being rescued by the Rowdy 3 is: 1) one of them had to carry her into the van and then into her garage and I can’t help but imagine Martin carrying her and just being all protective and 2) that they went back and got her groceries. Like what happened? Did they pay for them? Did they take them? How did they know if they were her groceries? Did they get her some other groceries? Who suggested that they go back and get the groceries? Like no matter what its super cute. Because in the midst of saving her they were still like she needs to eat!!! It’s just so cute that not only did they rescue her but they also finished the task she had started.

I just have so many feeling about this show and it’s relationships.

*Non-stop SCREAMING!!!!!*



“Hit The Floor” is coming back for fourth season! Thank you, @betnetworks, for having common sense!