walkway of light

I’ll Come Back For You (End)

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Y/N and her friends make it back to the Resistance base and Y/N is reunited with Poe.

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of death

A/N: This is the last part! Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this fic. I feel so sad that this one is finally finished. Thinking about writing a second part but we will see! But I hope you enjoy this part! I love you guys!!

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You were back on the walkway, the light from the outside was faint and you were mostly surrounded with darkness. You saw your father standing in front of you with his back facing you.

“Dad?” You began to walk towards him and reached out one hand to grab his jacket. Your hand began to shake uncontrollably as you inched closer but froze once you heard the familiar sound of a lightsaber and watched as the red blade pierced through your father’s back, inches away from your face and you fell backwards.

“Dad!” You reached your hands as if trying to grab hold of something as you yelled. You expected to land on a hard surface but when you landed, you instead felt cold and realized that you were surrounded by snow and trees. You looked all around you and panicked at the thought of you being alone. You got up and began to run, dodging the trees and wiping away the snow that landed on your face.

“Y/N?” You stopped as you heard the faint, but familiar call of your name.


“Y/N.” You heard it again, this time it was a little louder and you walked to the direction that it came from. You didn’t hear anything for a while, other than the crunch that was made with every step you took in the snow. The wind blew harshly against your face and you tried to cover your eyes so that they wouldn’t get impacted by the snow.

“Poe where are you? Please say something!” You begged and began to walk faster, ignoring the stinging of the cold against your face. You kept making your way through the trees and you finally saw a figure standing in front of you.

“Poe?” Once the name came out of your mouth, the figure turned around and you felt a pang of happiness and began to run forward. As you got closer, you were able to get a clear look at Poe’s face and saw that wonderful smile of his. You tried to run faster and watched as Poe began to make his way towards you. You were almost there when you heard a lightsaber close by and searched for the light that should have been radiating off of the blade. You began to panic internally and tried to make your way faster to Poe. You were only an arm’s length away when you saw a red lightsaber going through Poe’s chest and you watched as your brother appeared from behind him and threw him to the snowy ground.

“Poe!” You ran and knelt next to Poe, carefully grabbing his head and placing it on your lap. Seeing his lifeless face made your heart drop and you felt tears stinging your eyes. You heard the snow crunch and looked up to see your brother standing over you, wielding his lightsaber, his face lacking emotion. He reached his hand out to you, waiting for you to grab hold of it, but all you did was glare at him. He closed his hand and lifted up his lightsaber and brought it down directly on you.

Your eyes shot open and you gasped as you sat straight up, shaking uncontrollably. You placed a hand on your chest as you tried to slow your breathing and you began to look around, seeing the familiar walls of your father’s ship. You relaxed a little, still a bit shaken up, but you began to control your heavy breathing. You were about to call out for your dad, thinking that what you saw was just a terrible dream and that you somehow fell asleep on the way to Starkiller Base, when you saw Finn laying in another cot across from you. You quickly got up from your cot and made your way over to Finn, gently grabbing his hand in both of yours and bringing it to your forehead.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you Finn. You are a wonderful friend and we would be lost without you. Poe will be so glad to know just how brave you were for watching out for me. Thank you for keeping me safe, my father would-“ You stopped talking as you felt the tears sliding down your cheek and you began to sob uncontrollably. You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around to see Rey with a dismal look in her eyes and you gently placed Finn’s hand down before you pulled her in for a hug and you both cried together.

After you had calmed down, you pulled away from Rey and gave her a sad smile and looked behind her to find Chewie standing there and you stood up and made your way to hug him, which he returned. He put one hand to the top of your head and began to ruffle your hair, something he used to do to you (and your brother) as a child to try to get you to stop being sad, to which you smiled a little and pulled away.

“We’ll be back at the Resistance base in a bit if you want to come join us, Y/N,” Rey said and you looked back at her.

“Thanks, Rey, but I think I am going to go be alone for a while. I’ll come back here when we are about to land.” Rey gave you a soft smile and you watched as her and Chewie made their way back to the cockpit. You turned to walk down the hallway where the picture of you and your family remained and you sat down in front of it. You stared at each individual picture and wondered how this ‘perfect’ family that you drew was far from that. You stared longingly at the picture of your father and felt you throat get heavy. How your brother, your caring, quiet brother, could kill your father the way he did was beyond you. You didn’t know it then but you knew that Ben felt neglected by your father. You knew that all he wanted to do was make your father proud and you knew that your father truly loved the both of you, but you could see how impossible he was to impress and his opinions about the Force. Despite all that, you knew that it was wrong for Ben to kill your father. You kept seeing your father’s helpless face in your mind and you tried to push the thoughts away but you felt it tearing you apart bit by bit. You felt the stinging of your eyes from the tears forming and you buried your face in your hands,

“I’m s-so s-sorry Dad,” you shook your head in your hands, “if I had known he was going to… I should h-have stopped him w-when I had the chance.” You looked back up at the picture and placed your hand near the picture. “I promise I will stop him from doing something like that again, Dad. I will help him come back to the light, I am not sure if we can anymore but it won’t stop me from trying.” You wiped the tears with the back of your hand, “I promise to take care of mom. I love you Dad.” You began to stand up, taking one last look at the picture before pausing on your brother. You sighed and began to walk away when you began to feel a tad dizzy. You leaned against the wall for support and closed your eyes,

“Y/N,” it was Ben.

“Get out of my head, Ben,” you said through gritted teeth.

“You and I both know that we can be great together. We can be unstoppable and as powerful as our grandfather, let me train you,” you huffed angrily.

“And what if I say no? You gonna give me the same treatment you did to our father and my friend?” It was quiet and you waited for a response but none came. You began to make your way back to the main room and sat next to Finn; placing a hand on his while you waited to be back at the base.

You and Rey watched from the ramp of your father’s ship as Chewie carried an unconscious Finn to a group of Resistance members to take him to the med bay. You looked around for your mother or even Poe but you couldn’t find them right away through the sea of people. You and Rey walked together side by side but you stopped once you finally laid eyes on your mother. You tried to keep your tears from falling but once you saw your mother’s sad face, you couldn’t help yourself and you ran into your mother’s arms. She placed one hand on the back of your head and the other on your back as she began to try and soothe you.

“I’m sorry mom,” you whispered, “We tried to get him to come with us but he-“

“Shhh, it’s okay, Y/N. You couldn’t have known what was going to happen.” You pulled away and looked to your mother,

“But I feel like he is too far gone. Snoke is finally getting what he wants and he is going to destroy him. I wish there was a way for him to realize that. I should have known, should have sensed that he was going to do… that.” Your mother squeezed your shoulders,

“Y/N, don’t be so hard on yourself. You tried and that is what matters. You have always made your father and me proud of you for standing up what you believe in. Just because you are Force sensitive doesn’t mean you can use all aspects of the Force unless you have had the training. So you can’t blame yourself.” You bit the inside of your cheek and nodded slightly. You had forgotten for a moment that Rey was standing behind you and you waved for her to come over to you and your mother.

“Mom, this is Rey, mine and Finn’s friend.” Rey walked up and smiled to your mother, who smiled back. As they talked, you were looking around and locked eyes with Poe, who had the biggest smile on his face. You ran straight for him and wrapped your arms around his neck and he lifted you up with no problem and spun you around. When he placed you down he placed his hands on your face and pulled you in for a long kiss. He pulled away and brought his forehead to yours,

“I’m glad you’re okay, Y/N/N, I damn near lost my mind when I saw Finn and couldn’t find you anywhere. Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” He kept fussing over you and you smiled softly, leaning into his touch,

“I’m fine Poe, but…” you trailed off and you lowered your head onto his chest and he pulled you close to him, wrapping his arms around your back and placing his cheek on top of your head. “He killed our dad, Poe.” He tensed up and gently pulled away from you and placed a finger under your chin to lift your head up to look at him.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. Is there anything that I can do for you?” You shook your head,

“No, I just want to lie down and try to get my mind off of this,” Poe nodded and pressed a kiss to your forehead.  

“I understand if you want to be alone, Y/N, I can walk you to-“

“Wow didn’t think you would want to miss the opportunity to get me into bed Dameron,” you winked and he smirked, “but I would really like if you could keep me company.”

“Well when you put it like that,” Poe placed his arm around your shoulders and you smiled as he walked you to your quarters.

You were back in the Millennium Falcon, the lights were off but you could vaguely see everything around you. You placed a hand on the wall to guide you and continued to walk down the hallway, as if a mysterious force was pulling you towards that direction. As you continued to walk, the temperature dropped dramatically and you wrapped Poe’s jacket around you, watching your breath form in front of you. You kept walking but came to a complete stop when you saw a tall figure staring down at the wall in front of you, where the picture you drew was placed. You held your breath as the figure spoke,

“Do you remember when we were little and we would pretend to pilot the Millennium Falcon when no one was around?” You released the breath you were holding and took a step closer to your brother, who you realized wasn’t wearing that awful mask.

“What are you doing here?” You asked in a quiet voice and your brother looked at you, his face unreadable.

“The Supreme Leader is growing impatient, sister. He has given me permission to train you; all you have to do is come back with me.” You narrowed your eyes and gave an exaggerated sigh,

“I already told you before, Ben, I am not going with you. I don’t even want to train to be a Jedi, what makes you think I want to train with you?” You watched as Ben clenched his fists,

“Stop being so arrogant, sister. You would rather stay with these traitors, liars, and murderers? You have a chance to be great and powerful, to be the most feared person in the galaxy.” You clenched your jaw and,

“At least those traitors, liars, and murderers care about me. They wouldn’t kill our father like you did!” You watched as your brother tensed greatly and you continued to glare at him as he made his way closer to you and got in your face,

“I did what I had to do in order to-“

“No you only did it because you are too weak to fight against Snoke. Dad was only trying to get you to come back home, to be a family again and you killed him!” You were shaking at this point and your brother scoffed.

“Han Solo was a fool, sister, and you will be too if you don’t let me train you.”

“He was no fool,” you tried to size yourself up to your brother, “he was our father and you were the fool for not seeing he was trying to help you.” It was quiet for a moment and you realized how infuriated you were with your brother. You had never felt this angry before but you were hurt. You were hurt that your brother killed your father in front of you. You were hurt that he turned to the Dark Side. You were especially hurt that he had caused pain to your loved ones: Poe, Rey, Finn, and now your mother. He hurt you and even though he was your brother, you wanted him to know exactly the pain you were feeling.

‘Good, Y/N’, an evil voice rang through your ears and you widened your eyes, ‘let the hate flow through you, it is your first step into coming to the Dark Side’. You looked right at Ben; who stopped staring at you and was looking behind you instead.

“No, I will not succumb to the Dark Side.” You said through gritted teeth. You began to look around you but you couldn’t see where the voice was coming from.

‘But you are already full of hate, hatred towards your brother. Let it control you. Don’t you want him to feel the pain that he caused you? To your father? Or how about the pilot?’

“How about you fuck off and leave me alone!” You yelled back and began to clench your fists.

‘Good, let the anger control you. Let your brother feel that pain. All you have to do is strike him down.’ You frowned and looked down at your hands and gasped. In your hand was your brother’s lightsaber, how it got there was beyond you. You looked up at your brother with scared eyes and he stared back at you with an expressionless face. You knew you could end him right there, and your fist tightened its hold. But that is not what you wanted. You shook your head and dropped the lightsaber to the ground,

“This isn’t what I want. I don’t want to kill you, Ben. I refuse to.” Ben continued to stare at you and you rolled your eyes, “I will not kill you, but I will not join you either. I am going to stay with my friends and our mother and I am going to continue to fight against you until you can somehow come to your senses and come back with us. We miss you Ben, don’t let what that monster says change what you really believe.” You turned around and began to walk away.

“Y/N!” You heard your brother yell and you flinched, but kept walking forward. As you were almost to the front, a pain surged through your head and you raised your hands to squeeze your head tightly, as if to relieve the pain.

‘Y/N’ Your body began to shake but you couldn’t stop it.

‘Y/N’ You let out a painful scream and began to fall to the ground.


Your eyes shot open and you could feel Poe’s hands on you as he was shaking you awake. Your heart felt like it was going to explode right out of your chest and you sat straight up. You tried to control your breathing as you brought your knees up to your chest, wrapped your arms around your knees, and buried your head into your arms. You heard BB-8 chirp in concern, forgetting that the droid had followed you and Poe to your quarters. You felt Poe rub your back in circles to try and soothe you,

“It’s okay Y/N/N,” he whispered in your ear and you began to relax. You leaned into his frame and he wrapped his arms around you as he continued to whisper to you, “I’m right here, Princess. You’re with me and we are perfectly safe.” You lifted your head up to look at Poe, who gave you a sympathetic smile. He brought his hands up to brush your hair out of your face and cup your cheek, gently pulling you forward to place a soft kiss onto your lips. You closed your eyes as you melted into the kiss, your heart rate was back to normal and you realized for the first time that you felt truly safe whenever you were with Poe. You pulled out of the kiss and looked into Poe’s eyes, which were filled with adoration and you felt your cheeks heat up as you lowered your head out of bashfulness.

“Have I ever told you that you look adorable when you blush, Y/N?” You looked back up at him and smiled,

“Maybe once or twice, Dameron,” he chuckled and after a moment of silence, the corners of his mouth lowered a bit,

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked, grabbing your hands and rubbing his thumbs on the back of yours. You sighed deeply,

“I was with my brother and he was trying to get me to… join him.” Poe gave you a puzzled look,

“Why would he want you to join him?” You tore your gaze away from him and took a deep breath,

“Because I may be a bit… Force sensitive.” You began to tell him everything: about how you found out you were Force sensitive, how your brother has been trying to get you to join him, and about your dream just now. You looked back at Poe, who was looking at you with wide eyes and his mouth slightly agape as he was processing what you had just told him. He finally cleared his throat,

“So you’re Force sensitive?” You bit your lip as you nodded,


“Huh,” you thought he was going to start freaking out but then one corner of his mouth shot up, “then how are you so clumsy most of the time, Y/N? And do you know how many times you could have saved our asses by using the Force? You must be slacking.” You rolled your eyes as he laughed and you gently shoved him.

“So you don’t care?” Poe smiled and shook his head,

“Honestly? It doesn’t change the way I feel about you at all. I love you no matter what, Y/N. Even if you are a slow runner,” he winked as he said that,

“Hey, I might be slow but I can still catch up enough to kick your pretty ass.” Poe raised a hand to his chest as if being complimented,

“You really think my ass is pretty?”  You smiled and leaned forward to give him a kiss on his cheek, but he decided that wasn’t going to cut it and turned his head just in time to kiss you full on the lips and you laughed against his lips. You pulled your mouth away and let Poe pull you close to him as he laid you both back down on the bed, you with your head on his chest and you sighed in content as you closed your eyes, listening to his heart beat. You would have fallen asleep right then and there if you hadn’t heard BB-8 chirping and you pulled away from Poe to smile towards the droid,

“Of course I could never forget about you BB-8, you are my number one droid after all.” You winked and the droid chirped happily. You got up from the bed and searched for your boots and heard a rustle from behind you and felt Poe wrap his arms around you, burying his face in your neck and placing a kiss there, making chills travel down your back.

“I love you, Y/N/N,” he mumbled into your neck and you smiled as you turned to face him and place a kiss on the cheek, this time settling for just that,

“I love you too, Poe.” You told him how you were going to go check on your mother as you turned to grab his jacket that was sitting on the edge of your bed. As you were putting it on, you heard Poe sigh,

“I’m never getting that back am I?” You turned back to him and smiled sheepishly,

“Nope, besides,” you began to pose as if you were a model, “I look way better in it anyways.” You winked at him. He took his lower lip between his teeth, raised his eyebrows, and began to look you up and down,  

“Well when you put it like that…” he trailed off and you giggled as he leaned forward to place a kiss on your forehead. Poe began to lead you and BB-8 out of your quarters and you all made your way to search for your mother.

You, Poe, and BB-8 made your way into the control room, which was quiet for the most part. You saw Chewie sitting in a corner by himself and you scanned the room until you saw your mother leaning forward on a control pad and you sighed. You looked up at Poe and he nodded, understanding that you wanted to go up to her alone, and placed a small kiss on your cheek as he and BB-8 took off towards a group of Resistance members. You walked up to your mother and placed a hand on her shoulder gently. She turned to look at you and gave a sad smile, one that you returned and you took a seat next to her and leaned your head into her side as she wrapped her arm around your shoulders. You both sat there in silence until you heard the familiar voice of C-3PO behind you,

“Excuse me, General, Princess Y/N.” You both turned around and gave a look of surprise when you saw R2-D2 roll up next to C-3PO. You stood up and gave both droids a smile, walking up to R2 and patting him,

“R2 buddy! I thought you weren’t ever coming back. I’ve missed you.” The droid began to beep cheerfully and C-3PO continued talking,

“R2-D2 may contain some much-needed good news.” Your eyes widened and you looked back at your mother,

“Tell me.” She simply said and you watched as R2 pulled up what looked like a map of some system. It looked funny and it clicked in your head that there was a piece missing. You watched as BB-8 rolled up to it and you knew that the droid was thinking the same thing as you. You turned to Poe, who walked up behind you,

“Where is the missing piece at?” You asked and he went to grab the map, with BB-8 following him. They both came back and BB-8 rolled back towards the holo and proceeded to place the projection of the missing piece where it fit. You gasped lightly and felt Poe place his hand on your back,

“The map, it is complete,” C-3PO said and you looked at Poe with excitement and then towards your mother,

“Luke,” she said and you walked forward and she wrapped her arms around you as you did the same. A sense of pride coursed through you as you realized that there was finally a bit of hope that the Resistance would be able to defeat the First Order. You looked to Rey, who was standing by herself and you pulled away from your mother to go talk to her.

“Rey, we finally did it. We completed the map.” She smiled and nodded her head and you furrowed your brows as you thought she would be more excited, and then you remembered Finn. “Hey, is Finn okay? I feel terrible that I didn’t follow them to the med-bay.”

“I haven’t been to see him either; I was hoping we could go together.” You smiled and nodded,

“Let me go tell Poe, he would want to see him too.” You did just that. When you finished talking with Poe, you saw your mother and Rey had just finished talking and Rey was making her way towards you and Poe. You, along with Rey and Poe, began to make your way to the med-bay and Rey was telling you both how she was going to go search for your uncle. You told Rey how happy you were that she was willing to go on such an important mission, especially since she didn’t know your uncle. When you arrived, you saw Finn and immediately made your way next to him. You let Rey take the seat and you and Poe stood behind her. The only sound that was being made was the beeping of the machine that Poe was laying on. Poe placed his hand on your shoulder and you leaned into him as you watched Rey.

“We’ll see each other again soon, I believe that,” you heard her whisper and you felt Poe squeeze your shoulder. Rey stood up and leaned forward to place a kiss on Finn’s forehead and she turned towards you,

“I’m going to go back and talk with your mother,” you nodded and leaned forward to hug Rey, “thank you for coming with me, Y/N.” You pulled away and smiled at her,

“Of course, we will meet you guys up there; I just want to say something to Finn.” She looked between you and Poe, who smiled at Rey, and she took off. You and Poe made your way next to Finn and you placed a hand on his shoulder,

“Thank you again for keeping me safe Finn. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you standing up to my brother,” Poe placed his hand on your back and began to speak,

“Yeah buddy, thanks for keeping her safe like you promised. Now you work on getting yourself better and we will be waiting to team up with you again.” You said your goodbyes and the both of you began to make your way to the landing strip. When you got there, you saw Rey, Chewie, and R2 loading up the Millennium Falcon and you and Poe walked up to your mother. Rey walked up to you and you gave her another hug,

“Do you want to come with me, Y/N?” She asked and you tensed up as she asked you. You pulled away and looked back at Poe and your mother, but shook your head,

“No, my place is here.” She nodded and walked up to your mother and embraced her.

“How come you aren’t going with her, Y/N/N?” Poe whispered and you gave him a sly look,

“Well, someone’s got to keep an eye on you, Dameron.” He nudged you and you giggled softly as you placed an arm around his waist. You watched as Rey pulled away from your mother and turned to walk to your father’s ship.

“Rey,” your mother said, and she turned to look back at you all, “may the Force be with you.” She smiled lightly and waved to you all before turning back and making her way to the ship. You all watched as the ship engines turned on and began to take off. Your mother smiled at you and Poe and began to make her way back to the control room. Poe wrapped his arm around your shoulders and began to walk you away and he whispered,

“You know, I will find a way to get my jacket back, Y/N/N.” You laughed as he placed a kiss to the side of your head. You laughed and pulled him close to you. You didn’t know what was in store for you once Rey returned, but as long as you knew Poe was with you, you knew that everything would be safe.

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Powder Keg

You were hurt in the hexagon,
pools of ocher and mikado,
swimming on your back in fertile syrup.
You were stung by an impotent worker bee.

Deliver me– into nature’s playground.
I flavor the vat, the honey pond,
with the whiskey bond
the musk, the hobbies of the wily bat.

I light the way with turmeric stained eyes. 
I pour the powder around the comb’s hexagonal rims.
Let the light from the walkways I burn
light the way– ignite the sacred comb.

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