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in your au what kind of bloggers would the kids be?

John - He has one blog where he shares piano doodles as audio files, reblogs bunny rabbits, ghosts and ghost stories, and chatters about video games. He has a queue a mile wide and usually only shows up sporadically to shitpost in Japanese. A lot of people ask him if he actually speaks English. He likes to pretend he can’t as a prank.

Rose - Aesthetic-heavy writing blog where she posts her thoughts and doodles for her wizard books. She also makes nigh-unreadable walls of text walkthroughts of video games she’s played in separate pages on her blog, like her GameFAQ in canon. She has a video let’s play series where she under-reacts to horror video games, and usually goes completely off-topic a la cr1tikal and instead inputs huge poetic diatribes mocking the events onscreen. Dave is the one who edits it. It is full of memes.

Dave - Before he moved in with the Egberts he already had a blog where he mostly just babbles about absolutely nothing in his attempts to make commentary on stuff that happened in the 90′s, which he has no actual ability to comment on because he was born in 2003 and has absolutely no idea what it was like to be alive in the 90′s. Post-AR-Rescue, his blog is mostly about things he actually cares about, but mostly photography. He also had more interaction with his followers after it and started accepting advice from others who shared his interest.

Jade - If Jade were allowed on most blogging sites (which she is not at the moment because she is 8 years old) she’d pretty much just post videos of herself talking about highly complicated subjects that frustrate her, such as trying to get Dream Bot to not constantly fly and deplete her uranium energy source too quickly so she can minimize her carbon footprint.

And, just for funsies:

Karkat - A very shitty aesthetic blog where he posts things that he thinks look cool, regardless of if it actually matches anything else on his site. Once tried to change the color of the backdrop on his main page and destroyed the entire blog, leaving it an ungodly mess of buttons and grayscale pictures of farming equipment.

Guys do not worry and read down here!

Kreddu will make a Tumblr acc where she will put links and videos. Plus she will reupload all the videos.

I’m really angry right now, because I can’t download dmmd game and she was the only one who had all the walkthroughts. 

This was written today, anyway. So it’s not fake ‘case this is an old youtube channel of her. Hope everything turns good again.