Recommended Bad Ends and Bad Relationship Ends in Mystic Messenger

Note: I have played through every character’s endings EXCEPT for Yoosung’s last BRE. I’m currently working on obtaining it and I’ll update the guide when I do. Also, since I first created this guide I have also added Zen’s Bad Story Ends since I have now played through those ^^

I’m going to use a rating system of hearts to denote which ones I liked best/how much I recommend them:

♥ = go through it if you like the characters; usually the ones with one heart are short and probably pretty easy to get

♥♥♥ = recommended if you have the time; pretty interesting

♥♥♥♥♥ = definitely recommended! Might be a lengthier one or have some interesting information on the characters etc. (or just be hilarious lol)

I’m rating them independently of whether or not they come with CGs. Of course, if you’re collecting CGs, then you’ll definitely want to go through the endings that have them.

I’ve tried to keep this largely spoiler-free, but you should still be careful if you haven’t played through a character’s route yet. Additionally, you may find my Plot Branch Flowchart helpful if you’re not sure how to get the different endings, or what the difference is between a Bad End (aka Bad Story End) and a Bad Relationship End (aka BRE).

Click on the read more for the guide :)

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Been a while since I featured a hidden location, so here is Lost Prospect mine. A very small cave with no sign of visible…well…anything interesting at all. Except a journal. A miner’s partner runs out on him….or did he. It’s hell getting up the waterfall but if you do, you will find the poor partner and the motherlode of gold. 

Mystic Messenger - Heart Raising Guide

Hey guys! So I finished getting all the good endings in Mystic Messenger, and since this type of mobile otome game has a different system than any others I’ve played, I thought it might be a good idea for those who feel confused by the new mechanics. Because most of the game’s setting takes place in a messenger app, there are A LOT of choices so it would be kind of hard to list every single correct answer. There’s currently no sort of indication to see how much you’ve raised a certain character’s affections. However, after playing one route, I realized it’s easy to choose the right answers that gives you each character’s hearts after finding out more about their personality. This guide will mainly discuss how to gain hearts from a certain character to ensure you will be on the route of your choice and get the good ending. If you want to know more about the basic mechanics of the game @otomesapphic has kindly made a guide which you can find here. If you need answers for the guests e-mails, @glassnorouyadeunazuku‘s guide is right here :) Spoilers for when you reach a character’s main route will be under the Day 5 through Day 11 section :)

Day 1 to Day 4 are the days you really need to focus on if you want to play a specific character before the others. Once Day 4 ends, whichever character has the most hearts will be the route you end up on. You will see their picture underneath Day 5 to Day 11 in the chat room section to know whose route you are on. Before I get to choosing the right answers to gain hearts, you need to first know everybody’s heart colors.

  • Jumin - Purple
  • Zen - Gray
  • 707 - Red
  • Yoosung - Green
  • Jaehee - Orange

Every time you get the right answer for someone, a heart will briefly pop up on the screen. If you pick a bad answer for a character, a broken black heart will show up indicating that you lowered their affection for you. Some character’s hearts are extremely easy to get, so if you really want a specific character’s route first, avoid picking good answers for the rest of them. Alright now here are some tips for how to pick the right answers for everybody. These apply to the chat rooms, text messages, and phone calls:

  • Jumin - Jumin loves his cat Elizabeth 3rd and cats in general, so if he starts talking about cats just agree with him. Agree with him about money, take his side with his childish quarrels with Zen or when he’s bossing Jaehee around, and it’s a little subtle but he’s actually very interested in modern internet slang so don’t be afraid to choose informal answers towards him from time to time since he seems to lowkey like it lol. He also likes confident women, so always pick answers that make you sound modest and smart (thank you @pandamathers for mentioning that!)
  • Zen - Just pick the answers that will boost this narcissist’s ego haha. Flirt back with him, take his side whenever he’s quarreling with Jumin, and be supportive towards him and his career.
  • 707 - He’s literally the definition of internet troll/meme lord. Play along with him every time. If he’s trolling you, troll him back. If you do that every time he’s definitely the second easiest person to raise hearts with. However, if someone’s life is actually in danger, be serious and encourage him to do his best.
  • Yoosung - The easiest person to raise hearts with no joke. He’s like a cute puppy who immediately takes a liking to you. Really all you have to do is just be nice to him, take his side when everyone is bullying him, give him good advice, and be his voice of reason when he gets out of hand. You literally have to be trying hard if you don’t want to get his route.
  • Jaehee - Sympathize with her if she’s stressed about work or when Jumin is bossing her around. Also feel free to fangirl about Zen with her, but make it clear that you’re only his fan and you have no romantic interests towards him. She’s kind of the straight man out of all the characters, so picking the reasonable, level-headed answers will help.

Those are basically all the hints I can give you to pick the right answers in the common route. I know it may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you see the answer choices it will be pretty obvious which one to pick. If you need help on a certain one, feel free to message me and I will try my best to help you!  Also please message me if you want to add any tips, anything would be greatly appreciated :D

The next section is going to be how to pick answers for whichever character’s route you’re on from Day 5 to Day 11. Since these days are where the plot really starts to develop, there may be a few spoilers below, so I would highly recommend reading below only when you’ve reached their routes. Also, make sure to save a lot in case you’re trying to get the bad endings as well. Day 4, 7, 9, and 10 are days the route will branch off, meaning those are your chances you can try for a bad end rather than making it to the good end.

An anon kindly messaged me and told me that they were able to get a normal ending by picking all the answers that would lead to the good end, but they failed to get any guest to attend the party. They did this in Yoosung’s route and were able to get a CG.

Here are the tips I can give you for the answer choices for characters from Day 5 to Day 11. I would like to thank @glassnorouyadeunazuku and @paranoialover for helping me with Jumin and 707′s routes :) Remember, these are just tips on how to get the good ending, to get any of the bad endings I would just suggest picking the answers opposite to what you would be picking for the good ending answers.

  • Jumin - You have to always make sure you pick the answers that show you’re supporting Jumin throughout everything he does. Even if he’s being unreasonable, don’t make him out to be a bad guy, show that you’re there for him. Don’t act like a snooty gold-digger like Glam Choi and Sarah. Of course, always agree with him about how cats are the best animals in the world, especially Elizabeth 3rd. When you get around to Day 7, his possessive side will start to come out. To ensure you don’t get a bad ending, you have to be firm about your wishes to leave his place in order to get ready for the party but do not be mean about it. Pick the choices that show you understand how much he cares about your safety. Let him know when he gets out of line by picking the more kinder options. You should agree to stay with him until the situation gets cleared and don’t complain to the other RFA members about how you’re locked up.
  • Zen - Make sure he knows you’re always supporting him and his career, but do not act like an possessive fan. You want him to see you as a friend he can rely on at first, not someone who is only obsessed with his good looks. Also Jaehee may seem a little aggressive towards you do to her concerns about you and Zen getting serious, but do not be mean to her and pick the answers that show you understand her point of view. You also want to choose answers that will convince Zen to be more down to earth and fix his relationship with his family. Although it was good to take his side against Jumin from Day 1 to Day 4, make sure that they start to get along lol. Finally on the Day 10 you will encounter a Visual Novel Mode scene where you have the choice to “Stay still” or “Bite his hand”. Choose “Bite his hand” to ensure you get Zen’s good ending.
  • 707 - During the first few days, just keep playing along with 707′s jokes and feel free to even flirt with him a little. Be sure to talk more seriously when he does. When his colder personality begins to show, tone down the jokes and flirting. You are his main source for emotional support now, so you have to make it clear you are on his side. Let him know that you will seriously accept everything about him and that you don’t just like it when he acts like 707 in the chat room, you need to let him now that you like him how he is in real life also. When all the other RFA members start to talk about him, take the opportunity to tell them he’s going through a rough time and you want to be there for him. Be patient and give him time to sort out his emotions and feelings towards you. Be persistent when he tries to push you away, but don’t be too forceful or mean with your words. Also, take his side when he starts to doubt V and Rika.
  • Yoosung - Like Day 1 to Day 4, just be supportive of him through and through. Always make sure you show that you’re concerned about him, but don’t just automatically take his side especially whenever he mentions V. Be his voice of reason and try to make him see the error of his ways when he gets fired up. Make it very clear to him that you are and Rika are not the same person and you want him to see you as yourself. Do not pick the possessive answers or tell him you don’t mind if he wants to see you as Rika (that’s your one-way ticket to a bad ending). Last but not least, once you two start “pre-dating” just honestly pick the most sickeningly sweet, cheesiest responses ever and make sure he knows that you want to depend on him. Yes, you and him will be that kind of couple lol.
  • Jaehee - YOU BETTER BE 100% SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS THIS ABSOLUTE ANGEL Always take her side against Jumin. Tell Jumin off when he’s giving her too much work and won’t take her feelings into consideration. You can fangirl with her over Zen, but do not flirt with him if you’re given the option to. Encourage her to try new things and do what she’s passionate about. Just make sure you’re a good friend to her because this sweetheart needs someone who understands her and will always be there for her.
How to make a pumpkin head

Since I defs didn’t want to carve a real pumpkin to put on my head and get nasts pumpkin insides all over my hair I decided to paper mache one. Unfortunately there was no good tutorials anywhere so I will share my trial and error knowledge.

First I got some supplies: 1 Punch balloon (they’re rounder and larger they regular balloons), some paper mache stuff in a bag, cardboard, a glue gun, paint, sculpey clay, tape, some news paper and some water and flour mixed together.

I then put at least three - five paper mache layers of newspaper with flour water on the balloon. I also measured my head and left an opening at the bottom. (NOTE: Don’t put tape on the balloon and try to peel it off after you’re done paper macheing, RIP)

After that’s all dry I put glue gunned some cardboard onto it to give it some pumpkin like ridges.

Then I filled the gaps between the cardboard and the newspaper with the paper mache in a bag stuff. Wait for it to dry. (Note: Don’t pop balloon until the paper mache in a bag stuff is dry cause it holds a LOT of water and your paper mache project will sink, RIP) After that I popped the balloon and lightly dampened the top with a sponge and water until it was wet enough to slowly press down into more of a pumpkin shape.

After it’s all dry I taped a stem I made out of card board on the top and put another layer or two of newspaper mache over top.

More drying wait time (you can use your oven on the lowest setting to make it dry faster) then I sanded it down and cut out a face with an exacto blade.

I added a little bit of backing behind the face on the inside with the paper mache in a bag to give it more of a 3D look which wasn’t that noticeable but oh well, it kidna worked… After all that stuffs done I painted it all white otherwise the newsprint would bleed through and make my colours not as bright, I also added some sculpey clay to the brow area to give it some more emotion in which I used an iron to dry it with cause it was too late to put it in the oven with paint all over it (Note: Put clay on before painting).

I sprayed it with a sealer before painting colours on it cause I find acrylics do weird things sometimes. After it was all dry I begin to paint.

I also painted the inside a red and added a kinda head rest thing on the inside since when I pushed the top down it made an uncomfortable point at the top when putting it on your head. Then once it was all dry I sprayed it with some more sealer, added some cool stuff like stitches with some ribbon and blood which I used nail polish for a shiny effect and put in some lights which weren’t very effective when my head was in the pumpkin but that’s okay, it still looked cool.

And that’s that!

Hope this helps some people, Enjoy!

Mystic Messenger Fool’s Day DLC: April Fool’s Guide

End 1 Happy End: You need to “be the normal person” and take Zen’s side. You should reach this ending as long as the majority of the answers you picked are siding with Zen.

End 2 Normal End: You need to play along with the craziness of the others, so “don’t be normal. You should reach this ending as long as the majority of the answers you picked are siding with the others.  If it’s easier for you, you can always think of it as aiming for one character’s route and pick their answers (as long as they aren’t Zen’s).  In my case, I went for most of Jumin’s answers.

End 3 Bad? End:


Chat Times:

00:00 Today is…

3:29 Zen’s Birthday


7:07 Can’t leave!

10:26 707, the cardboard


12:31 This is all a dream


14:06 Cardboard 707 and cat oven

16:21 Suspicious Jumin



18:13 Traveling Anarchist

19:47 Banned plaster bust


Good End:

21:19 Messenger Under Maintenance


Normal End:

21:19 Am I the weird one?

23:50 Flow of dimensions

Bad? End: 

A Guide on Collecting all the CGs in Mystic Messenger

If you’re hoping to collect all the CGs in Mystic Messenger, you’ve likely seen my CG Spreadsheet. Thanks to the extensive efforts of many fans, we have discovered and documented where and when to find all of the CGs in the game. (Also, since I’m sometimes asked about this, CGs = the pictures that get saved to your Album)

I now have a more finalized version of the CG spreadsheet, this one organized by character so that anyone looking for a specific CG can instantly find out how to get it. It looks like this:

Find the new CG Spreadsheet Here.

To quickly summarize how the spreadsheet works: If you’re looking for a certain CG that you don’t have in your album, find its ‘number’ in your album by counting from left to right, top to bottom. Then you can look that up on the spreadsheet.

The green cells flag ‘unusual’ CGs that require an extra step to get - whether it be participating in the chat or not, choosing certain options, or changing your game to Korean (a method that will allow you to collect those CGs that were previously ‘missing’). The rest of the CGs you will likely collect automatically by going through the game.

Of course, I’m going to assume that since you’re trying to collect all of the CGs, you’ve probably at least gone through all of the characters’ Good Ends and After Ends, as well as the Secret Ends. So for people like you, there is more information under the cut on how to finish up your Album.

Final Note: If there are any mistakes or you don’t get a CG by following the CG spreadsheet, let me know! I will see it the quickest if you message me or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who helped with the first CG spreadsheet!

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Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!


Pokemon Sun & Moon Post Elite Four Checklist

Other Pokemon Game Checklists:
Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Checklist
X / Y Checklist
Black 2 / White 2 Checklist(Not Printer Friendly :( )
Black / White Checklist
Heart Gold / Soul Silver Checklist
Platinum Checklist
Diamond / Pearl Checklist

BTD2 Walkthrough - Vincent Endings

Alright since pretty much all of us are in dire need of a Vincent guide, I put one together. A LOT of these endings start with the same steps mostly because that’s my favorite way to do things (please make a save file and save yourself some steps lol) but you can probably get some of the endings differently. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best~

Lots of spoilers under the cut!! Thank you @daniel-bear for the solutions to 13 + 19!

I also personally used these guides for the other boys: Cain / Lawrence / Ren

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Important Combos!

Story of Seasons includes many accessory and item combos which have many different effects. I mentioned one of them in a previous post, which boosts the rate at which your pets gain affection. Here are a couple more very good combos to have:

This is an accessory combo that recovers your stamina over time. It is incredibly OP. You pretty much never have to eat food again if you’re wearing this.

Secondly, a farm object combo:

3 Hand Pumps + 2 Ponds + 3 Wells

Place them anywhere around your farm…

And holy craparoni you’ve got yourself the Double Watering Combo. Enjoy faster-growing crops with less effort!

Things You Might Have Missed in DA:I (War Table Edition)
  • Save Clan Lavellan: You can in fact save Clan Lavellan as an elven Inquisitor. Doing so not only has your clan find a home in Wycome, but puts them somewhat in charge of the city’s government. Also the Inquisitor gains a special, white Hart Halla from their clan, the Royal Sixteen. One order to keep Clan Lavellan alive (but not the only working order) is : Leliana, Josephine, Leliana, Cullen.
  • New to the Crew: A Young Hopeful/Sutherland and Company: You may or may not remember the young man that can be spoken to on the second floor of the Tavern in Skyhold? Leliana would have the Young Hopeful worked in the Kitchens, but give him a chance with Cullen and you could be well on your way to building up the Inquisition’s Personal Mercenary group (their second one at least, considering the Chargers). The string of War Table missions can be continued by talking to Sutherland after each one and getting to meet his own ragtag group as it builds.
  • A Present for Bianca: There’s nothing really special about this War Table mission…I just can’t believe Varric likes to refer to himself as Daddy.
  • Hard in Hightown/Revenge of the Merchant Guild: Within the line of the Hard in Hightown missions, you will run into mentions of two Dwarves from other games. One being Worthy, the dwarf with the unfortunate name who was Hawke’s rune contact and the other is Jerrik Dace, the Warden’s companion from the Amgarrak DLC
  • Reclaiming the Mage Rebellion: If the Inquisitor sided with the Mages during In Hushed Whispers, they will run across another familiar name. Sketch the Elf, who is actually the same elf from both Leliana’s Song and DA2′s Sketchy on the Details Quest.
  • Other Mentions: There are many references to past characters of course, more than worth noting individually. However, a few more are Maevaris Tilani from the comics, Rhys and Evangeline from David Gaider’s Asunder, and even Zevran from DAO
  • Measure Veil Strength: Solas’ artifacts don’t really seem to do much, but activating 10 of them will actually open a War Table mission and a quest where the Inquisitor must close a giant Rift. As far as I know you do need Solas for the quests to be available.
  • Source of the Darkspawn Attacks: Protect Val Gamord from Darkspawn War Table mission, after Adamant and assuming you have the Grey Warden, will open another quest line like Protecting Clan Lavellan. By which I mean: you can either save or kill off the Wardens depending on your actions. The best order seems to be Cullen, Leliana, Leliana, Josephine or Leliana, and then Cullen.
  • Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold: (Requires Jaws of Hakkon DLC) This mission becomes available if/when you recruit the Avvar near the Fade from Fallow Mire, after saving the Inquisition soldiers. Though the most…”interesting” thing about this quest is how you apparently send Thane Sun-Hair a booty-call at the same time…
  • From the Heart: Following the Alliances mission line on the War Table will eventually bring up a dilemma of marriage for three young people. Two men vying for a woman’s hand, one for love and one for status. Depending on how you handle the missions can mean a lot of different outcomes, but assuming you find one of the successful lines, then the Inquisitor can actually attend the resulting wedding in Val Royeaux’s upper levels and give their blessings to the couple.
  • The Big One?: This is probably one of the most known missions on the War Table, but it is possible to miss it if you don’t know. When exploring the upper levels of Val Royeaux, you will no doubt run into the man selling a Mystery Box for 10000 Gold. This opens a Golden Nug in the shop which then opens a War Table mission to acquire a new, strange mount. So definitely try it out, if you haven’t!
  • Throne Accessories: Many of the thrones can in fact be upgraded with small accessories, for example the Andrastian throne can be upgraded to have small fire pits framing it and incense at the foot of the throne. This is achieved by random chance when completing Resource missions on the War Table. So if you ever have idle advisors be sure to assign them to the small Gold or Resource missions, even if you don’t need them.
Bad Relationship Ends FAQ (Mystic Messenger)

Seeing as I appear to be one of the only people who’s collected nearly all of the Bad Relationship Ends (BREs) in Mystic Messenger (I’m currently only missing Yoosung’s last BRE and will update this guide if I learn anything new from it), here’s an overview of what I’ve learned and how to get the BREs:

What are BREs?

They’re the endings you get by missing a lot of chatrooms between plot branches. See this chart for more information on plot branches.

What’s the difference between a BRE and a Bad End?

(Note: Bad Ends are also sometimes called Bad Story Ends)

You get Bad Ends by participating in the chatrooms and picking the ‘Bad End’ options. There are three Bad Ends per character (one at every plot branch) and only two BREs per character (one at the first and last plot branch).

Bad Ends usually have a bit more of a story/plot to them, are longer, and follow as a consequence of the choices you chose prior to the plot branch. They are fully voiced during Visual Novels, and one out of each character’s three Bad Ends comes with a CG.

Note because I get asked this a lot: CG = in-game artwork that is saved to your Album

Bad Relationship Ends are when you miss nearly every chatroom between plot branches. They are usually very short and tend to involve the characters guilt-tripping you over not showing up to the chatrooms. Also Unknown shows up in them a whole lot. BREs are also fully voiced, but do not come with CGs.

Why should I go through the BREs?

Up to you. You’re under no obligation to, but some are amusing, some have insight into Unknown/the organization he’s with, and some provide some insight into the characters. Here’s my guide on the BREs and how much I recommend them.

And finally:

How to get all the Bad Relationship Endings

(below the cut)

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Mystic Messenger Christmas Event List of Chat Time

Compilation of Chat Times for the Christmas Event (also included who sends messages, calls, etc.) You can buy the event for 100 hourglasses. You can also fast forward the time (20 hourglasses for Christmas Eve and 30 hourglasses for Christmas Day). There is also various chats, visual novels and calls depending on which character has more hearts during that time.

There are 8 kinds of Ending for this event: 707, Jumin, Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Unknown, V (I labeled this one as the Normal End) and the Bad End.

I don’t know if there is already a list or not but I’m making this for a friend. I will not separate it into routes since I’m having a hard time knowing which route am I already. BTW, some of these chats aren’t showing on my chat history. I don’t know if it’s bugged or what. I can’t even see Seven’s last chat for his route. 

Feel free to correct me if there is any wrong information here ^^

** - depends on which route you are in

Christmas Eve

  • 00:01: Christmas Eve
    • Visual Novel: Four years ago (V 2 CGs)
    • Message from Yoosung
    • Call from 707
  • 03:03 - Overloaded Jaehee
    • Call from Yoosung
  • 06:48 - 707 on Eve
    • Message from 707
  • 09:17 - V’s participation
  • 11:24 - Spend X-mas with someone
    • Visual Novel: I can’t tell the reasons
    • Message from Jumin
    • Call from Jaehee
  • 13:42 - Jealous Zen
    • Zen CG
    • Message from Zen
  • 16:15 - Dreams for Christmas
    • Call from Zen
    • Message from Yoosung and 707
    • Visual Novel**
      • Anxious Yoosung
      • Christmas spent alone
      • Lonely Christmas
      • Christmas allergy
  • 18:06 - Cold Jumin
    • Jumin CG
    • Jaehee CG
    • Message from Jaehee
  • 19:18 - Can’t rest on Christmas
    • 707 CG
    • Message from Zen
    • Visual Novel: Complex feeling**
  • 20:53 - Preparation
    • Call from Jumin
    • Message from Jumin
  • 23:01 - Christmas soon!
    • Message from Jaehee
    • ! Caution !
    • Visual Novel: No Santa in this world**

Christmas Day

  • 00:01 - Ungrateful Christmas
    • Visual Novel: Very first Christmas gift**
    • Message from Unknown
  • 02:24 - Christmas’s duty
    • Call from Jaehee
    • Message from Jaehee
    • Visual Novel**
      • I wish it was snowing
      • Christmas last year
  • 05:50 - Yoosung’s X-mas memory
    • Call from Jumin
    • Message from Yoosung
    • Visual Novel: Letters**
  • 08:43 - Yoosung and C&R
    • Call from Zen
    • Message from Jumin and Unknown
    • Visual Novel: Xmas 2 years ago**
  • 10:32 - Not everyone is happy
    • 707 CG
    • Call from Yoosung
    • Message from 707
    • Visual Novel**
      • Phone call from Vanderwood
      • People who remember RFA
      • People who remember RFA
  • 13:06 - Depressing Day
    • Message from Zen
  • 16:07
    • All because of [MC’s name]
      • 707 CG
      • Message from Unknown**
      • Call from 707**
    • Thank you
      • Visual Novel: V’s call
  • 18:10
    • Reached the goal
      • Message from Yoosung and 707
    • Machine or human
      • Visual Novel
      • Call from Jaehee
    • Sad ZEN
      • Call from Zen
      • Message from Zen
    • Resting now!
      • Call from Unknown
    • You’re my Christmas Gift
      • Message from Yoosung
      • Visual Novel
      • Call from Yoosung
    • Worried about Mr Han
  • 19:23
    • 707 and Xmas
      • Call from 707
      • Visual Novel: Xmas gift for… (707 CG)
      • ! Caution !
    • Successful event
      • ! Caution !
      • Message from Jaehee, Zen and Jumin
      • Visual Novel: Xmas 4 years ago
    • Envy two of you
      • ! Caution !
      • Message from Jaehee
    • Chemistry
      • Message from Zen, 707 Jumin and Jaehee
      • ! Caution !
    • Zen looks sad
      • Visual Novel
      • ! Caution !
    • Precious friend
      • Message from Jumin
      • Visual Novel
      • Call from Jumin
      • ! Caution !
  • 21:00
    • “현재” 의 가치 (“Current” value) (*Jumin’s End*)
      • Visual Novel: The present (Jumin CG)
    • Wait for me (*Zen’s End*)
      • Visual Novel: You and I (Zen CG)
    • From the outer space (*707′s End*)
      • Visual Novel: First Christmas (707 CG)
    • Watch Me (*Yoosung’s End*)
      • Visual Novel: Dreamy Christmas (Yoosung CG)
    • Jaehee back to the company (*Jaehee’s End*)
      • Visual Novel: Warmth you left behind (Jaehee CG)
    • 707′s monologue (*Normal End/V’s End*)
      • Visual novel: RFA & Christmas (Common CG)
    • Looks busy… (*Bad End*)
      • Visual Novel: Security alert
    • Looks busy... (*Unknown’s End*)
      • Visual Novel: samtsirhc yrrem


  1. The 21:00 chat titled 707′s monologue is an ending if you have not chosen any route. So you can get it by balancing all the acquired hearts. (This is more like the RFA Good End)
  2. the 21:00 chat titled Looks busy can be acquired by missing many chats.
  3. To get Unknown’s CG/route, just answer his texts correctly in any route.

Want to get this CG?

  • On Christmas eve try to get to 707′s route. The 23:01 chat, before you proceed to the chat you can see a visual novel then caution, that’s a sign you are in 707′s route for the next day. (The visual novel may disappear and it’s okay)
  • On Christmas, the chat at 00:01 should be followed by a visual novel of 707. You should also answer Unknown’s message (answers: “Yes. I want to know who you are.”, “I’ll send you the address for the event”, “It ends at 9. I’ll be waiting” ).
  • This CG will appear after the chat at 19:23 titled 707 and Xmas.