HERE SHE IS! It’s still quite rough around the edges but OH IT LOOKS SO NICE AND I’M PROUD OF MYSELF <3 Some process gifs and the final product altogether (click for captions)

Unfortunately this doesn’t really have any context (she’s probably yelling at her teammate, Tyrian tbh) but maybe one day I’ll be able to animate full episodes of CMYK… Still trying to decide if I want it to be 2D or 3D though… ^^;

4 hours: Photoshop CC, Yiynova MVP10U Screen Tablet

[My Animations] [RWBY: CMYK]

with my pixelling some of my steps merge together so there aren’t any clear cut stages tbh, all  of them are a little fluffy around the edges! generally when i pixel (and paint) i make save points (duplicating the layer, hiding the original and continuing on top) because i’m really paranoid that i’ll wake up and realise i hate it all and won’t have any/enough ctrl-z’s.

oh i also work on 1 layer at a time (minus the save points), if that helps???

sketch & cleanup: i sketch and clean the lines at the same time. a lot of the time i’ll get ‘jaggies’ in my line work and i just don’t like looking at them so i’ll go in and take them out right after i make the line. this isn’t probably the most efficient way to do it but most of what i pixel is fairly small scale so it doesn’t take an enormous amount of time i guess???

fill & flats: ok so i fill in the drawing (fill in lines i guess?? ?) and put down all the flat colours. um this isn’t really hard at all swea TS um i don’t generally know what colours i want until this stage. i know some people pick out colours first which is prob the best way to do it. but i can’t really visualise what i want with little palette dots?? i end up just changing the colours anyway.

shading & tweaking: i do this on top of the fill n flats and pick out colours as i go. so if i need a darker colour i just go pick one out, if i want to limit my palette (i always do) then i’ll just try and find a colour i can use to shade multiple colours or which can act as both a base and shading colour (swet does this make sense).

shade and tweak at the same time, so i’ll put down some shadow colours and also colour over the lines and change them so they look ok with whats around it. um at the end i just give everything i once over and see if anything else needs changing!


A simplified version of the step-by-step tutorial I made for my Patrons, which will be released either today or tomorrow.

Becoming a Patron will give you access to a step-by-step tutorial with annotations, a lot more extra steps, and a larger file.

The more support I can get, the more time I can put into these, and also help me afford a new computer so I can record video progress! Even $1 will be so helpful for me. 

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Kazuya Yukimura Walkthrough

This game has 12 chapters + 2 main endings (Sweet and Flashback). Sweet and Flashback will give you CGs, but Bad EDs will not, so it’s not necessary to play through them for gallery completion.

This game is very long and the skip function is exceedingly slow, so I’d advise using your 3 bookmarks (save slots) to their full potential when playing a route.

Sweet ED

I am also guilty.

I know the name…

Follow after him.

Go and check on the others.

Go and look for Gin-O.

I think it is possible.

Tell him you’ll talk about it later.

We were just fighting with that assassin.

Of course not.

Why are you thanking me?

Go and train.

I do not know.

Ask him what he’s going to do.

Keep it a secret.

Because I might be able to help you.

Shouldn’t you talk to Ieyasu instead?

Because I’m worried about you.

Ieyasu is so important to you?

*save 1*

I understand what you say…

I could never forgive him.

Stay here.

How could you be so selfish?

I can’t go back immediately…

Are you feeling ill?


We’ve got no choice but to believe him.

What warning is this?

Is it OK if I ask Elder Tsuki instead?

*save 2*

Get a hold of yourself.

Contact Kazutake in secret.

Flashback ED (CG)

*load save 2*

It’ll be alright.

Pray for Kazutake’s safety.

Bad ED

*load save 1*

I understand what you say…

*choose all wrong answers*

Sad ED

*load save 1*

No…I don’t agree with you.

anonymous asked:

Sorry it is late here. I meant in-game for context. (Regarding the elf ask)

Alright, I’ll try my best!

In Origins:

  • Spoiler: If you are any female elf romancing Alistair, do not make him King unless you A) Harden him during his personal quest, B) are okay with not being his Queen, but rather his mistress.
  • If you are rolling a Dalish don’t get attached to anyone from your clan (it will probably happen and you will get feels).
  • If you are Dalish, Morrigan is a nice friend and a good romance for a Male Dalish. Simply because she does allude to knowing and being closer to the Dalish than humans (i.e. they bond more).
  • Dalish Elves have extra dialogue and presence in the Witch Hunt DLC for Origins.
  • City Elf is probably the most interesting Elf Origin, but it does have an implied rape aspect (that is executed carefully).
  • Romancing someone with City Elf, has some interesting dialogue when you return to the Alienage (later in the game) with them.
  • Elven Mage has the least amount of Elven content, more time is spent on prejudice of their magic than their race.
  • Dalish Warden has a pretty fleshed out back story already. City Elf has a more lenient back story with the only real set background being that you lost your mother and have lived in the Alienage all your life. Elven Mage has the least amount of background, but does have choice/options lines on their background to pick in dialogue (where they grew up for example).

As for Inquisition:

  • Playing a devout Dalish (believing in the Elven Gods) is difficult, always.
  • However, Elves get the most focus and lore in Inquisition.
  • Solas will wreck your life if you romance him with a Female Elf.
  • Spoilers: If you do romance Solas, realize you do not need to let him remove your vallaslin. He still respects you and understands if you keep them.
  • Do not romance Sera as a devout Female Elf, she will strongly disapprove and will eventually end the relationship. Also she is in general racist against Elven Inquisitors.
  • Your background is practically your own, except you do belong to the Free Marches clan, Lavellan.
  • Spoilers: It is very easy for you to kill off your clan (but they can survive), be extremely careful with your decisions and worse comes to worse try looking for an online guide for those set of War Table Missions. If you do manage to keep clan Lavellan alive, you will receive a rare mount only available to Lavellan.

And that’s really all I can think of off the top of my head, for now.

Catching the Mitten Crab

You need this crab for Fritz reverse proposal

First and foremost you’ll need to unlock the Tropical Country Vendor to get the final fishing rod (link on how to get it somewhat fast + requirements)

After you made the rod you’ll have to fish on the far-away dock in the Riverside Pasture area (the one with the rice field, just swim across the river)

Since the Mitten Crab is a “big one” however, you won’t be able to catch it until you’ve caught all normal fish at this spot during every season

I made a list with the fish you have to catch for reference, a lot of them are the same:

Spring (12 normal fish):
Small carp, carp, small char, freshwater prawn, large trout, moray eel, tiger prawn, marsh shrimp, sea brass, minnow, large sea brass, needlefish

Summer (9 normal fish):

sea brass, small carp, large sea brass, char, marsh shrimp, beltfish, small char, bonito, large trout

Fall (11 nomal fish):
lake prawn, mackerel, small goby, beltfish, carp, salmon, needlefish, bonito, small willowfish, goby, marsh shrimp

Winter (10 fish):

pale chub, small willowfish, goby, putterfish, small goby, minnow, moray eel, large trout, spiny lobster, lake prawn

After you’ve caught one you can just use the hatchery to get more of them!

Thanks to all the people on the UNoT forum, especially RopeMaidenKirie for their support while I was trying to figure this out!

Senkimaru Hatsushimo Walkthrough

Being the spoilery plot route, Senkimaru’s Flashback Ending doesn’t branch off at Chapter 12–you’re going to have to restart at around Chapter 8. Again, Bad Ending isn’t necessary for gallery completion.

You should most definitely save this route for LAST if you’re going to play the entire game. If you’re not, it’s probably one of the more interesting ones (less history, more demon stuff), so I’d recommend it when picking routes to play.

This game is very long and the skip function is exceedingly slow, so I’d advise using your 3 bookmarks (save slots) to their full potential when playing a route.

Sweet ED

There is no need to apologize…

No, I do not…

Let him be.

Talk to Chitose.

I think we shouldn’t be that suspicious.

It’s not because you’re a banished demon.

Don’t say anything.

Yes, of course.

Go and check on the princess.

I would tell everyone.

*save 1*

No, nothing unusual…

I can’t do this…

By the time I got here, he was already gone…

Fight by their side.

*save 2*

Let’s stop all of this.


We mustn’t fight among ourselves!

Don’t be afraid…

I can’t do that.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Refuse firmly.

Do you really think I can?

There’s no way I can do that!

Flashback ED (CG)

*load save 2*

*choose all wrong answers*

Bad ED

*load save 1*

*choose all wrong answers*