Looking for a girl to start up a new project and also be part of Walk the Same (www.walkthesame.com)

Hello Ladies,

I am looking out for a girl who would like to join in and help start up a new project (which is going to be an initiative of Walk the Same) that I have in mind and also be a part of Walk the Same. If you’ve heard about Walk the Same, you’d know it has a huge Christian background and is a blog and a mission to help change the world by being part of the Mission of God aka Missio Dei.

This new project that I have in mind is no different when it comes to being part of the Mission of God but its audience is going to be more focused and tight knit to that of Walk the Same. 

+ Some of the qualities preferred you have are:

  • If you are crazy in love with God - That’s a huge +
  • You need to be a girl - Sorry guys. Your turn is next
  • Being super creative - With new ideas which you just want to let out. If you are awesome with your writing skills that would be a huge +
  • Confidence - Just willing to go forward regardless of circumstance. What that means is that the devil hates it when he sees the children of God going out there to make a difference and so he tries to play all sorts of nasty tricks on you but you are strong and you are a child of God- You are fearless!
  • Be open to teamwork - In the sense being able to brainstorm and open to new ideas and at the same time being confident to sharing your thoughts and ideas openly no matter what they may be

+ Some of the non-essentials but would be an advantage if you do have them:

  • Leadership qualities - So that you could just go out there and just take charge and manage several aspects of the project. You don’t need to have this though and is a non-essential. 

+ What will you get out of this:

  • Firstly you’ll be part of the Mission of God and nothing is more greater than working on something that God started off.
  • I’ve learnt such a lot when I started off with this blog and some of them include: writing skills, creative skills and more.
  • You’ll get more exposure in several new areas.
  • [If you are someone from Europe and more specifically in the UK, you’ll get to be a part of most of the super huge events from Hillsong London - Only applies to those in the UK].
  • And when it comes to resources and giveaways, you’ll get the books that we giveaway every month and other little giveaways that we do on Instagram and (facebook hopefully soon) by default since you are part of a Walk the Same initiative. Which means that you will be soon building up a Christian library in your very own home lol. Any other resource that we also make use of, you’ll will be given as well.
  • You will learn many new things (and the possibilities are endless) and it will be quite an experience.
  • And most of all you’ll have so much fun and also the joy of being able to help people in need and be there for those that need it is simply priceless and just amazing.

If you are interested please send out your info in the following format to:  http://quaeriteverum.tumblr.com/submit (Important: Make sure the Ask feature is active in your blog so that I can get back to you):

  • Name
  • Age
  • Country
  • Tumblr URL

Submit the above info with the Title “New Project” to: http://quaeriteverum.tumblr.com/submit

I am super excited and am looking forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings,

+ Jude / www.walkthesame,com