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DAY 3142

Jalsa, Mumbai                Nov 4/5,  2016               Fri/Sat  2:32 am

Birthday - EF Madhur Mohan Sharma

Saturday, November 5, 2016

happy birthday to our Ef and wishing all the best for the years and the years to come .. love and love from us all …

A Father’s pride .. the most privileged .. the priceless .. DAUGHTER , Shweta ..

What more can one say tonight … the ramp walk for her at the Khosla ~ Jani International fashion show .. 

The pictures say it all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

i can’t wait for the night that shinsuke makes his wrestlemania debut like honestly…i know the whole crowd singing along thing grates on people sometimes but could you imagine like 90,000 people singing his theme as he walks down the ramp

Safety- Steve Rogers x Reader

Anonymous said:
Hi! can you do 23 and 36 with either Steve or Bucky? thanks!

23. “Do you think we’re bad people?” 

36. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”

*reader has powers: telekinesis and telepathy. I don’t know if any of the stuff about that makes sense but I tried? sorry*

Warnings: fighting, explosion

Word Count: ~1858

enjoy :) I liked writing this.

As soon as the quinjet landed in the hangar, you were walking down the ramp to exit the plane. It was a rough mission, to say the least. None of the Avengers were without cuts and bruises. If it hadn’t been for Steve’s shield in front of your body, you would have taken a bullet. 

You quickly walked to your room, attempting to distance yourself from your fellow Avengers for a while, to blow off some steam. One thing you didn’t want is to hurt any of them in your current angry state. You just needed some time to cool down. 

You made it to your room and when you shut the door behind you, you pressed your back against it and slid down until you were sitting on the floor. You put your head in your hands and rubbed your face tiredly. Your mind wandered back to where the mission went wrong.

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DAY 3145

Jalsa, Mumbai               Nov 7/8,  2016               Mon/Tue  12:59 am

The Chhatt Pooja continues in the early hours of the morning by the sea and the devotees spend the night on the beach ..

Closer home Shweta continues the second day of her ramp walk, picking greater accolades ..

And as for me .. I gym ..

The beach is filled to the brim with those that believe and with their belief .. their forms and their rituals are intriguing maybe to the foreigner, but never to them that demonstrate their faith .. belief and faith bring expression of a difference .. a demeanor that challenges all else .. that never seeks alternative .. this is it .. this is how it shall be .. this is how it has been from the day it started .. 

The mind wanders about trying to find space to accommodate all that needs to be done or that has need to be done .. same difference ? naaah .. the need differs in both, and is resplendent in its variety and form .. because when multitudes gather they create an energy that no other mechanical or scientific energy can  .. time and place change, not human energy, of voice of presence or intent .. 

And then the gym .. 

Feels awkward to even bring this up when faith occupies greater relevance .. when the beti finds bigger and more deserving space .. but gym ? I mean where does this come in .. ?

The body is the mover and the shaker .. when it moves well the mind moves in its proper axis .. the temperament does not dissolve into the hemisphere yonder .. the intent functionaries seek function, they agree on several modes and degrees of the work to be undertaken, or the joy of work to be undertaken .. 

But when the body dysfunctions, swamped in lethargy and ‘aalas’, it is the curse of the heavens .. nothing works then .. and that then becomes the creator of unfinished compliance .. this is the most terrible state to be in .. to be and then to not be .. !!

Solution then, to this all, is to find the fault, to find the deprived state, to rectify it, to enliven it, to give it acqua needs and fruits of labor .. how ..?

Gym .. heheaahaha .. !!

Truly .. it is the cause for many ailments that plague the inertia .. 

Settle then to the timings that are needed, the effort, even if in solitudinous comfort .. just find it and comply .. it finds difference and strength and caliber to the system ..

I did today .. and I do hope it lasts till the morrow ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan 

Rebelcaptain fanfic: take me out tonight (2)

Chapter 1 

Read on AO3 

Chapter 2: so dark we forget who we are 

   The market place on Kariah was hot, sweaty and assaulted her nose with every scent. Along with the blazing triple suns, air pollution hung like a fog over the streets, highlighting the dust that kicked up under feet and intensifying the temperature even more. Jyn Erso hadn’t exactly chosen to come here; she’d been given a free ride out of a slight mess she’d gotten herself into (she might have possibly stolen from the wrong person), with the only downside being no choice in where the cargo shipment landed. She was stuck in this hellhole until she managed to find another way off-planet, and she had to do it before she melted. The high-rise buildings only made the heat worse, towering above the stalls and the crowds, so that it gave off the feeling of walking through a swamp.

    But for what felt like the first time since she’d walked down the ship ramp and was hit with the blast of heat, she wasn’t currently thinking about the weather.

   Jyn pulled the hood over her head even further as she eyed the man she had accidentally spotted across the crowded square. He looked like he was having a miserable time dealing with the heat, sweat staining his shirt and his boots kicking the dusty bricks under his feet. Anyone who clearly hadn’t adapted to the climate stuck out from a mile away as being not from around here, and she and this man certainly had that in common. But the reason she had ground to a halt and nearly slammed into someone was that she recognised him.

   Cassian. The Rebel Intelligence Officer from the bar.

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Requested by anon and @thebookwormfairy

Pairings: Peter Parker x reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader

Summary: You’re an assassin for the Avengers, and Peter saves you on a mission

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this!

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“You ready to go, kiddo?”
You looked up from checking your handguns and met the eyes of your father. You smiled slightly, standing up.
“Sure. Just give me ten minutes, there’s someone I need to say bye to,” you told him, starting to walk down the ramp of the Quinjet. Tony raised his eyebrows.
“Does that someone wear red and blue spandex, and exist purely to annoy me?” he called after you. You rolled your eyes, not bothering to look back at him.
You didn’t understand what your dad’s problem with your boyfriend was. Peter looked after you, he was sensible and kind, he didn’t put you in danger. And besides, you could look after yourself. You were an assassin, for God’s sake! You didn’t need anyone, Peter or your dad, to take care of you.
You entered your bedroom and went straight out onto the balcony. Taking your phone from your suit pocket, you searched the contacts for “Spider-Dork” and pressed call.
“(Y/N), what’s up?” came Peter’s voice through the phone. You smiled softly.
“Just wondering if you wanted to swing by? I’m leaving for a mission in five minutes.”
Barely a minute later, a familiar zipping sound came to your ears. A red and blue figure dropped onto the balcony behind you, landing in a crouch and straightening up.
“Just to let you know, I heard the swinging pun and I did not appreciate it,” he told you. You grinned at him, following him inside and closing the door.
“You love me really.”
Peter took off his mask, his hair ruffled adorably. “Yeah, I guess I do.”
He wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck. “Please be careful,” he mumbled. You pulled back to press a soft kiss to his forehead.
“You know I’m never careful,” you pointed out. “But I’ll be back soon. It’s just a few states over, I’ll be back before you know it.”
He opened his mouth to say something, but the door opened to reveal your father scowling.
“You better scarper, Web Boy, before I send Black Widow up here to deal with you,” he threatened. Peter paled, but you glared at your father.
“I’ll be on the jet in a minute, dad,” you told him. “Oh, and by the way-,” You wrapped your arms around Peter, dipping him down into a passionate kiss. You heard the door slam as Tony left, and grinned into the kiss.
“I really should go,” he said, looking flustered from the kiss. “If you die on the mission, I’ll kill you.”
You chuckled. “See you later, Web Boy.”

“Target is on the move,” you whispered, tapping your earpiece. “I’m in pursuit.”
“Don’t let him spot you, kiddo,” your father replied through the comms. “We want to keep you a secret from the world for as long as we can.”
“No shit, dad,” you murmured, forgetting who else was listening to the comms.
You winced. “Sorry, Steve.”
As you listened to the bickering through your earpiece, you didn’t notice that your target had turned to face you.
“They’re sending kids to kill me now?”
You ducked and rolled behind a nearby trash can as the target opened fire on you.
“I need backup here, dad,” you said quickly, turning and firing back at the target. You couldn’t get a clear shot without breaking cover.
“There’s no one we can get out to you right now,” he replied. You could hear the panic in his voice. “Just stay where you are, kiddo, I’ll get to you soon.”
A familiar zipping sound caught your attention, and something red and blue flashed past above you. You grinned slightly, tapping your earpiece.
“Backup’s here,” you told your father.
“What?” he asked sharply. “Who-,”
The sound of a gun going off cut through his words, and half a second later a burning pain shot through your right shoulder. Gritting your teeth against the pain and trying to ignore the blood seeping through your clothes, you switched your gun into your left hand and took aim.
“Target hit,” you informed your father. “So am I,” you added, shrugging your jacket off with difficulty, tears stinging your eyes at the pain.
As black danced at the edge of your vision, you could barely hear your father barking orders at the people back at the facility.
“Pull Barton out of his meeting, send him to her…get Helen Cho set up in my lab…(Y/N) just hang in there, I’m sending help…”
You zoned out after that, your eyelids drooping as more and more blood left your body. Your vision was blurry, but you could just make out a red and blue figure landing in front of you.
“Hey Web Boy,” you mumbled as Peter lifted your head into his lap.
“Oh god, (Y/N),” he whispered. “What have you done?”
You tried to reply, but the urge to close your eyes took over, and you fell unconscious.

“You shouldn’t have followed her!”
“You shouldn’t have sent her in alone!”
“Yeah? I think I know what’s best for (Y/N), she’s my daughter!”
“And I’m her boyfriend! She chose me, she’s stuck with you!”
“Oooooh burn.”
“Could you all shut up?” you mumbled weakly, cracking your eyes open. The room you were in was unbearably white, it made your eyes water. You were gradually becoming aware of the pain and stiffness in your right shoulder.
“How are you feeling, kiddo?” your dad asked, sitting down in the chair beside you. Peter sat opposite him, reaching for your uninjured hand and squeezing it gently. You squeezed back, smiling slightly.
“Like I’ve been shot,” you joked.
“You scared the hell out of me,” Peter told you, rubbing your knuckles with his thumb gently.
Us,” Tony corrected, glaring at your boyfriend. You looked between the two of them, raising your eyebrows.
“How long have you two been arguing while I was out?” you asked. They both looked away from you, looking guilty.
“Dad, Peter saved my life,” you pointed out. “I would’ve bled out by the time Clint got to me, and you know it.”
He sighed. “I just think you could do better than him.”
“I don’t want to do better than him,” you told him, smiling slightly. “Dad, I’m happy with Peter. And just because I’m with him doesn’t make me any less your daughter, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
He smiled softly at you, standing up and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Okay (Y/N), you win. I’ll leave you two to it.”
As he opened the door, he paused in the doorway. “Peter?” he asked. Peter looked up, looking nervous.
“Yes, Mr Stark?”
“Thank you for saving my little girl,” he said quietly, closing the door behind himself.
“Did that just happen?” Peter asked eventually, tearing his eyes away from the door to look into yours. You chuckled.
“I think so. I mean, there’s a chance I’m hallucinating because I’m high on meds, but if you heard it too…”
He shook his head, smiling. “You promised you’d be careful.”
“I promised I’d be back soon,” you corrected, grinning. “I never said anything about being careful.”
He squeezed your hand again, lifting it to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to the back.
“I love you, (Y/N) Stark.”
He leaned down and kissed your lips carefully, trying not to touch your injured shoulder. You smiled into the kiss.
“I love you too, Web Boy.”

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Seth Rollins

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By; Muscle Marinara 



You sigh as you watch your boyfriend of three years be a complete ass on live TV. You watch Dean and Roman your friends try to talk to Seth. You bite your lip and you didn’t know how to go about this. You decide ‘fuck it’ and go out there. 

Your theme blasted through the entire arena and the men in the ring stop bickering and turn towards the stage. You walk out holding your Women’s championship and a microphone. You look at all the guys in the ring. 

“As you guys keep bickering back and forth, the loud mouth wouldn’t listen to you, even if you were actually going to do something. So why don’t we all just grow up.. Yes Seth I’m looking at you. Be nice for once. Is that actually going to kill you?” You ask and walk down the ramp. 

“Hey! We have the WWE Women’s champ everyone! Welcome to the Ambrose Asylum (Y/N)!” Dean smiles. Seth turns to him and glares. You smirk and step on the steel steps and Dean quickly goes towards the ropes and sits on them to help you get in. Seth looks at you and glares at Dean. 

“You know what? I’m better than all of you! I’m not going to be on this dumb talk show!” Seth yells. Dean looks at him confused and you do too. Before anything could happen Shane’s theme blasted. 

“Ah, ah, ah. Seth wait, I think this is a great opportunity right now. (Y/N) you need to pick who you want to be part of your mixed tag team match against Charlotte and whoever here wants to be part of this match up.” Shane says and the crowd agrees with this.  You on the other hand were kinda freaking out you had to make a decision quickly. You look at Seth and then Roman and Dean. You bite your lip. 

“C’mon” Dean smiles. You sigh and close your eyes and turn towards the stage and look at Shane. 

“Fine. You want this? I’ll pick… Seth.” You say as you quickly make up a plan in your head. 

“Great! Dean you’ll be in this match as well. Good luck to you. And for you Roman since you are champ you can be a special guest referee!” Shane smirks and walks backstage. You cross your arms and unbutton your championship and walk out to the corner. Seth goes over and jumps on the apron and gets in the ring. Being the arrogant man he’s portraying on TV. You glare at him . You get on the apron and cross your arms.  Dean and Seth start the match and you could already tell Roman was not going to be fair with Seth. Seth pushes Dean away and quickly tags you in. You smirk and jump into the ring and you don’t even wait for Charlotte to get into the ring. You quickly grab her hair and yank her down to the turn buckle and stomp on her chest until you feel Roman pull you away. You go and grab her but your face was met with a big boot. You fell to the mat and held you mouth. Charlotte gets up and tries to set you up for the figure 8. You quickly push yourself away and get up and hit her with a super kick. She falls to the mat but you didn’t go for the pin. You turn towards Dean and smirk. You quickly hit him with a super kick as well. Seth starts cackling and gets in the ring with you. Roman looks at you. 

“(Y/N)! What the hell??” Roman asks. You glare and go to kick him but you turn around and kick Seth. You scoff and jump out of the ring and grab your championship and walk backstage. 

Once you got back there Seth, Dean, and Roman walk up towards you. 

“What was that??” They all ask. 

“It’s not picking sides.” You say simply. 


By Cait_11

The Rampion landed on the earth, causing the ground to give a slight shake. Thorne stood up from the pilot’s chair, then helped Cress up from her seat.

“We’re here!” he said excitedly. “The American Republic. My home.”

Cress looked out the window, observing the warehouse they had landed in. 


Thorne laughed. “Maybe we should look at the outside of this building. I trust you it will look much nicer than this.”


Cress and Thorne walked down the ramp, their feet meeting the cold concrete floors of the landing warehouse. They made their way outside into the bright sunshine.

“Wow,” Cress breathed, looking at the trees swaying in the breeze, the green grass, the flowers with their bright and eye-catching shades. “It’s beautiful.” She grinned up at Thorne.

Thorne smiled back at her. “It is lovely. I missed this place.”

“Then let’s look around!” Cress said gleefully. She grabbed Thorne’s hand and dragged him behind her.

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Baron Corbin

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By: Muscle Marinara. 

Warning; Smut


“He likes you!” 

“He’s soooo into you.” 

“Why don’t you talk to him??” 

“Oh c’mon. You guys would look adorable.”

This is all you heard whenever you passed or even glanced over at Baron. Obviously everyone knew he was into you but you just couldn’t believe what they were telling you. You just shake your head and change into your ring gear and walk out of the diva’s locker room. You knew you had a match but you didn’t know who it was against or anything about what was going to happen which was kinda scary. You quickly prep for your match and then head out once you hear your theme music. You walk out on stage and you hold your hands behind you back and stand on the top of the ramp. You smirk and walk down the ramp and jump into the ring Your theme gets cut off by Shane’s. You knew what was coming now. You take a deep breath ready for what was going to happen. 

“Y/n! Wait. We have picked out what you’re going to be doing… This will be a mixed tag team match.“ You cross your arms and give him a confused look

“It will be you and The lone wolf Baron Corbin Vs. Dolph Ziggler and Becky Lynch.” He says. Your heart drops. Baron??? Out of all people! You couldn’t believe it. You sigh and wait in the ring and Shane walks off and Baron’s theme blasts through and he walks out on stage. You scoff and cross your arms again and watch him until he gets into the ring. He steps in and looks at you and smirks. You roll your eyes and raise your hand up. 

“Don’t even.” You spoke and wait for Dolph and Becky to make their entrances. Once they did everyone was in the ring. You basically kick Baron out of the ring so you could start the match off. You and Becky hear the bell and you both lock up. You quickly get pushed to the ropes and you come back and clothesline her. She falls to the mat and then gets up again. Only to be caught in an enziguri. You crawl into the pin and you get a two count. You push your hair out of your face and glare at the ref. You grab Becky and push her against the ropes and push your knee against the back of her neck. 

“Y/n! Away from the ropes!” The ref begins to count. You back off and then yank Becky towards the middle of the ring and go for the pin. She kicks out and you huff. You look up on the top rope and smirk. You pull her in place and quickly make your way up to the top rope. Once you get in position Becky quickly gets up there with you. She grabs your hair and you both start throwing punches. You didn’t have the full balance since you where standing on the ropes. Becky somehow kicks you and you fall off. Half of your body collides with the apron and you hit the ground hard. You cry out in pain and try to catch your breath. Becky gets out of the ring and so does the Ref. He goes and tries to check on you but Becky quickly grabs you and throws you into the ring. She goes for the pin but you quickly kick out. Once you did you try to get out of the match and tag in Baron but you were too far. You struggle to get your breath back. You shake your head and lean against the turnbuckles. Becky runs towards you but you quickly move out of the way and she stops herself and turns towards you, You try to super kick her but she stops you and pushes you down the mat. You glares at her and get up again. 

“You know what Becky?? Bye.” You spoke and go over and slap Baron’s chest and tag yourself out. Becky puts her hands on her hips and looks at you. You lean against the ropes and shrug. 

“Get out of the ring!” You scoff. Becky shakes her head and tags in Dolph. Baron and Dolph quickly start intensifying they match. Baron goes to tag you in but you jump off the apron and pretend to hurt your knee. You grab onto it and fake the pain. You limp near the ramp and you and Baron don’t break eye contact. You point as Dolph jumps on his back trying to deliver a zig-zag. Baron pushes him off and gets him in the position of End of Days and quickly delivers it. He gets the pin while looking at you. You scoff and cross your arms and make your way up the ramp. Once you get backstage and start walking down the hall you hear someone calling after you. You immediately knew who it was. You turn around and come face to face with Baron. 

“What was that?” Baron asks. 

“What?” You ask.

“You know what! Why did you try to leave me??” Baron glares. 

“Because maybe I can.” You scoff and try to walk away. He grabs your arm and pulls you back and your body collides with his. You gasp and look up at him. Baron smirks and pulls you into a random room and locks it behind him. He pushes you against the wall and picks you up easily. You immediately wrap your legs around him. 

“Now I know you don’t hate me. You just like to act like it,” He smirks You playfully roll your eyes. 

“How do you know that?” You ask. Baron smirks again and kisses your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer, kissing him back. Baron’s hands go lower on your ass giving it a light squeeze. You gasp and he slips his tongue inside your mouth. Your tongues fight for dominance but he quickly wins. You grab the ends of his long hair and pull on them. He groans and then his hands leave your ass and grabs the hem of your bra that you were wearing as your ring gear. He pulls it off and he quickly cups your breasts and trails his kisses down to your neck, leaving rough sloppy kisses. You throw your head back against the wall and bite your lip. Baron quickly pulls off his shirt and then grabs the top of your shorts and yanks them off your legs. He begins to rub your clit softly causing you to moan. 

“Oh fuck.” You spoke softly and look down watching his moves. 

“And if you really hated me you wouldn’t be this wet,” He smirks and pushes to fingers inside you causing you to moan louder this time. He uses his free hand and covers your mouth. He pulls his fingers out and sucks them clean. You moan at the slight. Baron pulls down his pants and he was already rock hard. You reach down and start to pump his shaft slowly. Baron;s hand leaves your mouth and grabs your ass again. You bite your lip and pump him a few more times. Baron grabs himself and positions himself and pushes into you. You gasp and adjust to his size. He begins to rock his hips in a swift motion causing you to moan loudly but gets cut off as he covers your mouth. You lean your head against the wall and moan into his hand. He picks his pace up making you moan again. 

“Baron!” You say again it was muffled by his hand. 

“Damn y/n.” He moans. 

After a while you both could feel your orgasms arising. You moan loudly as you hit your high and Baron lets out a deep low moan as he also hits his high. You guys stay there to regain your breath. 

“Oh yeah he’s definitely a keeper” You thought to yourself

General Hux Imagine #3

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Imagine: Hux your husband coming home early from a mission to surprise you.
Word Count: 528
Warnings: None
*Hux’s Pov*

I was coming home early today, I was going to surprise my wife Y/n she hasn’t seen me for weeks on end. This mission with Ren was frustrating me and I just needed to be home with my love again. I walked down the ramp out of the shuttle and turned to Ren “You must report to Supreme Leader I am going to see my wife” I nod and he stares at me “How is she by the way your wife?” he smirked my glared hardened and I walked forward towards him “Do. No. Speak. About. My. Wife. Ren” and I turned my heel and stormed in the opposite direction eager to see her face again.
I made a quick trip to my office and grabbed the delicacies of her favourite food and drink I retrieved on the mission. I fixed my hair and suit before leaving my office I smiled when I looked down at the gifts I cannot wait until I have her in my arms again.
*Y/n’s Pov*
I sat on the bed reading a book, I have wanted to call Armitage my husband for a while now. But he is on a mission with Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader sent them to look for anything related to Luke Skywalker or the scavenger Rey. Apparently according to Kylo, she is force sensitive like he and I and she had found Luke Skywalker and they have returned to the Resistance Base. I was tired from my training I continued to practice with my lightsaber and defence positions like Kylo taught me. He and Supreme Leader believe that Kylo and I will face Luke Skywalker and Rey again and we must be ready for a battle. I heard beeping on the other side of the door and I looked towards the door and rolled my eyes “Another bloody stormtrooper I bet” and I continued reading my book. I heard the door open and lock shut, I looked up from my book when I heard the smooth voice “Hello my love” and I felt tears well up in my eyes “Armitage?” I whisper and smile “Armitage!” I squeal and jump in his open arms as he spins me around and kissed me lovingly “Oh Y/n” he smiled widely “You’re early, your home early why?” and he laughed “I requested it and besides Ren was getting on my nerves as usual” he sighs and holds my shoulders “I bought gifts for you darling” and he hands me my favourite drink and food I jump up and down “You didn’t?!” I giggle and he nods “Well I think you deserve it after all you work so hard with training and you hardly ever get these so I found them at a cheap price” he muses and I smiled “Thankyou honey really thank you.” I kiss his lips and smile “I love you Y/n Hux” he holds me close “And I love you too Armitage Hux” and we sat down and began to eat and drink as we discussed our days and looked at the stars outside our window.