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Jennifer Lawrence is getting A Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2018.

Taraji P. Henson, Zoe Saldana, Jack Black and more are also part of the walk’s class of 2018

Highly possible FOX is behind Jen’s star as part of their marketing campaign considering she will be in 2 of their movies next year 

Read who else is getting one (X)


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word count: 1k

summary: you needed a tutoring session and fortunately enough, Jungkook was around. *little to no content*

genre: partial smut + smudge of fluff idk 

warnings: none!

A/N: it’s nice to be backk, but i’m also going to be pretty busy over summer so i’ll do my best to write as much as possible. here’s a short smut to make up for my absence for the past month or so! this one doesn’t contain a lot of smut for the reason being that it wouldn’t fit the plot. this might be a series, but i’m not sure yet. 

You never had a thing for cheerleading.

Yet here you are as the team captain. 

Releasing a deep sigh, you hurriedly copied down the notes from the board, erasing the misspelled words while resisting the urge to stand up and walk out of the class. The second semester was coming to an end and you couldn’t afford to have your GPA drop so low once more. The first semester was bad enough, having your GPA drop from a flat 3.5 to a deadly 2.4 all because you had borderline grades. Shuddering at the very thought, you gripped your led pencil harder as your hand flew across the page. Your grades were finally improving, now, all you have to do is maintain it until the very end. If your GPA dropped any more than it already has, then you’ll no longer be captain of the cheerleading team which means your scholarship will eventually be revoked and you sure as hell could not afford to have that happen..

Upon hearing the bell ring, signaling that it was time for lunch, you quickly packed your utensils and burst out the door, not caring to say goodbye to your fellow classmates who looked at you strangely. Dashing to your locker, you quickly shoved in your bag then speedily walked towards the football field for your tutoring session, textbooks and notebooks spilling in your arms. You weren’t dumb, but you weren’t exactly smart either. Sitting on the benches, you laid out your material and waited patiently. A few minutes went by before you felt the bench slightly dip down, causing a small smile to etch upon your face. 

“I don’t understand why you always run here,” Jungkook said, laughing, “I’m practically always behind you, you know that, right? I have class right next to you,”

You looked down at your hands before responding, “I didn’t want to waste any time.”

“We have a lot of time before the final exams and don’t forget, we can tutor after school at my house too!” Jungkook reminded.

You rolled your eyes as you open your book, explaining what parts you didn’t understand in regards to math. One of you weakest yet strongest subjects. Fortunately enough, Mr. Perfect here was a straight A student. Jungkook had it all: looks, intelligence, athleticness, wealth… but the one thing he didn’t have was a relationship. He pitied the girls that threw themselves at him without shame. All he wanted was a girl that loved him for him, not as the captain of the football team. You liked this about him, how humble and caring he was. He wasn’t like the others on his team, the ones who use vulgar words as they verbally degrade women and compete over how many girls they can screw in a single week. At times, they would even have a competition about who can make a girl moan the loudest. You would always scoff at their actions, labeling them childish for their behavior. You weren’t the type to hang with football players, despite always having to cheer them on at their games. You prefer being alone, enjoying the eerie silence. Sometimes, you would get picked on too by your fellow cheerleaders. They would insist on going out with them, getting wasted, and sleeping around, but you were against it. School has always been so important to you and after your little slip-up, you can’t even afford to have a C if you want to go to a good university.

All your life, you’ve been pushed to be the prestige, perfect daughter. You were forced to be the role model you never had. However, no matter how good you were, your parents were never satisfied. Eventually, you made the decision to stop living to please them. From that point on, everything you did was for yourself. Even if your parents weren’t proud of you, you were proud of yourself and at that time, that was all that ever mattered to you. In your years of education, you had made many friends, but none of them were able to become worthy of being someone you could call family nor best friend. However, that’s where Jungkook comes into play. He was the exception. Jungkook was always there for you since your middle school years. Fortunately, once you hit high school, you guys became closer instead of drifting like how many other duos had done. You were grateful to have him in your life and he knew that. You made sure of it. 

For the remainder of lunch, you sat beside Jungkook, shoulders touching as he elaborated on all the topics that left you dumbfounded. At times, you would find yourself staring at him as he demonstrated how to solve some of the problems. You began to wonder what it would be like to run your fingers through his hair as he unclasped your bra. You wanted him to moan your name as he penetrated your body, your juices splashing on his thighs as he thrust. Rubbing your thighs together, you shifted your body in an uncomfortable manner, causing Jungkook to stop in his actions and look at you with concern dancing in his doe-like eyes. 

“Are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the nurse’s office?” Jungkook put the pencil down and wrapped his hand around yours. 

“I-It’s not that. I have another problem..” You averted your gaze as you fiddled with the hem of your skirt. 

“What is it? You can tell me.” Jungkook spoke softly, tilting his head in confusion as he awaited your response. 

“Jungkook, I –” 

You got cut off by the bell, indicating it was the end of the day due to the fact that you only had 4 periods. Before you could gather your belongings and dash off to selfishly pleasure yourself, Jungkook invited you over to his house to continue the tutor session. You were lost for words but agreed anyways. If you were going to make your move, now was the perfect time. Worst case scenario, you get rejected. 

What could possibly go wrong?

You sat on the edge of the bed, legs dangling on the ground as you fidgeted around. Jungkook sat beside you, watching intently as he continued to wait for you to evaluate your problem. He lifted your chin, staring deeply into your eyes before smiling and god did he know how to make the butterflies in your stomach rapidly increase in flight.

“Are you hungry or something?”

Yeah, but not for what you’re thinking of.

You shook your head, embarrassed to admit what was really going on with you. The fear of rejection began to creep up on you, causing you to release a lengthy shiver before blinking rapidly.

However, the second he innocently placed a hand on your thigh, you lost it.

“Jungkook, can we please do something else other than study?” You said, releasing a small moan. You were desperate at this point, unable to contain the pent-up frustration.

“What do you want to do?” Jungkook smirked, finally understanding your situation as his hand traveled up your thigh.

Throwing one leg over his lap, you straddled him before gently pushing him down so that he’s lying on his back.

“Let me please you.” You suggested which came out more as a command.

Jungkook stayed silent, unable to utter a single syllable as he hungrily watched your hands graze over his bulge before undoing his pants and tugging down his boxers.

“You know, I always thought you had a big dick,” You praised, grasping his length in your hands. “but I didn’t know it would be this big.”

Licking the tip, you shoved his entire shaft into your mouth with a moment’s worth of hesitation, causing him to groan loudly at your actions. Relentlessly sucking him off, the sound of his moans filled the room as he fisted your hair, pleading that you go faster. 

“Please, Y/N, fuck    go faster.” Jungkook began to beg.

You hummed in reply, quickening your pace. 

“Wait, baby. I’m gonna co     ” 

“Come for me, Jungkook.” You looked into his eyes as you bobbed, tongue swirling around the swelled tip. 

With a couple more seconds worth of deepthroating, he finally released into your mouth, watching you sexily swallow his come, not missing a single drop. You threw off your shirt along with your bra before tugging down your black lace underwear. You kept the skirt on, knowing that it would please Jungkook.

Jungkook got up, but you stopped him. “You don’t have to eat me out. I’ve been dripping wet all day.”

“Because of me?”

“Because of you.”

Straddling him once more, you held his cock at your entrance before slamming down. With his hands around your waist, he began to suck on your breast as you held onto his shoulders for support. Bouncing on him, you cried out in pleasure as he thrust into you, unable to hold back. Asserting dominance, he flipped you on his back as he pounded into you. 

“This is what you were thinking about all day, hm?” Jungkook teased as he played with your clit. “Me destroying this little pussy of yours?”

You could barely form words as you screamed out, “Yes, fuck yes!”

His cock had filled you whole and it was making you lose your mind. He was hitting all the right places with the perfect amount of acceleration. Your mind began to become fuzzy as you screwed your eyes shut in pleasure, arching your back as he relentlessly attacked your g-spot.

 However, for some reason, your mind began to wander even more. The sex seemed more intimate than what you had originally planned. You didn’t mind it one bit and you wondered if he noticed too.  The sex wasn’t filled with lust, but love as well. You hadn’t noticed it before, despite him being balls deep in your cunt. The way he released sweet moans made your heart flutter. He caressed your body so gently but penetrated so roughly. You loved him for years on end, but you would never let him know. To confess your love would mean that you’ve finally surrendered to him.

 Sex with Jeon Jungkook is a one-time thing. You were just friends after all.

 And even though it hurts to admit it, that’s all you two will ever be. 

Connected (Ch. 1)

Summary: The start of Ian and Mickey’s friendship as kids.

Word Count: 1238

Notes: I got this request in my messages! It’s a multichap fic where they start off as best friends and fall in love :) I’m already working on Ch. 2, shouldn’t be much longer!

Being that it was the start of a new school year, Fiona encouraged all of her siblings to try and make new friends this year. Making friends had never really been a strong suit for the Gallagher family, mostly because of their psychotic nature, but it was always worth a shot.

Ian was sitting on the floor with crayons in his hand and a coloring book in his lap when the second grade class walked in. He waved to Lip, and then turned his head to see the boy next to him. He was a short boy with raven colored hair and sky blue eyes. The boy didn’t look to friendly, but Ian was still intrigued.

Mrs. Gunter, who was Ian’s teacher, called the second grade class down to give the first graders a bit of an orientation being that it was the first day of school. All the kids were rowdy though, so the teachers quieted them by making them sing the school alma mater. They started the song, but the teachers had to cut is short because a certain student wasn’t participating.

Mrs. Gunter and Ms. Rex made their way over to the little dark haired boy that Ian was previously looking at. His scowl became even colder as the teachers squatted down to his level. “Mikhailo—” Ms. Rex started, but the boy cut her off.

“It’s Mickey,” he spat as he crossed his arms.

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simplyshelbs16xoxo  asked:

Okay, story time: I was in 10th grade (the year was 2010). There was a guy I had a huge crush on: dark curly hair & pretty blue eyes (Sound familiar? Lol). Well anyways, we had gym class together & we became friends, so there was a point where we'd walk to class together each time. He was going down the stairs, walking in front of me & I had missed a step halfway down and fell into him, taking him down with me. I was mortified lol. His words: "You weren't kidding when you said you were clumsy."

OH.MY.GOD!!!!!!! If this is not a Sherlolly prompt, I don’t know what this is!!!

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This was so cute, thank you shelbs for sharing!! :D

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wonwoo x you

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› member. wonwoo

› word count. 3083

› genre. fluff mayb a teeny bit of angst?

When telling your english teacher what she did wrong goes in a different direction, you end up having detention for the whole week. It was dreadful until Wonwoo made everything go in the right direction.

     Your english professor’s monotonous voice that lacks the enthusiasm bounced off the walls of your last class. You felt happy that you could walk away from the class that pulled you into a deep sleep, but a tinge of sadness will follow you back into your heart later on as the thought of class was not a bit of exciting for you. English was your best subject as you loved every aspect of it, you used to love coming into class before the clever written out plans and the passionate speeches and debates disappeared all in the hands of a teacher exchange. Your old teacher used to include everyone into her plan and used to make the place feel so lively, she edged on the talent you had for writing and your love for reading, compliments and expressions that would fill your void of passion more and more everyday. That is.. until her bright smile you saw every afternoon flew into the dark hole of class today.

     The once excited students look washed away, minds not connected in today’s lesson and under eyes that would be darkened by staying up each night writing boring speeches that would get graded and thrown away in the end. It was like this class turned upside down from one mistake and that one mistake is your new teacher. It was a terrible plan hiring a lady who despised her job, she took away the life that was held in this class and tucked it away. You glared right into her eyes whenever she tended to graze around the class. She always looked a little thrown a back from the stares she received from you, and honestly she had this ‘funny’ thought that you didn’t like her.

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As I was walking out of my maths class and I opened the door to my dorm room I saw my tutor/secret boyfriend Sam sat casually on the sofa, slipping through a copy of one of my maths textbooks. When he looked up and saw me, his eyes looked at my dress before he gave a little smirk. 

“Well don’t you look pretty.” He mused, standing up and putting his hands on my waist. “We’re only supposed to be revising.” 

“Well I knew you would want to do more.” I smirked. He laughed slightly and moved his hands slowly up my arms and across my shoulders until they were on either side of my face. I smiled up at his face and he gave me a quick peck on the lips. 

He took me over to the desk in my dorm room and I put my maths textbook next to my notepad where I opened it and uncapped the lid on my pen, ready to take notes. He started to walk me through how to do complex quadratic equations but all I was focused on was him. The way his sharp jawline moved when he spoke and the way his eyes flicked over from the book to me. 

After noticing I was distracted, he shut the book with a light thud and glared at me, but instead of being serious and mature it was playful and childlike. 

“You’re never gonna pass unless you listen.” he said. I nodded, knowing full well that this exam was very important and it required a lot of effort but with Sam tutoring me and a 7 hour day of classes had worn me down and by the end of the little rant he had I had slumped against his chest and I was fighting to keep my eyes open due to the sheer tiredness of my conscious. 

Sam obviously noticed that I was out of it so he picked me up gently and carried me over to the sofa, where he layed down and let me rest in between his gazelle legs with my head and upper body relaxing on his sculpted chest. I leant up and gave him a kiss and then layed back down, letting my eyelids slowly fall as Sam’s strong arms were wrapped around my upper arms, making me feel relaxed, safe on contented. 

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Put it this way there studios were within walking distance. He was there all the time for lunch. She use to go to him every morning with breakfast. When she was still in school. He knew the pass code to get into the class room. Her teacher was shocked that he just walk on into her class knowing the passcode. It may be 'weird to you but booboo it's why there has been a Valdaya ship 4yrs with many fans all around the world who see that there is so much more to Val & Z then they let the public know

“He knew the pass code to get into the class room.” - How do you know this? The teacher told someone? Well, booboo, all that you just said makes it even creepier than I thought. Double ewww at him.

When you make a tv show reference in front of a group of people knowing that only one person in that group is gonna get it and they get it.

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She Never Stopped Smiling

by reddit user Pippinacious

Fly was an odd kid, even by odd kid standards. I met her in sixth grade, when our alphabetically ordered last names landed us in adjacent seats, and she turned to look at me with a cheerful, gap toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hi.” I replied quietly.

I was shy and intimidated by my first day in middle school, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

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  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?


Life is like a hurricane here in… modern-day America. But in Duckburg, it’s a veritable storm of fun, adventure, and d-d-d-danger for fans awaiting Disney XD’s summer revival of DuckTales, the beloved ‘80s cartoon about Donald Duck’s nephews and their wild excursions with great-uncle Scrooge McDuck (voiced by Doctor Who’s David Tennant).Premiering in August, the series has been carefully crafted as a familiar reboot albeit with contemporary comedy updates to the Disney Afternoon original. “One of the things we always loved about the old show was that it was this family of adventurers, but the emphasis in every episode had always been on the adventure and plotline,” says co-producer Francisco Angones. “The basic conceit of growing our show was that this is a big blended family of adventurers, so it should feel like a combination of Indiana Jones and a blended Arrested Development-style family sitcom where every character has a different relationship to one another.”The revival sticks to its adventure-of-the-week DNA, but with a hint of season-long serialization — one big mystery of the first season involves a decade-old family secret about why Scrooge and Donald stopped spelunking together — as well as sharpened characterization for nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan). “Since everyone always says ‘Huey, Dewey, and Louie’ in that exact order, we decided to make that the birth order, and by defining that, we were able to assign traits that fit,” says executive producer Matt Youngberg. “So, Huey’s the oldest, a little more responsible, a little bit brainy. Dewey wants to stand out, and wants to break out of being labeled as just one of a set of three. And Louie is happy being the youngest child — he can slip under the radar.”Joining the pack (though decidedly not the Quack Pack), expect significantly more screen time for little Webby (Kate Micucci), Scrooge’s niece-by-affection, whom Youngberg says has “a stronger and more unique voice than she ever had before.” Angones adds, “We almost never say ‘the nephews’ or ‘the boys’ — she’s a crucial part of the adventuring team, and they really are this big, weird family. If Huey has Scrooge’s brains, Dewey has Scrooge’s guts, and Louie has Scrooge’s love of treasure, Webby has Scrooge’s heart.”The population of Duckburg doesn’t stop there. Not even close. In addition to previously announced treats like Beck Bennett’s Launchpad McQuack and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Gizmoduck, the city is thriving with new and familiar characters — so let’s cannonball into some exclusives.

Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo)
Expect to see a lot more of this world-class walking temper tantrum in the new reboot, which bumps Donald Duck up to main cast status. “He’s been a single parent obsessively taking care of the boys, and he’s a little bit overprotective and doesn’t want to take a lot of risks, whereas so much of Scrooge’s success is based on the fact that he’s willing to take risks,” says Angones. “In our world, about 10 years ago, Scrooge and Donald used to go on these big, crazy, rip-roaring adventures, and then they stopped talking to each other, to the point where when we start our show, Huey, Dewey, and Louie don’t even know that the richest duck in the world and this legendary explorer is their great uncle.” By the end of the first episode, Donald reluctantly moves his whole family in with Scrooge, but maintains some degree of his own independence — by keeping his houseboat in the pool. 

Gladstone Gander (Paul F. Tompkins)
Few things can unite Scrooge and Donald like a shared nemesis, and we find that in Gladstone Gander, a dandy old character who always irked Donald and now gets under Scrooge’s feathers, too. Angones says, “The great thing about Gladstone is that since Donald is fundamentally unlucky, Gladstone is supernaturally lucky, and so Scrooge and Donald can both agree that they hate Gladstone because he does nothing and gets everything.” (Also worth hating: Gladstone’s father’s name is Goosetave. GOOSETAVE.)

Gyro Gearloose (Jim Rash)
You’ll notice Scrooge’s in-house mad scientist has gotten a fairly hipster makeover, but neither his wild inventions nor vocal exclamations (by Community’s Jim Rash) are any less manic. While his intern Fenton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) moonlights as local superhero Gizmoduck, presumable fan-favorite Gyro Gearloose keeps the spirit of DuckTales’ crazy super-science alive.

Goldie O’Gilt (Allison Janney)
Returning as Scrooge’s longtime paramour is Goldie O’Gilt, a fellow adventurer who has a curious relationship with old McDuck. “In our adaptation, Scrooge is more of an adventure junkie than a gold addict, so we kept saying, ‘Well, if Scrooge is like Batman, then Goldie should be like Catwoman,’” says Angones. “She’s equally adventurous, every bit Scrooge’s equal, and he hates and loves that. They have this amazingly contentious relationship that’s been going on ages and ages, spanning back to the Gold Rush days.” Plus, the producers say it was David Tennant who geeked out the most about Janney joining the cast: “He heard us play a line she had recorded and he said, ‘That’s C.J. Cregg!‘”Ma Beagle (Margo Martindale) and the Beagle Boys (Eric Bauza)
The perennially annoying villains are back in full force to block Scrooge’s adventures, with beloved character actress Margo Martindale on hand to voice the maniacal matriarch of the family of genuinely idiotic criminals. Big fans will note that they actually look like dogs this time. Relatively

Flintheart Glomgold (Keith Ferguson)
One of Scrooge’s wealthy equals in Duckburg is Scottish showman Flintheart Glomgold, whom Youngberg describes as “this kind of go-go ‘80s billionaire who made all his money from branding and getting his face on every storefront.” Angones says, “Glomgold is bigger, faster, and cheaper. An in-joke we had for him was that originally in the comics, he was South African, and then they made him Scottish in [the original] DuckTales, so we really leaned into that and decided that when Glomgold saw that Scrooge was a Scottish billionaire, he decided to be the cheap knock-off. More Scottish and even richer.

”Mark Beaks (Josh Brener)
The Silicon Valley actor adds fresh blood to the echelon of wealthy ducks that dominate the city. “We had a bunch of old money billionaires — Scrooge is the oldest money, this billionaire of the industrial revolution, and we have Glomgold — so we included somebody who’s representative of today’s billionaires, which is the tech industry billionaire,” says Youngberg. “Mark Beaks doesn’t care as much about money as he cares about status and being buzzworthy and how many followers he has.” Angones adds, “Josh Brener was so incredibly on all the time, selling and pitching. He’s a character who’s so broad and over the top, you love to be annoyed by him.

DuckTales premieres on Disney XD this August.