walkoff win

trea-bae  asked:

which was better: bryce having the vote zim bat sticker or his walk off

Winning is truly just too good to beat… but here’s a PSA that Bryce Harper loves Ryan Zimmerman and wants his buddy in the All-Star Game and we wouldn’t want to upset Bryce, would we?? Exactly. But the walkoff was better bc wins and hugs and Anthony Rendon’s hair flopping everywhere.

baseball player!ashton hitting the winning, walkoff homerun against their rival team. the whole time, everybody on his team is on the edge of the bench and everybody watching is holding their breath as the ball spins off the end of the bat. as soon as the ball is over the fence, all his mates are off the bench and onto homeplate to crowd him when he gets there. you too were up and off the bleachers to be the first to run into his arms when he throws off his helmet to celebrate as well. he picks you up and twirls you around while everybody cheers; when they’re done, he puts you on his shoulders as you squeal, raising you fists up in the air to indicate your excitement.