First Anniversary Follow Forever

 Guys, it’s been one year (and one day) since I started annatorverse on tumblr. 366 days I spent spreading the Anna Love. 7,357 posts and 716 followers later, what a ride it has been! But it wouldn’t have been such pure joy if so many dedicated fans hadn’t joined me on this ride!! 

So, as a tribute, this is my First Anniversary Follow Forever, listing my tumblr crushes (in some disorder). Thank you to all my followers for sharing the deep love and admiration I feel for Anna Torv. Ride with me for a second year!! I love you all.

My Very Favorite Things

whatsuptyrone  elialys immadeofdreams fringie dunham4life 

I Care for You

gottaliv13 celoewe gitfiles thereismorethan1 cotillion66 celoewe judithedna starbuck125 subject13fringe ashok0 claramj wildheart71 lovefringe2 karamelka oliviadunnam torvtastic maitika livlovestoast notfromthistimeline isothermlsd julietteburkhardt thecortexifan angie514 calimerofringe myvoiceintheuniverse walkingonfire nannatorv ladytorvv

Keep Looking up

evandere abcdefringe phoenix128-keeplookingup cortexiphanncandies zadirajuju afterfringe alinehs resurrecho ironbunny snowvic measurementoftheobserver letthemhaveit katwan christas69 dianafonte on-prozac d0mesticbliss lovinsha dunham-olivia infinite-reciprocity puffingirl lisa92gene namaste-brotha asleepinside oliviadunhaminthemoon blueverses there-is-no-life-without-fringe forestofdreams cognxscens agentduhnam oliviabamfdunham sarahnz becksleo oopsmins philcoolins feypoehlerwiig klummby whorishgreen nicolenicsnikky badassmorse pavelsavinkin grim-fringe-follower orudios412 eyress heartuall rnosrf monanotlisa potatoposterior