The Walking Dead AU → Andrea lives

After succumbing to the Governer’s torture, she is left with her scar from the comics. She survives being locked in the room with Milton and escapes Woodbury with Rick, Michonne, and Daryl. At the prison, she becomes a valuable sharpshooter and asset to the group. During the assault on the prison, she puts the final bullet in the Governer’s head instead of Lilly. After the group is separated she finds Glenn and meets Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

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Who are your blog crushes (not tumblr crushes or maybe tumblr crushes but which blogs do you adore)?

AAAAHH!! Okay I’m bad at picking favorites… Here’s just a few. Some of them are flawless gif makers, some of them are just hilarious. And I love all of them. :3 

walkingdixon, thewinchesterswagger, darylslittleasskickerveritaaaszuzzolek, arteedus, gordonramsaygifs, nonormy-nolife, ceralynak

also side note, I looked at my tumblr crushes after I posted this, and chelsea is first so yay! :D


I thought- I hoped he would just live the rest of his life in peace, you know? I thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby. And he’d get to be a grandpa. And we’d have birthdays and holidays and summer picnics. And he’d get really old… And it’d happen, but it’d be quiet… It’d be okay… He’d be surrounded by people he loved. That’s how unbelievably stupid I am.

                  – Beth remembering Hershel.