• Emily: Do you want Community to be cancelled or renewed?
  • me: I think the humane thing to do would be to kill it at this point
  • me: it Came Back Wrong, Buffy season 6 style
  • Emily: Same here. And I was just thinking of how to say that the show has lost its soul without being that severe about it and YES EXACTLY.
  • Emily: Oh my gosh which show is Spike
  • Emily: SHERLOCK IS
  • me: HAHAHA
  • [later]
  • Emily: Willow is The L Word
  • Emily: Xander is... How I Met Your Mother.
  • [after spending several minutes thinking on Giles]

Music Stuff! You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, Phone, iTunes, Media Player etc and write down the first 20 songs, then pass this on to 10 people.

One rule: No skipping.

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Let’s see what comes up on my ipod. I have lots of audiobooks, so I’ll be skipping the audiobook tracks for the music: 

1. “Sunday Morning" -Maroon 5
2. ”When All is Said and Done"-ABBA
3. “Bad Horse Chorus"-Dr. Horrible
4. “Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart"-Anastasia Soundtrack
5. A Carmina Burana track
6. “John and Abigail" -John Adams soundtrack 
7. “Quiet” -Paul Simon
8. “The Wall"-GoT soundtrack
9. “A Theme for the Wheel of Time"-Robert Berry 
10. “Reminder" Mumford and Sons
11. “Rolling in the Deep" Adele
12. ”Shear Bloody Panic" Sherlock Holmes soundtrack
13. “Thank Goodness” -Wicked 
14. “How Can I Cry?“ -Moira Smiley 
15. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”-Green Day 
16. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You"-Mulan soundtrack 
17. “Love"-Paul Simon 
18. “Lothlorien" LoTR soundtrack
19. “A New Beginning" -Harry Potter soundtrack 
20. “Further to Fly"-Paul Simon 

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This guy I work with casualty mentioned he finished "The Twilight Saga" last night. I asked, "Books or movies." He said, "Movies," like it should have been obvious. I said, "Do you like them, or...?" He said, "I like the cars." He watched all FIVE Twilight movies FOR THE CARS.


well. that is certainly never a reason I have heard before. Do they have…nice cars…in them?? I thought the Cullens drive Volvos??

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Shosanna Dreyfus

  • What English she had was self-taught, gleaned largely from films and books she found once she was in Paris.
  • She learned to shoot a gun from her father: one of their cows had stopped giving milk, she wandered into the barn when he was about to kill it, and he took it as a teachable moment. He was proud that she didn’t even flinch.
  • She was never much for dressing up, but that red dress had been a gift from Ada Mimieux (who had owned the theater) and was therefore special to her, and what’s more she liked the idea of going out in style, so she was determined to go all-out.

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Top 5 Hawkeye moments

Okay, I’m just doing moments from the fraction series because if I had to go back through all of them this would take like five hours.

  1. when clint is trying to convince kate to team up with him because he has all the duties that he just feels so responsible for and nothing will get him out it and big dumb goofy doesn’t know how to speak words to people 

  2. sorry but big dumb goof will be multiple moments on this list 

  3. big dummy who believes in protecting everyone from tough guys and spends all his money on buying apartment complexes to keep gangsters away and vet bills for a dog 

  4. i’m sorry i know clint is a hero and great with arrows and stuff but he’s always just a big dummy i like the dummies 


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star wars

  • Favourite Female: i’ll say “mara jade.” then you will sigh and say “movies only” and i will say “dorovio bold,” and you will say “who the fuck is that.” and i will say “this rebel pilot who was left on the cutting room floor in ROTJ but from what i can tell she was hella hot and badass,” and you will sigh and say “for fuck’s sake, just pick a movie character that was actually in the fucking movies.” and i will roll my eyes and say “leia, but it’s not like i have a lot of options, because the star wars movies are sadly lacking in the lady department,” and you will have to sadly agree with me. (also i’m going to keep answering some of these questions with characters from the novels and shit so too bad.)
  • Favourite Male: admiral ackbar
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: wedge antilles, mace windu (i’m not a fan of the prequels, but i’m a fan of sam jackson playing a badass jedi who also happens to have the same initials as me), luke skywalker (in ROTJ when he’s all badass)
  • 3 OTPs: c-3po/r2-d2, jaina solo/anni capstan (read that shit and tell me it isn’t subtexted all over the damn place and i’m not just inventing lesbians again tho for real), and yeah okay han/leia obviously. oh and wes janson/derek ‘hobbie’ klivian though i’m not sure if i just brotp it or if i legitimately ship it.
  • Notp: is obi-wan/darth maul still a thing because i remember it being a thing, like, back in the early 2000s and no
  • Funniest character: wes janson in the x-wing series, and teenage ben skywalker in the legacy of the force & fate of the jedi series (which i didn’t really like, except for the parts where ben skywalker was being hilarious). in the movies i’m gonna go with yoda, his antics in ESB before luke realizes he’s actually the jedi master, and he is just fucking with luke by stealing all his shit and throwing it around, i die laughing every time
  • Prettiest character: jabba the hutt lmao (fun fact: in 6th grade i was obsessed with star wars and some annoying kids decided to start spreading the rumor that i had a crush on jabba the hutt, and i thought that was so ridiculous that i just went with it. true story.)
  • Most Annoying Character: i can’t even say jar jar binks because i don’t give enough fucks about the prequels to be truly annoyed by him. same with young anakin. um… let’s go with salacious crumb. he’s pretty annoying.
  • Most badass character: luke in ROTJ
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: chewbacca
  • Female Character I’d Marry: jaina solo
  • Male Character I’d Marry: nope
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: jacen solo. just… fuck you. (am i still mad about ‘sacrifice’ maybe i am still mad about ‘sacrifice’ yeah ok i’m still mad about ‘sacrifice’ i don’t know if i’ll ever be over it tbh)

walkingcarpetemporium replied to your post: Broseph did you ever see Inglourious Basterds…

Yes, its a lot less Brad Pitt than the trailers led people to believe. I am 100% sure you will LOVE Shoshanna and most likely Von Hammersmark too. Because they totally own and look awesome doing it.

:D I really need to brush up on my Tarantino because I hear he does well with his ladies.

paperdollwithoutaheart replied to your post: Broseph did you ever see Inglourious Basterds because you would LOVE it, or at least the parts with the incredibly fabulous ladies

…seconding. I mean I love all of it. But SHOSANNA ugh she is so fabulous and wonderful especially.

I’ve seen you talk about her before, yeah. I should go put this on hold at the library before I forget.

walkingcarpetemporium replied to your post: you know I was going to try and finish this paper…

what is it about?

I wanted to examine how often stories about women get told/taken seriously in different forms of media. Like, I was talking about Oz the Great and Powerful and how that made a million billion dollars but Disney dropped their attempts to make actual Oz stories and Wicked still doesn’t have a movie. And how everybody was dumb about Brave. And I was going to talk about literature in general and also Twilight and Hunger Games and how now, YA has a ton of girls’ stories even if some of them are really bad. Also how those two movies were the only two in the top-10 grossing 2012 films with female protagonists. And something about the Oscars and the breakdown of how many of those movies had prominent women in them too. And I want to talk about how TV is actually pretty good about that. Lots of things that I think are interesting and worth talking about, I’m just too tired to do it right now.