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I just met this dude @RyanRayLa as he was walking, he started his journey from Santa Monica and he’s going to walk all the way to New York so make sure you guys follow him and support his journey. #RyanRayLa #walkingAcrossAmerica

What’s up fuckers. Currently I am walking across the greatest country, the United States Of America and my friend asked me to start putting my pictures on here so I am. If more people care I’ll start putting my videos. I’m on Facebook and youtube as georgedaworge also.

Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die.

Bourbon street with the crew. Easily the most fun and best weekend ive had in a while! Love these crazy kids. #georgedaworge #walkingacrossamerica #bourbonstreet #nola #letsgetweird #turntup! #whatsmellslikecashmere #stoopkidsafraidtoleavehisstoop #heyitsme #toomanyquotes #iwillmissyouguys