Soohyuk huffed and went to the closed curtains, he whipped them opened only for the sun’s rays to sting his skin. Hissing once more he closed them. “This is a disaster…”

Seunghyun rolled his eyes and got out of bed. Luckily they were kind enough to leave Jim his temporary walking stick. He could barely stomach being in the same room as Soohyuk.

“If you want to keep that face pretty, I suggest you keep away from me.” Seunghyun growled as he left the room.

In The Old Days


Lucius was always the first rise out of bed and ready by the time the other slytherin students even woke. Something about mornings the teen found calming. The blonde hair wizard walked into the common room with his walking stick in hand. (Which kept his wand hidden in just to keep the element of surprise) 

It was silent in the common room as his blue orbs scanned the room for anyone that might be lurking. 

Baurenschinderischer Marter Hansen, 1635

A broadside satirsing the life of a marauding soldier; with an etching showing in the foreground five stages of a soldier’s deterioration, the first showing a young enthusiatic soldier, the second a soldier proudly presenting his loot, the third a fashionably dressed soldier with impressive weapons, the fourth showing the soldier with two walking sticks, and the fifth the soldier in torn clothes and plagued by fleas, in the background various scenes of people being tortured, killed, and robbed by marauding soldiers.

Source: British Museum

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French; 1864–1901)
Gaston Bonnefoy
Oil on cardboard
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain