Jizo Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha) Japan

This image was never painted or gilded, the only surface decoration being the marks of the sculptor’s chisel. His right hand originally held a walking stick and his left a jewel, symbolic of his ability to answer all sincere pleas for help.

Birmingham Museum of Art

When you come back from a 4 mile run in the hot, insanely humid weather and your mom has the sprinkler set up for your nephew and you just walk up and stick your entire head in it…IT FELT SO GOOD

Smoke and Mirrors; and a Little Paint Too

The general stood before an intricate, spray- paint laden tag, taking up nearly the entire side of one of the smaller bridges in Noxus. A raven perched upon his shoulder, silent in comparison to how loud she usually was. He leaned on his walking stick as he reached out to brush the dried paint, only one thought crossing his mind- beautiful. The piece, though it was technically a vagrancy, a defiliation of Noxian pride… The purple, shimmering drapes falling around the edges, the stone that seemed to glow, and gilded chains rising from the floor, he recognized them.
“We are here too long.” The raven breathed, ducking her beak against the general’s head. He tapped his cane, as he stopped admiring the piece; dropping his hand to his side. “Have you found her yet?” The raven continued, fluttering her wings as she moved to the general, chest.
“Of course. Who do you think I am?” The raven giggled, tucking her head against his throat as the world fell away around them, only to reappear a moment later, darkness still thick around them. There was no warning for the thin, tiny artist with her back to the pair, as the high general Swain of Noxus stood not even two steps behind her; though was that who it was, really?

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Are you secretly a blood mage? Because I swear to god that is the only explaination I have for how you've seen into my mind and put it in art form XD seriously are you a blood mage? I'm not a templar. you can tell me ;)

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me? mage? blood? what is it? ohhh this long staff with a crystal on top? it’s just my fancy walking stick why? ohhhh maybe you ask because of this copy of ‘Blood magic for Dummies’ I have here? I am just keeping it for a friend. Absolutely. *pulls down sleeves* uhm *coughs*

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French; 1864–1901)
Gaston Bonnefoy
Oil on cardboard
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain