able-bodied people don’t seem to realise the nuances of disability, they look at it as such a black and white issue when it’s really not. like, i don’t need a wheelchair in the sense that i can’t physically use my legs and i don’t need a walking stick in the sense that i would fall over without one. but i do need a wheelchair in the sense that it could make the difference between my being bed-bound for a day and being bed-bound for a week and i do need a walking stick in the sense that using one today might enable me to do more tomorrow. disability and chronic illness aren’t black and white; using things out of necessity can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people.

“Jason had learned long ago that the best way to control a crowd of bullies was to pick the meanest, biggest kid and force him into submission. Then the others would fall in line.” – chapt. XXV, blood of olympus

this boy is literally everyone’s protective big brother…


The Sea Witch

A type of magick derived from materials and abstract ideas involving the ocean and oceanic world. However, in more modern times, sea witches can also practice witchcraft on or near any source of water: lakes, rivers, bathtubs, or even simply a bowl of salt water. They use witchcraft related to the moon, tides, and the weather, and are believed to have complete control over the seas. Sea witches often improvise on what they have, rather than making purchases from a store or from another person. Common tools include clam, scallop, or oyster shells in place of bowls or cauldrons. They are beachcombers and collect items including seaweed, fishing net, shells, sea grass, driftwood, pieces of sea glass, and even sand. Driftwood can be used as walking sticks and charged as wands.

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Some things I forget about Carry On

- Simon gets travel sick in cars

- Sometimes when the Mage looks at Simon, he’ll be reminded of Lucy

- Most of the guys in their year are scared of Penny

- “Damned to Slough”

- Simon thinks Baz looks like a gangster in the mornings

- Miss Possibelf uses a walking stick as a magical instrument

- Simon thought Baz jumping off the ramparts was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen

- Baz likens Simon and Penny to Ant and Dec

- Half of Simon’s sentences are shrugs

- Baz was willing to put the time in to block every. Single. Chimney. at his house just to annoy his little sister

- Young Baz liked Paddington Bear, and older Baz possibly still does

I just want the Baze and Chirrut version of that Lord of the Rings scene where they’re trying to enter some temple or cantina and the guards demand that they have to surrender all their weapons, and Baze starts pulling out an increasingly improbable quantity of blasters, vibroblades, slugthrowers, throwing stars, boot knives and batons - plus his cannon and power pack, of course - and the guards are just becoming increasingly baffled like, “Where the hell are you storing all of that?” and while the pile continues to grow at Baze’s feet, Chirrut’s just standing there, having already laid down his lightbow, serenely leaning on his staff, and after Baze throws down a final blaster (the sixth) onto the pile with a clatter that echoes into the slightly stunned silence, the head guard finally turns to Chirrut and asks apologetically for his staff, to which Chirrut puts on his best innocently harmless expression and says, “You wouldn’t deprive a blind man of his only walking stick, would you?” while Baze stolidly does not facepalm in the background.

The guards eventually let them in with the staff. Chirrut proceeds to take down an entire roomful of mobsters while Baze threatens their leader into submission on the strength of his winning personality (and the holdout blaster he had in an inner pocket). Somewhere in an alternate dimension, Gandalf smiles.

Imagine a simulator videogame but the character is a spoonie

I was imagining my own life as a video game, as you do, and came up with some ideas. 

There would be (for me) 3 energy bars: one for physical energy, one for emotional energy (aka how long i can fake being neurotypical), and one for mental energy. At the start of each day, the character would start with an arbitrary designation for each of the bars and the player just has to navigate their life accordingly. 

There are strategies and things which spend energy slower: a walking stick reduces physical spending, headphones reduce emotional spending, and mental spending. Carers can reduce physical spending as well. If one of the bars reaches critical levels, the other bars start decreasing very rapidly. 

Every so often, there would be a flare-up event which would register as a red tinge on the screen correlating to one of the energy bars (which would start critically decreasing). The player then has to get the character to some place safe before the bar runs out. So, for IBS they have to get to a bathroom, for Fibro they have to get to somewhere to sit and rest, for panic attack somewhere quiet, for depression they have to contact a friend. That kind of thing. 

The player would have to manage things like studies, jobs, and relationships, while also dealing with bills, eating, and hygiene, and keeping their character safe. 

In easy mode the randomised bar values at the start of each day always start above 60%, and there is only one bar (no comorbidity). In harder modes, the randomization is from 0%-100% on all three bars, the character may have mobility limitations. 

idk i just think it would be an interesting way to teach abled people about disabled people’s self-management. 


Every now and again, when the word “shipping” is mentioned, I want to wave my walking stick, adjust my dentures, and launch into a story about how back in my day, the X-Files fandom invented that word, because it stood for Mulder and Scully’s relationship. And it only applied to them. Scully/Skinner “shippers” were called Skippers, and Scully/Doggett “shippers” Dippers, and then other fandoms ran with it and now I don’t think anyone knows this anymore aND I JUST WANT TO IMPART FANDOM HISTORY TO YOU YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS.

  • Gillian Anderson, 2016: “I wouldn’t have guessed that somebody would be paying us old folks to be portraying these characters to our deathbeds. But if that’s what the fans want and they’re not put off by our walking sticks, then fantastic. Everybody wins.”
  • David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, 2017: *show up to upfronts for The X-Files Season 11 in an arm-sling and crutches, respectively*

Woops, someone skipped the ‘Camouflage’ chapter in the stick insect handbook! A colourful new species, Calvisia kneubuehleri, was discovered in South Vietnam by researchers Joachim Bresseel and Jérôme Constant from our Institute. While the nymphs of C. kneubuehleri do a great job at hiding, conforming to the “master of camouflage” reputation of the stick insects, the adult ones show flashy red, yellow and blue colours. It is not yet clear in what way this Picasso-like look is helping them to survive. Maybe the bright colours are warning predators that the insect is toxic, but this requires further investigation.

The species is named after Dr. Bruno Kneubühler (Lucerne, Switzerland), who designed an innovative method for breeding the species. Amongst other things, he managed to extend the incubation period by keeping the eggs at lower temperature for several months. This allowed the eggs to hatch in spring, when food plants were available again. As a citizen scientist, Bruno helped breeding the walking sticks in captivity, allowing a larger set of specimens to work on. He also documented the nymphs, so Joachim and Jérôme were able to describe those as well.

Oh, and by the way, our two taxonomists described the second largest insect in the world (a stick of course) in 2014.

the song of achilles meme

       i recently finished this book and it was just…so…beautiful, so i wanted to make a lil meme thing cause their were a lot of really great quotes & actions tbh. i thought it’d be nice to share ‘em and write ‘em out. change the pronouns to your liking ~

p.s. i kinda went over board so i put my favs above the read more and the rest ( more generic types of sent. memes ) under the read more. enjoy !

  • “ i will never leave ____. it will be this , always, for as long as _____ will let me. “
  • “ i would like to know how you are going to stop the losers from declaring war on you
  • “ will you help me put the rest of my armor on ? “
  • “ we are finished here. “
  • “ do not leave. “
  • “ did you ever think of having children ? “
  • “ ___ is half my soul, as the poets say. “
  • “ I could recognize ____ by touch alone, by smell; I would know ____ blind, by the way ____ breaths came and ___ feet struck the earth. I would know ____ in death “
  • “ coward. “
  • “ ____ is a weapon. a killer. do not forget it. “
  • “ you can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change it’s nature. “
  • “ i do not plan to live after ____ is gone. “
  • philtatos. “ ( means ‘most beloved’ ) 
  • “ i could kill you still. “
  • “ i am sorry for your loss. “
  • “ name one hero who was happy. “
  • “ they never let you be famous and happy. “
  • “ let me bring you food and drink. “
  • “ i cannot bear to see you grieving. “
  • “ there are no bargains between lions and men. i will kill you and eat you raw. “
  • “ is it worth your life ? “
  • “ i hope that ____ kills you. “
  • “ get out. get out ! “
  • “ _____ is dead. “
  • “ i am buried here. “
  • “ we die so easily. “
  • “ you will not speak another word or you will be sorry. “
  • “ i wish he had left you to all die. “
  • “ if you have to go, i will go with you. “
  • “ i am made of memories. “
  • “ listen to me. “
  • “ i will not live much longer. “
  • “ you are a better man than i. “
  • “ i do not need to prove myself to you. “
  • “ are you calling me a liar ?
  • “ i do not care. i will be dead soon. “

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Pussy Health 101

Here’s some tips to keep your pussy in tip top shape:
This is gonna make you smell, taste and even look better down there. It helps regulate your discharge and will make your pussy healthy from the inside out!
Only use a PH balanced soap for vaginas on the outside of your kitty with warm water and a wash cloth! Do not douche or put anything up inside you to clean yourself! Remember to wash under the clitoral hood and around your lips really well with water to get nice and clean!
Am STI free pussy is a healthy pussy! Also get check ups frequently just in case of a condom break or tear!
This will make you taste better and prevent UTIs! There isn’t actually a study saying that these help UTIs but lots of people say they help prevent and recover from UTIs so give it a try! You’ll end up tasting better in the long run anyways
This prevents bacteria from entering your urthrea after you just rode that dirty dick like a champ! Or any dick for that matter
Use a baby while after you go to the wash room to clean everything up really nice! Toilet paper just spread everything around and doesn’t get all the stuff off and you don’t want shit near your pussy
I love my diva menstrual cup because toxic shook syndrome is a real thing you can get from tampons. Please don’t wear pads unless your 12 because after a heavy flow you can smell that shit or if a dog is walking around it’s gonna stick its nose up ur vag and that’s embarrassing as fuck (just my personal opinion that pads are gross, you’re sitting in your period blood)! Your vag will not smell during a heavy flow and leaks are non existent! Just try it. I was skeptical but now I only use them.
This is a bacterial infection so go to a doctor and get some pills so it’ll stop happening!