Aquarium Date Prompts

- “No, I will not be your lookout while you try to climb into the tank to pet the fishes.”

- “Aww, look at the cute dolphin.”
“That’s a manatee.”

- “Are we allowed to touch the fish?”
“What about this one?”
“Ok, what about th-”

- “This is so sweet. I’m glad we came, honey.”
“Ahh, same. This is really ni-”

- “What’s that there?”
“I don’t know, seaweed probably.”
“I’m pointing to a stingray…”

- “Don’t you love aquariums?”                                                                     “Yeah, but zoos are better.”                                                                             “Get out of my sight.”

- “That fish looks so sad.”                                                                             “Aww, it kind of does.”                                                                                       “Let’s break it out. You distract the guards, I’ll break the tank.”

- “We have to walk by the sharks to go see the penguins.”                                 “But the sharks will break the glass or something. They’re scary.”               “How many times do I have to tell you, nothing will happen. Come on, let’s go.”  *insert Person A carrying Person B past the sharks while Person B screams*

- -“Why are there penguins at an aquarium? They’re not fish.”                         “I know it’s kinda weird that an aquarium has birds.”                 “Mammals.”                               “Honey, penguins aren’t mammals.”               “Since when?”

Shark of The Week: Epaulette Shark

Hemiscllium ocellatum, the epaulette shark is a small shark with several unique abilities. Growing to only around 3ft in length or less this is a very nonthreatening shark. These sharks are opportunistic feeders and may chew their food for up to 10 minutes after catching it, a habit very odd for a shark.They have very recognizable coloration, most noticeable are the two large black spots above each pectoral fin which give this shark its name. This shark has two dorsal fins which are equal in size and a long eel-like tail. Both the pectoral and pelvic fins are unique in shape, being round and paddle like.

The shape of these fins brings us to the epaulette shark’s first unique ability. This shark often ‘walks’ along the sea floor with it’s pectoral and pelvic fins, rather than swimming. Like all sharks they are very able bodies swimmers, but 'walking’ seems to be more common for these sharks as they normally only swim to escape a threat. These sharks are even capable of traveling out of the water for short distances to reach tidal pools.

(Epaulette shark 'walking on the beach; video of an epaulette shark walking underwater)

The habitat range of the species is rather small. Living only on the northern coast of Australia, New Guinea, and its surrounding islands. The epaulette shark mainly stays in shallow coastal water near reefs, coral flats, and tidal pools. They have been reported in waters up to 160ft deep but this is uncommon.

Mating season takes place from July through December, though in captivity these shark will mate year round. Unlike many species matting is often initiated by the female shark, who will follow and bite at the male. The epaulette shark is oviparous and lays its eggs in August up through December.  The female shark will deposit two eggs every day for up to 14 days; on rare occasions she may deposit 4 in one day. Clutches of eggs can be quite large ranging from 20-50 eggs laid. The eggs are around 3in long and will incubate for 120-130 days before hatching. At birth pups are only 5-6in in length.

The last thing that should be noted is the second unique ability of this species. These sharks are largely nocturnal and spend much of their time in tidal pools and shallow reef areas. Receding tides often cut these areas off from the ocean at night. Over the course of the night the oxygen levels in these waters can drop by 80% or more due to the respiration of the animals with in them. This brings us the the epaulette shark’s ability, they can survive in extremely hypoxic conditions. They can survive for hours in water with only 5% oxygen in it with out losing any of their responsiveness.

These sharks are harmless to humans. They are slow moving and are often reported as showing no fear of humans. However, like any shark they can bite if handled improperly or intentionally provoked.

(Note how rounded the fins are)

That’s it for this weeks Shark of The Week! Hope you enjoyed and found it educational. Please re-blog to share the knowledge!

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Love at First Video Part 29: Suspicious Behavior

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was about a week later when you noticed a subtle change in the way everyone acted around you. The kids were bouncing with energy, giving you weird looks, and there had to have been three of four times that Misha had to shush them.

Misha was acting strange too. You thought maybe it was because he was busier than ever, shooting late into the night, coming home exhausted. But when he was home, he would give you long glances, or hang up his phone as soon as you walked into the room. After the third time that happened, you asked him if everything was okay, and he seemed flustered, unable to answer your question.

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The list of swimmy babies I would like keeps growing, because nothing I want is compatible with anything I have.

TANK 1: Axolotl. My biggest freshwater tank will house three or four axolotl, all different colors. I want one so bad.

TANK 2: Dwarf pea puffer. I love their little tiny bodies and huge eyes and downright betta-ness. I would name her Penny.

TANK 3: CRUSTACEAN TANK. I am dying to convert the frogs’ tank to a crustacean tank once I upgrade them. Orange sakura shrimp, Amano shrimp, ghost shrimp, Thai micro crabs, and freshwater pom pom crabs.

TANK 4: I don’t even care if anything else goes in their tank or what that anything else is, I just want kuhli/dojo loaches. I love the noodles.

NOT PICTURED: Koi. I would love a koi pond, if I ever got a house with enough land.

These animals fall under the category “when I start making a lot of money, have my own house, and have a huge amount of space,” because they are all saltwater fish, they all require a lot of space, and their care is more specialized.

TANK 5: Seahorses. I love seahorses and always have. These delicate tiny babies have been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. They do not always do well in captivity, so they will surely test my “good with animals”-ness.

TANK 6: Snowflake eel. I love the little noodles. I know they’re a popular wish fish on here and one of the users here even has one.

TANK 7: Epaulette shark, aka walking shark. One of my LFS has one and I always drift towards the saltwater section to watch her. This tank straddles the line between wish fish and pipe dream - I would need a lot of time, space (in my home and in the tank), and money to make it work.

hosunflower  asked:

Hi! I'm not good at this but could I ask you to write about how Masato would be before & during a first date? How he'd ask you, where he would take you, what you'd do etc. Just super super fluff? Thank you! *runs away* (〜^∇^)〜

Even though Otoya is my main bae. I honestly think a date with Masa would be so cute. I feel like the whole experience of getting to know him would be so genuine and innocent. 

P.S I hope this is fluffy enough. I’m still getting the hang of writing overly cutsey scenes (also anything italicized is that character talking to themselves.)

Masato eyed you walking across the courtyard, admiring your presence. “What are you doing?” He jumped, turning to face the voice behind him. Immediately he frowned. “Jinguji. It’s rude to sneak up on people.”

Ren smirked, “It’s also rude to stalk people.”

A deep blush covered his face, leaving him a flustered mess,“I-I did no such thing!”

“Will you just ask her out already? You look pathetic.”

Masato balled his fists, “That is exactly what I was doing before you decided to sneak up behind me.”

“Well she’s coming this way.” Ren casually pointed over his shoulder, “Now’s your chance.”

“Good morning, Jinguji-san,” you smiled brightly at the blue haired idol, “Masato-kun.”

“Why so formal my lady?” he asked putting his arm around you.

Irritated, Masato cleared his throat, “ ____ I was going to ask if you-” You shrugged Ren’s arm off, looked at Masato with hopeful eyes. This is it! He’s finally going to ask me!

He rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes, “Could you could lend me your notes?”

Your tilted your head as your mouth fell open slightly, Are you kidding me? “Eh notes?”

“Yes I was feeling ill and I didn’t take good notes that morning.”

You handed your notebook to him, and let out a sigh. “I should get going.”

When you were a far enough distance away, Ren punched Masato’s shoulder.

“Notes? Seriously? What is this your fifth try?”

Instead of answering, he walked back to his room.

You opened your mailbox revealing a single white envelope with your name in elegant script. You heart leaped to your throat. You knew exactly who it was from. Eagerly you ripped it open, taking in the words he had written.

“_____ I want to confess something special to you through this letter.

When I look at you my heart beats faster, and I cannot describe the happiness that evades me. There is something so sweet and deep about your soul that draws me to you. Right now we don’t know each other very well, but my heart is yearning to move forward.

Will you take the next step with me?”

Hijirikawa Masato

Hugging the letter to your chest, you jumped around in excitement. You flopped down on your bed, the words of the letter spinning in your head. You had liked him, the moment you met him, and a few weeks ago he had taken an interest in you. After several “valiant” attempts, he finally asked you on a date. With that though you quickly sat up in bed. “Wait. There’s no specific time!” You didn’t want this opportunity to pass. You jumped out bed and headed to his apartment. Before long you were standing in front of his door. He answered on the first knock.

“Ah Masato-kun, I received your letter.” He stared at you quietly waiting for you to continue. “My answer is yes.”

His eyes lit up as he opened his mouth to speak, “Are you available this Friday?”

Unable to speak, you nodded enthusiastically.

“I have practice that morning. Please wait for me at the studio at 2:00 p.m.”

With that you said your goodbye and went back home. You couldn’t stop smiling. We’re going on a date! Me and Masato!


Masato adjusted his tie, giving himself a final check in the mirror. “You look prissier than usual,” Ren had walked in and casually took a seat on the couch. With an irritated tsk, the blue haired idol turned away, focusing his tie once again. “So did you make any progress with ____?”

“I wrote her a letter.”

“A letter. You’re such an old man.” Ren stood up taking note of Masato’s behavior, “ Just do it in person.”

Through gritted teeth he muttered, “She already accepted.”

Ren crossed his arms, smiling deviously, “You have a date today.”

As if on cue, the rest of STARISH barged into the dressing room.

“Eh Masato has a date?” Cecil asked a little too carelessly.

Giving up on the tie, he frowned, “Don’t act so surprised.”

“Where are you taking her?” Tokiya adjusted his tie into the perfect knot.

“The new aquarium downtown. There’s a new shark exhibit”

“Why would you take her there?’ They all stared at Syo who sat in a chair behind them, “She’s just going to ignore you and spend the whole time looking at the fish.”

A worried look washed over Masato’s face. He hadn’t thought of that. He had just wanted to take her somewhere quiet, where they could enjoy eachother’s company.

“ That’s all the more reason to go no?” Otoya broke the silence, “You get to watch the person you’re with smile and have fun, and you fall even more in love with them.”

“You’re such a sap,” Syo contemplate with his thoughts, “ but I guess that makes sense.”

He breathed a small sigh of relief. A pair of hands shook his body from behind. “Loosen up a bit. She already said yes. Obviously she’s delusional if she finds you appealing.” He shot Ren a dirty look, but kept his mouth shut. He was far too nervous to come with a good comeback.


He looked at his watch for the seventh time. It’s still  early, there’s a few more minutes for her to arrive. He can feel the eyes of the other STARISH members behind him. Without warning, and soft tap on his shoulder, causes him to jump. He turned to find you behind him. You smiled, “I’m sorry. Were you waiting long?”

Trying to regain his composure, “Not at all. Shall we go?” He led her away from the studio narrowing his eyes the laughing group members.

You grinned ear-to-ear when you both arrived at the aquarium.

“ Can we go see the sharks first?”

Masato smiled gently. “Sure. Let’s go.” You reached out to take a hold of his hand, but he jerked away and shoved his fist into his pocket. A twinge of sadness pulled in your heart. Did I misread the situation? Is he having second thoughts? A million thoughts ran through your mind as you both quietly walked to the shark exhibit.

On the outside he seems calm and collected, however inside he’s a hot mess ready to explode. You were supposed to initiate physical contact! Now you made her upset and she’s never going to want to date you again!

You snuck a glance at him. He seemed like his usual stoic self. The walls around you were large tanks filled with fish and coral. While you distracted yourself with the atmosphere, Masato casually took your hand, lacing his fingers with yours. You snapped your head up, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was focused on the fish in front of him. You squeezed his hand lightly, which sent a little jolt of happiness through you.

Finally you had made it to the shark’s exhibit. You gazed in awe at the graceful predators. You felt like you were being watched. You turned meeting Masato’s eyes. Gentle and watching you curiously.

“Why are you staring at me?”

He pondered a moment, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “You’ve captivated me.”

You gasped at his sudden confession. Just a while ago he could barely hold your hand. Heat filled your cheeks, suddenly, you were thankful for the darkness. “ What do you mean?”

He closed the space between you, never taking his eyes off yours, “I know what’s real when I see it and I want to consume every part of your being and be lost in your eyes.”

Your eyes widened, “Masa-” Without a warning his lips covered yours interrupting your thought. No sooner than it started it ended. His kiss was soft and simple, but you felt everything he had been trying to convey. You looked up at him, heavy eyelids, and a dazed expression.

“Forgive me. I should’ve asked for your permission.” He turned away, covering his mouth with his hand.

“I like you.” He looked as if he was hearing sound for the first time. “I like you. A lot.” You said it again.

He hugged you tightly, whispering in your ear, “I crave you in ways where I just want to be next to you.” You shivered when his breath tickled your ear. He pulled away slightly, only to take either side of your face in his hands. “I never want to stop making memories with you.” Everything he said was reflected i his eyes. These were his honest feelings. The start of a beautiful relationship.


Introducing my new rp sim for Simstagram, Robyn Fray (thanks to  piikuseruu for the name suggestion!) 

She is 20 and lives in California, she works as a barista while saving up to go to college to become a psychiatrist. She decided to do this because her mother was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s, and due to her interest in the human mind. Despite her career goals, she is horrible at giving herself advice and often makes mistakes that land her in trouble. She is additionally quite artsy, enjoys nature, and her favorite restaurant is In-N-Out. Ironically(since she lives in Cali and loves the beach), she is a poor swimmer and gets stressed out when she swims alone. 

Fears: Drowning, being murdered, sharks, escalators, walking alone at night

Wishes: For her father back (died in accident at workplace), to become psychiatrist, and to help her little brother go to college when he graduates high school 

Hobbies: Photography, collecting animal statues, reading, hiking, and drawing

Vices?: Occasionally a party-girl, but tends to be shy until she has a few drinks. She has never done drugs. 

Relationship status: Single. Robyn was in a few relationships in the past, but has a muddled sense of sexuality.


If you read this, I love you! 

Follow the tag #robynfray to keep up with Robyn! She will also be found under my ‘Other Sims’ link on my blog.  Or on instagram: roby.nf

||The Present|| Joker x Mermaid!Reader

The Present
Joker x Mermaid!Reader

(request from anon, i hope you like!)


Did the devil have a birthday? This was the burning question for the brooding man sitting in the dark. J was in his poorly lit office, one lamp barely letting him see the room. He sat on the floor and stared into the white carpet that should have bloodstains in it but not a drop was found.

J hated today.

His birthday.

No one knew today was his birthday. J was hiding away in his office as if he was plotting a scheme like any other day. Sometimes he wondered if they ever thought about his birthday. ‘Surely he must have one,’ They would think, ‘How else would he be alive?’
J was dragged out of his mind when he heard a knocking at the door. For once, he didn’t threaten whoever pulled him out of his thoughts. Though of course he wouldn’t tell, he was grateful. J was relieved to run away from thinking even for a few moments.
“Yes.” He finally answered.
“Sir,” Frost replied, “Your 12 o'clock is here.”

Good man.

Frost, J’s right hand man, might have been the only one who knew what today’s date meant for the King of Crime. He knew to keep his boss busy all day so J wouldn’t have to think about it. Or think at all, for that matter.
J smiled for the first time since he stepped into his office. He jumped to his feet and made himself presentable without a mirror. The strangely dressed man excitedly pulled open his door and made his way towards the meeting room.

“You know what to do.” A low voice growled. J tilted his head curiously as he listened, watching the man he was about to kill talk to no one. The meeting room had mirrors that J could see through, if on the opposite side, he used this to spy on his victims. Curiosity got them better of him, Frost following suit as J stepped inside the meeting room with a giant smirk.
“Mister J!” The man laughed, extending his hand. J’s eyes immediately were drawn to the large curtain behind the man. The sweating man laughed again, nervously this time, “I-I did a little research and heard it was your birthday today! I got you a little present!”
J’s eyes went wide. He wasn’t facing the fat man so he quickly fixed his mistake of showing emotion. He dragged his lips downward, looking to few man out of the side of his eye, “What is it?” J simply asked, his words coming out like a threat. The man jumped and ran to the curtain, taking the fabric in his meaty hands and yanking it off whatever was below.

J’s and Frosts eyes widened at what was hiding under the curtain. A gorgeous mermaid! (H/c) hair drifting in every direction, the locks fading into (f/c) at the tips. A powerful, cyan blue tail also fading to (f/c) near the tip. Your top half was naked and you quickly attempted to cover yourself, your hands were slightly webbed, fingertips matching the color of your tail. A deep (f/c) blush spread across your cheeks. You had a cute little nose yet gills on the sides of your neck. J was in awe of your beauty, relishing in the fact he was actually seeing a mermaid, when a voice once again pulled him from reality. This time he was less forgiving then with Frost, growling as the man began to talk. Explaining how you were some experiment to make people breathe underwater- at the very least the side effects would give you gills.

Apparently they miscalculated by a long shot.

Wanting to wrap this meeting up, J ordered Frost to escort the man out. Something about the way his boss said it told the right hand man to actually let this man out alive. Once J was alone he circled the mermaid like a shark, slowly walking around the small tank. The mermaid giggled, thinking it was a game and twirled around, following the man. J chuckled, tilting his head. The creature mimicked J’s actions and he started laughing. When the mermaid laughed, a bunch of bubbles came out of her mouth which made J laugh harder. He could get used to this.

J installed a rather large tank in his home with water filled vents leading to only two other rooms, J’s bedroom and his office. He wasn’t home much but when he was he adored your company. His favorite time with you was feeding time. The clown would have his men drop in a live shark or group of random fish, none of which would survive long. J watched as with one kick of your powerful tail, you attacked your prey. Your (e/c) orbs shrunk into terrifying cat-like slits. One day, J and Frost came home to hear an alluring voice filling the house.
The two men froze suddenly, not able to control their actions. They realized that voice was your own once they saw as you were waist above the water. You were singing and making “come here” motions. A man was awkwardly walking towards the edge of the pool, mumbling apologies and curse words. The man was trying very hard to fight where his legs were going, his hands covering his ears. The man dropped to his knees and stared into your cat-like pupils, terrified. You continued to sing while gently removing the hands from his ears. His eyes turned black and he willingly followed her into the water.
The heavy uniform dragged him down, J watched with slight jealousy as you pressed your body closer to his. Suddenly, the man’s eyes returned to the way they were. He must have realized his predicament and with whatever air he had left he screamed. You smiled wickedly, revealing your razor sharp teeth. The crystal clear water was soon diluted with red. J smiled and clapped his hands, finding his movements to be his own again. You jerked your head to the sound, blushing in embarrassment. You hated to be watched while you ate. Especially in these.. situations.
J found himself on the diving board, laughing at the body that bumped the sides of your tank.
“Darling, that was magnificent!” J sat, careful not to get too close to the water. You hid under his feet, holding your flushing face.
“Aw..” J purred, “Is someone being shy today?”
You slowly swam over to a place where you could see the criminal. You both realized you’d never been this close without the glass. Your (e/c) eyes filled with infatuation and a smile played at your lips. J copied your actions, though his eyes held little emotion.
“I like you.” You spoke at last, tilting your head, your wet (h/c) hair floating everywhere in the water. The man’s breath hitched at your words. Or maybe it was your voice? Besides your singing just now, Mister J had never heard you actually speak. He recollected himself and splashed you. You giggled and did a few tricks for him, loving how he would applaud and laugh.

You loved making him laugh.

J began to talk to you for hours on end, only realizing what time it was when the sun shone through the windows. Months went by like this. J got sleep eventually, with the request you sleep in the tank attached to his room. You did, of course. J would wake up before you and watch as you made yourself comfortable in the corner of the tank. Your wild (h/c), (f/c) hair floating around in the water. Or sometimes you would wake first and watch this deranged man, finally at peace. He hugged his pillow as he slept. Sometimes you wished that could be you.

It was an early morning, J couldn’t sleep. He was in his office, scheming but this time you weren’t invited. You took this time alone to battle the demons inside you. The short fat man who gave you to the Joker would be returning tomorrow. You suspected he would be very annoyed with you. You were supposed to kill J weeks ago. Luring him into the water and drowning him should be so easy, the short fat told you. He said once the clown was dead, you would be given anything your heart desired. However, what your heart wanted more then anything was J.

You wouldn’t do it.

You wouldn’t kill him.

But what would happen to you when the man returned?

“Why don’t you think out loud?” that familiar voice purred above the water. You immediately popped to the surface, a smile on your lips but your eyes heavy with dread. The smile planted on J’s lips faded. He did not hide the worry that flashed across his face.
“What is it?” J sat closer to the edge then he ever had.
You knew J trusted you. He knew you would never use your voice to drag him into the water. You were the one to tell him not to swim with you. It was you that didn’t trust yourself. You knew the closeness would be too much, you would want to kiss him and.. and J could never be with something like you.

“Well?” J asked, slightly annoyed you hadn’t answered him yet.
“What if someone was trying to hurt you?” You finally asked. J laughed at the ridiculous question.
“Darling, no one would dare hurt me” he said but could tell you weren’t relieved. A smile played on his red lips as he stood and walked away without another word. You hid underneath the diving board, worried you had upset J. Suddenly a splash was created in your water, your head snapping to where it came from. It wasn’t feeding time. Your eyes went wide as you saw that green hair slipping to the bottom of your tank. J had a heavy weight attached to his ankle.

Fear ran through you.

He was letting himself sink!

With one motion from your powerful, (f/c) tail, you were at the bottom, circling J. He smiled at you, releasing all the air from his lungs. You jerked yourself down to the chains attached to his ankle and ripped it apart with your teeth. One sharp tooth falling out from the harsh impact. You grabbed it, wrapped your arms around J and shot up to the surface. You launched J up first, watching him gasp for air.
“What were you thinking!” You clutched your heart, finally starting to release the fear that was in you.
“You protected me.” He said, matter-of-factly.
“B-but I-” You tried to interject.
J pulled you close to him, holding your waist. You easily held both of you up with your tail without having to flap your arms.
“(Name),” he whispered, “I can trust you, can’t I?”
You nodded.
“You’ll protect me from anyone who tries to hurt me, yes?” He purred.
You nodded again.
Neither of you noticed the gap between your faces closing in.
“Will you do me a favor, then?” J asked at last. Your heart dropped as you pulled away, nodding. The clown smiled a devilish grin, tilting your chin up, your eyes met his.
“Prove it.”

J had a shaking man standing before him, on the edge of the diving board. His green hair slightly unorganized and wet from his swim. “I’m going to give you one chance,” J extended his arms, a revolver in his right hand, “To kill the Clown Prince of Crime.”
The shaking man stared at J as if he was crazy.

Which, of course, he was.

J handed the revolver to the shaking boy. The first instinct was to cock the gun but before he could get his finger on the trigger, you shot out of the water like a dolphin and tackled him into your tank. J’s laughter rang even under the water. The boy stared at you with fear in his eyes. You glared and mercilessly pushed him down to the bottom of your tank. You held him there. He clawed at you, scratching your face and arms but you stayed firm. At last, his body went lifeless and you let it rise to the top. You gracefully swam to the surface, watching as J lied on his stomach. As your head broke through the water, J grabbed it as gently as possible but lifted you up to press your lips together. You moaned into the kiss, tilting your head to deepen it. J growled and bit your bottom lip. You lifted yourself waist above the water, hands roaming in your hair as it got easier to kiss you.

Your kiss was broken from an interruption.
“Sir?” Frost spoke, standing outside the tank, at the entrance to the diving board, “He’s here.”
Horror and tears filled your eyes. The man. The man was here to hurt your J! You had to protect him but how!? A hand pressed to your cheek, collecting your attention. J was staring at you, “I know.” was all he said before standing up and making his way to the exit of the tank. You whispered something but he was already gone.
You watched in fear as J greeted the short fat man. You whimpered and swam in circles, attempting desperately to think of something. The sound of a gunshot grabbed your attention. Your pupils turned to slits as you saw J grab his bloody arm. You shrieked and slowly the tanks glass began to crack. You shot yourself forward and broke through the glass. The short fat man’s eyes widened at the wave of water coming towards him. You searched for J and Frost, once you found them in the water you blew a gust of bubbles towards them from your lips. The bubbles pushed them far from the fat man who suddenly grabbed you.
The water soon emptied the room. You saw Frost standing protectively in front of J. The man had his plump fingers around your neck, digging into your gills. You squirmed and cried out making J immediately turn to you in rage. Your tail twitched and slowly began to shrink, losing the glorious fins and (f/c), fading to (s/c). Your tail soon began to separate and shrink more to reveal gorgeous legs that matched the rest of your body. Your gills disappeared slightly, leaving three, perfectly symmetrical, (f/c) scars on each side of your neck. The man dropped you, gasping at the sudden change in your appearance and jumping backwards. J growled and snapped his fingers, men flooded the room on command. The criminal stood protectively over your naked body as the man was dragged away, begging for mercy. You blushed as J scooped you into his arms and beaconed Frost and the doctor to follow.

The doctor fixed J up first, cleaning the gun wound after digging the bullet out. You blushed as he moaned and growled at the pain he was receiving. J let you wear one of his shirts, admiring your body while biting his lip. He wouldn’t dare admit it but you looked adorable when you tried to stand and kept falling over. J waved the doctor off the second he said you were fine. The clown helped you to your feet and balanced you while you walked with wobbling knees. J lied you on the bed and looked you up and down like he had been waiting forever just to touch you.
Now, when you’re apart from someone for so long, people normally 'make up for lost time’. Considering J felt like he was waiting forever.. There was certainly a lot to make up for.