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What's your favorite kind of shark? No Fin doesn't count.


You really want me to decide? But they’re all so good…

Like the sleek mako sharks

Cute little catsharks

Walking bamboo sharks

Puzzled thresher sharks

Mysterious frilled sharks

Trash-eating tiger sharks

Peaceful whale sharks

Bulky bull sharks

Scalene angular rough shark

Vicious little cookie cutter

You see my problem?


The bamboo sharks (Hemiscyllium spp), comprises a group of nine species mainly restricted to New Guinea and northern Australia, including islands, reefs, and shoals separated from mainland areas by shallow seas. The Indonesian island of Halmahera is the only location lying outside the core region that is inhabited by these sharks. Recently all of them were reviewed in a scientific article. Let see them.

The Indonesian speckled carpetshark aka Freycinet’s Epaulette Shark

Cenderawasih Bamboo Shark aka Cenderwasih epaulette shark

Papuan Epaulette Shark 

Halmahera Epaulette Shark aka WALKING bamboo shark

Triton Bamboo Shark

Michael’s Epaulette Shark

Queensland Epaulette Shark

Hooded Epaulette Shark

Speckled Epaulette Shark