Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate Doug Grant of ‘UKNegan’ who is probably the best Negan cosplayer I have ever come across.

The first day of WSC LONDON he had queues of people wanting photos with him.

The second day, the day I attended, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I caught wind he’d been roped in the zombie maze experience, so I went in purely to see him.

Low and behold, at the end the group were told to get on our knees for ‘the boss’ and out walks Doug.

He literally ran off the speech Negan does when he’s picking who to kill from Team Family PERFECTLY and I SHIT YOU NOT he walked and talked EXACTLY like JDM himself.

It was un-fucking-canny.

This guy is the absolute shit!

(Credit for these photos go to my friend Helena)


I just wanted to say I figured out the real reason behind Quiet’s entire design.

The secret is that she’s actually a HUGE dork! She clearly spent all her life learning how to kill, so she never had a chance to explore fashion or interacting with people!

When she finds out she can’t wear much clothing and can’t wear her normal uniform, it’s like the first time she ever gets to pick out her own clothing. She picks out something she thinks seems sexy and cool~ but little does she know she just comes off as a fashion nightmare to everyone else. Boss and Ocelot are too nice to tell her otherwise!!! 

This also explains why does all the weird shit she does, the “sexy” shower, the “sexy” walking, the “sexy interpretive dance in the rain” that makes everyone go wtf?? This woman has no idea how to act normally around a guy she has a crush on so she defaults to awkwardly mimicing what she THINKS is “hot” to guys.



Imagine a movie night with Jensen when you feel crummy.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warning: Fluff, sickness, wee bit of language

Requested by: @torn-and-frayed said: Congratulationsssss!!!!!! Can I get a fluffy movie night in drabble with Jensen please? Thank you!!!! Steph, I apologize. I kind of hijacked your request. It is a movie night with Jensen. 

A/N: I didn’t even re-read it, just don’t have it in me.. You get what you get, so it’s probably shit. Just like I feel! You’re welcome. 

Movie Night

You walked through the front door and let the door close softly behind you. It had been one hell of a day. Everything that could have gone wrong at work, did. Right down to almost blowing chunks on your boss and a parent during a meeting. To top it off, your body ached all over. You couldn’t tell the difference between your big toe and your face. It all felt the same. It all hurt like hell.

You flopped down on the couch face first and immediately regretted your decision. Pain radiated out from every muscle and nerve ending, and you couldn’t stop from crying out. “Damn it!” you yelled, cursing yourself.

“Y/N?” Jensen’s voice sounded from down the hall. “That you, sweetie?” he called as he walked throughout the house.

“In here!” you moaned, lifting your head off the couch long enough to get the words out, your head feeling too heavy and landing with a soft plop back on the couch.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked as he sat down on the edge of the couch, gently rubbing circles on your back.

“I feel like shit, Jen,” you groaned into the couch, not bothering to lift your head this time.

“I know just the thing that will help,” he smiled to himself, jumping up from the couch and disappearing down the hall, the sound of his bare feet slapping the wood floor following him like a shadow.

You drifted off momentarily only to be jolted back to reality when Jensen walked in with his arms full. “Movie night,” he explained when you sat up, your muscles shaking with the support of your weight, and looked at him quizzically. “Dealers choice,” he chuckled, laying out three movies before you.

“Seriously, J?” you asked, rolling your eyes at him. You scoffed at the movie choices, knowing he was taking advantage of an opportunity to poke fun at you. He had sat The Notebook, The Fault in our Stars, and Me Before You down on the coffee table. You picked up all three movies and chunked them at his pretty face. He just barely dodged them, his laughter filling the room. “I’m not dying, you ass. I’m just sick,” you growled, snatching the blanket from his arms that he had brought to you, wrapping yourself in a little burrito.

“What?” he asked innocently. “I thought you’d love those choices?” he laughed again, a sly smirk spreading across his face. “How about this instead?” he asked, pulling out one of your favorite 80′s guilty pleasure movies, License to Drive.

“Yes!” you laughed, tossing your head back against the couch. “Give me the Coreys any day of the week over that crap,” you laughed, gesturing towards the movies you had flung at his head moments ago.

He laughed as he moved to put the movie in the blue ray player, hitting the button to close the blinds simultaneously. You sighed contentedly as the room darkened, and Jensen joined you on the couch.

“Come here, you,” he gestured as he scooped you into his arms, pulling you into his side. Your head rested against his broad chest, his steady breathing automatically making you feel better. You cuddled into him, your arms wrapped around his waist. He kissed your forehead, and you moaned slightly in response. “You’re burning up, sweetheart,” he mumbled against your head, his lips moving against your forehead. He pulled you closer to him and rubbed your arms knowing that you must be freezing.

“You’re hot as fuck,” you mumbled, your fever making you a little delirious as you chuckled at your own witty response. You slipped your arms underneath Jensen’s shirt, his warm skin doing wonders to warm you up. Jensen’s hand rubbed at your shoulders as he squeezed you closer to him. As your fingers traced patterns along the shallow ripples on his abdomen, your eyes began to slowly close. You’d catch yourself drifting off only to be startled awake by Jensen laughing at the movie.

When it was over, you woke up long enough to realize you had slept through a good portion of the movie if not all of it. “It’s over?” you inquired with a yawn, stretching out across Jensen’s lap and letting your head come to rest there.

Jensen pushed the hair from your face and laughed quietly. “Yea kid, you missed most of it.” He ran his fingers through your hair as you nuzzled into his lap. You loved when he called you kid. You weren’t sure what it was. He was nine years older than you after all. It gave you a sense of being taken care of and loved.

“I’msorry,” you slurred apologetically, letting sleep over take you again.

“Sokay, beautiful,” he smiled, kissing your forehead again. “Let’s get you to bed,” he said as he stood from the couch, scooping you gently into his strong arms and walking down the hall toward the bedroom.

He didn’t bother to turn on a light, laying you down on the bed in the dark, the hall lights softly illuminating the room.

He walked over to the dresser and pulled out one of his favorite old shirts and returned to your side. He undressed you, you sleeping heavily and only moaning in response a time or two.

He slid your bra off and put the shirt on your sleeping form. Slowly he pulled the comforter over your body, tucking you in. He quickly shed his pants and plaid button up, leaving nothing but boxers and a white t-shirt. He slid in on the other side of the bed, and you instinctively turned to tangle yourself with him, seeking out his warmth.

“Night, sweetheart. Feel better. Love you,” he whispered into your hair, kissing you sweetly.

“Love you, Jen,” you mumbled sleepily, talking in your sleep. He hugged you tight with a chuckle and fell asleep with you safe in his arms.

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  • Girl: Fuck you, motherfucker, you a ho-ass nigga
  • I don't know why you trying to go big, nigga you ain't shit
  • Walking around like you God's gift to Earth, nigga you ain't shit
  • You ain't even buy me no outfit for the fourth
  • I need that Brazilian, wavy, twenty eight inch, you playin'
  • I shouldn't be fuckin' with you anyway, I need a baller ass, boss ass nigga
  • You'se a off brand ass nigga, everybody know it
  • Your homies know it, everybody fuckin' know
  • Fuck you nigga, don't call me no more
  • You won't know, you gonna lose on a good bitch
  • My other nigga is on, you off
  • What the fuck is really going on?
  • Kendrick Lamar: This dick ain't free
So today my brother did something amazing ...

He heard some kids talking shit about autistic people in class. And his response? ‘My sister is autistic. Shut the fuck up.’ And then he walked off like a boss.

He’s only eleven. It may seem like a small thing, but these are his friends, his classmates. Standing up to people – even the people you know – is scary. It takes courage. The point is, if he can be strong enough to stand up for what is right, the rest of us have no excuse. If you see an injustice happening, you have to speak up.

muse a is the kid of some boss guy that’s pissed a lot of people off and by “people” i mean dangerous people and by “dangerous people” i mean a gang leader and is blissfully unaware of all the shit that their dad does muse b is in the gang (probably the youngest or smthn???) and is called to this warehouse one day and they walk in and oh my god who is this person (muse a) why are they knocked out did you guys kidnap them wait is this the kid of that asshole guy are we keeping the kid for ransom what the fuCK OH AND YOU GUYS ARE LEAVING ME IN CHARGE OF THEM TO MAKE SURE THEY DON’T ESCAPE ALRIGHT COOL GUYS THANKS