rofa1309  asked:

Can you make comic or art to walking dead au, please? I love it so much :3 but i cant find much ;(

Thank you! I do have more drawings, I just really suck at finishing up whole pieces at the moment

Tons of WIPs, like this small comic thing I was working on

And just some other stuff that isn’t even slightly refined yet like:

I also have a little animation I’m slowly working on (and need to redo the drawings at the beginning for because I started it so long ago so they’re terrible AAAA) which you can see on my insta;; I have a lot more art there, since I mostly post stuff I’m working on

As for a comic, I’d like to do one for real but I just don’t have the time. I have one day off and sometimes I’m so tired I don’t even want to draw that day

I’ll think about it once I’m out of school but I don’t know how likely it will be honestly.. I don’t think I have enough of a follower base for this kind of thing, I’m pretty unmotivated most of the time

But thank you for showing interest!


“I want her to be healed. I feel like emotionally, she’s just broken right now, and I’d love to see her actually physically heal ‘cause she has been shot a few times, but then, also emotionally heal. I’d like to see her whole and back to herself again.” 
                                - Yvette Nicole Brown on Talking Dead s7 Preview Special

When I was asked to fill in on Game of Thrones, I had no idea that it was the season finale. How could they wrap up all the many loose ends dangling like a traitor’s body on a tree? Fear not, gentle readers, this is George R.R. Martin. These loose ends won’t wrap up for at least another 17,000 pages when everyone is dead and reanimated as one of Mance Rayder’s wraiths and then it will start all over as a great Game of Thrones/Walking Dead crossover and long-dead Robb will be wandering around saying, “Shit, where’s Carl?”
—  The opening paragraph of Lulu Bates’ recap of ‘Valar Morghulis’, the season 2 Game of Thrones finale, and I legit just did a spit take.

TWD Positivity Project Week 1
Reason I started watching → Laurie Holden as Andrea Harrison (season 1)