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I'm the only one who think that that Marie Claire's interview is so stupid? Gimme 3x06 content for god sake. Stop trying of "remove the magic" with BTS stuff is so annoying No, I don't confuse actors and caracters so stop it now and let the fans enjoy the show.

Are you trolling my twitter anon? Lol, I see you. I’m going to try and not be negative about this. I vented earlier about it already and don’t want to beat a dead horse. I’m totally disappointed that this is the content they give us instead of hyping this episode up, but I think this is just as calculated as every other interview we’ve gotten about their relationship this season. They’re trying to get away from the dating rumors and keep it professional. Most fans can separate actors from characters, but yah know just in case here’s a reminder. Yeah, it does take away from the magic of the show because for one day a week they are Claire and Jamie to me and I like to enjoy that. I love BTS info like the next person, but this could have waited until after the ep aired especially when it’s OLD sex scenes. They’re just trying to drill it in that they’re professionals and just acting because this ep is going to be FIYAH. That’s the only explanation I can think of. We should all prepare to get new TV’s because their scenes are going to overheat them. Mark me.

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