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Hi so i just watched lin's periscope. WHO is the guy who calls him babe and kisses him on the cheek (and receives a kiss back!!)???? I WANT TO BE HIM. HAHAHAHAHHAHha

That’s David Korins, the Hamilton set designer. He’s always tweeting amazing photos of the cast onstage at @DavidKorins. He also has an insta.

You can actually see it when Lin kisses Joseph Morales (the Chicago Hamilton alternate) in the additional video here.

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Dont make fun of my Iowa. We'll smother you with corn. Also future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.

ok first of all: we are sworn enemies just bc of our homestates so i was going to be all “i was only complaining bc council bluffs is smothering omaha” but tbh let’s face it i really just want to point out that we have nearly double the cows you do and the huskers have beaten the hawkeyes 29 times since 1891 (w iowa at 14 wins) so i have nothing to apologize to you for 


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