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Shinee hanging out watching TV! Different snacks, lounging habits, bickering over TV programs... :D

i love dorm!shinee bc yeah they’re celebrities but honestly they’re just so normal???? like seriously look at these dorks 


  • starfished on the floor (taemin: *sits on his back* if it fits i sits / onew: *wheezes*) 
  • making swimming motions to propel himself around
  • why is no one laughing at my gag (kibum: bc you killed the joke jinki. it’s dead you killed it / onew: O▽O)
  • tried to use a bag of chips as a pillow and it popped and his head crushed the chips and he’s a lot devastated 
  • the tv isn’t even on yet bc he can’t bring himself to roll the two feet to push the button on the screen 
  • drags his body over and allllmost pushes the button when jong flips it on with the remote 
  • just lies there for a little bit, arm still extended 
  • remembers he has half of a fried mackerel and gets up to munch on that with rice 


  • spinning one of his caps on his finger which flies off almost immediately and smacks minho in the face (jong: LOL sorry but not sorry) 
  • flips on music bank and oh look it’s us~~~ and dances with the top half of his body 
  • aigoo look at the hoobae babies 
  • sitting cross-legged on the couch arm and eating a carton of strawberry ice cream (taemin: are you eating all of that?? jong: yes??? do you have an issue?? / taemin: normal people don’t eat an ENTIRE PINT in one sitting / jong: ok)
  •  looks down at his ice cream but doesn’t feel shame so he just finishes the pint 
  • can we watch a nature show i want to see some whales 


  • is eating chips with chopsticks, it’s called sophistication 
  • jk he just does want cheese dust all over his hands 
  • where’s the remote / ot4: *shrug* 
  • “minho, i think it’s under you” / minho: no it’s not / key: get up 
  • lo and behold, it is there (jong: why is there no trust in this family)
  • flips on his drama, lookout, and keeps commenting how good he looks (onew: you can’t actually ride a skateboard tho / key: NEITHER CAN YOU `ㅂ´) 
  • cutting up apples and golden kiwis and taemin is sitting next to him chanting “give me the knife, give me the knife” (key: nO / taemin: i swear i got better than i was during hello baby) 
  • lee taemin is a liar and should never be allowed to cut fruit ever 


  • SPORTS but 
  • everyone is keeping the remote from him
  • minho do you even understand enough english to understand the games in england?? / minho: soccer is a universal language ok and i am fluent
  • sitting on taemin who is sitting onew and they are watching soccer (taemin: *trying to kick him* / onew: *ceasing to exist*)


  • bored bc despite the constant channel flipping there is nothing on
  • he turned on pororo and they mindlessly watched it for a solid three episodes (jong talks to the characters like they are having conversations with him)
  • “let me see if i can…aha!”
  • he’s doing a handstand bc everything is a little more interesting upside down 
  • but then again, that might be the blood rushing to his head
  • shinee: …..
  • now he’s walking around on his hands 
  • he wonders how long he could do this and is walking into the kitchen 
  • minho: honestly if taemin wasn’t an idol he probably would have had a promising career in the circus / taemin: *still upside down* damn straight 


INDIRECT KISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎

Actually, screencapping the entire scene was too much of a hassle so I decided to upload the whole thing cuz why not?

*giggles furiously* (。 ^艸^) 

a few people asked, so this is literally the only other shot i took of this cosplay…whoops lol. also cosplay accuracy is hard when you are so very small good god

if anyone knows who this marcus is please let me know so i can tag him! he was awesome and also very tall

Sorry I’m not posting as much art here as I used to to, I am dedicating a lot of free time to the NSFW blog (been planing some swimming pool action update ;p) and thus neglecting this one a little. I promise I’ll get back to making “regular” art here soon. 

Meanwhile, have Discord induced madness of @crackedverbosity‘s emperor Hux in his allergies-free and Ren-free space lol (<3 to @littleststarfighter for the idea). 


The new supply of sexy Rap Monster gifs just got delivered. 

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