I think Juniper’s Journal will be paused for a while. I don’t think I have the motivation right now to make every screenshot into a polaroid version and then arrange all of them in a suitable way, only to be forced to drastically resize them because tumblr has issues with transparent backgrounds combined with soft shadows (I’m not even kidding, they look absolutely horrible if I don’t resize them to 540px wide). When I played my Peach village legacy I played almost every day but I don’t think I have even opened up my game in the past week since focusing on Juniper’s Journal.  So.. I think I’ll resume my Peach village legacy for a while instead. I miss my Isobel. ♥︎

okay so next to kagome, i stg naraku has the most costume changes in this series. like that guy actually… wears different clothes.. incredible what a fashion icon…
and then we have fucks like inuyasha and sesshoumaru who have never changed out of the outfits they were born in