School Careers

I was gonna make these unrelated careers, but I decided to make these all somewhat related and make another where everyone is independent from each other

Marlon- Football Coach

  • Played football in his youth
  • Legend says he was teammates with Mr. Louis at one point
  • Jk, they both mention it often and screw with each other by going in each other’s classes in free blocks and sitting in empty desks
  • Always has a football in his hands
  • Him and Ms. Brody are pretty good friends too, she watches his room when he needs to do something and vise versa
  • Rumor has it he got two previous teachers fired

Louis- History Teacher, Piano Teacher

  • He said he wants to preserve the old world in one scene
  • He’s the teacher that’s always joking
  • He goes into Mr. Marlon’s classes more than Mr. Marlon goes into his
  • Teaches kids card games during free time
  • ^Gets calls from other teachers to tell him to stop, cause everyone plays games rather than work
  • Literally gives out candy for any answers, even if they’re completely wrong
  • “Who was the first president?” “Abraham Lincoln!” *Toss*

Violet- Librarian

  • Not much of a reader, but likes the atmosphere
  • If she notices a kid checking out the same books/novels, she’ll try to read about it to make connections with the students
  • IF you make it to her favorites list, she hooks you up when the book fair comes to school
  • You help her with the book fair, Ms. Violet gives coupons that pretty much cover the items you want or she’ll reserve them for you

Mitch- Chemistry Teacher

  • He liked blowing shit up when he was a kid, so why not teach the next generation?
  • Keeps a scoreboard of how many injuries/explosions/etc. happen in his class
  • There’s a firecracker project, bigger bang=better grade
  • ^Only for students over third grade
  • Anyone under second grade makes slime and mento-coke explosions
  • All classes make s'mores with burners

Tenn- Special Needs Teacher

  • He’s calm, kind, and acts like a brother and friend towards AJ, who I know isn’t special needs, but is great for special needs teachers
  • He never raises his voice, which keeps the kids calm and stress-free
  • If kids do act up, he calmly takes them to another part of the class and draws with them
  • He also hangs up everyone’s drawings and loves them with all his heart
  • No one dares to take them down unless Mr. Tennessee takes them home at the end of the year to store them for memories

Ruby- Nurse

  • Half her patients are from Mr. Mitch’s chemistry class alone, sometimes it’s even Mr. Mitch himself
  • Although she’ll scold you for getting hurt, she’ll let you chose which bandaid and lollipop flavor you want
  • Mr. Aasim helps her by buying her bandaids, coffee in the morning, and even escorts his students to her office (How nice!)
  • Gets small gifts from a secret admirer though

Aasim- Literature Teacher

  • He’s a cool teacher, but you gotta do your work or he won’t be cool to you
  • One of his assignments is weekly journal entries
  • Likes to use historical stories
  • Every February, there’s a love letter unit
  • It isn’t apart of the curriculum, but rumor has it he has a crush on the nurse and only does it for the excuse of teaching purposes
  • Never signs them
  • Sometimes won’t answer the phone for some odd reason

Willy- Front Office

  • Kind of going with the theme of guarding duty
  • Knows every number by heart
  • ^Prank calls and uses intercom for jokes
  • If anyone (most often Aasim) pisses him off, he’ll either call your class phone and not say anything about fifteen times or uses the intercom to call them down for no reason
  • Pretty good friends with Mr. Mitch and gladly signs for packages for Mr. Mitch without a problem
  • Sometimes lets kids skip class to hang out or shy/anxious/crying kids sit in there with him until they feel better
  • They feel a lot better after he pulls out the candy bowl

Omar- Home Economics

  • Lot’s of kids get in his class just for the food preparation and eating
  • Although it isn’t apart of the curriculum, he’ll also teach what to eat and how to prepare a fire and food in case of a survival situation
  • ^There’s a circle of burned grass in the recess yard from it
  • The cherry on top: He talked the school into buying a slushie machine to put in the cafeteria

Brody- Third and Fourth Grade

  • Yes, I made this one the most specific
  • Brody has anxiety and too much stress makes her freak out and become a flashlight magnet
  • These two grades are probably the best to handle for her
  • They’re old enough that they’re pretty independent
  • They don’t need help with the bathrooms nor get too rowdy when she leaves the room
  • Young enough that they aren’t going through too much hormonal stuff like smelly weird or emotional outbursts
  • Ms. Brody will not talk about Ms. Minerva and Ms. Sophie, two teachers that got fired about a year ago

You’re not a true fan if you love

You’re not a true fan if you hate

You’re not a true fan if you ship

You’re not a true fan if you don’t ship

You’re not a true fan if

If you love and enjoy something you are a fan. This “true fan-ism” needs to stop. 

You can all like Negan as much as you’d like, as is your right but DO NOT try and make him seem like something he is not. He’s a villain, don’t try and make him anything other than that. Idc if his bat is named after his wife or his mommy. He doesn’t get a pat on the back for owning up to something that was his fault or feeling bad that Carl, a kid, died. He is not a good person his entire history proves that. He said “punishment is how we built everything we have.” He knew Simon had boys over the age of 10 executed & still made him his right hand man says a lot about who he is. The people he doesn’t kill become slaves so, let’s not applaud him for “sparing” them. He takes pictures of bashed brains. He tortures and manipulates people who are not submissive. He said himself that if you don’t obey you’re gonna wish you were dead or actually be dead. He laughs, smiles and jokes while he kills. So you can like him all you want, but don’t try to make it seem like whatever semblance of a heart he had before the apocalypse is intact now. Any sort of decency doesn’t take away from his actions but more importantly the malicious INTENT behind those actions.