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Hi! First thank u so much ur blog just saved my holidays. Second, do u know some 'others careers' viktuuri fics? Like Yuri being a barista and Viktor being a business man, idk, just an example. Thank u! xox

Hey! Thanks for these requests! So far for the ‘other careers’ AU I have a coffee shop AU, Actor AU, Stripper AU, musician AU and a mafia AU! I am also in the works of a florist AU and an artist AU, so stay tuned for that!

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Businessman AU

In Which a Working Man Quickly becomes Smitten by Fannikay (MissusManic), Gen, 1.1k
Victor Nikiforov was in need of a new secretary. Good thing circumstances brought him Yuuri Katsuki. Cute!

Yuuri Katsuki, PA by MidnightTrash, Mature, 20k (WIP)
23-year-old Yuuri Katsuki doesn’t know how he got here. One moment he’s applying for an internship, the next he is a personal assistant to CEO and President Victor Nikiforov. SO GOOD OMG

Once Upon A Dream by Kyte_VaNa, Teen, 16k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is your above average salaryman and Yuuri Katsuki just made his leading male role debut as an Alternate actor for Prince Philip in the play ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Actor/businessman AU! Love!

Katsuki’s Katsudon by charliefailsatlife, Gen, 5.9k
In Detroit on business, Viktor Nikiforov is sent by his boss to try and convince the owner of a struggling café to hand it over to the company. Thumbs up!

We Close At Six by beAUtiful (future_fishy), Explicit, 5.3k
Yuuri works at the rental desk of an ice rink. Viktor is a business man who happens to go to said ice rink every day after work. Throw in an adopted son, a gossipy best friend and a lot of mutual pining and you get this. Great fic!

bird in the hand by elodim, Teen, 6.4k (WIP)
The AU in which everyone works in an office and they all collectively hate their jobs together and get nothing done. THIS IS GREAT AHAHA I can’t wait for more!

Dissonant Dreaming by pensversusswords, Mature, 4.9k (WIP)
A stripper and a businessman falling in love and changing the world one moment at a time. This is so good already I can’t wait more more chapters!

The Season of the Spirits by counterheist, Gen, 3.4k
An AU about cubicles, and the people who work in them. Cute office AU!

Just Ask Him Out Viktor by down_into_underland, Teen, 1.6k
Viktor is a business man who has just recently moved to America with his adoptive son, Yuri Plitsetsky. Everything is as normal as it could be for Viktor when he walks into a new coffee shop to see the man of his dreams. Lovely coffee shop/businessman AU!

Pulse Part 2

Part 1

Genre: Fluff, tiny tiny angst
Words: 1,442
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of stalking, self-defense fighting
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

“Come on, Doll. You got it.”

You huffed, trying your best to lift the bar that was weighing you down. There were small weights on each side that were about five pounds each, and even that much was an improvement to just lifting the forty pound bar the week before.

Your arms were shaking with the effort, and when Bucky saw that you weren’t going to be able to push the bar the rest of the way up after the prior reps you had already done, he took over, taking it out of your hands and easily setting it back above you like it weighed as much as a feather.

“We can try again on Wednesday. You’re getting better.”

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What I want from Lotor

I saw a screencap from the 80’s voltron where Lotor is told that he sucks at being evil.
I want Lotor to be the family disappointment. We haven’t heard of him, and (aside from shock factor and bringing up a new villain) that’s SUPER weird. Why would an emperor, who is practically immortal, not have his son as like his right hand man??
Because he’s a loser, an embarrassment, and he really sucks at taking over galaxies.

Lance gets captured by Lotor and ends up connecting with him on a personal level. “Yo I also feel useless and like a loser”
But then he convinces Lotor to join up with Voltron. Lotor has already seen the good that Voltron has done. Or rather, the damage to the empire they have done. So lance walks him through the worlds they’ve freed and makes it fucking personal.

“This Planet has adorable and welcoming people and the empire tried to blast them to bits.”
“These people were so intelligent and connected with nature that they were able to send distress signals and create technology out of plants. The empire was forcing them to build war machines.”
“The empire stole one space craft and damaged the other so badly that an entire race was unable to get off of their dying planet without our help.”

He forces Lotor to see them as sentient beings, as people. Lotor has never felt anything personal, other than the need to please his father because that’s what he was expected to do. And now, he has this lively prisoner not only refusing to break, but EXPECTING him to do better. Be better.

Lotor of course, rises to the challenge. It turns out that being good is much easier and comes with far less guilt than being evil.

And you could have a side of like, one-sided lancelot with v jealous keith if you wanted. Or, if Lotor has turned good then wholesome Lancelot is also good, i guess (klance is just my fave dudes)

For anyone looking for a new show to watch-

For anyone looking for a great new show to watch, I just discovered this little Gem on Netflix called The Nightshift. The main character is played by Eoin Macken aka that sexy hunk of a man who played our beloved Gwain in Merlin. The show is about a hospital night shift in Son Antonio Texas and it has amazing representation for all walks of life. Like it only has two seasons so far but already it’s dealt with Important issues like being afraid to come out, ptsd, bulimia, the lack of mental health acceptance for Latinos, and a shit load of other issues. On top of being a drama it’s also hilariously funny and amazing to watch. Plus, oh my god- the cast is amazingly diverse and gorgeous as fuck. Like there’s so much color representation and especially Latino representation and African American representation. Plus a huge part of the show centers around the Hospital being in Texas and majority of the characters are ex-army or still in the army reserves and dealing with their ptsd and all of the shit they went through in Afghanistan, along with people fighting for acceptance with all of their personal issues now that they’re back home. I’m sorry that this is super long and probably jumbled as fuck but I just really love this show and I think a lot of people would love it too.

Peter Oneshot

(A/N: Hey guys! So today I’m doing a soulmates AU! I know, I know, it’s cliche but I think this spin on it is pretty interesting! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Oneshot: Y/N doesn’t have any words on her wrist

       Y/N didn’t like wearing short sleeved shirts, but today it was way too hot to wear a jacket.

       She sat in the coffee shop, her laptop opened in front of her along with several textbooks and stationery tools scattered around the table. The shop was cool, but the walk there would have given her heat stroke if she were wearing more layers.

       Every time someone walked past her, whether she saw a ring on their finger or the words written on their wrist were visible, her eyes wandered to her wrist, where there were no words. Not a single word.

       She had heard of people like this, ones who didn’t have their soulmate’s first words on their wrist. They were very rare, and few were brave enough to share their stories, resulting in little information on the matter. Y/N had grown up being taught to hide the fact that she was different, to be ashamed of it.

       Y/N really didn’t need everyone else telling her to feel bad about it. As she grew and began to really understand the concept of soul mates, the fact that she didn’t have one started to hurt more and more. She had become obsessive over the fact that there really wasn’t anyone out there for her, that the universe was just telling her, ‘Nope, sorry kid. No one’s going to love you that much. Soz.’

       That had been years ago. Y/N learned to bury her pain, to distract herself from it. She was at a place where she nearly resented the idea of having someone to hold her down, to have to be devoted to. She was focused on herself, on bettering herself through school and self love and taking care of her body. She had time to give to those things, because she wasn’t worrying about some other person. Sometimes it did creep up in the back of her head, the voice that reminded of what she didn’t have, what she could never have; a family, someone to love.  

       Now, she was trying to finish a paper for her AP biology class so that she could have time to go to her cousin’s birthday party this weekend. She’d been working for hours, and had wasted her productivity ages ago.

       Y/N stood up, grabbed her coffee and walked to the trashcan to throw it away, already planning on asking the barista for something stronger this time.

       When she arrived at the register, she noticed that the woman who had taken her order earlier wasn’t there. She had been replaced by a man with blond hair, who was taller than her by a mile. He looked well built, but his motions were timid and calculated. When she glanced briefly, she saw that he had words on his arm, but they were mainly covered up by a few bracelets he was wearing.

       “Are you new here?” She asked him. “I’ve been coming here pretty consistently for the past few months and I’ve never seen you.”

       She was too sleep deprived and stressed to care if her words were a bit too forward.

       The man’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He clamped a hand around his wrist.

       “Are you alright?” She spoke to him again, not understanding his lack of communication or his response to her question.

       He didn’t say anything, instead nearly ripping the bracelets on his arm off. He thrust his wrist into her line of sight.

       Are you new here? In a dark bold print, identical to her handwriting, the words contrasted starkly on his lightly tanned skin.

       “I’m afraid there must be some mistake,” she said, not letting her guard down. She knew she didn’t want a soul mate. She didn’t. “I don’t have a soul mate, see?” She showed him her own wrist, bare.

       The man’s face lit up as he hastily dug a piece of paper out of his pocket, its edges worn, showing he probably had kept it with him and folded it and unfolded it thousands of times. He unfolded it, his hands shaking which he had most likely hoped to hide from the girl.

       Inside the paper were the words I, My name is Peter. I’m mute.

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Medieval au fluff any member plz sorry

I went with Jun! medieval AU is a broad concept so I hope you like this mess..? 😘 ♥ bullet points just because I can. 

  • right so you’re a part of the nobility and your parents work for the royals in such positions that you, along with your siblings, live in the castle
  • you’d honestly be pretty good friends with the princesses and other nobles like yourself, and generally everyone in the castle has taken a liking to you, especially the ones who have seen you grow up from a 2-year-old toddler into a gorgeous young lady
  • when you were younger you probably didn’t pay that much attention to all the people in the castle, especially those of a lower class than yours because that was how you were brought up
  • but then comes the day you’re out with two of your fellow nobles, walking in the courtyard, and see a handsome young man chopping wood
  • his hair is dark brown and a bit messy, and his upper body was toned from likely years of physical work, which you could tell all too obviously with him wearing no shirt
  • you’re barely able to hold your tongue when you’re already asking, “Who is he?”
  • one of your friends smiles at you and places a hand on your arm
  • “I think his name is Junhui? He’s a new hire, who does practically anything, I’ve heard. He may be handsome, but… that’s about all I know, my dear.”
  • you find yourself nodding, but there’s something about Junhui that really piques your interest, and it’s not just the playful look he gives you when he wipes sweat off his forehead and notices that you’re staring at him
  • while you hadn’t noticed him before that - part of it being because he was indeed new - after the first sight, you were unable to not see him
  • it felt like every time you as much as looked out of the window of the hallway, he was there, doing whatever work he could get his hands on
  • and even when you went outside, you felt like you always ended up where he was working
  • it’s not that you minded, really, but it only made it so much more difficult to ignore him
  • he’d get a lot of praise from practically everyone for his great work ethics and amicable personality, and every now and then you’d hear snippets of stories about him
  • most of the time you’d find yourself smiling a little as you listened to those, because the more you heard, the more he seemed like a good guy
  • unless it was one of the older noble ladies expressing their desire for him, which never failed to make you feel ill
  • one day you’re seated on a bench in the courtyard with a cross-stitch on your lap, trying to focus on it more than the fact that Junhui is approaching your direction with a large tub in his hands
  • however, when he’s about to pass by, you put your work down and stand up
  • “E-excuse me,” you begin, your heart beating rapidly in your chest, and it definitely doesn’t calm down when Junhui turns around and gives you a sweet smile with a playful glint in his eyes. “I was just…”
  • “Is there something you need, milady?”
  • you feel so intimidated, so exposed under his mischievous stare, but somehow manage to blurt out, “I was thinking if you could… uh, teach me about the garden sometime. I’m interested in the flowers.”
  • Junhui quirks his eyebrows and takes the smallest step closer to you. “A noblewoman who wants to learn about gardening?”
  • you give him a quick nod, at which he chuckles
  • “As you wish, milady. I’ll see you around, lady..?”
  • “Y/N,” you say quickly, your cheeks undoubtedly heating up, and force a smile
  • Junhui nods and with a quick wave, continues his way to the shore, where he’s already got a big pile of laundry to wash
  • and it’s just that much more difficult to focus on your cross-stitch when you’ve got a drenched, handsome young man like him nearby
  • it only gets worse when he takes off his shirt and your eyes just happen to be aimed at him a lot more often than on your work
  • it’s at that point that you decide to move back into the castle, so that you could both finish your work (and before your thoughts could go any further)
  • Junhui would’ve noticed approximately all of the glances you threw at him, because he was stealing some at you, too, and so when you left, you left behind a widely grinning, jolly worker who still had many hours of laundry ahead of him
  • but those hours in all honesty go by faster than he expected, because he spends most of that time thinking about you
  • one of the next days, you’d finally spot him in the garden and, without much of a second thought, join him there
  • “You really came,” Junhui says almost incredulously when he notices you, and turns to you
  • “Of course I did, I take pride in keeping my word,” you say a bit defensively, which earns you a chuckle from Junhui
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry if I upset you, milady,” he says, his voice a bit softer than earlier, and you find your heart melting just a little
  • “You didn’t,” you say hurriedly and avoid his gaze because how is it so piercing?
  • he proceeds to lead you further into the garden, and you listen in fascination as he tells you little facts about each plant and flower while tending them
  • there’s something about his voice and the way he smiles every now and then that really gets to you, and you honestly never thought you’d be as eager to hear about flowers as you are then
  • you’ve gone through maybe half of the garden when Junhui stops and turns to you, smiling
  • “Should you really be spending this much time with someone like me, milady?”
  • you blush a little and turn your attention to the flowers
  • “I don’t… see it as a problem. I like learning.”
  • he chuckles and turns to the flowers, too. “But really. A noblewoman spending hours in the garden with a worker? Do you know how many eyes are on us at this very moment?”
  • your eyes widen at that, because he has a point, and you should’ve realized it all much earlier
  • and yet there is no denying that there was something about him that has caught your interest inevitably badly, and you don’t want to simply stay away from him
  • as you remain silent, unable to say anything, Junhui chuckles and carefully cuts a rose from the bush in front of you, bright red in color
  • “This is for you. Consider it a gift of gratitude for keeping me company. It’s been a great pleasure, Lady Y/N.”
  • your eyes slowly move from the flower to Junhui’s eyes, and you’re met with an amount of warmth you were definitely not expecting
  • “T-thank you, Junhui,” you manage to say and begin to leave the garden
  • he follows you with his gaze, and the smallest of smiles plays on his lips
  • there’s definitely something about you
  • after that, the two of you spend more time together - much more than a noblewoman like you should be spending with someone like him
  • but you enjoy his company, so you defy all the judging glances
  • besides, you have assured your parents nothing would happen between the two of you, so in the end your conscience is clear, even if they still don’t approve
  • you’d often be doing your own work while he did his, and you’d talk about a bit of this and that, little by little getting to know each other
  • sometimes you discuss your lives, with Junhui sharing the hardships he’s come past and you sharing some of your experiences in the court, but sometimes you discussed something much less serious, such as court gossip or what you were looking forward to when seasons changed
  • the more you learn about him and his past, the more fondly you think of him, and the more he learns about you, the more he finds himself looking forward to being with you
  • needless to say, you’re at your most distracted whenever Junhui does something physical, because that was exactly when your eyes couldn’t help but move up and down his body, observing the way his muscles move
  • Junhui chuckles every time
  • “You might want to be a bit more subtle, milady, as flattering as your stare is.”
  • you blush furiously, and through your stammering Junhui’s only able to make out “I didn’t”, which he laughs off, because yes you did
  • your promise to your parents is on some very thin ice, because the more time you spend with Junhui, the more you wish something did happen between the two of you
  • and your heart only beats more for him at the times when you enter your room and see a bouquet of flowers on your desk, beautiful yet simple, with a note from Junhui that either had a small poem or a short message
  • even if the voice at the back of your head nags about how you’re supposed to marry well
  • it’s early spring when you join Junhui for a trip to the village
  • you take a horse, with you sitting in front of him, and it’s quite likely the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time of your life when you practically have his arms around you
  • you buy some essentials he needs for his work, and you give in and give some money to some poor families, which Junhui observes in curiosity
  • before you leave the village, Junhui takes you between two buildings and, bolder than ever, takes a hold of your hand
  • “Junhui?” you ask, your heart hammering inside of your chest, as you look into his unreadable eyes, closer to yours than they had ever been
  • “I have a problem,” he starts, his voice sounding thick, and there’s a sad hint to his smile. “Milady, I’m afraid I feel more for you than I should.”
  • and you honestly feel like your heart stops in that very moment
  • you’re about to say that he’s not alone with that issue, but Junhui lets go of your hand and gently brings his forefinger close to your lips, not daring to touch them
  • “Don’t say anything.”
  • so you don’t say anything
  • and instead wrap your arms around him and hide your face in his chest

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Saw Her Standing There

So this is my 2nd eye contact story for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper. I wrote this while watching the hockey game last night with no beta so be kind. Also available on AO3.

Oliver couldn’t help it, he just wanted to go home. If he was honest, he was becoming tired of going out every night with his best friend Tommy. There had to be more.

He looked around for Tommy to tell him he was heading out when he saw her. She was dressed all in black with black hair, she was so dark she would have blended in with the wall in the dark club, if not for her piercing blue eyes. He’d never seen eyes like hers. He was drawn to her.

He noticed she noticed him too. She gave him a sly smile.

Oliver began walking toward the mystery woman. All thoughts of leaving gone. He was almost there when he was suddenly stopped by Tommy.

“Hey man, you aren’t leaving already? Things are just getting started!”

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New Start, Conor Maynard Imagine

-Gif not mine-

-You meet Conor after a fresh start in a new city-


Your life had never been perfect. You grew up in a small town in Canada with your dysfunctional family. Your parents split after years of fighting, after years of your dad being abusive. Your mom leaving him was the best thing for her and you.

You were an only child so you were quite lonely, especially because you never were the social type you wished you could be.

At the age of 20, you decided you needed a change in your life. You packed your bags and bought a one way ticket to London which is a place you’ve always wanted to go.

Your mom didn’t agree but you didn’t quite care, you wanted to get away from the town with no new faces and the life of someone who didn’t have enough.


“Yes mom it’s fine, I’ve already moved in, its really cozy here, busy though” you say to your mom over the phone while walking quickly with the crowd.

Your mom had phone called you the day after you had everything unpacked to see how things were going.

“Any new people so far?” she asks curiously.

“Not yet, haven’t really done a lot of exploring” you walk quickly around the corner and bump into an attractive young man. “mom i need to go, you’re distracting me, call you later” you hang up your phone and apologize frantically to the guy.

“Hey no worries” he laughs watching how new you were to the environment, “Not from here?”.

The two of you move off to the side to stay out of peoples ways.

“No i just moved here two days ago” you put your hair behind your ear as you smile at the stranger.

“Welcome to London, want some tea?” he laughs trying to suit his stereotype.

“You like tea, eh? I don’t know how i feel aboot that” you joke in a high pitched forced accent.

“Canadian?” he raises an eyebrow. You nod your head in response and he smiles at the thought of you in snow pants.

“So about that tea?” you gave him a smirk and he instantly got the message.

The two of you walked to the nearest shop and ordered yourselves cups of tea. You sit down at a table near a window and stir in your sugar as you both made jokes.

“So this whole time I’ve been trying to guess your name” he smiles and you return one to him.

“Take a guess and ill tell if you’re right” you challenge him.



You shake your head at each guess and he continues to struggle.

“It is actually Y/N” you say biting your lip.

“That’s a lovely name, my name is Conor” you smile lightly at the name.

For the rest of your coffee date, you and Conor chatted. He told you funny jokes and you got to know each other better. The two of you exchanged phone numbers and promised you would see each other again. You hug each other before you walk your separate ways and you sighed happily.

The first new face was hopefully one you were going to see again. Your new start in London was a great one and you couldn’t wait to adventure more on your own.


Request: can i request kylo wanting to ask the new girl out on a date but thinks she’d be scared of him and he doesn’t wanna get turned down so the “new guy” matt shows up one day, befriends her, tries to get her to see that kylo isn’t like everyone says he is and just basically tons of fluff when she finds out that it’s actually kylo pretending to be matt bc he didn’t wanna get rejected

A/N: Thank you so much for it, I enjoy writing things like these to take a break from all the angst I normally write. I love the idea and I’m so happy to add some Matt in, so, thank you anon! Enjoy!

Word Count: 4K+

Warning: None

Ever since the fall of Starkiller, the Order had lost a number of officers and members. No thanks to the shift of moving the survivors over to Finalizer and trying to rebuild a new base, this meant the Order needed new recruits. New officers, new troops, new pilots, etcetera.

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Scenario: A chance encounter with a handsome stranger at a bar turns your life around in more ways than you could’ve imagined. A man with a dark past was always a dangerous thing. Jungkook!Fighter AU
A/N: I was debating on whether or not I wanted to post this, but I figured I would. Maybe someone else out there might enjoy this too. Please send me a case of holy water for this shit I wrote.
Genre: Jungkook x Reader
Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!
Warnings: Mentions of violence. Smut

The first night you’d met, you didn’t know what to think of him.

Jeon Jungkook was rough edges and feral. When he’d walked into the bar everyone, literally everyone, had stopped to watch his entrance. Captivated by the presence that left a promise of violence if anyone invaded his space without warrant. He was an electrical current that made the lonesome women in the bar swim to him; begging for him to be their shore.

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Elijah Mikaelson was the guy, who had stolen your heart the moment you met him and unknown to you, he also had become very infatuated with you. You were close with the Mikaelson’s and were headed there for a little chat as you were really bored.

“Hey Elijah!” you cheerfully greeted stepping into the compound where Klaus and Rebecca were also present. “Hello, (Y/N)” Elijah greeted and extended his hand as you came closer to him being the gentleman he was. You lightly placed your hand in his.

He brought your hand up towards his lips and placed an affectionate kiss upon your tender (S/C) skin, his lips lingering there for while reluctant to let go of such an angelic hand, making you blush.

“Are we bloody invisible? No greeting for us?” Rebecca teasingly smiled. “Ah, sorry. Got carried away. Hello Rebecca, Klaus” you sheepishly laughed. “Evening love” Klaus gave you his famous smirk.

“How are you this evening?” asked Elijah. “Oh, good. You?” you sat next to Elijah and in front of Rebecca and Klaus. “It’s bearable” he smiled making you chuckle. “I’ll be back, I’m a little thirsty” You got up from the couch and made your way towards the kitchen.

The three of them watched you leave and once you were out of earshot Rebecca addressed Elijah saying, “when are you bloody telling her Elijah? She obviously has feelings for you as well.” Rebecca sighed. “I don’t have any feelings for her Rebecca, she is just a close friend” Elijah said wanting to change the topic desperately.

“Yeah, sure she is just a close friend. What about you whispering her name while asleep?” Klaus intervened with a playful smirk playing on his lips. “Come on Elijah! Almost all of New Orleans knows about your little crush, man-up and tell her already” she looked him dead in the eye.

“Tell who and what?” you said walking towards the three siblings. “Nothing of importance” Elijah coughed, glaring at his siblings, silently meaning for them to shut up and diverting his attention towards you with a new topic to strike up a conversation, with you, being as oblivious as ever.

Self Defense

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Hey 😊  i had an idea and I hope it’s not weird. Bucky gives self-defense lessons in his free time and you’re there to take lessons but you’re also a bit shy. He is very friendly and helpful then through your lessons and you slowly get comfortable around him. One time you practice a “fight” which ends up with you on top of him, before you can leave he kisses you that eventually ends in his bed (but all gentle). Then you cuddle and you both confess your growing feelings for each other? ❤️ thank u - @diving-down-to-wonderland

Word Count: 3291

Warnings: shyness, mild anxiety, fluff, bit of smut

A/N: hope you enjoy, doll! I really enjoyed this idea and wish I had more time to spend on it, but I’ve been slammed at work and wanted to get it up before Thanksgiving!


(I normally try to find pictures of Buck because I’m not a fan of fics excluding his arm or excluding any characters specific physical differences, but this image was too good to refuse)

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anonymous asked:

Person A fights in an underground boxing ring while B is a cop who's worked for months trying to bust it, and goes into the ring in disguise. Horrified when their opponent is person A. RusAme please?

Pairing: RusAme (Russia x America/USA/United States of America) (Human names used)


  • America (Alfred) as person A
  • Russia (Ivan) as person B
  • Special guests: Japan (Kiku), Spain (Antonio) and France (Francis)

It was dangerous. It was illegal. Alfred knew better than to get involved with this kind of stuff. But the thrill of it all was too addictive to give up on. It began as a one-time thing. A last resort while in the need for quick money. But once he began, he kept going back. Every time he swore himself it would be the last, and yet he always came back. Worst part was; he knew it was wrong. But it was too addictive. No one could ever know. Not even Ivan.

“Ivan, are you listening?”

Ivan looked up, turning to look at Francis who looked back with a concerned look. It was late, and with Kiku at the wheel, they drove to their destination. They had been tracking down this boxing ring for months, and had finally gotten a tip on their next event. Now they had to go undercover, record the evidence, and all of their work would pay off. Ivan was chosen to go undercover in the ring. His stature and history of boxing in high school made him the perfect candidate. Kiku would go with him, while Francis and Antonio remained in the car to keep watch. Easy, right?

“What’s wrong? You need to stay on top of your game tonight.” Francis warned. Ivan nodded, looking down at his cellphone.

“I know. Sorry. It’s just…Alfred hasn’t answered my texts or calls.” Ivan said, sighing slightly as he handed his cellphone to Francis. “He must be angry.”

“It’ll pass.” Antonio assured, smiling as he sat in the very back, laptop on his lap as he typed stuff in. “His fiancé is one of the department’s more important detectives, after all. He knows job comes first.”

“I guess.” Ivan then smiled softly. “Though if I get a black eye I will never hear the end of it.”

“I doubt you would want it any other way.” Francis teased, earning a playful shove from Ivan.

“We’re here.” Kiku said, parking the car a street away from the actual location as planned.

“Right! Let’s see. Checking, checking. Camera good to go, mic and earpiece working.” Antonio hummed, looking across the multiple programs on his laptop. “We should be able to see everything from the camera on Kiku’s glasses.”

“You know what to do. You go in, fight a few rounds, record stuff, get out, and we call it a day. If there’s any trouble, use the safe word and we’ll call for backup.” Francis explained, Kiku and Ivan nodding. “Good luck guys. We’ll be here.” And with that, Ivan and Kiku stepped out, and took off.

They walked all the way to a seemingly rundown warehouse, walking up to a large door before banging on it. A few seconds later a man opened the door slightly, looking over at the two. He didn’t say anything, until Kiku pulled out a stack of 20s and showed them to the man. The man’s eyes glistened, opening the door as he took the stack and flipped through it, only to then hand it back to Kiku and gesturing them inside.

“…have fun.” He said, allowing them inside. The two walked right in, the doorman closing the door before returning to his post. They walked down the stairs, following the lights and the sound of cheers echoing across the compound, reaching to the arena. It was a circular pit of dirt right in the middle of the large room, elevated walls giving to the audience areas that kept them separated by the built-in fences. People cheered as currently two boxers fought for their lives and fame down in the pit, the ground beneath splattered with dried up blood from previous fights. They were intruders in a honey trap. One bad move, and they were screwed.

“Hey there!” A man chimed in, walking over to the two. “Welcome to the ring! You guys can call me the Ringleader around here. Are you here to bet or are you here to participate?” The man asked. Kiku cleared his throat.

“To participate. This is my fighter, Ivan, and I’m his sponsor.” Kiku said, offering his hand for a shake, to which the man accepted.

“Ah! A new fighter! New blood is always welcomed!” The Ringleader said, walking over to Ivan before walking around him, inspecting him. “Quite the tall fella.” The Ringleader said, patting on Ivan’s shoulder before walking over to Kiku. “Follow me, I’ll take you to the locker room.” With that, he led the two away. The locker room seemed to be even more bloody than the actual arena. There was dried blood on the seats and floor, boxers preparing for their fights while those who had already gone were either laying on a bench unconscious or being fixed up by their sponsors.

“You’ll wait here and ready until we call you. Put on a good show, alright?” The Ringmaster asked, smirking to himself before walking away. Kiku and Ivan glanced at each other momentarily.

“I’ll be watching you from the stands.” Kiku said.




Kiku’s eyes narrowed. “Be careful out there.”

Ivan smiled. “Of course.”

It took a while for Ivan to reach his turn. Every time a fighter came back into the room they were either smiling in victory or fuming in defeat. Regardless, they would always return with broken bones and bloody bodies, giving Ivan a glance of what he had to prepare for. He wore bandages on his hands, a pair of boxing shorts, and no shoes. Standard attire. No gloves. Just fists and flesh.

“Ivan, you’re up!”

Ivan stood up, walking past the resting fighters down the hallway towards the arena. He could hear the roar of the crowd that waited for more slaughter, more excitement, more blood.

“Next up, on the blue corner, we have a fierce new competitor fresh off the ring! Standing at 182 centimeters, give a loud welcome to Ivan The Terrible!!!” The announce yelled, the crowd cheering in response.

“(Ivan the Terrible? Really?)” Ivan thought, slightly annoyed at the nickname before stepping out into the arena. Just one fight. That’s all he had to endure for tonight. He could see the people hanging off from the fences, yelling and cheering on as they made bets and comments.

“And on the blue corner, our fan favorite! Standing at 175 centimeters, give a shout to our current champion, the one, the only, the fierce, the Alfred the Hero!” The announcer yelled, receiving a loud wave of cheers as the fan favorite began to step out of the shadows. Ivan got ready, rising his fists and preparing for anything…but he could have never been prepared for what he saw next. Stepping out of the shadows was a familiar blonde with familiar blue eyes, wearing blue shorts with white stars on them, and bandages on his fists. His heart seemed to stop in its place as his eyes widened, his opponent reacting the same way, his smile fading into an expression of shock and horror.

“Alfred.” Ivan whispered, staring down at his fiancé. Why was he here?

“I…Ivan…” Alfred said, shaking his head in disbelief. What was HE here?!

“Oh shit.” Kiku whispered under his breath, his eyes widening in disbelief. Oh shit was an understatement, and he could already hear Antonio and Francis frantically screaming from the car. Ivan nor Alfred moved, simply staring at each other, unknowing what to do, what to say. How do you explain your fiance that you are part of an underground boxing ring? How do you explain your fiance that you are going undercover to expose such underground boxing ring? Neither of them could form the words, or actions. Soon the public began to get annoyed, yelling out in anger, asking them to fight already. The Ringmaster looked over annoyed. Kiku gulped, tapping on his glasses slightly. Francis was quick to respond, quickly speaking to Ivan’s earpiece.

“Ivan! You have to fight! Otherwise your cover will be blown!” Francis insisted. Ivan shook his head.

“But…” Ivan began, hesitating. How was he going to fight his fiance? The love of his life? Alfred’s eyes wondered across the arena, seeing the displeasing looks of the fans as they complained for them to fight. Around the crowd he caught Kiku’s eyes, who looked back at him with a worried expression. Alfred’s eyes narrowed, and gripped his fists. Undercover. This was what Ivan was going to go undercover to…and unless he fought him, they would be exposed…and who knows what might happen to them.

“(I can’t let that happen.)” Alfred thought. Steeling himself, and gripping his fists, he dashed forward, launching a fist right at Ivan. It snapped Ivan out of his trance, having him side step to avoid the hit before pushing Alfed away.

“What are you doing?!” Ivan hissed.

“What does it look like you coward? I’m looking for a fight!” Alfred yelled, gaining cheering from the fans as he launched at Ivan again. Ivan blocked and dodged the punches, at one point grabbing a hold of Alfred’s wrists to keep him from punching anymore.

“Alfred I don’t want to-!” Ivan began, but was interrupted when Alfred threw his head back, and slammed it forward, headbutting Ivan with all of his force, causing them both to gasp out in pain. As Alfred rested his forehead against Ivan’s, he looked into his eyes with worry.

“If you don’t fight me, you’ll end up being ratted out, and Kiku will be right in the middle of it all!” Alfred whispered, before pushing Ivan away and getting back on his stance. Ivan paused, glancing back at Kiku momentarily before admitting, he was right. Kiku was among the crowd, with the Ringmaster just a few feet away. Any wrong movement, and the crowd would throw themselves onto Kiku like a pack of wild animals. He couldn’t let his partner take the fall for his faults on the job.

“Damn!” Ivan hissed, gritting his teeth before turning back to Alfred. He only hesitated for a moment, mouthing ‘I’m sorry’, before dashing towards him. The two exchanged punches and hits, taking away each other’s breaths as they did their best to aim at strong parts of the body, but from time to time hitting somewhere they never meant to hit. Blood began to spill, much to each other’s dismay, the cheering of the crowd all but ignored as they focused on each other. 

“What the hell were you thinking of doing this?!” Ivan asked as he blocked a punch, his voice masked by the screaming of the crowd.

“I never wanted you to know!” Alfred said, throwing a few punches before jumping back, avoiding another punch. “It was only meant to be temporary!”

“When this is done getting your wounds healed up will be the least of your problems.” Ivan assured, throwing more punches as Alfred blocked them.

“It’s not like you could have ever figured it out, you’re never home!” Alfred yelled, landing a punch right on Ivan’s cheek, much to his surprise. “Sorry!” Ivan stepped back, wiping blood from his nose before attacking again. Alfred dodged a few punches, only to get hit hard on the shoulder, sending him a few steps back. Alfred smirked a bit. “Guess you haven’t lost your touch.”

Ivan smirked back. “I guess I haven’t.” Soon however, the crowd began to become even more anxious and loud, yelling each of them to finish the other, to kill them, to end it. Even the Ringmaster was getting a tad bit tired of the longevity of the fight.

“Alright, how about we throw a few more punches, and I knock you out, just as the champion should?”

“Fine.” Ivan said. “Don’t hold back now.” 

The two fought again, throwing punches back and forth as they set up the stage for the ‘knock out’…until fate’s twisted sense of humor decided to pull on their legs. Just as Alfred was meant to dodge a punch, he slipped on the sand beneath, tripping forward just as Ivan threw a punch. Neither could stop their movements in time, as Alfred fell right into the punch, receiving its full power as it knocked his head to the side with a loud SNAP. Blood escaping his lips before falling onto the floor beneath. Ivan felt his heart jump up to his throat. Oh god no.

“Alfred!” Ivan screamed dropping onto the floor besides him and quickly picking Alfred up in his arms. “Alfred, talk to me!” Ivan begged, gently cradling Alfred, afraid he would end up hurting him more. The crowd watched in confusion, and Kiku took this chance to finally call for back up.

“Hetalia.” Kiku whispered, the safe word quickly activating the back up procedure for them. Before the Ringmaster could go any further, there was shouting, a loud bang, and the sound of footsteps as Antonio and Francis entered the room with their guns in their hands, and police back up right behind them.

“Police Department everyone get your hands in the air!!!” Antonio yelled, and just like that, panic ensued, the crowd dispersing as they all began to scramble to escape before getting caught. The Ringmaster was just about to make his get away before being tripped by Kiku, who quickly got his gun on him.

“Not so fast.” Kiku hummed, causing the Ringmaster to growl in anger. Down in the arena, ignoring the chaos around them, Ivan held Alfred, who groaned in pain in his arms.

“Jeez….you sure know how to throw a good one…” Alfred groaned.

“You’re not suppose to fall into my punch, Alfred.”

“Yeah…but you have to admit I put up quite a show.” Alfred flinched. “I think I broke something.”

“I would be surprised if you didn’t.”

Alfred frowned, looking up at Ivan. “I’m sorry. I only did it once for the heck of it, and I told myself I would stop but I kept coming back for more…”

“You should of told me.” Ivan gently moved some of Alfred’s hair away from his face.

“I know…I just didn’t want to disappoint you, I guess.”

“Alfred.” Ivan leaned in, gently landing a kiss on his lips. “I love you, and always will, regardless of everything and anything. You can count on me, just as I can count on you.”

Alfred smiled softly. “Ah…I love you.”

“I love you too…but you’re still in trouble.”

“I guess so.”

Beauty and the Beast (KG3 x Reader) (Part 1/?)


Summary: Once upon a time a spoiled young king meet a beautiful girl who will save him from destruction.

Warnings: None? Gaston being an idiot. KG3 isn’t really in this one but he will be in the next one.
Once upon a time in the hidden heart of Britain a young king lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired he was selfish and unkind. He taxed his colonies to fill his castle with the most beautiful objects and the most beautiful people.

One night an old woman came to the castle, offering a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance the king turned the woman away. She warned him to not be deceived by appearances for beauty is found within. When the king dismissed her again the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.

He tried to apologize, but it was too late she had seen there was no love in his heart. As punishment she transformed him into a hideous beast. Placing a spell upon the castle and all that lived there. As days bleed into years the king and his servants were forgotten by the world. For the enchantress had erased all memory from those who loved them… and hated them.

The rose she had offered him was truly an enchanted rose. If the king could learn to love another and earn their love in return before the last petal fell the spell would be broken. If not he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast…

The early morning sun had already risen when you walked out of your tiny cottage. You held a new book you’d gotten from the library a few days ago. A story about a beanstalk, and an ogre, and a-

“Go’ mornin’!” You heard from a path leading to the woods near your home. You nodded and curtsied to the man. He must not know who you were.

“Bonjour.” You said and his face became sour. Right. The British didn’t quite like the French. (An understatement, but you’d never liked to think people hated you. Barely anyone in this town knew you well enough for that.) That’s one of the reasons you felt you didn’t belong in this small rural village. You held the book closer to your chest as you continued walking.

People were just starting to come out as you entered the town limits. They all greeted each other. One or two saying hello to you. You greeted them kindly, but continuing your trek to the library. You could hear them talking about you. They had never learned the skill of whispering.

“Look at her boots, they look like a man’s.”

“You can see her underwear, the way she has her skirt tied up like that. I’d believe she was some common whore if I didn’t know she was so strange.”

“I still don’t see why Gaston likes her so much.”

“Well she is pretty.”

“Yes, but completely mad.”

You rolled your eyes and kept walking. You didn’t care what they thought of you.

“Good morning Belle.” You blushed at the nickname.Gaston had given it to you when he’d learned you were French. The whole town had followed suit. You stopped to talk to the old man who had called to you. Mr. Smith, the oldest man in town.

“Bonjour Mr. Smith. How are you today?” You asked with a kind smile. The old man meant well and you’d always found him polite.

“Oh, it’s been okay. I do believe it will rain soon. My back is giving me troubles.” He said and shrugged slightly.

“Well, lets hope it will clear up soon.” You said. He looked at your book disapproving for only a moment.

“Where are you off to?” He asked and you looked at you book.

“The library, I just finished this. It’s a wonderful story.” You said and he nodded.

“Well I’ll let you be on your way. Have a good day.” He said and limped away.

“You as well Mr. Smith.”

You could see the library from where you were standing. You increased your pace as you got closer. You opened the door to the small building the little bell singing as you walked in.

“You know that thing doesn’t ever ring for anyone else, but you.” He said and you let out a laugh.

“Well no one truly appreciates this place then.” You said and as you set the book on his desk.

“Do you gave something new?” You asked and he shook his head.

“Not since yesterday, but you’re free to take any of the others.” He said and you nodded. You looked through the stacks for a moment before pulling out the one you wanted. “This one again?”

“It’s my favorite! Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!” You and looked at the book adoringly. It had been the first book you read in this town. It had kept you warm on cold nights and happy when things got tough.

“Well if you like it all that much it’s yours.” The librarian said and you gasped.

“Really?” You asked excitedly.

“Yes, now be on your way. Your father will worry.” He said and smiled at you.

“Thank you so much.” You said and flipped to the first page on your way through the door. You tuned out the chatter of the townspeople as you read. You were almost back to your home when you bumped into something and dropped your book. Or more specifically someone. An arrogant, rude, and conceited someone.

“Good morning Belle.” Gaston said putting on his most charming smile. Which honestly just looked creepy to you. You took a breath and gave him a forced smile.

“Bonjour Gaston,” you said as he picked up your book. “May I have my book.” He had started shaking his head at it.

“How can you read this, there’s no pictures.” He said as he flipped through the pages. There were in fact pictures, it was in the middle of the book. It was quite beautiful you thought.

“Some people use their imaginations.” You quipped grabbing your book from him and dusting it off.

“Belle it’s not right for a woman to read. Soon they start thinking, and getting ideas.” He said and you rose a brow.

“I think those are synonyms for each other.” You said and he got the funniest face as he was confused.

“Synonyms? Anyways Belle-”

“Gaston I would love to stay and talk more, but I have to get home to my father.” You said and started to walk away.

Gaston looked around to see if anyone had seen the rejection. One man had and he scoffed,”She wants me. She’s just playing hard to get.” He said and the man nodded walking on. “She will be my wife.”

“Papa?” You asked as you entered into your home.

“Ah mon ami you’re home! Come come look at what I’ve been working on.” He said from the basement of your cottage.

“Papa?” You asked walking down the steps to the painting room your father had made. He loved to paint, you lived to invent. You both used the space equally. When you reached your father you put your head on his shoulder. The painting was of a woman, with roses all around her. You smiled at the perfect painting of your mother.

“Oh papa, it’s beautiful.” You said and he leaned his head against yours.

“You really think?” He asked.

“I know, and you’ll win first prize at the art fair at the end of this week.” You said and he smiled.

“Why thank you dear. Would you mind fetching me my white paint I’ve run out and I want to add a few more things.” He said and you nodded going over to his extensive painting collection.

“Papa, do you think I’m odd?” You asked. No matter how you refused to let the townspeople get to you, sometimes it’s all your mind could think about.

“My daughter odd? You’re absolutely mad to think that!” He said and you grabbed his paint shoving it into his hand.

“Not funny Papa.” You said and sat on a stool near him.

“I thought it was quite funny.” He mumbled and you rolled your eyes. “Now is that why you’re really upset?” He asked and you nodded.

“Yes, I just- I don’t fit in here Papa. I don’t really have any friends.” You said and he rose a brow.

“What about Gaston, he’s a handsome fellow.” Your father suggested and you scoffed.

“Yes, and rude and conceited. Oh Papa he’s not for me.” You said and looked at your hands that had fallen into your lap.

“Hmm.” Your father hummed and continued painting. He smiled when he was finished. “You are truly your mother’s daughter: Class.” He said and you smiled a little.

“Well I will let this dry. Come on let start a late breakfast don’t you say. Then you can get to your inventing.” He said and your smile grew even more. You walked with him up to the kitchen to make breakfast.

The week passed on slowly. You’d go into town and buy the things you needed. Avoid Gaston and try to not let the girls in the town make you self conscious. Then on Friday your father was set to leave for the art fair to sell his paintings.

“Is there anything you want while I’m in the city?” He asked and you thought for a moment.

“A rose, like the one mother’s holding in the painting.” You said and he nodded.

“Take care my dear. I will be back before you know it.” He said and kissed your forehead.

“Goodbye Papa. Be safe.” You said and kissed his cheek. You watched from your porch as he rode off. You turned and walked into your home going to read. Everything had been taken of that morning and you could wait to get back to your story.

An hour after your father had left a knock came at your door. You set your book down on the table in front of you. You marked your page and walked to the door. You looked into the peephole contraption you’d made and groaned at the person who was standing there.

You reluctantly opened the door. “Gaston what a… surprise.” You said as he made his way in. You watched as he walked his way to your dining table.

“Good evening Belle. I hope your day has been well.” He said and set his muddy boots on your table cloth next to your book.

‘It was good until you got here.’ You thought crossing your arms over your chest. “Forgive me if I sound a bit unpleased but why are you here?” You asked him.

“Belle, I’m here to make all your dreams come true.” He said and you walked over and grabbed your book away from him.

“And what do you know about my dreams Gaston?” You asked moving to put your book on the shelf.

“Plenty, picture this, a the tavern, a roaring fire place, my little wife massaging my feet. While the little ones play with the dogs on the floor. We’ll have six or seven.” You realized you’d turned your back to Gaston and quickly corrected that.


“No Belle, young strapping boys, like me. And do you know who that little wife will be Belle.” He asked coming closer to you.

“Let me guess-”

“You Belle.” You gasped a little and slid from under his arms. He followed after you.

“Gaston I’m flattered really I am, but I-” he’d backed you up to the door and was leaning forward eyes closed mouth puckered. His hands had trapped you in. “I just don’t deserve you.” You said and opened the front door and got out from under him as he fell into your porch. You slammed the door and saw his boots on your table. You quickly grabbed them and opened the door throwing them out and locking the door.

You took a deep breath and sighed. This was your life. Walking through a provincial town and dodging a delusional egomaniac.

You looked out the window and saw a whole wedding ceremony set up. You rolled your eyes with disgust. You couldn’t believe he would do that. No you really could believe he would do that.

You huffed and went out to the back. “Can you believe him?” You asked the chickens.
“Me? The wife of that boring brainless?!” You screamed in frustration and threw down the food.

“Madame Gaston can’t you just see it! Madame Gaston his little wife ugh! No sir! Not me! I guarantee it I want much more that this provincial life!” You said as you stomped through your backyard. This was so completely and utterly unbelievable.
Then the truly unbelievable happened.

Philippe, the horse your father owned, came running through the field behind your house and you ran to meet him. Why? Because your father wasn’t with him.

“Philippe where’s Papa! Where is he?” You asked and quickly undid the small painting coach attached to his saddle.

“Take me too him Phillippe.” You said and climbed onto the horse and you sprinted for the hills.

Y'ALL. i have THREE prompts that have to do with kavinsky. i have prompts where adam is hurt. i have a break up prompt (wtf). why can’t u send me cute pynch fic prompts?? like single dad!ronan takes opal to the massive supermarket and employee!adam finds her and tries to find her dad for her but she ends up loving adam and gets him in2 weird shenanigans. he ends up crawling underneath the racks of clothing, chasing after opal. opal bumps in2 ronan, adam bumps in2 opal and cue pynch meet cute. OR, adam gets a new neighbour who looks super scary (& hot) but adam sees him planting potted flowers all the fucking time and one time adam like goes over…to look at the flowers bc they’re truly lovely and the man walks out of his house at the same time and catches adam. cue first meeting. OR maybe they’re already dating!! in canon!! and they’re going on their first official date but the movie theatre is closed due to repairs and the restaurant they eat at gets flooded and their car breaks down. it’s literally disaster after disaster so they end up…..literally on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck and playin 20 questions. like I DONT CARE. i’ll write this gooey garbage. please,,, send me nice, kind prompts.

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happy Hour- Pt1.

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Words: 1,733

Summary:Young Army doctor Captain Pierce meets Negan and his Saviors after being held captive. 

Warnings: Swearing?

Author’s Note: This is my second story I’ve written and posted. I received such good feedback from when I wrote for @ladylorelitany ‘s red velvet writing event that I thought I would write and put my stuff out there. I’m well aware I need to improve my writing, please be gentle and enjoy. 

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That Chair

Yes this chair. 

Hey everybody! So this is a new one I had a lot of fun with. As I was writing I got a little carried away and it went a little differently than I originally wanted it, but I ended up really liking it and I hope you do too! This is the long way of telling you the chair will return in a dirty smutty part 2. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Monday!

Pair: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, language

Originally posted by fuckingtotheweeknd

You had been wrapping presents all day, but the pile of gifts on the table never seemed to shrink. They were little things, candles for your coworkers, ornaments for your neighbors, baby clothes for your cousins. You hadn’t concentrated on your immediate family yet. That was for later today.

You were loosing a battle to the tape dispenser when your phone went off. A text from Seb.

Sorry, babe. We’re running a little late at the store. Do you wanna meet me down here? Then we’ll continue xmas shopping and I’ll help you wrap that pile of presents.

You smiled. It didn’t bother you too much that he was running late. You knew getting into this that he was a busy man. But he was your busy man. 

That’s fine! Be down in a few.

Okay. We’re in the back, come on in when you’re here. 

You left the war zone you created with the tape on the table, you really didn’t feel like tackling it now. Instead, you dressed yourself in layers upon layers and topped it off with a warm hat, thick gloves, and a long scarf. 

Ready to brave the cold, you descended the stairs and headed for the subway. A short ride and a chilly walk later, you came upon the new store. 

You walked in the door, taking off your hat and gloves and loosening your scarf as you walked passed the crisp suits on display. You followed the sound of clicking cameras. 

You smiled and returned the seasons greetings you received from the workers and cameramen gathered around. You stood over to the side, not wanting to be in the way and smiled at Seb who was already grinning at you.

When he spun back to the camera and returned to the alluring man he always was at shoots, you took in the scene. He was wearing the new coat he was so excited about. Before this store opened in the city, he ordered it for the coming cold weather. His tight black jeans were clinging to the thighs that drove you wild and his thick hair was perfectly placed on top of his head. As always. 

For the minutes left in the little photo shoot he played around with a few different positions trying to get the perfect shot. Leaning forward, leaning back, legs crossed, legs relaxed. He even spun around in the chair a bit. 

That chair gave you some ideas. 

“Alright, thanks a lot, guys.” Seb said with a wave once the photographers were finished and packing up their things. 

He started to get up from the swivel chair to follow them out when your stuck your hand out to stop him. 

After everyone left except for you and Sebastian, one on the men in a store uniform poked his head in the door. “There are some interviewers out here who would like a minute with you, Mr. Stan.” 

You spoke before Seb could. “He’ll be out in a minute. We just have some things to go over. You know, client to manager.” You didn’t dare look at Seb, you knew he would make you laugh and blow your cover.

The man nodded and stepped out. You sauntered over and locked the door.

“So you’re my manager now?” He joked. 

“Somebody needs to boss you around,” you said, your voice low as you floated back to him in the chair. You placed your hands on each of his thighs and kissed him softly, despite your ache for more. 

He moaned in surprise and kissed you back quickly before saying, “Baby, they’re opening the store right outside.”

“Baby, I’m opening my legs right here,” you taunted him before climbing the chair to straddle his legs. You ignored the arms of it digging into your knees and kissed him again, this time letting your passion loose. 

You knew he gave in to your idea when he tilted his head and his tongue snuck past your lips. His opened mouthed kisses traveled from your lips, down your jaw to your neck until he was stopped by a turtle neck sweater. 

He ripped off your cardigan and threw it to the floor, and the sweater covering your neck wasn’t far behind. But when you were still hidden by a long sleeved shirt, he threw his head back in frustration. 

“How many layers are you wearing!” He laughed loudly, causing you to place a finger over his lips to shush him. 

“Its cold outside!” You whisper shouted. “And you’re almost there,” you giggled. 

He shot you a mischievous grin and peeled off the long sleeved shirt and the tank underneath. He wasted no time with your bra.  

As his lips climbed the valley of your chest you laughed at the pile of clothes on the floor.

He chuckled softly and looked up at you, his lips still attached to your chest. “They’re going to hear us, (Y/N).”

“Let ‘em,” you declared as you pulled his jacket off his strong shoulders. As the materiel hit his elbows, he got stuck. Trapped by the confinement of the back of the chair, he couldn’t pull his arms out of the sleeves. 

He leaned forward and freed his hands just in time to catch you. You had leaned to the side to give him some elbow room and your knee had slipped between the seat of the chair and the arm rest. You almost landed on the floor, resulting in a squeal from you. 

You missed Seb’s worried expression because your head was thrown back and giggles were erupting from you. “This was supposed to be easier!” You laughed. 

Suddenly the world swirled around you as Sebastian picked you up and placed you in the chair. “There we go,” he said with a low chuckle. 

He leaned forward to kiss you with so much passion, you would have thought your plan had worked perfectly instead of being the train wreck it was. 

His hands slid down your body and pulled your jeans and panties down and off your legs with ease. After you ripped his shirt off he placed each of your legs over the arms of the chair. 

He stepped back and took off his pants, his length throbbing and ready for you. He froze when his gaze returned to you. He took you in, all spread out for him. “I like this chair idea,” he growled, a wicked grin covering his lips, his eyes dark with lust. 

You shook your head and laughed and pulled him in to you. You felt your bodies align and he filled you completely. He paused to allow your body to adjust to him. He filled the time with slow and all consuming kisses. 

His pause felt like an eternity. “Please, Seb, baby, take what’s yours.”

And with that he pounded into you over and over at a deliberate pace. Both of you were careful not to be too loud. Your mouths never parted, so you gladly swallowed each other’s moans. Your whimpers were soft, his groans low, but you did nothing to quiet the sound of skin slapping against skin. 

He rested his forehead on yours as his fingers gripped at the cushions of the chair. “Shit, (Y/N), I-yes.” His voice was strained and broken.

You wrapped your hand around the nape of his neck as you felt his hips stutter. Every one of his hard thrusts pulled a whisper from your lips, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He hid his moans in the crook of your neck as his hips slowed and his body shook. You held him against you and kissed every piece of skin you could reach.

After emerging from your side and planting a kiss on your lips he chuckled, “Well now we can say we’ve had sex in a chair.”

You let loose the laughter you’ve been holding in throughout the ordeal. “This was a lot sexier in my head!” you cackled and threw your head back. 

Seb watched you laugh, your chest and cheeks red with a blush, your hair falling over the chair, your smile wide and pushing into your eyes and he cupped your face with his hand. “You’ve never looked sexier than you do right now.”

You rolled your eyes with a head shake and a grin and gripped his chin, pulling him to you for one last kiss. “Now, as your manager, you need to go do some interviews.”

“About that, I don’t think it’s very professional to be in love with my manager so… you’re fired.”

Your jaw dropped in surprise and you smacked his chest before he gathered the clothes on the floor.

After the two of you had cleaned up and layered up, you followed him to the door. He was about to the turn the knob when you shouted, “Wait!”

He turned around, a worried expression on his face. You jogged over to him with a face that said eeeeeek and you smoothed his thick hair from sticking up straight. “That may have been my fault.”

“Ya know, I work on my hair a long time, and you hit it,” he mocked. 

“Okay, John Travolta. Get out there and do your interviews,” you said as you shoved him out the door. 

With the cameras flashing he turned to you and pecked your lips. “And then we’re going Christmas shopping until the stores kick us out.”



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Nothing Ever Changes in Storybrooke -- Belle & Henry

Anonymous said: Nothing Ever Changes in Storybrooke prompt: There are people who mock Gold’s strange family, especially an useless, absent-minded Belle. Usually Gold just ignores them and Belle doesn’t seem to care. But sometimes Henry protests.

(Previous installments here)

Henry loved Belle. He was pretty sure Uncle Gold loved her, too, but for the most part everybody else avoided her and he didn’t know why. Kids at his school made fun of her to him sometimes for forgetting a lot so maybe that was it. She did forget a lot, but everybody forgot a lot and he couldn’t figure out why nobody else noticed that. She didn’t always seem to remember how old he was or what his favorite food was or what he’d gotten for Christmas, but nobody else did, either. Sometimes it was like he was the only one moving forward. he thought Uncle Gold might know what was going on, but he didn’t talk to him about it.

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Pink Hoodie

[While I wait for suggestions, here’s a TaeJin. I’m not sorry. Except for any grammatical errors. Lol]


“It’s cold in here.” Your first thought of the day. You’re almost tempted to just stay in his bed all snuggled up in the covers.

Once you finally drag yourself out of bed, wash up, and get dressed, you decide to forego the usual white tee, jeans and converses. Today you decide to bum it a little and wear your boyfriend’s favorite pink hoodie, jeans, and slippers. There was something super comfy about not wearing anything except a bra underneath. So soft and warm on your skin. No bunched up shirts or conflicting textures.

Of course, there was also that part of you that thought it was sexy. The part that would think about the ease of access and how best to tease him when he came home. The part that, just thinking about it, made you wanna reach under the hoodie, glide your fingers up your stomach and play with your breast under your bra.

Your phone goes off. Since you’re at home still, you have the volume up. Blood, Sweat, and Tears is your tone.

“Hey, Love. Just wanted to let you know Taehyungi and I should be home around 6. The others are staying late tonight.”

“Okie, Jagi,” You liked using your cute voice with Jin because no one appreciates cuteness like him and it always made him smile. “I’ll be waiting. Tell Tae hi for me.”

“Hiiiiiiii Noonaaaa!!” You can hear Taehyung yelling in the background. You and Jin laugh.

“I love you, (y/n)-ah”

“I love you, too.” When he hangs up you look at your phone. It’s only three o'clock. You decide to make dinner for the three of you and take off Jin’s hoodie to keep it clean.

It’s five o'clock by the time you finish dinner and clean up the mess from cooking. You plop onto the couch in the living room, pull on his hoodie and smell it. It smells just like him. The smell of his skin and his cologne… Memories begin to flood your mind of his body, naked and hovering over you. Your hands running hungrily down it, gripping him close. Wandering lips, grazing teeth and breathless moans.

Your hand snakes its way down your jeans, into your panties and starts massaging your soaking wet pussy. Fingers rub circles around your swollen clit. You don’t care if you get caught. That’s the last thing on your mind right now. You bite your lip and let out a soft moan, quickening your pace and moaning louder until you finally reach your high. You look up to see Jin watching what your hand is doing, blushing intensely, biting his lip, and finally locking eyes with you. Taehyung just now enters the room. Trying to play it cool you pop up and run over to hug Jin.

“Hyung, what’s got you so bothered?
It’s just a hug,” Taehyung teased. You giggle and kiss him.

“I’ve made dinner. You guys should go get washed up and have some.”

“Yeah, you go ahead, Taehyungi. I’ll go after you.”

Taehyung goes to wash up from a long day of rehearsal and then it’s just you and Jin.

“What’s the matter, Jagi?” Feigning ignorance as to what might have him so worked up.

Trying to regain some composure, he just comes right out and says, “Nothing, really.”

Bull shit, you think to yourself.

“What were you thinking about when you were doing that?” He pulls you close to him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jagi.” You can’t help but smile at your blatant lie.

“You know…” He grabs your hand and slips your finger into his mouth. “That thing you were doing when I walked in.”

“Oh, this?” You take his hand and slip it into your jeans directly over your pussy and start slowly rubbing yourself with his hand. “I was thinking about your body. About when your on top of me, in me, pleasing me…” You smile and bite your lip while staring at him. He bites his lip and blushes hard.

“Yah! Not here!” He tries whispering to offer some kind of voice control, but inevitably fails. “Taehyungi will be out here soon.”

“Let him see,” you tease. Then you actually start thinking about it and stop. What if he didn’t just watch? You start getting wetter and Jin could feel it.

“What are you imagining, Love?”

In your cutest, most irresistible voice you answer, “Jagi, I want Tae to join us.”

“Mwo??” Apparently Taehyung was done with his shower, clad only in his favorite basketball shorts he liked to wear to bed. “What did you say, Noona?” He looked genuinely surprised.

Jin looks at you. “Is that really what you want, (y/n)-ah?”

“Chebal?” You look up at him with the widest eyes and the cutest face you can muster.

They look at each other for a while, then Jin turns back to you. “Okay, Love.”

“But don’t blame us if you can’t handle it.” Taehyung smiles at you mischievously.

Jin goes and takes a quick shower. While he’s gone, Taehyung walks up to you, puts one hand at the nape of your neck and the other on your waist and bites you. You squirm as you feel him kiss and bite your neck, but he’s so strong you can’t wriggle away. Not that you want to.

He licks up your neck and whispers in your ear, “Are you sure you can handle both of us?” He pulls back just enough to look at you, his face thoroughly riddled with devilish lust. Satisfied in seeing you bite your lip, he resumes biting your neck and reaches up under your hoodie, running his fingers lightly over your bare skin.

Jin walks out of the bathroom with just a light pink towel wrapped around his waist. Lowly around his waist. So low that you could tell it rested just above his member. No doubt in an attempt to draw in your attention and mess with you. You knew deep down he did actually have a problem with sharing. Especially when it came to sharing you. He might try to hide his jealousy tonight, but he wont likely let you forget who your man is. That sexy little stunt with the towel there? Yeah, he’s already started. Dinner was just going to have to wait.

The look in Jin’s eyes tonight was new for him. Usually you could tell he wanted you by the little things he would do, like blushing or biting his lip, but all in all he was still kind of shy and cute. Tonight there was an intense look of lust and the need to dominate your body. Probably the jealousy poking through. But God it’s hot.

Jin walks up to you, grabs your hand and pulls you close to him, wraps his arms around you and hugs you tight. His skin and hair were still wet from the shower but he felt and smelled amazing. He lifts up the hoodie, runs his hands up your back and unsnaps your bra. Tae goes into their room and pulls out two mattresses and lays them next to each other on the living room floor. Meanwhile Jin walks over to the couch and pulls you onto his lap. He presses his warm, soft, pouty lips against yours passionately then kisses down your neck, stopping at you collarbone. You can’t resist touching him. His chest is smooth and warm under your hands.

Suddenly you feel a second pair of hands on you, slipping around your waist from behind. You feel Tae’s hands work up your torso and tug on your bra. You take this opportunity to slip it off your shoulders underneath your hoodie and pull it out through your sleeve. Neither Jin nor Tae waste any time. As if planned they both bite and kiss your neck and reach up your hoodie to grope your newly exposed chest. They each slip two fingers in your mouth to moisten and then start rubbing and lightly pinching and pulling on your nipples. You bite your lip as your chest rises and falls with your quickening breath. The guys become impatient with the amount of clothes you still have on.

“Tell me, Noona,” Tae whispers in your ear, his deep voice making you shiver, as he slowly pulls your hoodie off, “are you wet yet?” Tae’s hands make their way lightly back down after taking it off of you, barely grazing your skin. They skim down your arms and linger on your breasts before heading for your waist. “Are we making you ache?” His warm breath danced across your skin sending chills down your body. Fact is, you’re drenched by now. But you’re going to try to hold onto whatever will you think you have left.

"You guys are going to have to do better than that.” You start grinding against Jin, “How easy did you think it was gonna be?”

Jin wraps his arms around you, pulls you up over his shoulder and smacks your ass before he lays you on a mattress.

"Taehyungi, go get a couple of ties.”

He leaves to do just that while Jin straddles you and starts kissing up your stomach towards your chest. You start to quiver and your breathing hitches. He starts teasing you with his tongue, swirling circles in between your breasts and popping one at a time in his mouth, swirling and flicking his tongue around your hardened nipples and sucking on them. Small sighs and moans escape your lips when your teeth aren’t abusing your bottom one.

"Mm,” an evil little grin spreads across his face, “I love the way your body responds to me. It’s so sexy.”

You pull off Jin’s towel and start massaging him. He moans into your chest as he starts to grow and stiffen at your touch.

Tae returns with the ties and kneels next to you. Your free hand wanders over to his leg and slips up under his shorts and you start to massage him, also. His eyes roll back and close, enjoying your hand on him, and you can feel him becoming hard in your hand. Jin lifts your legs to a bent position and starts pulling off your jeans leaving a trail of soft and slow kisses where the fabric used to be. Your legs begin to tremble at the desire building up within you.

"Look, Taehyungi,” he traces the patch of wetness on your panties, “I think our Princess wants us to satisfy her.” He bites your thigh causing your breathing to hitch again. “You want us to please you,” he crawls up to your face, hovering near your lips, “to fuck you, don’t you, (y/n)-ah?” He grins n sits up, leaving your mind reeling and heart racing from this newfound intensity.

Tae reaches between your thighs and hooks two fingers around the crotch of your lace panties. He then slips them between your lips and into your pussy to feel how wet you are for them. You close your eyes and let out a soft moan and immediately you can feel his eyes on your face.

"Mm,” he licks the fingers he just had inside you and smiles, “you taste so good, Noona.”

Jin crawls up between your thighs. “Or perhaps,” he lays between your legs so close to your swollen, throbbing core you can feel his breath on your skin, “my (y/n)-ah is being greedy and wants more?” Your brain is complete mush and your body has zero will of its own by this point. All you can do is groan and bite your lip in response.

"That’s a bad Princess. You shouldn’t be so greedy,” he smirks n bites your thigh, “we’re going to have to punish you now.” He pulls down your panties while Tae moves next to your head and blindfolds you and bites n sucks on your neck. Jin slips his tongue between your lips and slowly licks up toward your clit.

Your hands slide down to your legs and claw gently at them. Tae biting and sucking on your neck,… Jin between your thighs, licking you, tasting you,… It felt so good and it was so exciting you start moaning and breathing shakily.

"Princess, you won’t last very long if just this is making you moan already,” Jin licks his lips and smiles up at you.

He starts swirling circles around your clit then flicking it with his tongue while Tae hovers over you to suck and nibble on your chest, paying special attention to your nipples, ribs and collarbone. You moan a bit louder and reach up to feel Tae’s body. His muscles are firm but his skin is still soft and you find yourself running one of your hands all over from his face down to his chest and abs and finally landing on his dick again. It’s much closer to your face this time so you grab it and pull him even closer and slip him into your mouth and start sucking him.

He gasps and braces himself over you. Jin starts licking more vigorously and sucking on your clit, occasionally slipping his tongue inside you. This makes you arch your back and moan onto Tae’s dick making him moan as well. He pulls off the blindfold so he can lock eyes with you while he’s in your mouth.

You slide your other hand down to Jin and run your fingers through his hair, gripping it gently, moaning and squirming from the pleasure. He grabs your thighs and pins you in place. No reprieve from his tongue was to be had.

Your moans cause the guys to become flustered. Tae pulls out before you could drain him and he leans down and heatedly kisses you. Biting your lip, sloppily kissing, licking your lips to gain access and ultimately letting his tongue dance with yours.

They’re too hot and hungry for you and seem to know every inch of your body and its turn ons. You can’t take it anymore and your hands start grabbing and pulling at everything within reach. Jin’s hair, Tae’s body, the mattress… You let Jin know with a scream that you’re only seconds away and, cruelly enough, he stops only to slip his tongue inside your tight pussy, tasting you one more time.

He crawls up your body and French kisses you so you can taste yourself then bites your neck. Tae leans in and sucks on your nipple while reaching between your thighs and slipping a long, slender finger in and out of you. He adds another after a couple of minutes, and then a third. Ordinarily, this would’ve stretched you a bit, but you’re so turned on there’s no resistance. After a while of them teasing you, Jin blindfolds you and pins your wrists and you can feel Tae slide himself between your thighs. He hikes up your legs around his waist and grinds into your pelvis, his clothed hardness rubbing against you. You bite your lip.

"Take it off, Tae…,” you beg him.

"Is that any way to ask?” You can’t see, but you just know he’s got a cheeky grin plastered on his face. He stops grinding on you n starts rubbing your clit with one hand while Jin plays with your nipples.

"Tae…, Please take them off for me,” you manage between the moans and the squirming. “Noona needs to be fucked.”

"I don’t know, Princess,” Jin says, on your neck, “that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble if you keep talking like that.” Tae rubs your clit faster n runs his other hand softly down your thigh, tickling your skin. You moan louder and buck against him. He stops all together and puts on a condom. He doesn’t touch you again until Jin lets him.

"Jagi, pleeeease…”

He must’ve told Tae to go ahead because the next thing you know you feel his naked skin against yours and, at first, he slowly thrusts himself in your soaking wet core then powerfully slams into you, barely giving you time to adjust to his large, throbbing dick. You gasp and ball your hands up into fists. The feeling of your tight, dripping wet pussy surrounding his dick made him gasp and let out a deep, throaty moan.

Jin gets turned on by the sounds you both are making and the sight of Taehyung fucking you and starts making out with you… Swallowing your every moan and running his hands all over your body. Beads of sweat start to form on your forehead. Your wrists are still pinned but by Taehyung’s hands now. His thrusts keep switching from slow and sensual to hard and powerful leaving you both a gasping and moaning mess.

Suddenly he stops and gets off of you. You get frustrated at first, not knowing what’s going on. They both stand and help you up. Taehyung bends you over and pulls you by your hips and slams you back onto his dick, making him growl and you gasp.

Jin comes up next to you and pulls the blindfold off just to tie it around your wrists. He stands in front of you and strokes himself a couple of times before steadying himself with your shoulder and slipping his throbbing member into your mouth. Taehyung’s thrusting slows as you start sucking Jin.

"Y/n, …rub yourself for me,” you obediently reach down and do as Jin told you to.

Taehyung can feel you tighten around him as your pleasure intensifies causing him to bite his lip n let out a low moan. Jin slides his hands down and plays with your breasts that are bouncing around freely in time with Taehyung’s thrusting. He loves the feeling of your soft skin, the warm wetness of your mouth on him, the sound and feel of your moans, ever increasing in volume, sending vibrations up his dick. His breathing hitches and high pitched moans escape his lips.

There’s a tightening within your body as Tae’s found your spot and your moans become so much louder that you drown out Jin and Taehyung. You pull Jin out of your mouth and claw at his stomach.

"Faster, Tae,” you beg breathlessly, “please fuck me faster and harder, Tae.”

He licks his lips n bites the bottom one. “I guess I’ll give it to you,” he moans loudly, “but only ‘cause you feel so good,” and he does.

Seeing you so worked up is just so frikkin hot to Jin that he masturbates to seeing Taehyung fuck your brains out. Seeing every bead of sweat roll off your body, seeing your breasts bounce all over the place, seeing every lip-bite and expression of ecstasy that washes over your face and your desperation to get your release, he can barely contain himself.

You manage to get your hands free and you go back to rubbing your clit vigorously and you scream the closer you get to cumming. Taehyung goes as fast and hard as he can and suddenly your body erupts with heat and spasms of pleasure causing you to scream one loud, final time. He goes crazy feeling you tighten so much around him that he, too, climaxes. He keeps slowly thrusting afterward to ride it out with you and enjoy the feeling of you surrounding his over-sensitized dick.

You stand up slowly and turn to face him, biting his neck and kissing him breathlessly. He lays down on a mattress to rest n you crawl over to Jin.

He lays down next to you and you kneel between his legs, gently placing kisses about his thighs.

You do your best to please your man, especially since he agreed to share you with Taehyung tonight. He grips your hair as you suck as much as you comfortably can of him slowly, letting him enjoy your mouth and working the rest of him with your hand. A slow flick of your tongue against his slit allows you to taste his precum. The poor thing. He tries to watch you, he always loved to, but he couldn’t keep from closing his eyes and letting the pleasure wash over him.

You tease his head, swirling your tongue all around on it and sucking hard. His breathing quickens and he bites his lip, slightly smiling. Some of the time you let as much of him in as you can handle without choking, switching from sucking fast to slow. You slide him out of your mouth and kiss up his thighs. At first, he looks upset that you’ve stopped but he just watches you. Higher and higher you go until you get up to him, where you then lick and suck on his balls. Shallow breaths and quiet moans make their way to your ears. Painfully slowly you lick up his shaft and precede to suck his dick with all possible conviction. You put in all your effort to giving him what he needs the best you know how, speeding up your sucking, continuing your tongue tricks. His moans get louder, his breath quicker.

"Y/n-ah!” You look up to see him writhing, eyes closed, lip swollen from continuous biting. He is definitely close. Ordinarily you don’t do this but given the circumstances you change your mind for tonight. You let him finish in your mouth with a loud, high pitched moan, n swallow his hot release. His body is shaking after, but he sits up n kisses you.

The delicious mixture of sweat, primal desire, and dominance that filled the air was only made better by the sound of bodies colliding and the harmony of moans and sighs that came from everyone tonight. You look over to see Tae sleeping solid.

"I’m going to get a shower,” you whisper to Jin. You cover Tae with a blanket before going.

"Okay, Love.”

He waits until you’ve been in there a few minutes and goes in after you. Steam and the smell of strawberry shampoo fill the air. He enters the shower and promptly finds your lips with his own. His hands glide all over your wet skin stopping only to play with your breasts. A lot. Definitely a boob guy. He makes his way down your stomach around your waist. He runs his hands down your ass n lifts you up onto him. You wrap your legs around his waist and hold onto his shoulders. Jin slams you against the wall and bites your neck.

"You didn’t think I was going to let Taehyungi be the only one to take you, did you?”

"Were you jealous, Jagi? Seeing him fuck me like that? Hearing how good he made me feel,” you tease as you run your fingers through his hair.

"Would it make you happy if I said yes?” He pauses. “It did. I don’t want anyone else touching you, or you touching them. Let alone doing that …but I wanted you to be happy. Plus I enjoyed being able to see you experience pleasure from a different angle. You’re so sexy, Jagiya…” He kisses up your neck hungrily, then bites your lip softly. “I want you so bad, y/n.” He leans in to bite and suck on your neck.

"Then take me, Jagi. Be the one that touches me, that pleases me,” you drag your nails down his back. “Please me like only my man can.” Jin loves it when you talk to him like that.

His lips press against yours in a heated kiss, then travel down to your chest. He lightly runs his fingers from your knees up to your thighs where he grips hard, pulling you against him tightly. He starts grinding against you and only stops once he becomes hard against you, kissing you and sucking on your neck the whole time.

Jin’s hand slides down your inner thigh and starts rubbing your clit causing you to let out a soft moan and grind your hips against him, trying to get as much friction as you can. He stops rubbing you and slips two fingers inside you, feeling how wet you are for him. Jin adjusts himself at your entrance and slides in. You dig your nails into him and he waits, giving you time to adjust to his size. No matter what, he doesn’t like seeing you in pain.

Once Jin sees you’re comfortable, he starts slowly thrusting in and out of your warm, wet core. He grabs your ass n licks up your neck, speeding up his thrusting little by little. You take in your surroundings. The water from the shower hitting Jin’s skin. His hand moving from your ass to the wall, bracing himself as he fucks you harder and faster. His face showing you how good he’s feeling… his lips parted, pants and moans escaping them, his bottom one red and swollen from being bitten, eyes shut and focused, face flushed from the heat of the shower and his blood rushing. You lick his neck and tighten yourself around his dick, sending a shock through his system, his breathing hitches and he thrusts deeper, summoning a loud moan from your lips.

He quickly looks up at you, kisses you and continues thrusting deeper. It’s now your turn to be watched. He bites your lip kisses your neck, your shoulder and finally your bouncing chest. He bends down and sucks on your nipple, teething gently and swirling his tongue around it. You both let out a series of moans, increasing in volume and pitch the faster and harder he goes, until you both reach your climax. Jin holds you up against the wall a bit longer n you give him a huge hickey on his neck. You can feel his muscles shaking all over.

The two of you finish up your shower and walk out of the bathroom, naked, only to be greeted by the stares of some very amused and flustered hyungs seated in the living room…

Night Falls: Chapter 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 2,249


A/N: Another hand-written chapter. With TONS of backstory!

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

With a set jaw, Dean crosses the street, slamming the car door shut.

He just sits there, staring out the window as he shakes his head.

He finally gets a witness, and you refuse to help.

Sure, the sketch would be enough to get a warrant, but a sketch only goes so far in court, If he wanted to put Zazel away for good, and take Crowley down with him, he needed your help.

He slams his hand against the wheel.

“Damn it!” He yells, his anger reverberating through the empty car.

With a shake of his head, he puts the key in the ignition and starts the car, heading back to HQ with exactly what he had the day before–nothing.

You sit your tea down and switch on your tv, desperately trying to drown out your thoughts.

You had always wished something would happen and break up your mundane routine: sleep, work, exercise, the occasional date or night out with friends–which was far and in between now that you were the only single friend in your group–then back at it the next day.

You always loved crime show and movies and thought it would be exciting to be a detective; getting to chase down criminals, helping victims, coming into work never knowing what would be thrown at you that day.

But now you were a part of every crime movie you loved, and you just wanted out. You suddenly regretted always questioning your quiet life.

You wanted it, so you got it. Big time.

You shake your head and push yourself off the couch, needing to move.

You knew Agent Winchester was right; you had a chance to do something great for a lot of people. But no matter how boring your life was, you still wanted a chance to live it. You’d rather sit at a desk all day, working on spreadsheets, than going down in a hail of gunfire. No matter how climatic it was.

You just hoped that refusing to testify was enough to keep you safe.

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