walking with man who already new

When my mother first told me
that the land
that her own mother
and her mother’s mother before her
came from
was once far beneath the sea
I thought my ancestors
must have been mermaids
who loved the land 
enough to stay
so when men pushed the tides back
when they fought the ocean
for space
the first kings must have been surprised
to find people already living
in such a place
when my grandmother
(and her husband)
left the land beneath the sea
they shed tradition
like seal skin
taught my mother
(and her brother)
only the language of newer lands
said that in the new world
it’s better to learn to walk
as though a man
don’t dream of ocean breezes
and tales of nether lands
words from forgotten fairytales
fade like writing in the sand
but when I sleep
I see rippling seas 
and know I lie beneath them
there’s no longer fear
of unsteady feet
or shuddering lungs
it’s calm
and dark
under a filtered sun
so the question to which
I don’t really want to answer
is which do you think
is wiser and braver
loving something so much
that for which
you’d stand up and fight
or loving something else much more
that for which
you’d grab them and run
because you see
my ancestors were mermaids
who were loved by
the most terrible
—  From The Land Beneath Seas by Lady J

*** Last part ❤ It’s been a fun ride writing this story line. ***

You looked away from the tv as you heard gentle knocking at your door. It was Saturday and you had yet to make any friends so you weren’t sure who could be at your door. Already going on 3 months in Albuquerque, you still stayed to yourself. You went to work then came home Monday through Friday, only going out to get groceries on Saturdays.

You ran a hand through your hair, getting out of bed and walking through the house to the front door. Looking through the peephole, you saw a handsome, older gentleman standing on the other side. You smoothed your hair down and unlocked the door, keeping the chain secured. “Hi. Can I help you?” The man smiled warmly and nodded. “Uh yes actually. I’m new in the neighborhood and I was just walking my dog and noticed your all of your tires are flat. Is everything alright?” His accent caught you of guard for a moment until you realized what he said. “What?” “They’re all flat. I saw the ones on the left on my way to the park and then I saw the right ones on my way back. They’re all empty.”

You nodded, looking down and not seeing a dog. The man followed your eyes and smiled again. “I already took her back to the house.” You nodded again and smiled. “Oh ok. Well I’ll call a tow truck later on.” “Are you sure? I can try to change them for you or at least patch them up.” “No that’s alright.” He smiled again and nodded, suddenly wedging his foot into the gap in the door as you went to close it and throwing all his weight into it, the flimsy chain snapping at the force.

You gasped and tried to close the door but he was too strong and pushed his way into your house. You knew it was no use fighting him. He was too strong and he was already inside. You ran towards your room where you had the only gift from Chibs you had kept, the glock he’d gotten you for your birthday. You had almost made it into the bedroom when he caught you by the waist. You kicked and screamed but it was no use as he grabbed you by the hair and sent the side of your head flying into the wall, your body going limp in his arms.


“Chibs? Chibs!” The Scotsman sighed as he heard Juice outside his dorm door and stayed laying in bed, looking up at the fan as it went around. “What boy? Let an old man rest.” The door swung open anyways and he rolled his eyes. “Juicy, not now.” “Jimmy O'Phelan has Y/N.” Chibs sat up quickly, all traces of fatigue and boredom gone. “What the fuck are you talking about?” “We got new pictures.” Chibs grabbed the pictures that Juice was holding out to him and flipped through them, stopping on one of you asleep, what looked like carpet under your head and he realized you weren’t asleep, you were unconscious. Written at the bottom was a warning. ‘I’d say this is as close as I could get to her. It’d be a shame if something happened to her al,the way out here away from you’. He felt his pressure rise and his hands shake, an overwhelming sense of anger coming over him.

“Where is she?” “I don’t know for sure but I do know she’s in New Mexico, somewhere in Albuquerque. He might be there with her. We need to get to her before he takes her somewhere. Like Belfast.” Chibs stood, shoving passed Juice and walking out towards the bar area where Jax, Tig and Bobby were already talking about how they were going to get you back. They all looked in his direction as he appeared and Jax was the first to speak. “We’ll get her brother. I already have SAMTAZ on it.” “I’m going over.” No one argued with him, simply nodded. “We’re with you brother.” “I’m calling Fi.”


“Don’t you dare hurt that girl Jimmy!” “Don’t tell me what to do, aye Fiona?” The woman struggled to keep her mouth shut but her heart won over her brain and she continued to speak into the phone. “She doesn’t deserve this Jimmy. They’re not even together anymore. I ruined that. She’s lost all her friends, her family and her man. She’s just trying to live and build herself back up. Give her back to them. I understand you want to get at Filip and me for keeping contact but this poor girls had just about all she can handle. Promise me you won’t hurt her and you’ll give her back. I won’t call him again. I just wanted to see how he was but I’ll make that the last time. Just leave the lass alone. Promise me.”

He blew out an exasperated breath, his fingers on the bridge of his nose. “I never took her Fiona. I’ve just got her here. I sent those pictures to show Filip just how close I can get. I’ve made it clear that you two are not to speak but you both seem to not understand. When he sees how easy it would’ve been for me to end her, I think he’ll catch on. If I wanted to kill her I would’ve done it already. God knows it’s crossed my mind, put her out of her misery.” He mumbled the last part as he looked over at you in the other room, your wrists raw from you constantly trying to escape the rope binding you, your head hanging down as you slept. At first you’d tried everything but your motivation had quickly evaporated and now all you’d done for the last 2 days was sleep and stay in that chair or bed emotionless, thinking about Chibs and how you wished that you’d been more understanding. How you wished to see him one last time.

“Just leave her. I understand. I won’t be calling Filip anymore, I haven’t since that time that caused this mess. He called me today to ask what I knew but that’s it. I’ll cut ties. I’m yours, I know.” “Aye.” He nodded, more to himself and stood. “I’ll drop her off at the hospital, then I’m heading back home. Let this be a warning for you too yeah?”


A faint beeping and bright light in your face woke you from your deep sleep and you groaned, turning your face trying to get away from it. You heard the sound of leather moving beside you and tried to open your eyes, not sure what was going on. “Lass?” You’d recognize that voice anywhere. Your eyes fluttered open and shut again, the light even brighter. Chibs noticed and reached over, flipping the switch and shutting the lights off before looking down at you, your eyes back open.

“Chibs…” “Aye. It’s me sweetheart.” He reached down, taking your hand in his before pressing endless adoring kisses to the back of it. “I missed you.” They were 3 simple words but they were words he never thought he’d hear from you again. “I missed you too lass.” The smile that came to your face made his heart swell and he felt himself falling in love with you all over again. “I love you.” You stayed quiet for a moment, nodding and he pushed your hair out of your face. “I know. I know. I just needed to say it.” “I love you too.”

He stared at you, his blood pounding in his ears. “Just relax. We’ll talk when you’ve had time to think.” “I’ve been thinking for 3 months.” “You have a concussion.” “I love you.” He smiled and nodded. “Alright love. When you get out of here we’ll discuss it more.” You closed your eyes and squeezed his hand. You honestly hadn’t planned to ever see him again and you knew you’d have a lot to discuss before you were able to resume your life with him but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel right to have him back. You opened your eyes again and looked over at him. “Be here when I wake up?” He nodded and took a seat, your hand still grasped in his. “Nowhere else I’d rather be.”

The battle is over and Sherlock is at the end of his powers.
He is tired and exhausted from acting like the best man who is happy for his best friend.
Now, in the dark of the night where no one can see him, he can drop his mask.
He drops the mask and finally allows himself to cry.
It hurts but it also ease the unbearable pressure in his insides.
Sherlock walks through the dark lonely streets and the tears ran down his face and he feels numb.
Now, it’s final.
An era is over and a new one begins.
John doesn’t need him anymore.
He maybe said that nothing will change - but Sherlock knows better.
He can already imagine, how it will happen.
Less visits.
Less calls.
Less and less contact.
Until he’ll only be a ghost of the past for John.
Sherlock doesn’t know if he wants to experience this development.
But he knows for sure, that he doesn’t have to. There are enough ways out, right?
The tears dry on his face until he reaches Baker Street.
He’s relieved that he will be alone there for a while.
Thoughts and demons can be silenced.
He knows the methods for that very well.

Just a tsot mini-ficlet.

Imagine Deanna’s party

Your shawl hung from your shoulders as you uncomfortably pulled at the bottom of your navy blue dress. Rick had dragged you here, claiming that maybe you could help make the people less afraid of the man you loved. Some of the woman at the kitchen had already made comments about how the new group had a mysterious man in it, who talked to no one and hung to himself, for some reason they claimed he couldn’t be trusted and that he may be dangerous, seeing how he won’t surrender his crossbow. That was the last day you worked at the kitchen, you ended up punching the woman who said, “He was a man to be feared, and whoever loved him would be dead in a year.”

“Maggie, this is awful.” You hissed to your friend as you stood against the wall, watching the community members mingle among each other, as they drank more and more.

“You can not leave me here alone.” 

“You aren’t alone though, you have Glenn.” You smiled as you walked towards the drink section and stuck several beers into your purse, which you hid under your shawl.

“And I…” You continued as you hid the purse again, “have an anti-social boyfriend who won’t step foot in this silly, stuck up party.”

“Well at least she can’t say you didn’t come.” Maggie smiled as you spotted a old can of moonshine. 

“And with this, I’m off.” You grabbed the mason jar and snuck out the door

You saw Daryl walk out of the house of Arron and Eric as you walked out the door, and ran down the stairs, “DIXON!” you shouted causing him to stop in his tracks, you could see a bottle of wine in his hand as he did. 

“What are you wearing?” He asked, causing you to look at the dress and shawl you had just thrown on

You grabbed his hand and started walking away, “I unfortunately had to dress up and represent the Daryl Dixon, which I must say, didn’t work as well as Rick hoped. Turns out the moment I said the line, Oh no, I am not married to Rick, I am actually dating Daryl, People seemed to run away a bit. But I stole some beer, and this.” You held up the mason jar and showed him the clear contents inside.

“I’m sorry, but turns out I do have a job now. I asked Arron for the wine so we could celebrate, figured the party wasn’t your thing.”

“Well spill it. What dream job did you get?” You slipped the moonshine carefully back into your bag, before taking his hand again.

“I am going to do recruiting with Arron, and so are you.”

“What?” You stopped, as he turned to look at you, “After your little “Outburst” as Deanna likes to put it, she was gonna kick you out, Aaron stopped her though saying you were the only way I would accept the job. So he told her he would hire us both, have us work as a team, with Him and Eric.” 

“Wow, Daryl Dixon making friends with the neighbors.” You smiled as he looped an arm around your waist.

“I’m tryin for you.” 

“Daryl, I love the anti social you, so if you only want to befriend them, and no one else in this silly town you have my blessing.” 

“Ok, well I think I wanna crack into these goods we got, and maybe get you out of these stupid clothes. Makes ya look like a…”

“Stuck up snob.” You whispered as you started walking past him again, dragging him to your side.

“By the way, Aaron and Eric, make a mean Spaghetti, and I told him that he could invite us over for dinner whenever while I work on my bike.”

“He got you a bike?”

“I think I actually might like this place babe.” 

“I’m glad.” You squeezed his hand as you found your front door, and pushed it open, ready to get good and drunk with the outcast you loved.

New girl - CLOSED RP


   The first day of school was always nerve wracking, both for students and parents alike. Sally had gone in quietly with her father, who walked her to class and helped her get settled with her cubby and her desk, helping her put things away. The man kissed his daughter’s head, signing to her and talking with the teacher briefly before he left.

Sally sat quietly, looking around as the other kids came in. They all seemed more adjusted already. Being 3rd graders, they already knew the school and each other. Sally was new though, she didn’t know anyone except the teacher who she met over the summer.

Remember the young man from last week who said he wanted to interview the Director of NASA? Well his name is Max, he just filed his report, and there are already murmurs about a Pulitzer. After an intense bidding war with all the major media organizations around the world, HONY narrowly edged out the New York Times to secure the rights to the story:

“It all started when I was walking with my dad down a street in midtown. A man, Brandon (an amazing photographer) met me, took our picture and I told him what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be a reporter and that my dream would be to interview the head of NASA. And then NASA responded, how amazing is that? NASA then invited me to interview the administrator today and I learned so much but I’m going to focus on a few things. First of all, I learned that in 2030 we will be on mars! Next, Administrator Bolden (a very nice man) told me that 90% of the film “The Martian“ is real except the size of the dust storm because the atmosphere is too dense. After the interview, we went to the NASA Headquarters Space Operations Center, where I watched the sunrise live from the space station – they see it 16 times a day. I had so much fun and I hope one day that I’ll be able to work for the news again.”

– Max


Woven: Wait For Me - Chapter 21

WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MJ stretches on the sofa, reaching out for Peter who slept beside her last night. When she isn’t met with his body, she opens her eyes, the sun shining brightly in the spot where he isn’t lying anymore. Her heart sinks, knowing he’s probably out patrolling, keeping New York safe from the terrors that linger. It’s something she has to get used to, but she already misses him.

“Morning, beautiful.”

She sits up and sees Peter walking back into the living room with the morning paper, and her stomach eases its tension at the sight of him.

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Woobin already noticed her panicked expression but he couldn’t explain why. He was sure he saw that man walking towards them before but he couldn’t tell who it exactly was, then he assumed that maybe he was her crush but she would definitely tell him if she liked someone, they were friends after all.

The girl’s grip on his shirt seemed a bit desperate but somehow her whisper made him shiver on his warm summer day.

Her sudden demand was confusing him but he decided to keep the questions for later, after he would kiss her. So he immediately put his one hand on her side neck and the other and her waist to pull her closer and pressed his lips against hers.

He glanced over to the young man who stopped walking after seeing them kiss. He lifted an eyebrow like he was tying to tell the other male to back off.

Yoona felt relief washing through her body once he kissed her, grateful that he reacted that quickly without asking any more. As they pulled away she too glanced at the male in front of them, who had stopped walking and seemed more than uncomfortable having seen this and the look he had received from Woobin.

And then, after painful minutes, he finally turned around and left. Yoona let out a happy sigh and leaned against her friend, grinning a little.

“Oh god, thank you…having to talk to him is not something I’m ready for, not at all. I owe you one, Woobin.”