walking wall of words

Someday I’ll draw this but it’s all words for now.

So last weekend, I went to this nice hotel with my friends and the nieces for brunch. In the lobby in front of the restaurant, there was this huge divider wall that was used to section off restroom area.

My Aunt Self decided it was a good idea to hide behind the wall and pop out to peek-a-boo with the nieces as we usually do when at home. So I went and hid behind that wall.

I did not know that when I hid behind the wall. My nieces got distracted by the sofa set in the lobby and ran away from the wall to see it.

So when I popped out from behind to wall, I did not get to peek-a-boo my nieces.

But I sure startled that tall, blond guy who was just walking around the wall to get to the restroom.


the real question: who wrote the message

You Saved Me - Part 3

Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: There will be one more chapter after this one :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,849

Warnings: Just some language in this chapter I believe. Nothing else to really warn you all about.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)

You lifted the shirt you were wearing to expose your discreet little bump and watched as the nurse sat by the machine applied a clear liquid over it. Your nerves were consuming you already and nothing had even been done yet.

“There’s no need to worry Miss [l/n].” The young female must have noticed your unease and as she placed the scanning equipment onto your stomach she offered you a reassuring smile. “I will locate the heartbeat first and then once I have it I will be able to show you your beautiful baby.”

This was supposed to be a happy occasion, one where your smile would stretch from one ear to the other, and yet you were far from a smile…..you were excited to see the baby growing inside of you but the man who had helped you to create such a beautiful thing was nowhere to be seen. He hadn’t uttered a single word to you since that day in your apartment, not that you could blame him, to him everything had been a lie.

“Here we go…” As your thoughts started to head down a negative path you were brought back to reality by the sound of something beating incredibly fast. “….hold on a moment…..”

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Pairing: Stiles x Younger Step-Sister Reader

Requested: Yes by @secretlydelightfulcreation

A/N: I’m so sorry about the long wait!

The loud music coming from your room was enough to cause Stiles to roll his eyes, his hands turned into fists and he banged on the door. “(Y/N),” He called but you ignored him. It wasn’t unusual for you not to reply to him, he knew that as well.

“Your mam and my dad are gone for the weekend,” He spoke through the door, you closed your eyes and rested your head against the fluffy pillow. Your anchor was gone for two full days, this was the first time that you spent this long without your mother; she was the person that helped you control your inner self.

“(Y/N), can you please stop pushing me away?” Your step-brother begged, you heard him leaning against the door, sighing into his hands. “I’m trying here; I’m trying so hard to connect with you for the sake of our parents.” He added, and you turned your back to the door; cuddling into the white pillow, tears streaming down your face.

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A Solavellan Drabble
Takes place during What Pride Has Wrought

One thing that still always blows me away is knowing that at some point, however brief, Solas decided to abandon his duty to be with Lavellan. Obviously he backed out, but I was thinking a lot about when and what that moment of truth happened in my canon, which led to this little drabble. 

She watches him as they make their way through the Temple’s entrance that has been all but claimed by the surrounding jungle. He had known of what to expect when the Inquisition had first become aware of the activity in the Arbor Wilds, had prepared himself for the inevitable. Mythal’s temple would merely be a shadow of what it once had been, like all the forgotten temples and ruins still remaining. 

Seeing it in person however, was another matter entirely.

“I am sorry, Solas.” She turns to him while The Iron Bull is busy clearing a path of rubble for them to proceed.

He pauses at her odd statement.

“What have you to be sorry about?”

“Ancient elves are your passion. To be in a place like this, and have no time to explore its memories in the fade? It must be quite a disappointment.”

“My attitude is in deference to the lives and people that once filled these temple walls, not to any lost opportunity for me to study them. I know our mission is to come first, Inquisitor.”

Her eyes meet his, before darting away to look at a piece of crumbled statue on the ground. She gives a little shrug. 

“It’s okay to be a little selfish about it. I know keepers that would sacrifice their first born to be where we are now.”  She exhales harshly, turning her head aside so all he sees is a flash of dark hair. “I just hope whatever Corypheus is doing here won’t do any further damage.”

“There is little more he could do that hasn’t already been turned to ashes several times over.”

“I suppose so.”

She reaches for his hand and gives him a gentle squeeze before moving ahead to direct the group deeper into the temple.

He mulls over her words as they walk past walls that once gleamed like diamonds, and now stood bare and eroded by time and the elements. He had been far more selfish than she knew. Selfish enough to think he could keep duty and love separate, instead of the opposing forces they were. The time was quickly reaching the point where one would have to come before the other.

He watches now as she puzzles over the altar, with words on the tip of his tongue. Yet he remains silent;  another truth held back, another secret hoarded that churns inside him so strongly he feels the weight of it could nearly crush him. Especially here of all places, where memories lurk behind every cracked ruin and faded mosaic. He had seen these rooms in all their grandeur and walked their floors to perform the very rituals that blocked their path forward.

So he sits, weary from battle as he leans his weight onto his staff in the dusty bones of his former world, and feigns ignorance to the witch’s baseless speculations next to him. He does not trust himself to speak from the grief that threatens to rise up his throat at any moment. He focuses his attention instead back to the Inquisitor, allowing her once more to act as his anchor to this world.

After several failed attempts, she stops and stares at the altar, finger counting a beat in the air. Something has clicked, and now her back straightens, her movements becoming almost dance like. 

He blinks; realizing it is a dance, however subtle. There are no dramatic whirls or flourishes, but a fluidity in her stance that speaks to a familiarity to the pattern as runes begin to activate after thousands of years of being inert. The dance is not flawless; and with each misstep the runes stutter and fade out, until she steps back and tries again. She repeats the pattern and adjusts; his heart beating rapidly against his chest as he recognizes what she has created. 

A medley of Ancient and Dalish; a combination of faithful contemplation and ritualistic dance that had been passed down to her through generations of elves that came before her. 

And it works. A connection from his world to hers; a small spark that still remained in this shattered temple. She glances over towards him, eyes bright and skin aglow from the light of the fully active runs.  

There was still hope, in these people.

Perhaps…he could be selfish.

What Do You Miss?

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Words: <550 

Warning: Fluff, the word porn

Originally posted by theultimatewalker

Sitting back against the wall, you hummed into the night. A familiar tune that you haven’t heard in so long, that you would kill to hear in a pair of headphones, blaring, destroying your eardrums like music was meant too. You waited for him to make his way into your room, long sleepless nights were easier when he would crawl his way into your bed and scare the monsters away, make you forget the menacing thoughts that plagued your mind every day. His company is what you craved. Having him there made you forget the hell that was beyond the walls.

“What are you thinking about?” His rushed raspy voice broke the night silence. You shook your head, the tune you hummed dropped off, “nothing important.” The blanket shifted and cool air hit your bare thighs, a shiver ran up your back, leaving goose bumps in its wake. “Sorry,” he mumbled. You hummed in response, the nightly silence came back, and all you could hear was both of yours breathing. His deep and gruff, your soft and shallow. Your breathing showed how opposite you both were.

If the world was not gone to shit and the dead were not walking around you probably wouldn’t have chosen a gruff man like him, you would have picked someone softer like you. But in this world, he was everything you needed, and he grew into everything you wanted. “You’re thinking hard about something Minnie,” that was your nickname, from when you were little. Your brother coined it and it stuck for a long time. You hadn’t told anyone but him, so he was the only one to use it. He only used in private, it your special thing.

You covered your burning cheeks, “It’s dumb,” you mumbled through your hands. He chuckled softly, his hands grabbing yours and prying them off your face. “I doubt that.” You nodded, “I miss music,” you whispered, “I miss blaring music in my headphones so loud my dad would yell at me for it being to loud.” You stopped and pondered for a moment, “I sometimes wonder what type of music would have came out if the world was normal.” He placed his arm around your shoulders pulling you close.

“I wasn’t a big music fan, but the music I did like was made back in the 80’s” he chuckled. You nodded next to him, “That was a good decade,” he looked at you funny. “You were in diapers in that decade,” you laughed at him, “That’s why it was a great decade.” You paused, looking at through the darkness picking out the smile he held. “I was born.” He couldn’t help but laugh at that. “What do you miss Daryl?” It was silent for a while, he was thinking hard about it. “Well I know what Merle would say,” you rolled your eyes, endless possibilities crossed your mind. “Porn,” you barked a hearty laugh. Daryl shushed you, “You’ll wake up everyone,” he laughed breathlessly. “I didn’t ask what Merle would miss, not surprised about that though,” you giggled. He quieted down, his breathing slowed. You thought he fell asleep until he took a deep breath and spoke softly. “I miss Sunday afternoons, driving down a dirt road in the hot Georgia sun.” You nodded, intertwining your fingers with his. “I miss those too,” it was silent and it stayed like until you both stirred as the early morning sun beams woke you both up.  

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Caffeine (pt 8)

Originally posted by jongdais

Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Smut/Fluff

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10

The smell of brewing coffee hit your nose, and you sighed, squeezing your eyes shut and pulling the covers around you tighter. The sunlight streaming in through the windows was much too bright, and you proceeded to bury your face into your pillow to hide from the morning. 

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little sebastian stan things

  • apologizes to doors
  • and fans for spontaneous pep talks
  • thinks astronauts are superheroes
  • duckfaces
  • skips leg day
  • hates wearing socks
  • prefers dogs
  • but loves scottish folds
  • is a monica fan
  • makes a daily list of what he’s thankful for 
  • sweats in the shape of a heart
  • calls fans ‘friends’
  • and quest bars ‘almost like cookies’
  • won’t even hurt a spider
  • pronounces memes ‘mee-mees’
  • doesn’t know what tsum tsums are
  • but pronounces them ‘seem-seems’
  • licks his lips when he’s nervous
  • knows the word ‘papi chulo’ 
  • walks into doors, walls, fridges..
  • waxes poetic about starbucks
Junhoe Smut


Member: Junhoe (obvi bc of the title)

A/N&Warning: Ok so someone askes for a Kinky Junhoe Smut, this is what I came up with. Daddy kink, hair pulling, ass slapping (idk if I need to say that, but might as well) And I think that’s it. Sorry if this sucks, I’m still new to smut writitng.

If you don’t like smut, don’t read this because it’s definitely smut.

Originally posted by ikonoteven

You were waiting impatiently in Junhoe’s room, waiting for him and his bandmates to return from the studio. You were wearing nothing but your underwear and one of Junhoe’s oversized shirts. You wrapped yourself in his blankets, the scent of his Old Spice body wash still lingering on them. You groaned wishing you had him there instead. You soon heard the door of the dorm open, the boys quietly walked to their rooms thinking you were asleep.

You rolled over, your back to the door, removing the blankets, hiking up the shirt a bit exposing your legs, just as Junhoe opened the door. You heard him chuckle a bit as he set his bags down then quickly changing. The bed sunk a bit as Junhoe climbed in next to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You turned around to face him as he let out a yawn. “Fun practice?” He smiled. “Of course, I love going over the same move 500 times until I wanna puke.” You laughed messing with his hair. “Sounds like you need to relax?” You bit your lip running your hands down his chest.

“Babe, I want to, but I’m just too tired. Not tonight.” He moved your hands and tried to go to sleep. “Please babe? I’ve been waiting all night.” You kissed his neck as you slid one hand down to the front of his shorts. Junhoe groaned moving away from your hand. “Y/n, I said no. No matter how many times you ask I’ll say no.” You rolled onto your back, thinking of how you could win him over and get what you want. It had been awhile since you two last had sex since he and the boys had been so busy with recording.

A smirk spread across your face as you thought of how to win over Junhoe. Sure he wouldn’t respond to just please, but you knew of another word which he could never resist. You leaned over and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Are you sure you don’t want to?” He looked at you through tired eyes, “No babe.” You leaned up kissing his neck, travelling to his ear. “Please daddy?” You whispered in his ear as your hand traveled back to his shorts. His eyes snapping open as he smirked at you. “What did you say?” You smirked as you rolled over, now straddling him. Your lips finding their way back to his neck, “Please daddy.” You softly bit his ear, his hands now traveling to your waist.

“You know what that word does to me.” He licked his lips as he pulled off your shirt, quickly switching places so you were under him. You began tugging at the hem of his shirt, but he grabbed both of your wrists pinning them above your head. “Not so fast princess.” He looked up at you smirking as he began kissing down your body. Slowly, starting with your neck, moving to your breasts. Taking his time with each of them, sucking, biting, then continuing on down your stomach, stopping about the waistband of your panties.

He ran his fingers up your cloth covered slit, earning a soft moan from you. “Fuck, your wet baby girl.” Before you could take another breath, he ripped your panties off, his tongue slowly circling your clit as he slid one finger between your folds. “Oh my god! Fuck!” He smiled up at you, quickening his pace while inserting a second finger. “How does that feel baby girl?” You tugged on his hair, arching your back. “So good daddy.” He continued, his fingers now curling, hitting your spot perfectly. His mouth sucking and biting at your clit. “I want you to moan for daddy.” He quickened his pace, a loud moan escaping your lips, your hands tugging his hair. You felt yourself reaching your peak. “Junhoe, I’m gonna cum.”

Normally he would’ve stopped, but he was in control and kept up his pace. His fingers and tongue not stopping, causing your breath to catch in your throat, your hands now pulling at the sheets, you felt your walls tightening around his fingers. “Junhoe, fuck!” Your breath now heavy as he pulled his fingers from your slit.

He looked at you smiling while licking his fingers clean. He grabbed your chin pulling your face to his, kissing you. You tongues tangling as you could still taste your juices in his mouth. He broke the kiss pulling of his shirt. You kissed down his body, leaving some love bites, stopping above the waistband of his shorts. You looked at him biting your lip, almost asking for permission. “You gonna be good to daddy?” “Mhm.” You shook your head, beginning to palm his erection through his shorts.  He let out a low groan as you pulled down his shorts along with his boxers. You took his length into your hand, slowly stoking it. “Shit. I want you to suck daddy’s cock baby.” You obeyed his request slowly bringing your lips to his head. You slowly slid more of him into your mouth, causing him to groan. You held his waist as you took all of him into your mouth, your gag reflex soon kicking in.

“Oh fuck!” He threw his head back grabbing fistfuls of your hair. You pulled your mouth off of him, but soon he forced your head back down his shaft. “Stick your tongue out.” You stuck your tongue out as he held your head in place, you began gagging. “Fuck baby, you’re so good to daddy.” He pulled you off, and you stoked him while wiping the saliva from your chin. “Again!” He pushed your head back on his length. “Take it deeper baby.” He pushed you as far you could go. He began thrusting in and out of your mouth, fists tight full of your hair. “Oh shit baby!” You winced at the pain from his grip on your hair, but ignored the pain. “Get up.” He pulled you off of him standing you up. His lips quickly crashing into yours. He grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling your head to one side as he bit and sucked at your neck. “What do you want next baby?” All you could do was moan at him kissing you. “I said-” “Ow!” He slapped your ass causing you to yelp. “What do you want next?” You were to distract from the sting of your ass check to answer. He quickly dropped on hand to your clit, his fingers circling it, making you lean into him, wanting him closer. “Tell daddy what you want.” You wrapped your hands around his neck, pulling yourself closer to his fingers. You bit down on his shoulder moaning. “I want-” His fingers moving faster. “Shit. I want you to fuck me daddy.”

“What was that?” His fingers now sliding across the length of your slit. “Please, daddy. I want you to fuck me.” Your fingers tangling in his hair as you moaned into his neck. “Please, I need you.” He pulled his fingers from you, putting them to your lips. “Suck.” You took his fingers in your mouth, sucking, tasting your juices once again. He reached over grabbing a condom from his dresser, ripping it open with his teeth and sliding it down his shaft. “Jump.” You jumped and he caught your legs, now walking you towards the wall. He pushed your back against the wall and teased your slit with his tip. “Oh fuck, don’t tease me.” You tried pushing yourself onto him but he would just pull away. “Say those words one more time for me baby girl. You pulled his hair, looking into his eyes. “Please daddy, fuck me.” With those words you saw his eyes fill with lust. He slammed into you without warning, causing you to moan so loud the other boys would hear, if they haven’t heard you two already.

“Shit baby you’re tight.” He didn’t bother to go slow or let you adjust, you were at his control. “Fuck Junhoe, harder.” You wrapped your arms around his neck resting your head on his shoulder, trying to catch your breath as his thrusting became harder and faster. “Are you close yet baby?” You shook your head not being able to form words. He pulled you from the wall, walking you both to his bed. He put you down, as gently as he could, not pulling his length from your heat. He put one of your legs on his shoulder, allowing him to thrust deeper. “Oh fu-” You covered your mouth, but he quickly pulled it away. “I want them to hear you scream for me.” He pinned your arms above your head while he quickened his pace. “Oh my god! Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” “That’s it baby.” He looked at you licking his lips, your walls tightening around his length. He kept thrusting and you rode out your orgasm, your breathing now heavy as his thrusts slowed down. “Shit baby, I want you to ride daddy now.” He pulled out, letting you position yourself on top of him. You slowly lowered yourself down onto him, both of you moaning out.

“Fuck, baby. If you do good, I’ll cum quick.” You smirked at him as you began to bounce up and down on his shaft. You tossed you head back as Junhoe’s hands squeezed your ass. “Fuck!” He slapped your ass, it stung but you didn’t mind. “Shit, I’m so close baby girl.” You rested your hands on his chest, helping to push yourself up and down faster. “Are you gonna cum?” He bit his lip shaking his head. You began to kiss at his neck, whispering in his ear. “I want you to cum for me daddy. Please. Can you do that?” His hands now gripping at your hips, surely there would be bruises there when you woke up. “Fuck, you want daddy to cum?” “Mhm.” You nibbled on his ear, knowing he was so close. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum baby!” His thrusts now the hardest they’ve been all night. “Shit!” With one last buck of his hips he had reached his peak. He wrapped his arms around your waist as he caught his breath coming down from his climax.
“Fuck baby. You were so good.” You rolled off of him so he could dispose of the condom. You pulled your underwear, threw on another one of Junhoe’s shirts, and collapsed onto the bed. He pulled his boxers back on and joined you. “You were right, I did need to relax a little after that long practice.”

He pulled you in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “Goodnight babe.” You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes. “Goodnight daddy.” He quickly looked down at you while you looked up at him smirking. “Don’t say that word if you aren’t ready for what comes with it.” “Oh I think I’m ready. Round 2?” He walked over to his dresser to grab a condom, then turned back to look at you.

“How about, we try this round in the shower?”

Five Times Chirrut walked into a Wall on Purpose +One (7435 words) by Mjazilem
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus
Characters: Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus
Additional Tags: young guardians, Guardians of the Whills, Blind Character, Disabled Character, 5+1 Things, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Fluff, Funny, Pre-Relationship, Pre-Canon

According to the novel ‘Guardians of the Whills’ by Greg Rucka Chirrut hasn’t accidentally walked into a wall on purpose in twenty years. So heres five times he walked into a wall on purpose and one time more than twenty years before when he hit a wall accidentally

The Devil You Know Part 39

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Torture.

The Devil You Know Part 39

Chapter 71

“Alright boys go fuck off so me and doll here can talk.” Negan said. The two saviors walked off and closed the door behind them. “So doll.” Negan lean up against the railing. “I’m going to fucken ask you one more fucken time, why did you attack Anthony for?”

“I told you Negan, I don’t know.” Melinda said.

“Don’t know? Really?” Negan said, letting out a sigh. “Did he start getting all touching touching with your fucken fine ass? Did he fucken threaten you not to say anything?”

“I told you, I don’t know why I attacked him.” Melinda said.

“Doll, if you fucken give me a justice reason why you fucken did it, I won’t need to punish you.” Negan said, leaning closer to her. “Please, just fucken tell me, was he getting fucken handies with you?”  

“Look Negan,” Melinda said, backing away from him. “You can ask me different ways but I’m still going to give you the same answer. I don’t know why I attacked him for. All I know is that I did. So if you need to punish me for it then stop talking about it and do it already.”

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I Promise (Part 2)

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You/Jay Park (Jaebum) Slight You/Kiseok (Family)

Word Count: 1.6K

|PART 1|

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slacktivities  asked:

have you gone through many dungeons yet in skyrim? which type is most interesting? [nord, dwemer, etc]

nord dungeons SUCK because whenever i go there they all look the same and my follower, marcurio, only has snarky things to say about it, plus al lthe draugr are JERKS and i hate dealing with them and they should stay dead

i like just random caves over ruins, i remember the very first cave i EVER explored had a power word on the wall and because i walked into the cave before doing any of the main story i thought i was dying or i got poisoned or it was fight music and i was really scared because my screen was flashing and i thought i might be having a hallucination at one point and i walked up to the wall and it was like WORD OF POWER GAINED and i had NO idea what was going on i almost cried :(


Dean Imagine- What You Don’t Know Will Anger You

A/N- Sorry guys, ive been setting up my phone all day :) Anyway, keep requesting, ill keep them coming :) This will probably be my last request tonight bc im getting up early in the morning for shopping, but ill more than likely write on the way to Vancouver :) 

            Running out of the way from covering Sam, the demon almost threw him down, but Dean got to him first. You felt so much guilt for what had happened in that house, you wanted to cry, but you knew it would do no good. Sitting on your bed silently, you fiddled with your hands, looking slightly passed them at the floor. A soft knock was on your door, then Sam’s figure walked in. “Do you want to run to get dinner with me?” Sam asked, worry and empathy in his eyes. “Uh, yeah… But Sam?” You stood, still looking down. “Yeah?” Sam turned to the door, holding the knob. “I’m sorry.” You said, letting out a sigh after the words fell from your lips. “It’s okay. I understand why you did it and I support your decision.” 


        “How long do you think it’ll take him to get over it?” You were watching the road outside of the windshield, the world passing by you at 60 mph. “He’ll just push it to the side and pretend it’s okay.” Sam tightened his lips, then released them. Unfortunately,  you knew he was right. Dean would be mad for a while, but you knew it would either make it worse or better if he knew you were pregnant..


       Standing in the kitchen, you were helping Sam chop veggies when Dean grunted. As you looked through the side of your eyes, you saw him shake his head at you, taking a drink of his beer. “How many is that?” You ask, not mocking or rude. “What’s it matter? You can just jump out of the way of it.” Dean rolled his eyes at you, his jaw clenching. “Really Dean?” You asked, squinting at him, more disappointed than mad. 

      “Well Sweetheart, maybe you shouldn’t be so selfish.” Dean smirked at himself, tilting his head. “Me? Selfish? This coming from the guy who only listened to his father so he could be seen as a better son!.” Slamming the knife you had been using as you felt their eyes on you. You hit a sensitive spot and you knew it. You knew it wasn’t true, but you were winning. 

      Raised eyebrows, Dean got up, getting in your face. “You don’t know shit about my father.” Emphasizing his words, Dean walked away, stomping out of the bunker. When you turned to Sam, his expression was full of shock. “Where’d that come from?” He asked, continuing to make dinner. “I don’t even know..” You said, your voice cracking as tears sprung to your eyes. 

     “Don’t cry…” Sam spoke nicely, his voice greeting. As he put the knife down, he walked over to you, embracing you in his arms. Tightly holding you, your arms were weak and found it challenging to wrap your arms around him and squeeze him the way you desired to. “Hey…” Sam said, holding your tear stained face up with his hand. “It’ll be okay…” 

        Scooping you up, Sam carried you through the maze of hallways in the bunker, laying you down slowly on the bed. As you climbed under the thick covers, Sam crawled in behind you, holding you tightly as you sobbed into his chest. Gripping his shirt, your body shook from the ache and guilt you felt of the hunt and hitting Dean with your words. 


     As your eyes open, you realise what woke you. There was screaming downstairs, the noise too muffled by the walls to make out clear words. Walking down the hall, you stopped where you could hear. 

    “I don’t care how upset she is! She’s not to sleep in your bed!” Dean’s voice echoed, as Sam let out a grunt. “Really? Because she sure as hell wasn’t sleeping next to you. You were gone and she was upset. She needed it! She needed you and you weren’t here!” Sam’s voice over powered Dean’s, as he sounded much angrier. “Don’t tell me what she needs.” Dean’s voice was to normal tone, as you heard footsteps coming your way.

     “He’s right Dean, I did need you. At this point, I don’t even know if I’ll stay. I might fucking leave if you blame what happened yesterday on me! I was thinking about the baby!” You were screaming at Dean, your face red and tears coming down your face. Before he could speak you stormed back to Sam’s room. 

     Sam’s POV

    “You knew about this?” Dean’s voice came out sharp at me. “Of course I did,” I began, shrugging. “She needed me.”       

Remember the smells in your nose.
Remember the smoke rising up from the ground,
Distorting your sight, and making you tear up.
Remember the lights, confusing everyone in the rat race.
Remember the heat.
Don’t ever forget the heat; bringing the lights to life, and the cloak of four in the morning warmth.
Remember the music, so sad.
Remember how you never could listen to happy notes;
They reminded you of something you didn’t have.

Remember sitting back down, going back to sleep, and not saying a word.

Remember waking up, walking into the hospital walls.
Remember the needles pricking at your skin, reminding you of your condition.
Not physical.
Remember that the needles are in your head.
Remember that most of the needles are made by your mind.

Remember your mind, warped by the smells, the smoke, the lights, the heat, and the music.

And don’t ever forget.


Request: Dean×angel!reader where the boys find her in action taking out a giant nest of vamps with headphones in singing eye of the tiger loudly, and once all the vamps are dead she greets/introduces herself covered in blood. Can you include Cas???

Characters: Dean x angel!reader

A/N: So here it is I hope you like it! I don’t know at sometimes I feel it’s a little rushed so let me know what you think I’m dying for some feedback! And don’t be afraid to request something!

You looked up at the large towering building that stood before you with a small smirk on your face, this was going to be fun.

You pulled out your ipod, or her ipod; it used to belong to your vessel but hey she wasn’t using it. You stuck one ear bud into your ear and twirled the other one around your finger and spun your angel blade in your other hand as you scrolled through the music selection until finally settling on your go to hunting song: Eye of the Tiger.

Once you heard the unmistakable guitar you smiled and stuck the other ear bud in and slipped the ipod into your back pocket. You stretched a little bit before starting the timer on your watch and happily strolling into the giant death trap that was the vamps nest.

You pushed open the giant double doors loudly and wasted no time in cutting the first vamps head off, relying on your angel powers to easily send the blade through its neck. All the while mumbling along with the song “Risin’ up, back on the streets.”

Another vamp came rushing at you, you faked right before spinning left slicing his head off as he ran at you “Did my time took my chances.”

You swept your eyes around the room before clearing it and loudly skipping up the steps figuring that your presence has long been known “Went the distance now I’m back on my feet” You continued slightly louder than before.

As you reached the top step a vamp suddenly sprang on you. You quickly threw the vamp off of you and slammed your blade into its abdomen before slicing off its head. “Just a man and his will to survive.”

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around your neck, you elbowed it in the stomach causing the vamp to jump back in pain giving you the perfect opportunity to spin around and slice off its head. “So many times it happened too fast.”

You spotted the last one on the floor looking at you with an angry glare causing you to smirk. You ran towards the vamp and with a simple slice of the blade he was dead on the floor. “You trade your passions for glory.”

You smiled and once again began walking up the stairs again still singing along to the song but this time with a rather loud voice. “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past you must fight just to keep them alive.”

This time when you reached the top step you delayed your last footstep causing the vamp to jump out prematurely giving you the perfect opportunity to slice its head off. “It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the will of the fight.”

Another vamp ran at you causing you to chuckle before quickly ending its life with a flick of your wrist “Risin up to the challenge of our rival.”

You quickly picked your next target and launched yourself in their direction effectively decapitating it.

“And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night.”

You looked at the last vamp and smiled knowing exactly what you were going to do. “And he’s watching us all with the eye!” You sang your voice volume increasing with each word until you were screaming. On the last word you cocked your arm back and released the knife sending it across the room right into the last vamps neck effectively pinning it to the wall.

You walked up to the last vamp and sang the last words right into its face “Of the tiger” Before ripping the blade out of its neck and finishing the job.

You smiled and stopped your watch timer pulling out one of your ear buds before jumping as you heard a deep voice from behind you “Y/N why would you throw your blade.”

You smiled as you knew to whom the voice belongs choosing to ignore his disappointed tone.

“a minute forty!” You exclaimed happily turning to face your brother as he frowned at you “It’s a new record a minute forty!”

Cas sighed and rolled his eyes “Y/N why would you throw the only thing that can kill you in the entire universe at a vampire?” You couldn’t help but notice that the corners of his mouth turned slightly upward at the mention of your new record, he could never stay mad at you.

“I don’t know I just thought I would mix things up.” You shrugged before finally turning your gaze to the two men standing behind him “As I see you have done as well.”

You held out your hand to introduce yourself “Y/N”

They both looked at you suspiciously causing you to look down at your hand only to see it was covered in blood. You smiled apologetically and went to wipe it on your shirt only to find it also covered in blood. Instead you whipped it on the back of your thigh, one of the only spots not covered in blood.

You held it back out to the boys as the shorter one accepted the handshake gladly.

“Dean” He introduced himself with a grin “So Eye of the Tiger?”

You grinned sheepishly as your cheeks tinted pink, one of the few human traits that you hated “Uh you heard that huh?”

“Oh don’t be embarrassed you have a beautiful voice and an excellent taste in music.” He grinned finding himself unable to keep his eyes off of you as you felt the same.

You hadn’t realized how much time had passed until you heard another person clear his throat. You spun around and quickly shook the taller man’s hand as he introduced himself to you as Sam, ignoring the daggers Cas was shooting in yours and Dean’s direction.

“a minute forty?” Dean asked drawing your attention back to him.

“How long it took me to clear the nest.” You answered simply shrugging causing Dean’s eyes to widen.

“Holy shit Y/N this nest is like three stories tall.” You only chuckled in response immediately finding yourself entranced in Dean.

“So would you care to join us for a drink…even though you won’t get drunk?” Dean asked adding the second part moments later causing you to laugh.

“I would love too, but I’ll need a change of clothes.” You looked down at your now completely red outfit in turn causing Dean to laugh.

“I think that can be arranged.” Dean extended his arm to you and began to escort you to his car only to be stopped by Cas putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Dean I need to speak with you.” Cas said in a not to friendly voice causing you to roll your eyes; you were the baby of the family, only a few thousand years old, which meant all of the other angels were a bit overprotective of you.

“Uh sure Cas.”Dean stuttered out surprised by his friend’s outburst.

You turned around and looked at Sam to see him extending his arm to you and leading you towards the car.

He popped open the trunk and began rummaging through the duffle bags. “So our supply of girl clothes are pretty limited so you can some of Dean’s clothes. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Sam added the last part mostly to himself yet you still heard him. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion but didn’t get to ask any questions as Sam handed you a large plaid shirt and sweat pants.

He turned around to give you some privacy and you quickly slipped on the clothes rolling up both the pant legs and sleeves as they were too long.

“well let’s get this-“ Dean’s voice was heard as he emerged around the impala only to stop mid-sentence when he saw you.

“Are those uh-“ Dean motioned towards you his cheeks tinting red slightly.

“Oh uh yeah. Sam gave me them I hope you don’t mind.” You offered a small smile and looked down at the ground.

“Not at all. In fact you look better in them than I do.” Dean grinned regaining his cool.

“Well that’s debatable.” You winked before turning around and bumping into a hard chest.

You looked up to see two blue eyes burning holes into your own. “Y/N be careful around Dean.” Cas warned you in your head so that the boys couldn’t hear.

“Aren’t I always” You replied in his head before sliding into the impala Cas right behind you.


You sat at a booth in the bar across from Sam and Dean as Cas had insisted that you sit next to him.

“So let me get this straight.” Dean said perfectly sober despite having had five drinks “you took down nine vamps by yourself in under two minutes.”

“What like it’s hard?” You grinned doing your best to contain your laughter.

Dean chuckled before offering a “You’re awesome” and taking a pull from his bottle “And this is empty.”

“oh don’t worry I got it.” You offered standing up and making your way to the bar.

You flagged down the bar tender and asked for four beers when you felt a hand tap your shoulder. You spun around to be met by bright green eyes, just not the green eyes you had hoped to see.

“I must say that is an interesting choice of clothing.” The stranger gestured towards you causing you to chuckle slightly.

“Uh-yeah mine were uh compromised, these were all I could get on short hand.” You answered not noticing that the man was slowly inching closer to you, something Dean and Cas had both caught.

“Are they your boyfriends?” He asked bluntly.

“No?” It came out as more of a question than an answer.

Without a moment of hesitation he pressed his lips to yours and grabbed your boob all in move causing you to squeal in surprise.

In a flash both Dean and Cas were on their feet and came storming towards you. Dean grabbed the guy’s shoulders and yanked him off of you as Cas cocked his arm and punched the guy in the face. In a matter of seconds Cas placed his hand on the now bleeding man’s forehead and they were gone leaving you and Dean in the bar.

“Are you ok?” Dean asked his voice filled with concern as he cupped your cheek in his hand.

“Yeah I’m fine it was just a kiss.” You brushed him off.

“Y/N he practically forced himself on to you.” Dean sighed.

“Yeah but you saved me, my knight in shining armor.” You grinned poking him in the side.

“That would make you my princess wouldn’t it?” Dean grinned.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” You hesitantly pressed your lips to his, only to find that Dean wasn’t having any of this gentle crap. He quickly deepened the kiss and pulled you closer to him.

“You hurt my sister and I will kill you.” You heard a deep voice deadpan from behind you causing you and Dean to jump back in surprise. You looked up at Cas to see him glaring at Dean, if looks could kill-

“Don’t worry, I don’t intend to.” Dean grinned not taking his eyes off of you. Cas nodded before slowly backing towards Sam giving you two some alone time.

“You know you’re pretty badass for a princess.” Dean teased as he took both your hands in his.

“Well we can’t always be damsels in distress.” You grinned before pressing your lips to his again.

“Works for me.” Dean mumbled against your lips causing you to grin. You knew that this was going to be a good hunt from the start but this was something else. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.