walking the roosters

  • Me walking up to Rooster Teeth: No no no nope nope nope hell no nopeity nope nope no.

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Friends that yoga together, stay together. 

Featuring @sob-wandoi as Ryan 

 Team Free Play was honestly the best part of RTX. Getting asked if we were “the Meg and Ryan from Twitter” after Mariel tweeted a picture with us became commonplace, and several guardians jokingly exclaimed “Meg and Ryan?!” which we responded to by looking in a rush and shouting apologies as we ran off to a panel we claimed we were late to. It was a blast.

Roosterteeth is in a new ballgame

I was watching Day 5 and I get to the opening credits and the “Roosterteeth Presents” came on and I was so taken aback cause I forgot what I was watching for a sec. It was so dramatic and serious. The thematic feel of this pilot was so on point and I thought I was on netflix or hbo watching the first ep of a network show and then BAM it hits me: Roosterteeth made this. Damn Roosterteeth. You’ve stepped it up *slow clap*

Going to Harlem EatUp​ this weekend? Take our Jacob Lawrence-inspired Harlem Walking Tour to learn about the places and people that were instrumental to Lawrence’s work. Lawrence attended art classes at this YMCA and had his first art show here in 1938.

It’s that time again!

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They say even Ramsey doesn’t know who his frontman is. Say he just turned up one night and told the FAHC to hire him. They say Ramsey found him as a kid and took him in, bent him, broke him, brainwashed into the perfect machine. Say he was head-hunted from Europe, offered a kings ransom to come to the States. Say he turned it down, demands his payment in favours and secrets, knows enough to bring the city to its knees.  

They say he’s got something on Burns, that he never waits for a meeting, walks right by the Rooster’s infamous security detail. They say the Roosters own him, that he owns the Roosters, he’s a secret plant, a government spy, the son of one of the founding fathers, an illegitimate prince.

They say his clever words hide in plain sight, fill you with desperate need, be it greed or lust or the thirst for power. Say pretty lies promise everything you desire, make you empty your pockets, your accounts, your magazine’s for a taste of fulfilment. They say he’s not involved in any of the grunt work, too concerned with expensive clothing and a delicate constitution to get his hands dirty. They say he gags at the sight of blood. They say he revels in it. They say the only time he truly smiles is when he’s got a knife in his hands.

They say he has his crew wrapped around his little finger, possessive and loyal, say even the Vagabond comes when he calls. They say looking at him wrong will bring the collective wrath of the FAHC down on you, with the rest of the Rooster’s not far behind. They say those who betray the FAHC will think death a salvation by the time he’s done.

When you meet him, cautious and cynical, knowing every story, every rumour, you realise none of it is true. The kid before you has all the right words, smooth and pleasant, but he’s not intimidating, not dangerous, nothing to be worried about. In reality the so called silver-tongued puppet master is nothing more than a pampered pet. So don’t take him seriously, no need to get concerned about the details or double check all the facts, ignore the way his grin grows sharper, tugs up into a smirk. A spoiled little brat like that, whats he going to do, talk you to death?

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So earlier today Norman Reedus posted a pic of a rooster on his Instagram .. Being team delusional I decided to look up the symbolism of a rooster 🐓

Heres what I found ..

In Christianity the rooster can represent resurrection !!

So what is Norman trying to tell us ?