walking stance


-“shrug” your shoulders very slightly. eventually it’ll feel nature if you keep at it. it makes your shoulders look bigger. Put your elbows on chair arms to do it while sitting

-clench your jaw a little bit. it sounds really weird but it’ll make you look like you have a more masculine jaw line

-walk with your stance every so slightly wider than usual. it’ll make your lips slightly less pronounced and make your shoulders look squarer

-Don’t move out of the way for people gracefully. not saying don’t move out of the way at all, but let yourself brush shoulders sometimes. You can also just be more spacious about it. And yes, in a crowded hallway you probably shouldn’t maneuver your way through.

-Be comfortable! I shit you not, this can be magic for passing. Be relax, act confident, and lean back and be comfortable. People see it as dominance and we subconsciously see dominance and our mind trails to masculinity

-when you sit in the floor, sit with your ass on the floor. Indian style or with your legs out works. Don’t sit on your legs or in that weird W shape (that’s bad for you anyway)

anyone feel free to add any other weird behavior passing tips you’ve discovered!

“You know I don’t care.”

It was a Friday night in November, and the Foxes were at an away game. They lost, 7-4. But it was against the Trojans, so they weren’t too upset.

At the end of the game, Kevin and Jeremy shook hands and gave each other a slap on the back, Dan got a bear-hug from the walking sunshine, and Jean shook Kevin’s hand, after a nod of acknowledgement was shared between him and Neil. Andrew stayed near the rear of the group, not caring for the contact or reassurance.

When they walked off the court, no one paid any attention to the people in the audience; they were loud, and a blur of faces and bodies. And so nobody noticed the woman with blonde hair sitting four rows back.

When the Foxes all got onto the bus and Wymack pulled away, none of them noticed the woman getting into the small silver car and following a few cars behind. Why would they? Lots of people were behind the bus, leaving the game and heading wherever they were heading.

A while later, the bus had gotten back to the stadium, and the Foxes were making their way across the car park towards Fox Tower. None of them had noticed the little silver car parked on the furthest corner, and nobody saw the small woman watching them.

Andrew and Neil were bringing up the rear of the group. Aaron and Nicky were in front of them, and Kevin was wedged between the two pairs. When Andrew followed Neil through the door, the woman got out of her car and made her way across the dark lot towards the Tower, then up the stairs where the Foxes’ voices were echoing in the stairwell. She didn’t notice Andrew and Neil heading up to the roof; they were practically silent. Insead, stopped on the second floor and pushed that door open. Most of the Foxes had gone into the girls’ room, and so the door wa ajar. The woman could hear Nickys voice, and so guessed everyone was in there.

She knocked on the slightly open door, and Nicky opened it to her, an easy grin on his face.

“Yeah can I help you?” he asked. The woman was blonde, her hair in ringlets and she had a very motherly air to her. Nicky didn’t sense anything off about her. Why would he?

“I know this is out of the blue,” she began. Her voice was warm and gentle, like cupcakes. “But I really need to see Andrew.”

Nicky’s grin faltered and his brow creased.

“You know Andrew?” he asked, slightly cautious now.

At that moment, Aaron walked towards the door. The woman gasped when she saw him and automatically reached towards him.

“Andrew, I -”

Aaron groaned.

“I’m so sorry about everything -”

“Wrong twin, lady,” Aaron grumbled as he walked out of the girls’ room and towards his which he shared with Matt.

Now Nicky and Kevin were both looking at the woman, and Dan was staying close to the door with Matt to listen.

“Uhm,” Nicky said. “Yeah that was the wrong twin. Andrew isn’t here.”
The woman frowned. “But there were two - both of them came up here. He must be here.”
“How do you know him?” Kevin asked before Nicky could reply. The woman lowered her gaze.

“I uh knew him when he was younger.”

This made Nicky and Kevin look at each other. Renee was peering over Allison’s shoulder from their place on the sofa.

“I think you should leave,” Kevin said slowly. “I know you haven’t said who you are and please don’t - we’re terrible at lying to Andrew. But if you’re who I think you are, you should leave before Andrew gets back.”

“Gets back?” the woman asked. “When will he be back?”

Aaron walked back to the girls’ dorm, a movie in his hand.

“Look,” the woman tried. “I know Andrew must have told you all sorts of stories about me and my husband and our son but I promise they’re not true.”

This got Aaron’s attention and he looked up at her.

“Wait,” he said to Nicky and Kevin who were both about to speak. He looked at the woman, took in her long hair, those dark eyes, that undeniable motherly air, her warm smell which was almost like cookies…

“Crap,” he said. Quickly, he looked down the hall, towards the stairwell. The woman followed his gaze.

“I have to see him,” she insisted. “I have to see my boy-”
“He isn’t your boy,” Aaron cut in sharply. “Now I want you to listen to me very carefully. Turn around, walk back out of here, get back in your car and go back to wherever it is you and your husband live. Get out of here before my brother gets back.”

“But I-”

At that moment, the stairwell door opened and two bodies walked through it. One was Neil, the other Andrew. Andrew was walking in front of Neil, but was walking backwards. HIs entire stance and step was laxidazy. He looked so relaxed. Neil was laughing, his voice echoing down the hallway.Even if the pair weren’t his favourite people, Aaron knew it was better for them not to see the woman - if she was who they thought she was, who knew what that pair would do if they saw her.

“I’m so sorry,” Aaron said loudly to cover the woman’s voice. “But Terry doesn’t live here. You must have the wrong bulding.” He turned to Nicky and Kevin, who were both still in the doorway. “I’ve never even heard of a Terry, have you?”

“No,” Nicky said.
Aaron turned back to the blonde woman, keeping the approaching pair in his peripheral vision. They were gettting closer. Andrew would turn around at any moment.

“So I trust you can make your own way back down, or would you like some help fidning your way?” Aaron asked. By now, Neil had noticed his tone and the woman and was looking between the pair, a confused look on his face.

The woman opened her outh and Nicky piped up.

“Neil, an I borrow your textbook?” he asked loudly, quickly pushing his way out the door and moving in front of the woman. Matt had caught on by now, and moved to stand in front of her too, just behind Nicky.

“Yeah,” the bulky man said. “And can I get some of your food?”

Aaron groaned. Neil looked at them all, perplexed. By now the pair had stoped outside their own dorm, and Andrew was turning. He glanced at Matt and Nicky, bored looking. But he heard Aaron groan and mutter, so he looked around them for his brother. Matt and Nicky tried to block his view, since Aaron was right beside the woman, but of course that only made him slightly interested.

“Just let me see him!” tthe woman said loudly.

Andrew froze.

Nicky and Matt winced.

Aaron’s heart skipped.

Neil loked to Andrew, instantly seeing the difference in him.

“‘Drew?” he asked quietly. But Andrew ignored him.

“Move,” the small blonde man said flatly. Nicky and Matt looked at each other, but  moved out of the way. The woman looked at Andrew, who was still frozen next to Neil.

“Andrew,” she sighed.Before anyone could stop her, she ha moved to just a few steps in front of Andrew. “Sweetheart…” She trailed off, and ran her hand through his blonde hair. “It’s so good to se you agian you have no idea.”

Anrew didn’t say  anything, didn’t move, didn’t do anything but stay pefectly still, his expression frozen as if he were concentrting really hard.

“I’m so sorry,” she began. “For everything. And for not belie-”

Andrew pulled away, his face contorting into a manic grin which made Kevin, Nicky, Matt and Aaron alll freeze.

“Oh Cass,” he said. Neil looked sharply at tthe woman, instantly at Andrew’s side instead of behind him. “You know I don’t care.”

She stared at him.

“But I-”
He pulled her hand from his hair, dropping it as if she had burned him.

“Get out,” he said, grin still in place. “Now.”
“Darling, I-”
“Don’t. I don’t care. I did, and look where it got me. You were never my mother, and you were never going to be. Now leave. Again. I never want to see you again.”

By now the woman was crying. Andrew leveled a glare on her.

“I hate you,” he said clearly. “Almost more than I hate him. You should remember I don’t repeat myself, so don’t make one of them have to show you the way  out.”

With that, he walked owards Aaron and Nicky, grabbing them both and Kevin, shoving them all roughly into the monsters’ dorm.

“Neil,” he called, his tone sarcastic and full of fake joy.

Neil followed him into the room, shutting the door behind him, bolting it after a second. By the time he turned back around, Andrew had sank onto the floor and pulled Aaron with him. He reached out, running his fingers through his twin’s hair, across his temple.

“Did she hurt you?” he wanted to know. Aaron shook his head.

“No,” he said. “She didn’t touch me.”
“That’s not what I asked,” Andrew said flatly. He was still grinning.

“She didn’t hurt me,” Aaron assured his twin. “I promise.”

Andrew nodded, hand still running over Aarons’ temple. No one in the room moved to separate them. Actually no one in the room moved at all. Nicky and Kevin were frozen in the corner, and Neil was still leaning against the locked door.

That night, the boys all fell asleep on the floor, Neil closest to Andrew, who was still curled up near his twin, back against one of the beanbags.

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I thought the sandy boys were armadillos??

like yeah there is a lot of convergent evolution between armadillos and pangolins, but armadillos actually have a proper shell made of dermal bone

whereas pangolins have discrete plates/spines/scales made of keratin (like our hair and nails) and in sandslash it is definitely more like that, plus sandslash has those two big diggy claws that are very pangolin. Also pangolins are more likely to exhibit bipedal stances and walking. 

Chestnaught is based on an extinct group of armadillos called glyptodonts though! 

Huntress- Part 10: Patience

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E10 so warning: SPOILERS

Part one
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Part three
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Part Nine

Sat at the table, lent back in your chair with your arms folded across your chest you pondered over the countless articles and documents Castiel had placed on the board. Uncle Dean stood in front of them, running a hand over his chin, while you scrolled through Google looking for more clues.

Your Dad walked in, surprised to see you awake. But, he didn’t question it and sat down next to you. “Sleep okay?” He asked, nudging you affectionately.
You nodded, adding a quiet “Yeah.”

“Got anything?” Your Dad asked, reluctantly tearing his attention away from you.
“Nope, I just don’t get how a chick can disappear…?”
“I think that’s what Cas was trying to find out.” Your Dad chuckled, subtly peering over your shoulder to read what was on your screen.
“Oh uh, Mom called.” Uncle Dean turned so his back was facing Cas’ research and sat down opposite the pair of you. “Said there was a Shifter case and she’d “got it” apparently”. He waved speech marks with his fingers as he spoke.
“Well, if she’s got it chances are she’s got it. Mom’s good you know.”
“She got back into it kinda quick don’t you think?” Uncle Dean sighed. You considered saying something witty, but decided against it and continued to watch them bicker.

“You still pissed about Cas?” Your Dad wondered, regretting the words as he spoke.

“Yeah okay, because when I hear cosmic consequences my first thought isn’t exactly rainbows. I’m just wondering if he did the right thing.”

You looked up for the first time “He did.” Uncle Dean looked a little taken back at your input.
“I did.” Castiel’s voice filled the room. “But more importantly, I’ve found something.”

“Got a lead on Kelly?” Your Dad wondered, relaxing in his stance.

“No. This is much more personal. Benjamin called out for help last night-“
“Good old angel radio.” Uncle Dean scoffed, earning a glare from you.

“-He was begging for help. I need to make sure he’s okay.” Cas finished, ignoring Uncle Dean’s remark.

“Okay,” Your Dad rose from his chair “We’ll help.”
“All of you?” Castiel aimed his question at Uncle Dean despite his choice of words.
“Yep,” You spoke for everyone “All three of us. Whether we like it or not.” You smiled sweetly at Uncle Dean, your expression full of satire.

The car journey was tense. Castiel sat in the back with you and Uncle Dean didn’t put his usual rock music on through the speakers. If anything, you were grateful to be able to listen to headphones without them on full volume, however you only had one in as not to miss anything interesting in conversation. Not that there was much of that going on at the time.

“Okay, can we please skip the silent treatment it’s getting ridiculous!?” Dad sighed, looking back and forth between the pair of three year olds in the car. Both of which said nothing.
“We’re gonna need a plan, any information would be nice.”
“Benjamin was careful, this is strange for them to be in need.”
“I guess they wouldn’t make  stupid choices with cosmic consequences huh?” Uncle Dean looked back and you’d just about had enough.
“ROAD.” You ordered, kicking the back of his chair.
He flinched, not having heard you shout before and cleared his throat, looking back on the road. “Don’t kick my Baby.” He frowned.
“Then keep your eyes on the road, funnily enough dying isn’t on the calendar for today.” You sassed.
Your Dad chuckled “I knew there was a reason I let you come.”

You sat in the car, unfortunately still too young to pass as an FBI agent. Instead, you put in both headphones and waited, loading and unloading your gun.
When they came back out Cas was ahead, your Dad and Uncle following on behind like dogs.
You swallowed, moving up so Cas could get in your side. He did, nodding as a small thank you but not speaking a word. “What’s happening?” You asked, fed up of no one clarifying anything.
“I know of an Angel who can help, Ishim. I’m meeting him. Alone.”

When you arrived at the Diner the four of you got out in silence.
“Ishim will be expecting me alone, you wait here.” Cas declared. You nodded, but your Uncle and Dad weren’t having it. “Excuse me?” Uncle Dean raised his eyebrows and tilted his head a little.
“He doesn’t have all that much tolerance for…humans.” Cas sighed. “I promised I’d come alone.”
“Then go, we’ll wait.” You say, ignoring your Uncle’s offended gaze.

“What?” You shrugged at them when Cas walked in.
“You’re just gonna let him go in there alone?” Uncle Dean scoffed.
“We just need to be patient, if he needs us he’ll say something. We know he will.” You assured him.
“Yeah,” Your Dad nodded “Y/N’s right. We can wait.”
“You can.” Uncle Dean took in a deep breath, preparing himself to move “I’m not.”

Immediately, your Dad followed after his brother, only you stayed behind, sticking by your idea that if Cas wanted you he’d say. You sighed, watching the cars go by in the window. Reflections made everything seem so much more surreal. Blurs of motion were interrupted when a woman with a dark trench coat, high pony tail and proud stance walked out. She glanced at you briefly, then looked at the Impala who you were leaning against. “Winchester?”
You nodded slowly before adding “Only half.”

“Hmm.” She hummed, as if trying to decipher you. Humans were nothing but a complex code of shades of grey amongst black and white to Angels.
“You don’t look like much of a threat.” She declared before moving on. Following after her, you caught up to her fast pace “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Younger primates are less worrying. More impressionable.” She stated.
“Thank you…?” You frowned, your eyebrows knitting together.
“You’re welcome.”

You turned the corner with her, chuckling “Mirabel, is it?” A voice sounded, instantly you turned on the spot and held out a gun.

Too late.

A woman with red hair and a sort of eyepatch on her left side dug a knife into the Angel’s chest. She lit up from inside like the start of a fire before collapsing. Her vessel nothing but that.

You looked at her in shock, then back up to the mysterious woman. “I have no interest in harming humans.” She held her hands out in front of herself, a peace offering perhaps.
“Me neither. But believe me I will.” You snarled.

“Mirabel!” A man with scruff tracing his jawline, a dark trench coat and a clear path in his mind raced towards the dead angel. He pushed you out of the way, but you were too confused at the absence of the lady who was just there to notice.
“What happened?” The man looked at you desperately. You opened your mouth to speak only to be silenced by the lady: she was back. “Ishim, right?” She tilted her head and held out a blade.
“Hey!” You shouted, trying to distract the woman. “Ishim” blocked and kicked her to the floor, they began fighting, but neither seemed interested in you.

You concentrated on Castiel, and closed your eyes ‘Cas’ you managed, hoping it’d be enough to get his attention. You couldn’t say much despite your abilities -not that you were keen to use them all that much- but talking to people in their heads was much easier if they were an Angel or another like yourself.

You heard footsteps, turned on your heels and saw Cas looking more worried than anything else. His blue eyes were surveying the situation, holding their gaze on yours to make sure you were okay before joining in the fight.

You stood back, not sure whether to draw a blade yourself or hold out your gun. Although, something told you she wouldn’t be too phased by either.
“Y/N!” Your Dad called, running next to your side.
“Hey, you okay?” He bent down slightly to be eye level with you and put a hand on your shoulder. You nodded blankly, watching the fight instead of his eyes. He sighed and got out his handgun, aiming it at the woman. Uncle Dean did the same.

“It won’t kill her.” You mumbled, you weren’t sure why, but you could just tell.
“What?” Your Uncle glanced at you briefly, not having heard you.
You realised if they put their guns down they’d probably join in the fight so you shook your head, sighed “never mind” and got out your own gun, cocking it and readying yourself to put your finger overt the trigger.

The woman held out her hand in front of herself, casting some sort of light, it was as bright as a thousand suns and forced you all to shield your eyes. Despite your tightly squeezed eyes and hands attempting to cast a shadow you could still feel the burning heat and blinding light.
The moment it went you opened your eyes and lowered your hand, expecting her to be stood victoriously. But she was driving away…she was running away.

You scowled at her before checking to see everyone was okay. Thankfully, no one seemed too wounded except for the Ishim guy who was hunched over, a deep wound on his side where the Angel blade had sliced his vessel through to him.

After staring up at the left over paintings in the Church you padded over to where your Dad and Uncle were sat opposite from Ishim. Cas was in the middle, looking between them nervously. You sat down next to Cas, offering a smile to which he returned gratefully.

You then waited for someone to say something. “Are the Winchester’s training up orphans now?” Ishim smirked, looking you up and down.
“That’s my daughter your talking about so I suggest you shut up.” Dad snapped.
Ishim squinted at you, trying to figure you out. “Interesting,” He spoke quietly, sitting up before adding more volume to his voice “Moving on, I believe we have much to discuss.” This was aimed directly at Cas.

“They stay,” Cas leaned forward “All of them.”

“Alright,” Ishim was offended but he didn’t show it “I just can’t believe that Lily’s still here.” 
The way he switched between tones of voice was unnerving.

“Wait, you know that lady?” Dad questioned curiously.

Cas and Ishim shared a look. 
“You’re sure about them all staying?” Ishim checked.
“I’m sure.”

The three of you listened intently as Cas spoke about the past. A Nephilim had come into being and Castiel, Ishim and some other Angels were sent on a mission to “take care of things”. You didn’t like the choice of the word “Care.” There was no care in killing. 

Ishim had gone alone after the Father Angel was dealt with. You didn’t trust that, however said nothing.

“So how come she’s still alive?” You asked, breaking the silence.

“A demonic pact I expect. She’s powerful, I know that much.” Ishim answered almost too easily.
“Ishim, let me tend to your wound.” Cas stood up, his trench coat brushing against your knee slightly. “That won’t be necessary. We need to go and see Lily.”

“Me and Sam’ll go.” Uncle Dean decided.
You frowned.
“No, it’s too dangerous. Me and Ishim will go-”
“Cas, man this chick doesn’t care about Humans. She’ll leave us alone, not you though.”
Cas sighed “Alright.”
You protested “If she doesn’t care about humans then why can’t I go?” 

Uncle Dean narrowed his eyes at you “Don’t you think you’ve gotten into enough situations, kid”
“Yeah but this way you guys can keep an eye on me or hold my hand if you get scared.”
“Y/N…” Your Dad gave you a disapproving look.
“So you’d rather leave me with an Angel we’ve just me in a vulnerable place with no signal?” You held your phone up with zero bars to prove a point. “Good choice.” 

“Fine. But you stay behind us at all times and do as we say.”
You smirked “Sure.”

“Who knows, we might even be able to talk her out of it.” Your Dad thought aloud.
“No, she has her mind set.” Cas immediately dismissed the suggestion.
“Her daughter was murdered. She wants revenge. She’s not going to listen to two strangers! Think about it, would you?”

Your Dad immediately looked at you, his eyes sad “I uh, “He cleared his throat “Guess not.”

“You’re sure this is the right address?” Uncle Dean asked, stepping out of the elevator. You waited for your Dad to do so also before following on.
“Well I checked with-”
“Yep.” You nodded, cutting your Dad off before he went on a rant. 
Uncle Dean chuckled “Thanks for saving me some brain cells, kid.”
“You’re welcome.” You giggled.

“How did you find me?!” Lily’s face was full of fright but confidence if it came to a fight.
“We don’t wanna hurt you.” Your Dad put his hands up, you and Uncle Dean copying after.

“I don’t wanna hurt you either.” She hesitated.

“Good, that’s good.” Dad looked at his brother for help.

“We wanted to say sorry about what happened to your family, it’s no one’s fault that heaven has these crazy rules on Nephilim-”
Nephilim?” lily echoed, her face scrunched up in confusion. “You think…?”

“My Daughter was human.”

Shocked, you looked between your Dad and Uncle, both looking as new to this information as you were. “Give us a minute.” Uncle Dean put an arm on his brothers and turned him around so the three of you were in some sort of huddle.
“You buying any of this?”
“Kinda.” You and your Dad nodded.
Uncle Dean attempted to call Cas only no one picked up. “No signal remember.” You noted, glancing at Lily who appeared to be becoming more and more irritated.
“She’s uh, well-” Uncle Dean was cut off by her.

She has no interest in hurting any humans and she can hear you.” Lily folded her arms over her chest, her hip sticking out to the side slightly.

“Sorry, you’re right.” Your Dad nodded.

Uncle Dean decided to go back over to confront Ishim, whereas your Dad offered to stay with Lily. You had very little choice and stayed with your Dad. 

Inside her room it was cold, but not freezing- bearable. Lily sat down on her bed, clutching a photo of her and her daughter. It was a daguerreotype, black and white with a sort of laminated finish to it. You didn’t have time to see the details as she held it close to herself, shutting out anyone else’s gazes.

You stood, waiting for someone to speak. “I get wanting revenge, I really do but uh…why wait so long?” 
Lily looked down “I had to. Before they lost their wings, Angels very rarely came down to Earth. There’s no way of going to them, you have to wait for them to come to you. But that’s okay, I learned to be patient. Patience is a talent.”
“Yeah,” Your Dad looked at you “I’m beginning to notice that.”

Oblivious to your Dad’s gaze, you looked about the room with your eyes, stopping to take in the occasional book title or piece of equipment.

“What deal did you make to become so powerful?” You asked, looking her in the eye.
“I paid the price,” She tapped her eyepatch “Every time I use Enochian magic a piece of my soul is destroyed. Eventually-”
“You won’t care about anything, feel anything or need anyone. You’ll be alone without emotion.” Your Dad seemed to be able to finish off the sentence a little too easily. You thought back to that Hunter’s funeral where you reunited with Mary, you’d heard a few rumours that your Dad had lost his soul…could it be true?

“If your brother confronts Ishim, he will kill him.” Lily changed topic, wanting to turn the attention to something or someone else.You dropped your previous thought and frowned.

That caught both of your attentions.

“And then you’ll help me. For which I can wait.” 

With your Dad in front of you and Lily taking the lead you made your way back to Cas and Ishim, determined to make sure Uncle Dean was okay. 
Dad glanced back at you worriedly. You didn’t notice and went straight over to Cas. Cas was hunched up, dried blood creating a frozen river along his face. “Cas, hey look at me. You okay?” You asked softly, gingerly putting a hand on his face. He was cold and lacking his Angel side. 

“Y/N, I need your blade.” He demanded, holding out his hand and reaching towards where your other hand was clutching the Angel blade. “No Cas, they’re handling it. You’re not strong enough.”
If anything that seemed to encourage him as he rose from his position, leaning slightly on you to lever himself up. “The blade.” He breathed.
You held it away from him “It’s not safe, I’ll take care of him.” You found yourself using that phrase you hated so much, cringing when you finished the sentence. “I’ll kill him.” You added, convincing yourself you were going through with it.

“No. It’s my faul. I need to be the one to do this,” He looked at you with desperate eyes “Please, Y/N.

You swallowed, looking over your shoulder to see Ishim still up and fighting- not showing signs of stopping, either.
Sighing, you held out the knife, the handle facing where he could grasp it. He did so without hesitation. “Thank you.” He nodded.

You watched as the Soldier marched towards his enemy. The blade stabbed through Ishim’s chest, burning his Grace and destroying him. Silence took over, Cas collapsed to the floor, his breaths heavy, and he looked up at lily. 

Your eyes watched in amazement as ashen scorch marks spread from the corpse like veins. They eventually stopped to form Angel wings either side of him. Clear indents and feathers were nothing but burnt marks on the cold floor. It was sad, but also beautiful. Perhaps this one got his wings after all.

“Food!” Your Uncle’s voice managed to sound loud even when you had headphones in. “Okay!” You called back, happy to finally be eating. You took out your headphones, putting them on your bedside table, before heading towards the kitchen.

Inches away from the entrance and you could already tell something was off. Their voices were more hushed and tension was thick in the air. You took in a deep breath, forcing yourself to keep going. Entering the kitchen just reinforced your suspicions. Instead of next to an empty seat, your Dad had sided with Uncle Dean, leaving you to have a seat opposite. Uncle Dean pushed your plate forward to insist that was where you sat. He offered you a smile none the less. “Eat up, kid.” He chuckled,but it wasn’t his usual cheeky tone. It was more forced.

It was burger and chips, ketchup on the side. You sat down, looking at them and back down to your food. They obviously had a lot of questions to ask you, since that wretched Mr K decided it would be fine to bring up Max. Those damn voice mails didn’t help your case either. But at least no one else knew about them…yet.

You sighed “I guess this is about what Mr K said…” 
“Y/N, sweetheart, we’re worried about you. I understand that you don’t know us well enough to recite your life story, but you do trust us…dont you?” Your Dad asked, leaning forward.
You nodded. He sighed.
Uncle Dean interrogated, eating a chip: “So who’s this Max, huh? The hell is he-”
She.” You snapped.
“Dean,” Your Dad shot his brother an angry look “Whoever she is, I just want you to know that you can tell me…us.” He frowned at Uncle Dean at his correction of “Us”.
“I know.” You looked at your food, picking at the chips.

“Would you be okay to tell us? To tell us anything? We’re not asking you to be mean, we’re really worried for you. I just want you to be okay.”

You took in a deep breath, running your hands through your hair and squeezing your eyes shut in a desperate attempt to stop yourself from crying. “Okay…” You started, your voice quivering.
Both of them slowly looked at you, waiting patiently for you to say something else.
I guess I just thought you knew already…but no one mentioned her when I first met you…So I guess Mum didn’t tell you about her.”
“Who…Max?” Your Dad tilted his head questioningly.
You nodded.
“Who was she?” He encouraged you to keep going, trying not to let his curiosity take over.

Your breath hitched in your throat and you looked him in the eye, another tear escaped, but this time you didn’t bother to wipe it away.

Your daughter.”


Part 11: Remember

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