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The dark filled all the room, and the fire died down, and the shadows were lost, and still they played on. And suddenly first one and then another began to sing as they played, deep-throated singing of the dwarves in the deep places of their ancient homes; and this is like a fragment of their song, if it can be like their song without their music.

As they sang the hobbit felt the love of beautiful things made by hands and by cunning and by magic moving through him, a fierce and a jealous love, the desire of the hearts of dwarves. Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.

Nerd weddings are the best

Seriously, you get:

  • A bride walking down the aisle to Lord of the Rings
  • The minister beginning with “Marriage is what brings us together today”
  • Readings from Neil Gaiman and Walt Whitman
  • Star Trek references in the vows
  • The bridal party exiting to the Star Wars theme
  • A playlist that includes more LoTR, the Cantina song, and the Firefly theme song

You also get amazing cake toppers like this

The realities of the world affected me as visions, and as visions only, while the wild ideas of the land of dreams became, in turn, not the material of my everyday existence, but in very deed that existence utterly and solely in itself.

Berenice, Edgar Allan Poe

Poe got me before I got me…

haim ‘something to tell you’

want you back  - this song is a passion of mine, i literally just can’t get enough. the power of danielle’s voice backed by her sisters strikes a chord in me. and I am in such awe at their musical ability, the way they can create great, classic songs ahead of their time. they create such authenticity rarely seen nowadays. plus, alana’s part is probably the most fun to sing and dance to in the car. (the music video is everything btw, at least half of its views are mine).

nothings wrong - this one sounds a lot more country, danielle reminds me of shania twain a lot so it fits. okay but holy FUCK this is a slow banger. the cut into the bridge makes me feel like im in interstellar. for some reason the whole song feels like a space themed movie to me, i love space. 

little of your love - i watch interviews where haim always say they want their songs to sound like the beginning of jurassic park, and although ive never truly seen that movie past like the age of 5, this one sounds like it. I love the part of the song where all that you can hear is a twangy guitar and danielle. also, when she shouts ‘ha!’ towards the end !!! I have such a straight crush on all three of the haim sisters but Danielle especially. where has this gone. 

ready for you - this one is so weird, it doesn’t even sound like danielle? is it not? anyways haim has a way of making me feel something. whenever I listen to them I feel like I have the same connection as lorde does to her own music, as she shows through her dancing. i am lorde dancing. there’s is such a weird group of people vocoded talking in your ear at one point in the song and it caught me so off guard but i kinda love it? and the song gets even better after that. 

something to tell you - this song belongs in anthony quintal’s ‘scream to the music bruh’ playlist, ive never actually listened to that playlist but i would put this song on it. CAUSE I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU. oohhhh fuck y’all, 3:03 is all i gotta say.

you never knew - a 70s summer love song, the twilight zone, the jetsons. a good song to lay in the sun with. 

kept me crying -  with the amount of effects on this song, you would think it would be distracting, all over the place, a mess. but i think its like ‘my song 5′ in that all the sounds work together to create something beautiful, which could be said about a lot of haim songs. woo, this guitar solo, i could bust!

found it in silence - this song goes from 90s broken computer noise (?) to ‘making my way downtown’ in the span of a few seconds. but I like the epic-ness, giving me lord of the rings realness. i wonder if their intention was to pair the meaning and title with this big, heavy production. there’s even a star-wars-light-saber-esque noise, how are these girls SO on brand with this space shit?

walking away - this song is so pink, so vulnerable, so britney without the rasp, mariah without the diva. not gonna lie i signed up for big brother live feeds during this song, but thats no reflection of how i feel about it, good song. 

right now - i live for the huge guitar part and the drums on the live version, which I can only hope they do at the denver show, oh the things i would do to see that live. 

night so long - haim are the queens of guitar effects. i just read the title of an article that said this album gives hope that rock has a future, and i love that, i love the idea of these three absolutely authentic, smart, funny, talented, sexy women being the forefront of some musical moment in history. this last song is slower, but i think it fits, its a peaceful ending.

i just want to say thank you, haim, your music is so fucking incredible and meaningful, ive said this a million times, but authentic. you’re talent is so impressive that i can only admire. haim has been an inspiration for me playing guitar, but also i get sad that ill never be as good as them. im all over the place but this record will stand alongside melodrama as a symbol of me as a person right now. this music could speak a thousand words for me. after all, i am a cancer and need an emotional outlet, and i guess music is it.

favorites: want you back, nothings wrong, kept me crying (i would list more but id pick all of them)

least favorites: none

Songs for Middle Earth Pt.1

So, I thought someone could like this. I honestly always need a music inspiration when writing or drawing and I have this list of songs I like to listen to when dealing with Middle Earth and its characters. Some may not fit 100% into Tolkien universe and others maybe reference to real world places, those tough are the one that I think could totally fit in a LOTR or Hobbit fanfiction. I want to share this list with you, hoping you’ll find it useful. Feel free to suggest titles in the comments if you know others, I will do a part 2 anyway (part 3 and 4 probably) and I’ll add your suggestions too. Feel also free to tag writers and artists who could be interest and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for the other parts :)

The Soul of a Hound - Hagalaz’ Runedance  

When I found you I wandered dreading for the day to come
Our years went past; your life went fast,
Forever you’re leaving me now

We are off to a great angsty start with this one. I think it would be perfect for a funeral, it’s basically a mourning song. The lyrics part is short and only at the beginning, the rest is chorus of female voices, a lament that I find really inspiring and 100% in line with Middle Earth.

Mordred’s Lullaby (TOL mix) - Heather Dale

Hush, child
The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep

This one actually reference to Arthurian legend, but the singer never references to any of the character so I think it could really fit in Middle Earth. It’s basically a creepy lullaby, I onestly love it so much and it’s pretty inspiring. I don’t know if there’s is an actual character that could fit the song because the lyrics are very specific. But I feel it have a dark elf feeling to it, I could totally imagine this sung by a Mirkwood elf.

Diese Kalte Nacht- Faun

öffne mir, lass mich hinein (Open up, let me inside)
dein Liebster steht im Mondenschein (Your lover stands in the moonlight)
diese Nacht ist so kalt (This night is so cold)
so öffne mir (so open up)
denn morgen wird’s zu spät sein (For tomorrow it’ll be too late )

I discovered this one long ago, the sounds are maybe a little too modern but with a stretch of the imagination it could really fit. Of course the whole song is in German so if you want to make a character speak German for whatever reason this one could be the right one, or with another little stretch of immagination, you can pretend it’s another Middle Earth’s foreign language.

The Parting Glass - Cara Dillon

Of all the money that e’er I had, I spent it in good company.
And of all the harm that e’er I’ve done, alas it was to none but me.
And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall.

Traditional parting song. This one is really fitting and I just love it, it’s perfect for a character that is leaving and salutes everyone else, or just as a song to sing at the end of a gathering. Being traditional, is been sung by other authors too if you’d like another version or another singer. (Here you can find some examples)

False, False - Cara Dillon

But I would climb a tree that is too high for me
Asking fruit where there weren’t any growing
I was lifting warm water from beneath the cold clay
And against the stream I was rowing

Oh, look, another angsty one. This reference to the end of a relationship. It’s sad and the music tears my heart apart, I also love the lyrics I posted up here, I think they perfectly convey the meaning of the song.

Firebird’s Child - S. J. Tucker

I am the firebird! 
I am his daughter! 
I am the firebird’s child! 
I am a firebird, the boldest song you’ve ever heard 

A fire dance song. This one is almost ritual, it’s perfect if you want someone to perform some kind of mystical (almost shamanic) ritual around the fire.

Brother Stand Beside Me - Heather Dale

Brother, stand beside me
Brother, lend your arm
The land below lies stricken
And this fight has nearly come
Let them sing our praises when we’ve gone

Oh, this is my favorite one. It’s a song before the battle and it can be sung by basically any character that goes into battle in both LOTR and The Hobbit. (Eowyn yall, this is Eowyn’s song 100% don’t  fight me on this!)

Adrift - Heather Dale

Lover, dear lover, I’ve had a fell dream
My mother’s adrift on the sea!
My brothers have left her alone in the gale -
There’s no one to save her but me.

Even tough the lyrics mention Oisín, which is the main character’s name of the legend the song talks about, it’s mentioned briefly and it could be easily changed with another name, a term of of endearment, or another word at your choice. Aside from that the song is beautiful and here you can find the summary of the original story.

Fisherman’s Boy - Heather Dale

Fisherman’s boy with a bucket of water
Goes walking each day on the shore
Looking in tide-pools and crannies
For fish that were stranded
Sure-handed he’d gather them all
Throwing them back to the ocean
Back to the living once more

Honestly I think this one would be perfect for just one character of whole Middle Earth and it’s Bard. Of course talks about a Fisherman’s son, the tune is pretty and the story is so cute. Here you can find the complete lyrics, go read them if you like Bard and want to awe for hours.

Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Hi guys!! Here is the new chapter of Fallen Stars! This one was really challenging. Writting Gollum was extremely hard and I hope that you will like the actions scenes!

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Elentári)

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Chapter 10: Goblin Town

Originally posted by caeldre

Elentári’s eyes fluttered open in the middle of the night. Thorin’s arms were still wrapped protectively around her but she was now facing away from the dwarf, her back pressed against his strong chest. Elen smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed as goosebumps ran down her arms and entire body when she felt Thorin’s warm breath over the skin of her neck. She felt warm but weirdly, the elleth couldn’t be at peace. She had the bad feeling that something might happen in this cave.

The Company was resting; all the dwarves were asleep but Elen couldn’t bring herself to go back to sleep. Elen watched the company sleep for a while but when her eyes stopped on Bilbo, the elleth frowned. The hobbit, only pretending to be asleep, stealthily opened his eyes and looked around. Elen closed her eyes pretending to be asleep and seeing that no one was watching, Bilbo quietly rolled up his blankets and packed his things. Grabbing his walking stick, he started to leave the cave, tiptoeing over the sleeping dwarves. Elen’s eyes shot open and she tried to move from Thorin’s grip to stop Bilbo but the dwarf tightened his arms around her. Elen looked back at him to see him awake and looking at her. Elen’s eyes widen but Thorin shook his head in disagreement. The elleth was ready to argue when Bofur’s voice broke the silence.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bofur asked, his voice low enough not to wake the others. Elen and Thorin, however, were close enough to hear.

“Back to Rivendell.” Elen heard Bilbo say.

“No, no, you can’t turn back now, you’re part of the Company. You’re one of us.” Bofur tried to convince the hobbit, his voice filled with fear for his poor friend.

“I’m not though, am I?” Bilbo answered almost sarcastically. “Thorin said I should never have come, and he was right. I’m not a Took, I’m a Baggins, I don’t know what I was thinking. I should never have run out my door.” Bilbo’s voice was sad and Elen couldn’t help but glare at Thorin. The dwarf was staring thoughtfully at the wall, not daring to look at the elleth, as he listened.

“You’re homesick; I understand.” Bofur tried again but Bilbo lost his temper, the frustration and concealed anger finally exploding.

“No, you don’t, you don’t understand! None of you do… You’re dwarves. You used to… to this life, to living on the road, never settling in one place, not belonging anywhere.” Bofur looked offended, and Bilbo felt suddenly repentant. Elen’s glare soften as she watched Thorin’s eyes filled with sorrow. The elleth sighed and placed her right hand on Thorin’s chest, right over his heart, trying to show him that she understood.

“I am sorry, I didn’t…” Bilbo tried to apologize to Bofur but stopped in the middle of his sentence, scared to worsen the situation. Thorin’s eyes briefly met Elen’s as he listened on.

“No, you’re right. We don’t belong anywhere. I wish you all the luck in the world. I really do.” Bofur said then the usually merry dwarf smiled sadly and placed his hand on Bilbo’s shoulder. Bilbo gave him a grateful smile and soon turned and began to walk away. However, Bofur’s voice stopped him before he could walk out of the cave.

“What’s that?” Bofur asked and Elen’s heart clenched in fear.

Something was glowing at Bilbo’s belt. The hobbit pulled his sword partway out of its sheath and saw that it was glowing bright blue. Bilbo remembered what Gandalf had told him about elvish blades, and he knew that Orcs were nearby. Thorin raised his head as he heard strange machinery noises and saw cracks form in the sand on the floor of the cave. Elen pushed herself up on her elbows and gasped.

“Wake up. Wake up!” Thorin shouted suddenly and Elen only had the time to grab her sword because before anyone could react, the floor of the cave collapsed downwards; the floor was in reality a giant trap door.

Thorin grabbed Elen in his arms once again and the entire Company fell down a chute, slid through a tunnel, and landed in a giant wooden cage. During the fall Elen couldn’t help but scream, as did the entire company. Her shoulder and abdomen hurt as she hit several rock walls but hopefully Thorin’s body somehow protected her enough. Nothing was broken.

The company landed on the hard floor of the wooden cage, Elen landing on Thorin’s chest with a hard thud. The elleth looked up but her breath caught in her throat, her face was an inch away from Thorin’s, their lips brushing as they tried to catch their breaths. Elen suddenly forgot where she was and what was happening, she was lost in Thorin’s beautiful and entrancing blue eyes. However, a horrible shriek snapped her out of her daze. As the company struggled to get up, a horde of goblins attacked them. Thorin pushed Elen up by her waist but it was already too late. The goblins were on them and took away their weapons, then dragged them all away.

“Don’t touch me!” Elen screamed as one of the goblins tried to grab her hair to pull her forward.

Elen punched the nasty creature in the face then kneed him in the stomach but another goblin hit her hard on the back on her head. Elen groaned in pain and was ready to kill the disgusting creature but didn’t have the time as Thorin punched the goblin away. The dwarf rushed at Elen’s side.

“Are you alright?” He asked but couldn’t reach her as another goblin dragged him away. They were outnumbered and Elen knew that she had to wait to be able to do something.

As the dwarves were led away kicking and yelling, Bilbo somehow got missed by the goblins. He crouched down in hope to be able to sneak away. The goblins, not seeing the hobbit, left him behind. However, Nori, looking over his shoulder, saw this happen. Bilbo scampered behind some railing to hide as he watched the goblins proceed through the tunnels. Bats flied in the darkness over Bilbo’s head and the tunnels were suddenly silent. Bilbo drew his sword, which was still glowing bright blue, and slowly followed the goblins. He needed to help the company. Even if he originally wanted to leave, he cared deeply for the merry troop of dwarves, he had to do something. Suddenly, a goblin jumped down in front of the hobbit and rushed at him with his sword. Bilbo tried his best to face the nasty creature but after a brief fight - in which Bilbo barely managed to keep himself alive - the goblin and Bilbo both fell over the edge of a platform and fell through the darkness.


“What is this horrible sound?!” Elentári said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The goblin horde brought the dwarves through a vast network of tunnels and wooden bridges to the throne room and platform of the Great Goblin King. Some sort of distorted music started to fill the place. The dwarves protested as they listened to the song, Elen trying to block the horrible sound by putting her hands over her ears. The Great Goblin King was a massive goblin sitting on a throne, holding a mace topped with a skull. He was far larger than any other goblin, and he was incredibly ugly, with warts all over his swinging chin. Elen gagged as she watched him and her eyes widen. As the distorted sounds started to get louder, Elen saw Bifur trying to block his ears with his hands as well. Bofur looked up at the different levels of the town, probably wondering how they’re going to escape. Thorin and Elen were just behind them.

As the Goblin King sat on his throne, the music started to get louder, and the Goblin King said; “I feel a song coming on!”

The dwarves watched helplessly as the huge goblin started to sing.

“Snip snap, the black crack

Grip, grab, pinch, and nab

Batter and beat

Milk ‘em, stammer and squeak!

Pound pound, far underground

Down, down, down in Goblin Town.”

Elen looked around her at the other dwarves, her eyes caught Bofur looking at her with a slightly scared look and Thorin quickly pulled her behind him, trying to hide her from the Goblin king. They arrived on the platform before the throne as the huge goblin kept singing. Thorin slipped his hand into Elen’s left one, needing a connection with his elleth. As if the simple gesture was enough to calm him down.

“With a swish and smack

And a whip and a crack

Everybody talks when they’re on our rack

Pound pound, far underground

Down, down, down in Goblin Town.”

The goblins around them sang along with their king, their nasty voices filling and echoing in the huge cave.

“Hammer and torch, get out your knockers and gongs

You won’t last long on the end of my prongs.”

The goblin king used his mace to impale one of his goblin subjects and whirled him around before throwing him above the company’s heads. Elen’s jaw dropped at how barbaric the entire scene was and she felt Fili and Kili squeeze her between their shoulders, shielding her as best as they could. Thorin’s hand squeezed her cold one and gritted his teeth.

“Clish, clash, crush and smash

Bang, break, shiver and shake

You can yell and yelp

But there ain’t no help

Pound pound, far underground

Down, down, down in Goblin Town.”

At the end of the song the Goblin Kind swirled around with his arms extended, the mace in his hand came dangerously close to everyone’s heads and the company had to duck to avoid being hit. The goblin then walked back to his throne and sat down, crushing some goblins to reach the throne. The dwarves glared at the King, Thorin and Kili trying to hide Elen behind them.  

“Catchy, isn’t it?” said the Goblin King. “It’s one of my own compositions.” Elen couldn’t understand why he was so proud of such a horrible song.

“That’s not a song, it’s an abomination!” Cried Balin from behind Elen and all the dwarves agreed loudly, the elleth nodding her head in agreement.

“Abominations, mutations, deviations…that all you’re gonna find down here.” The Goblin King replied, stepping forward. The dwarves’ weapons were then piled together by some goblins and the Goblin King jumped off his throne, trampling several goblins once again, and approached the Company.

“Who would be so bold as to come armed into my kingdom? Spies? Thieves? Assassins?” The huge goblin shrieked.

“Dwarves, Your Malevolence.” One of the goblins said, earning another shriek of surprise from the goblin king.

“Dwarves?” He asked, looking upon the Company with raised eyebrows.

“We found them on the front porch.” The same goblin explained.

“Well, don’t just stand there; search them! Every crack, every crevice.” The goblin king exclaimed and Elen’s eyes widen at the idea.

The goblins started to search the dwarves thoroughly, throwing away whatever they found. Even Oin’s hearing trumpet was thrown on the floor and crushed underfoot. Elen cursed at the goblin who was trying to search her but her voice died down when she heard one of the goblins emptying out a large bag of what appeared to be Elvish cutlery and candlesticks. The Goblin King examined a gold candelabra and turned it over; “Made in Rivendell?” He said.

“Bah… Second Age, couldn’t give it away!” He exclaimed, and tossed it aside.

Everyone turned to look at Nori, Elen shaking her head in disbelief. Nori had a guilty expression on his face as Dori turned to look at him.  

“Just a couple of keepsakes.” Nori explained, trying to defend himself.  

“What are you doing in these parts?” The Goblin King asked, his eyes landing in Elen but the elleth tried to hide behind Thorin’s back even more.  

“Don’t worry, lads… I’ll handle this.” Oin suddenly offered, catching the huge goblin’s attention. Elen sighed out in relief.  

“No tricks!” Said the Goblin King. “I want the truth! Warts and all!”

“You’re going to have to speak up.” Oin said. “Your boys have flattened my trumpet.”

“Oh, oh… Here we go.” Elen muttered as she watched the horrible face of the goblin king twist in anger.

“I’ll flatten more than your trumpet!” The Goblin King roared, and walked toward Oin but Bofur jumped forward and shouted to catch the goblin’s attention.

“If it’s more information you’re wanting, I’m the one you should speak to!” Bofur offered and the Goblin King paused. “We were on the road… Well, it’s not so much a road as a path… Actually, it’s not even that, come to think of it, it’s more like a track. Anyway, the point is we were on this road, like a path, like a track, and then we weren’t! Which is a problem, because we were supposed to be in Dunland last Tuesday.”  

The dwarves tried to add additional information before the Goblin King cut them off by shouting for them to shut up, the entire place shook and the Bofur stopped talking. Elen rolled her eyes but suddenly gulped when the nasty eyes of the Goblin King landed on her again, his attention shifting to what he thought he had seen a few seconds before.

“Well, well, well! Look at that, this one is not a dwarf.” He said with a twisted smile that made Elen’s stomach jump in disgust. “Bring her forward!” The goblin king ordered and suddenly two goblins grabbed Elen by her arms and tried to push her in front of the company. Thorin’s hand tightened around her own and pulled her to his side.

“No!” The elleth heard Kili shout and try to keep her by his side as well. Thorin punched one of the goblins but Elen grabbed his arm to stop him. The goblin king couldn’t recognize him. Elen glanced at Thorin, her eyes telling him to stop, that she could handle herself. Thorin reluctantly let go of her hand, his heart hurting as if Dain combat pork had run him over. The company kept protesting until Elen was pushed on her knees in front of the Goblin King.

“Well… Look at you, little delicate thing.” The horrible goblin said, his voice filled with amusement. “What are you doing with these dwarves?” He asked, looking down on the young elleth.

“None of your business, filth!” Elen hissed, pushing herself up to glare at the nasty goblin. He laughed at her, apparently amused by her reckless behavior.

“What are you? A very small elf?” The goblin king asked just inches away from Elen’s face.

“You shouldn’t step so close to me. The temptation to kill you is way too strong.” Elen said, smirking like the devil.

The company held their breaths as they watched the interaction then Elen looked up at the goblin revealing her eyes and her face in the dim light of the huge cave. The Goblin’s eyes widen as he recognized the elleth.

“Look who we have here! Elentári of the Lothlorien! Princess of the Lorien’s elves!” The goblins around the company shrieked and roared as the dwarves growled at the Goblin King.

Thorin watched in fear, he couldn’t let anything happen to her but he was stuck. If he moved to protect her and the goblin recognized him, the entire company could be in great danger. However, if he did nothing and his elleth got hurt because of him he would never forgive himself. Elen glared at the goblin, her eyes burning holes into the goblin’s nasty bulging eyes.

“Well done! You know who I am… Then you know you should release us if you value your life.” Elen said with an exaggerated smile on her features.

The Goblin King laughed darkly then grabbed her by the throat, pulling her in the air in front of him. Elen gasped, trying to free herself and control her temper. She couldn’t use her light in this place. The installations were too frail and precarious, she couldn’t take the risk to hurt the company by fighting with her powers.

“You are in no position to threaten me, she-elf!” The goblin roared and the company shouted and kicked at the goblins, trying to defend their elleth friend.

“Let her go!” Elen heard Kili and Fili shout.

“I’ll kill you if you hurt her!” Dwalin roared, pushing and fighting against the goblins.

The goblin king ignored the company and tightened his grip on Elen’s throat, making her gasp again as she tried to breathe. Thorin watched, screaming with the others. His heart stopped but his anger was suffocating. He wanted to kill that filthy goblin with his own bare hands. How dare he touch his One! How dare he hurt the woman he loved!

“Speak!” The Goblin shouted in Elen’s face but the elleth smirked, her face red and contorted in pain. She looked at the goblin with hate filled eyes then spit in his face. The goblin king closed his eyes and roared in anger. He threw Elen on the ground, the elleth trying to catch her breath, coughing and gripping her sour throat. “Well then, if they will not talk, we’ll make them squawk! Bring out the Mangler! Bring out the Bone Breaker! Start with the youngest and the she-elf!”

The Great Goblin pointed at Ori and two goblins grabbed Elen by her arms. Thorin’s heart hammered in his chest, he was living in a nightmare and suddenly, the dwarf king couldn’t take it anymore as one of the goblins hit Elen on the back of her head, and he stepped forward.

“Wait.” Thorin shouted and everyone quiet down. Thorin stepped past his friends, his eyes locked on Elen as he revealed himself. Elen’s eyes widen and she fought against the goblins holding her.

“Thorin! No!” She shouted but the dwarf king shook his head. His eyes looking back at her once more, sadness evident in his gaze.

“Well, well, well, look who it is. Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror; King under the Mountain.” The Great Goblin bowed exaggeratedly to Thorin and Elen felt her anger boil in her blood. “Oh, but I’m forgetting, you don’t have a mountain. And you’re not a king. Which makes you nobody, really.” The Goblin said, making fun of Thorin.

“Oh, and what does that make you, disgusting filth?! Thorin does not need a crown to be a king. He is our king!” Elen screamed, feeling the need to defend Thorin’s honor. The goblin king shouted for her to shut up but Thorin stepped forward again.

“Let her go. You have me, you don’t need her.” Thorin tried to reason with the goblin but the disgusting creature smirked devilishly.

“You care about her!” The nasty goblin laughed and Thorin glanced quickly at Elen but stayed silent. The elleth looked up at Thorin, watching his reaction. She couldn’t understand why he had not denied the goblin’s statement. Thorin couldn’t care about her, yet the memory of their almost kiss in Rivendell and the night she had spent in his arms haunted her thoughts.

“Then you will see her die first!” The goblin king said with a smirk as he saw Thorin’s eyes filled with anger and fear. “Before I trade you to someone else. I know someone who would pay a pretty price for your head. Just the head, nothing attached. Perhaps you know of whom I speak, an old enemy of yours. A Pale Orc astride a White Warg.” Thorin looked up in surprise and disbelief.

“Azog the Defiler was destroyed. He was slain in battle long ago.” Elen heard Thorin’s voice break at the end of his statement and she looked back at the company, her eyes meeting Balin’s in a worried look.

“So, you think his defiling days are done, do you?” The Great Goblin laughed, then turned to a tiny goblin sitting in a basket and holding a slate. Send word to the Pale Orc; tell him I have found his prize.” The tiny goblin wrote down the message on his slate; cackling, he then pulled a lever, causing his basket to start sliding down a system of ropes and pulleys into the darkness.


Bilbo slowly regained consciousness after his long fall with the goblin he was fighting. His eyes fluttered open to find himself in a dark cavern, lying behind a clump of mushrooms. His first thought was that these mushrooms were abnormally huge but then, his eyes landed on the goblin who attacked him lying nearby, nearly dead. Suddenly, Bilbo saw a strange figure approaching the goblin. Its eyes glowed in the dim light, its breath resonating against the damp rocks of the cavern, and his steps quietly disturbing the silence of the desert crevasse. Bilbo held his breath as he heard the creature speak for the first time, his voice high pitched and strangled.

“Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Gollum. Gollum.” The creature said, approaching the goblin.

Bilbo, out of sight behind the mushrooms, watched as Gollum circled around the goblin. Gollum then began pulling the goblin away by the feet. Bilbo wondered what he was doing when suddenly, the goblin woke up and began flailing around. In a fit of rage, Gollum grabbed a rock and pounded the goblin on the head with it, knocking it unconscious again. Bilbo watched in horror but what he didn’t see was a golden ring falling out of Gollum’s loincloth and hit the floor heavily. Gollum resumed pulling the unconscious goblin away, now content with his work.

“Nasty goblinses. Better than old bones, Precious; better than nothing.” Bilbo heard the creature say as he disappeared around the corner of the tunnel.

Bilbo, emerging from his hiding spot and retrieving his sword, decided to follow after Gollum. After all, he needed to find his way out of the cave to find the company. Bilbo advanced in the tunnel but by the light of his sword he saw something shine on the rock floor. The hobbit bent down with a frown and picked up a golden ring on the ground. As he examined it, Bilbo couldn’t help but think it was extremely beautiful. Even if it was rather odd to find a golden ring in the caves under Goblin Town…

Hearing Gollum singing in the distance, Bilbo put the Ring into his pocket and followed the sound of Gollum’s voice.

“Too many boneses, Precious! Nothing of flesh!” Bilbo heard the creature say, its voice sounding weirdly gentler as he spoke.

“Shut up! Get its skin off. Start with its head.” The voice suddenly said with a harsher tone. Then the gentler voice started to sing.

“The cold hard lands, they bites our hands, they gnaws our feet. The rocks and stones, they’re like old bones, all bare of meat. Cold as death, they have no breath, it’s good to eat!”

Rounding a corner, Bilbo saw Gollum silhouetted on top of a rock in the middle of a small lake. Gollum was singing as he beat the goblin’s body. He smashed it in the head again with a rock when it steered but the movement made him look up and see the glow of Bilbo’s sword. Bilbo quickly hid behind a rock, realizing that his sword was still glowing brightly.

However, the sword’s light started to flicker, then completely died out, signifying that the goblin was dead. Bilbo peeked out from behind the rock but was shocked to see that Gollum was no longer there. Gollum stealthily paddled through the lake in his little boat, using his hands as paddles and breathing in anticipation. Bilbo slowly looked up as he heard the creature’s breathing and found Gollum on a rock above him. Bilbo’s heart started to beat hard against his chest as he tried to stay calm. Gollum jumped down in front of Bilbo and the hobbit watched the creature in fear.

“Bless us and splash us, Precious! That’s a meaty mouthful.” The creature said as he approached Bilbo, but the hobbit placed the point of his sword on Gollum’s throat, causing the creature to retreat in fear.

“Aaahh. Gollum. Gollum. Ack” Gollum complained as he looked rather annoyed.

“Back. Stay back. I’m warning you, don’t come any closer.” Bilbo said, his voice waving with a mix of emotions as he got up and pointed his sword at the crouching creature.

“It’s got an elfish blade, but it’s not an Elfs. Not an Elfs, no. What is it, Precious? What is it?” Gollum shrieked out, observing Bilbo with huge eyes.

“My name is Bilbo Baggins.” Bilbo answered with an annoyed sigh.

“Bagginses? What is a Bagginses, Precious?” Gollum asked, looking Bilbo up and down.

“I’m a Hobbit from the Shire.” Bilbo answered, his sword falling to his side as he observed Gollum’s every move.

“Oh! We like Goblinses, batses, and fishes, but we hasn’t tried Hobbitses before. Is it soft? Is it juicy?” As Gollum approached again with threatening eyes, Bilbo held out his sword in front of him and wildly waved it about.

“Now, now, K… keep your distance! I’ll use this if I have to!” The hobbit said with apprehension. Gollum snarled at Bilbo, causing the hobbit to step back. “I don’t want any trouble, do you understand? Just show me the way to get out of here, and I’ll be on my way.” Bilbo tried to reason, desperate to join the company and help them.

“Why, is it lost?” Gollum asked, stepping behind a huge rock before Bilbo.

“Yes, yes, and I want to get unlost as soon as possible.” Said the poor hobbit.

Upon hearing this, Gollum answered in a different voice than before; Bilbo didn’t know it but this was his Smeagol personality speaking.

“Ooh! We knows! We knows safe paths for Hobbitses. Safe paths in the dark.”

The Gollum side suddenly took over the Smeagol side; this exchange of control between two personalities was really confusing for the poor lost hobbit. However, Bilbo soon understood what kind of sickness haunted this creature’s mind.  

“Shut up.” Gollum shouted suddenly in reaction of what Smeagol had said.

“I didn’t say anything.” Bilbo answered, confused.

“Wasn’t talking to you.” Gollum harshly said then hid behind the huge rock.

“But yes, we was, Precious, we was.” The gentler voice said, confusing Bilbo even more.

“Look, uh, I don’t know what your game is, but I…” Bilbo started but Gollum jumped out of his hiding spot and smiled suddenly in happiness.

“Games? We love games, doesn’t we, Precious? Does it like games? Does it? Does it? Does it like to play?” He asked, looking at Bilbo in hope.

“Maybe?” The hobbit answered, unsure. His answer apparently contenting Smeagol as he held up his hands, then began reciting a riddle.

“What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees. Up, up, up it goes, and yet, never grows.” Smeagol asked with a smile. Bilbo thought quickly but found it quite easy.

“…The mountain.” He answered and Smeagol began laughing uproariously.

“Yess, yess, oh, let’s have another one, eh? Yes, come on, do it again, do it… do it again. Ask us.” Bilbo watched as the creature’s eyes shifted suddenly, his face contorted in anger.

“No! No more riddles. Finish him off. Finish him now. Gollum! Gollum!” Gollum snarled, and began rushing at Bilbo to kill him, but hobbit held out his hand to stop him and began speaking.

“No! No, no, no. I wa… I want to play. I do. I want to play. I can see you are very good at this. S… so why don’t we have a game of riddles? Yes, just, just you and me.” Bilbo said in a gentle voice as he crouched until he was leveled with Gollum. Gollum scuttled forward, close to Bilbo, whispering excitedly.

“Yes! Yes, just, just… just us.”

“Yes. Yes. And… and if I win, you show me the way out.”

“Yes. Yes…” Gollum started but his eyes changed again as he took cover and snarled, turning away from Bilbo. Gollum’s two personalities started to talk to each other as Bilbo waited a bit confused.

“And if it loses? What then?” Gollum asked to himself.

“Well, if it loses, Precious, we will eats it!” Gollum laughed to himself, then turned back to Bilbo.

“If Baggins loses, we eats it whole.” Gollum said as a matter of fact then shrugged his shoulders. There was a pause for several seconds as Bilbo digested this new information. After all, he didn’t have the choice.

“Fair enough.” Bilbo finally agreed and stood up, putting his sword away as Gollum looked on interestedly.

“Well, Baggins first.” Gollum said with a devilish sparkle in his eyes.


Elen sighed as she watched dozens of goblins carry massive instruments of torture on their shoulders, bringing them to the Great Goblin. Meanwhile, the goblin king was dancing and singing lustily.

“Bones will be shattered, necks will be wrung! You’ll be beaten and battered, from racks you’ll be hung. You will lie down here and never be found, down in the deep of Goblin­town.”

“Is this one of your other ‘compositions’?” Elentári asked in disgust, the goblin king glaring at her.

“Talk when you still can, she-elf. Soon you’ll only be screaming and begging for me to end your miserable life!” The disgusting huge goblin said, smirking as he watched Thorin struggle to get closer to Elen.  

As Elen shouted insults in Sindarin – making the goblin king laugh - Grinnah, one of the goblins, was examining the weapons the dwarves brought with them. He picked up Thorin’s sword, Orcrist, and slid it a few inches out of its sheath. Recognizing the sword, he gasped in horror and threw down the sword. It landed in view of all the goblins and Elen raised an eyebrow in confusion. Recognizing it, the goblins howled in fear and rage as they retreated from it. The goblins holding Elen suddenly releasing her arms. The Great Goblin ran rapidly to his throne, trampling many goblins on his way. He spoke loudly, pointing at the sword.

“I know that sword! It is the Goblin­Cleaver, the Biter, the blade that sliced a thousand necks.” As he spoke, Grinnah and the rest of the Goblins began whipping the dwarves with ropes and leaping upon them, biting and slashing.

Elen shouted but the two goblins tried to grab her once again. She fought against the two nasty creatures as she tried to get to the company. The elleth suddenly roared, her eyes glowing with light and one of the goblins holding her was thrown in the hair with force, the other one releasing her in surprise. Elen turned around to see several goblins whipping Thorin, the dwarf’s face contorted in pain. The elleth couldn’t help but run at Thorin, the burning leather of the whip hitting her on the cheek as she threw herself at a kneeling Thorin, shielding him from the whips and from the pain. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and trying to protect her as well but suddenly, the elleth was thrown on the ground with force as she heard the goblin king scream.

“Slash them! Beat them! Kill them! Kill them all! Cut off his head!” The goblin king shouted and Elen’s heart stopped.

“No!” She screamed, her voice breaking as she saw some goblins holding Thorin down. Thorin’s eyes searched Elen, he needed to see her one last time, he needed to tell her. Tell her how much he loved her, how much he would have loved to show her Erebor and love her for the rest of his life. How much he wanted to make her his Queen. One of goblins pulled out his knife and prepared to behead Thorin. Elen got up ready to attack as she shouted, tears already falling down her cheeks. Then, suddenly, there was a massive explosion of bright light; the sound went muted in the cave as a shockwave ripped through the area, flinging goblins in the air and destroying the torturing machines. Everyone was knocked down, including the Great Goblin. When the force of the explosion had passed, most of the lights in the area had been snuffed out. In the background, a shadow with a tall pointy hat walked up. It was Gandalf, holding his staff and his sword, Glamdring.

Light slowly returned to the area as the goblins and the dwarves slowly looked up, recovering from the shock. Gandalf held his hand for Elen, pulling her on her feet as she watched in awe. They all stared at Gandalf, confused and dizzy but Elentári soon fully recovered and grabbed her swords as Gandalf shouted.

“Take up arms. Fight. Fight!”

The dwarves quickly got up and began fighting the goblins. Elen jumped forward to join Thorin and helped him up, their eyes locking for an endless second as goblins ran at Gandalf. He killed them with his sword and staff. The Great Goblin, still lying on the ground, saw Gandalf’s sword and pointed at it, crying aloud to his goblins.

“He wields the Foe­Hammer, the Beater, bright as daylight!”

Some of the dwarves reached their pile of weapons and began tossing the weapons to each other; they used their weapons to defeat the goblins around them. Oin managed to reclaim his hearing trumpet, although it has been quite flattened. Nori, while fighting, landed on the floor; the Great Goblin ran at him and swung his mace.

“Nori!” One of the dwarves shouted, bringing Thorin and Elen out of their daze.

Thorin and Elen jumped forward and deflected the Great Goblin’s blow at the same time, causing the Great Goblin to stumble backward and fall off the edge of his platform, falling to the depths below. The rest of the dwarves and Gandalf continued to fight, Thorin having Elen’s back and vice versa.

“Follow me. Quick! Run!” Gandalf shouted as he ran. Thorin grabbed Elen’s hand and pulled her with him, keeping her close.

Cutting down the goblins around them, the dwarves and Gandalf ran along a pathway leading away from the throne room.

Bilbo hurried through the cave, fleeing from Gollum, whom he could hear in the distance.

“Give it to us!” Gollum screamed.

After their game of riddles, which Bilbo had won, Gollum had found out that Bilbo was now in possession of his ring. Apparently, it made the creature extremely upset and he was now trying to kill the poor hobbit. Bilbo was in a side cave as he saw Gollum running past the entrance. Gasping, he turned around and tried to run through a crack in the wall. However, he got stuck partway through, misjudging the place he needed to reach the other side. He looked up in fear as Gollum, attracted by the noise, backtracks and saw Bilbo stuck in the crack. Snarling, Gollum approached Bilbo like a predator approaches his prey.

“It’s ours. It’s ours!” Gollum snarled again; Bilbo exhaled and pushed as hard as he could.

He finally managed to slip through the crack, but his waistcoat buttons were ripped off in the process and they hit Gollum in the face, taunting him. Gollum snarled and ran as fast as he could to reach the other side of the crack. Meanwhile, Bilbo lost his footing and fell down from his exertions. As he hit the ground, the Ring, which was in his hand all along, flied into the air. Bilbo’s eyes widen as he reached up and as the ring descended, Bilbo reached up to grab it. However, instead of landing in his hand, the Ring slid onto his finger, and Bilbo suddenly became invisible.

Gollum jumped into the area where Bilbo was, growling, and looking around for Bilbo. However, since Bilbo was invisible, he didn’t see him. Gollum continued down the cave, trying to find the hobbit. Bilbo, with the Ring on, saw everything as if he was in a different reality. All the colors are muted, and the edges of everything he sees was blurred and wavy. The air seemed thick and heavy in his lungs and the time seemed to slow down only a little bit. The hobbit was aware of everything around him as if the ring gave him strength and courage.

“Thief! Baggins!” Gollum yelled into the cave, his voice filled with hate. Seeing Gollum ran away, Bilbo slowly stood up in shock.


Gandalf, the dwarves and Elen were running through the suspended passageways of Goblin Town, with hundreds of goblins running after them.

“Quickly!” Gandalf said pulling the group forward as he ran.

“Faster!” One of the dwarves shouted. Elen looked behind them, seeing the goblins close.

“They’re getting closer!” The elleth warned just when Dwalin saw several goblins running at them from in front.

“Post!” Dwalin shouted as he and some of the dwarves cut a guardrail post from the side of the path and held it out in front of them like a massive spear.

“Charge!” The fierce warrior ordered the rest of the dwarves. He and the other dwarves charged at the oncoming goblins and swept them away with the long rail. Dropping the rail, Dwalin pulled out his axes and began knocking aside goblins. The rest of the company did the same.

Gloin hit one goblin who fell and landed on another suspended path, breaking the path and dropping all the goblins on it into the darkness below. The rest of the Company also fought the goblins around them with their various weapons and fighting styles. Thorin released his elleth’s hand as he fought, his sword cutting goblins with ease. Elen jumped in the air, landing in front of Ori who was struggling with a particularly nasty goblin. The elleth grabbed Ori by the arm and pulled him behind her as she plunged her sword in the goblin’s stomach then kicked him off of the platform. Several goblins snarled as they swung on ropes toward the dwarves.

“Cut the ropes!” Thorin shouted. The dwarf king and some of the dwarves cut the ropes holding a raised platform in place; the platform fell outward, entangling the goblins swinging on the ropes. Elen watched in awe as the dwarves fought. They were amazing fighters, even the youngest.

As Kili fought, several goblins started shooting arrows at him. He deflected some arrows with his sword then he grabbed a nearby ladder and dropped it on the oncoming goblins. Elen joined him and with some of the other dwarves ran forward, pushing the ladder and the goblins it had trapped in front of them. As they approach a missing area of the path, the goblins fall down into the darkness; the ladder, however, acted as a bridge for the dwarves and the elleth to cross to the rest of the path. As soon as they crossed it, Dwalin broke the ladder, preventing the goblins chasing them from crossing it.

“Quickly!” Gandalf shouted again, grabbing Elen by her shoulder and pushing her forward.

The dwarves and Gandalf continued running through the maze­like paths; they got on a section of the path suspended by ropes from above. They sliced some ropes, and the pathway began to swing away from the rest of the path, approaching a different path. Elen tried to keep her balance as the wooden pathway swung, Thorin’s hand instinctively grabbing her cool fingers as they approached the other side of the path.

“Jump!” Thorin shouted, pulling Elen with him as he jumped. Several dwarves managed to jump to the other side. However, before the rest could, the suspended path swung back like a pendulum to where it started, and several goblins leaped on.

“Fili!” Elen shouted as she saw the young golden prince struggle with four goblins but Thorin followed the elleth and stopped her at the edge of the path, wrapping one of his arms around her waist to hold her back.

“Wait!” Thorin told her, whispering in her ears to calm her down.

As the path swung back again, the rest of the dwarves and Gandalf managed to jump to the new path as well. Fili, the last one to jump, cut the ropes, causing the swinging path and the goblins on it to fall. Elen and Thorin caught the young dwarf and followed the other. The dwarves and Gandalf continued running through the tunnels, killing all the goblins in their way. Gandalf struck a rock above them with his staff, causing the rock to fall down and began rolling in front of the Company, squashing all the goblins in their way. Elen followed, killing as many goblins as she could.

Soon, they approached a bridge between two walls of the cavern. However, as they try to cross it, the Great Goblin suddenly broke through from underneath the bridge and pulled himself up in front of the Company. As the dwarves paused, trapped by the goblin king, hundreds of goblins approached them from all sides.

“You thought you could escape me?” The goblin king said and swung his mace twice at Gandalf, causing the wizard to stumble back and almost fall.

“What are you going to do now, wizard?” The goblin king taunted, looking at Gandalf in triumph. Elen huffed and turned around to see Gandalf leap forward and strike the Great Goblin in the eye with his staff. The Great Goblin dropped his mace and clutched his face in pain.

“Ow, ow, ow!”

Gandalf stepped forward and sliced the Great Goblin in the belly, making him fall to his knees, clutching his now bleeding belly.

“That’ll do it.” The goblin king said, looking at Gandalf almost praying for his life.

“I don’t think so…” Elen muttered next to Thorin at the back of the group. Then, Gandalf swung his sword once again and sliced the Great Goblin’s neck, causing him to fall down dead.

Elen looked down as she felt the bridge shake because of the goblin’s weight. Suddenly, the section of the bridge on which the company was standing broke away from the rest of the bridge and started sliding down the side of the cavern. Elen shrieked as she understood what was happening. The bridge slid at a terrific speed down the cavern’s wall, demolishing everything in its way; the dwarves clung on, screaming in terror.

Thorin and Elen fell on the bridge and tried to hold on. The dwarf king pulling Elen to his chest with one arm and gripped the railing with the other. The bridge finally slowed down and landed at the base of the cavern, breaking apart and burying the dwarves in the timber and wood. Elen felt the impact of the bridge hitting the rock ground, however her fall was cushioned by something firm and warm. Gandalf got up from the pile of wreckage and inspected the rest of the dwarves, who were still stuck in the wreckage.

“Well, that could have been worse.” Elen heard Bofur say, his optimism suddenly crushed down by the heavy corpse of the Great Goblin king landing on the wreckage, squishing the dwarves further. They cried out in pain, Elen groaning as she hid further in the warm chest that had cushioned her fall.

“You’ve got to be joking!” Dwalin complained as he tried to pushed himself up.

Elen looked up as she felt the person move under her small body. Her eyes widen as they landed on a worried Thorin.

“Are you alright?” The dwarf king asked, his hands pushing on the elleth’s lower back to keep her close. Elen blushed, finally understanding that she was positioned on top of Thorin, their bodies pressed against one another, their legs tangled and their noses brushing. She had landed on top of him, once again.

“Y… Yes…” The elleth stuttered, lost in her king’s eyes.

As the company extricated themselves from the rubble, Kili looked up and saw thousands of goblins running at them.

“Gandalf!” The young archer shouted, catching Elen, Thorin and Gandalf’s attention.

“There’s too many! We can’t fight them.” Dwalin said as he grabbed Ori out of the rubbles.

“Only one thing will save us: daylight! Come on! Here, on your feet!” Gandalf shouted and the dwarves got up quickly, helping each other out of the rubble.

Thorin pushed Elen up by her hips then shot up before grabbing her hand and following the others. The elleth tried to focus on the danger around them instead of the feeling of his warm skin against hers but the task was nearly impossible.

As they ran away, following Gandalf through yet another tunnel, Elen couldn’t help but suddenly wonder… Where was Bilbo?

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Some of my favorite fictional stories aesthetics

The Secret History: classical sculpture, messy paints, museums, umbrellas blown upside-down from walking in the wind, long midnight drives, stoplights in the middle of nowhere, handwritten letters, books in translation, running away and away and away again until you find the place you know is yours, wide windows, reciting poetry from memory, coats with pockets and cigarette afternoons, convertibles in the rain, the top floors of university libraries, needing to know

Doctor Who (RTD Era): space, the colors pink and gold and blue and brown, stargazing and memorizing the names of the stars, historical fiction novels, that feeling you get when you come back home after a long adventure, maps and atlases, dancing at two a.m., missing your best friend, remembering just how big the universe is, long road trips, exotic foods, are we there yet’s, blankets in the backs of pick-up trucks, sappy chick flicks and hand holding, shoes with their soles worn down, cups of tea gone cold, promising forever and meaning it

Harry Potter: winter scarves, believing in magic, clandestine meetings, not being old enough to do all the things you want, castles with secrets, wide staircases, the forest at night, making blanket forts with your best friends, dreaming about flying, skipping class to go ice skating on the lake, the frost on window-panes, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, pinky-swears, mugs of hot chocolate that keep your hands warm, leather-bound books on mythology, candles

The Song of Achilles: fig trees and laurel crowns, the colors white and gold and red, foot races, freckles, the vastness of the ocean, ships with billowing cream-colored sales, camping at the beach and waking up just in time for the sunrise, thousands of tiny flowers, being scared of the future but not scared enough to let go of the things you love, bonfires, acoustic guitars, cuddles and eskimo kisses, going through old journals, the end of summer when you don’t want to say goodbye, saying goodbye

The Lord of the Rings: potted plants, coffee in the mornings, the view from the tops of mountains, great rivers that seem to run forever, open spaces, walking boots, new cities and old maps, the sunlight glittering in the trees at dawn, exploration, rediscovering long-lost friends, those moments when the earth feels so solid beneath your feet, cranberry scones, UPS packages delivered to the wrong door, the English countryside, the glint of gold in the sun, old songs played on a Celtic whistle, not being able to go back to exactly the way things were, not being alone

Hamlet: mirrors cracked down the middle, premonitions, your shadow under the streetlights, empty cavernous halls, flowers on the surface of lakes, books with the words all jumbled together, wanting to escape, sitting in the back row at the theater, those times when you feel like you’re being followed, bare feet on cold tiles, crying quietly by yourself, soft tree branches shaking, the absolute silence of midnight, cemeteries, suit cases, love letters, hiding in your room when strangers visit, praying to whoever will listen

The Picture of Dorian Grey: carnations, the colors ivory and gold, fancy clothes, portraits with crumbling paint, heavy velvet curtains closing after an orchestral performance, people chattering over a meal, being scared to die, seeing your upside-down reflection on the back of a spoon, pearl necklaces, moodiness, the opera, that pang of something you first felt when you turned twenty, finishing a book and not being able to read another one just yet, stage lights, the concept of eternity, missing the last train home


All Woods Must Fail by Améilhie

“This is sung by Frodo when walking through the old forest with Merry, Pippin & Sam

“O! Wanderers in the shadowed land

despair not! For though dark they stand,

all woods there be must end at last,

and see the open sun go past:

the setting sun, the rising sun,

the day’s end, or the day begun.

For east or west all woods must fail”


Besides Our Own World’s History, These Universes Also Suck Me In.

None of this art is mine but if you know who they belong to then inbox me and I’d be happy to give them credit and update this post.

In Dwimordene, in Lorien
Seldom have walked the feet of Men,
Few mortal eyes have seen the light
That lies there ever, long and bright.
Galadriel! Galadriel!

Clear is the water of your well;
White is the star in your white hand;
Unmarred, unstained is leaf and land
In Dwimordene, in Lorien
More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men.

—  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

The Rohirrim

Long we have tended our beasts and our fields, built our houses, wrought our tools, or ridden away to help in the wars of Minas Tirith. And that we called the life of Men, the way of the world. We cared little for what lay beyond the borders of our land. Songs we have that tell of these things, but we are forgetting them, teaching them only to children, as a careless custom. And now the songs have come down among us out of strange places, and walk visible under the Sun.

Title: An Orc’s Lament
Summary:  An orc finds a wandering elf on the shore.

A/N: @radioactive-earthshine I finished my first orc fic! I know you were interested so I tagged you, hope you like it! ps: I hope you feel better


Crouched down low by the shallow end of the sea shore, a bulky figure loitered atop of the damp sand, stubby, thick, gray fingers submerged into the coolness of the water. Cupping his hands rather awkwardly, he scooped up what little water filled his shallow basin, cursing silently in black speech as liquid seeped through gaps where fingers should have been.

Bringing what water was left to his face, the orc allowed the cool tendrils to cascade down his rough skin and onto the wet sent, closing his eyes as the salt water doused him with a peaceful serenity he had not felt in ages. He found himself wondering, for the first time in years, if the water washed away the mask of contorted features and paved way for his past self. Creamy skin, high cheek bones, blue eyes (it was not unnatural to wonder, now. The Dark Lord was defeated, and the age of orcs ended).

Though he rebuked such a silly thought as he was met with his refection. No elf stared back at him. Only a twisted, corrupted victim of Melkor, who not even the elf-loving Valar would show mercy towards.

Standing at full height, he grabbed the edged of his hood that finished his cloak, making to hide his hideousness from the world, and continue on his aimless journey to whatever end his feet would take him to.  There was no place in the world for an orc since the fall of the Dark Lord. Though to be frank, for him there never was with the Dark Lord.

He missed being an elf, even when he was fighting elves. If anything, his jealousy and envy of his former kind had stirred the fire within him, not the Dark Lord’s promise of world domination.

If not dead by the war or by their own hands, many orcs had seen themselves wandering alone much like himself, integrating with humans as mercenaries or bounty hunters, or forming their own colonies (which he was strongly against—for various reasons. No matter the staggering number of elves left in middle earth, there was no reason to round yourselves up and wait for a legion of them to murder you).

Turning on his barefooted heel, he made to resume his trek. But he found himself utterly unable to move.

There was a harp string plucked at an almost unbearable pitch, a hitched breath as a singer sucked in his note, and the undeniable sound of elven feet atop of the sand.

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Also things for each show

Once Upon a Time: Modern fairy tale show where all the sexism from fairy tales is swapped for feminism

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: You know how everyone wants a badass female character who still frets about her nails and popularity? That’s Buffy.

Orphan Black: Pretty much every badass character is played by the same actress. Clones and stuff.

Elementary: Sherlock Holmes where Watson and Moriarty are genderbent

Doctor Who: Pretty much the ultimate show for some escapism

Supernatural: Ten seasons of hot guys hunting demons

Star Trek: Good old fashioned sci-fi

Merlin: Hot people plus an allegory for gay rights with magic

Parks and Rec: You’ve seen the photosets. You should know by now it’s fucking awesome

30 Rock: Tina Fey and everyone else kicks ass in this super meta show

Bob’s Burgers: Think a more tame and less racist/homophobic/sexist/transphobic version of Family Guy yet funnier

It’s Always Sunny: You are always rooting against the main character. It’s amazing.

Adventure Time: Possibly the most well-written children’s show of all time

Gravity Falls: Like a funnier kids version of Supernatural

Bravest Warriors: Sci-fi Adventure Time that refuses to be censored

Young Justice: Pretty much a darker version of Teen Titans

The 100: The Hunger Games meets Fallout 3

Bates Motel: Fucked up prequel to Psycho

American Horror Story: The name alone should say it all

The Walking Dead: The ultimate zombie fiction

Ouran High School Host Club: The most stereotypical yet brilliant anime

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: You will cry

Sword Art Online: The first episode will scar you

Free!: Hot guys always shirtless. What more can I say?

Orange is the New Black: Just perfect

Game of Thrones: Sort of like Lord of the Rings, only far more complicated and with far more onscreen sex

Sherlock: Wanna know why everyone is in love with Benedryl Cucumberbitch? This is why.

Attack on Titan: Too epic to describe

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David Eddings, an amazing author

I know lots of people I follow Nd follow me on here love urban fantasy, but what about classic fantasy adventures?

David Eddings published High Hunt in 1973 and the novel only did okay. I personally never read it because most fans of Eddings have said its not that great and its also his only non fantasy novel. One day he was walking by a book store and in the front window they had Lord of the Rings and thought to himself something along the lines of ‘how is this guy still around’ and decided to try fantasy.

In 1982 he published Pawn of Prophecy book one of a five part series. His book was a huge success and one of his secrets was that he co wrote with his wife. Because of the era he kept it a secret till the 90’s. Because of the team work Leah made the females come to life, she had full say about them so aunt Pol today is still a woman that I respect.

His novels always had a way of capturing me and he puts so many minor things into his books that it took me a few re reads that are amazing. For example in the Belgariad the series is about an accident in the universe that caused its purpose to split into two different purpose, two different awareness and two different prophecy. Whenever the two would meet the light prophecy would have blue involved and the dark would have black or shadows. Even the most smallest of clashes they would.

Even the titles of the novels are connected to this struggle. PAWN of Prophecy, QUEEN of Sorcery, Magician’s GAMBIT, CASTLE of Wizardry, Enchanters’ END GAME. I full capitalized the part of the title that shows the struggle and its a huge chess game they play.

His novels are what got me into the world of magic, and it’s a shame he and his wife have passed on so we can not enjoy more amazing works.

He wrote 5 different Fantasy worlds. His first world is about Garion, a young man who is a pawn of the light prophecy (see what I did there, I’m that dorky) and comprised two 5 part series The Belgariad and The Malloreon as well as Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress as back stories of the two most recognized sorcerers in the series. They involve the struggle of light and dark and fixing the universe. He also wrote a codex for this series called the Rivan Codex to learn about the world.

His second world is around a Pandion knight named Sparhawk. The Pandion order is one of 4 holy knight orders of their one true God who practice magic of the Styric Gods (I know it’s confusing but they are special) the church is simular to the Catholic Church in structure and early Christian mentality. The 4 orders are like Paladin knights (hence the name Pandion) and Sparhawk is extra special because he is also the champion of the throne of Elenia. It starts with his queen poisoned and trapped in a diamond throne encased to save her life as they find a cure while Otha an immortal emperor tries to invade. This is my favorite world he made and comes in two trilogies the Elenium and the Tamuli.

The Dreamers is his last series and generally not a fan favourite. Before his books has structure and are amazing. Here not so much and I think it had to do with fan pressure and Leah’s health. They retired after the Redemption of Althalus and Rigina’s Song and fans pushed for more. Under that pressure they started this series. From 2003-2006 and Leah died in 2007. So though the series is not nearly up to par can you blame them? I can’t.

Redemption of Althalus is his first stand alone book. Althalus is a thief, spy and your usual criminal guy. But when hired to steal a book from an abandoned house he becomes the champion of the world. I love this novel for when you just need a book to read. Many say it’s a rushed novel but it was published just before retirement and I think he wanted to share one more world for us. I also love this book because it’s one of his few books that don’t leave me in tears at the end of the series.

Final his last novel Regina’s Song, this book is so different from the rest of his work that he gets some backlash for it, why? Because people can’t accept that this book has no magic, its set in Seattle and changes writing style from 3rd to 1st, when I point that out most people don’t believe me but it is 1st person. Regina is the remaining identical twin sister from a brutal rape murder of her twin. The story is told through the eyes of Mark, he is kinda a big brother cousin to the twins because his dad and their dad are best friends and they grew up together (Mark is a few years older too). Mark is working on his doctorite when Regina comes out of her insanity and he helps her adjust. All the while Seattle has another serial killer. It’s far better to read then I can do it justice for.

Please everyone consider this couple for the amazing books they offer and try them. If you do not want to invest to much start with Althalus or Regina’s Song. If you want a good mid read go with the Elenium, love that try the Tamuli. If those are amazing start with his first world. These authors is who I use as the benchmark for when looking for a new book. They taught me that a good author needs to 1 know how to write a story and 2 they need to know before a book is started how it will get from A to Z. so many authors like Martin, Jordan and Goodkind know how to do 1 and others like Suzanne Collins can in my mind do only 2 but authors like Eddings, Rowlings, Riordan can do both and they are what makes a series amazing. So I beg you to read Eddings.

Side note: I have never heard the Dreamers on audio book and the Redemption of Althalus is done horribly but the rest are great.

some go wandering: songs for the dunedain, the sons of forgotten kings. featuring the soundtracks of Mad Max: Fury Road, The Witcher 3 & Mockingjay. listen here

‘Few now remember them,’ Tom murmured, 'yet still some go wandering, sons of forgotten kings walking in the loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless.’

“Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread.”

Elvish translation request for roza-in-red!

This is my final draft translation into Quenya:

It reads,

“Mélamar ná cana,
Irmin ala,
A limbë tier vanta.”

Translated literally it reads, 
“Home is behind,
The world ahead,
And many paths to walk.”

There are no words for “there are”, or “tread”, (as far as I know) but this essentially means the exact same thing.
If there are any other Elvish experts who have comments or advice for me I’d love to hear it.
Thanks, Roza. This was fun. :D


R.I.P. Christopher Lee.
We will always remember you and your work. As a tribute, I’m sharing this song he performed with the Tolkien Ensemble, singing as Treebeard.

“In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring.
Ah ! the sight and the smell of the Spring in Nan-tasarion !
And I said that was good.

I wandered in Summer in the elm-woods of Ossiriand.
Ah ! the light and the music in the Summer by the Seven Rivers of Ossir !
And I thought that was best.

To the beeches of Neldoreth I came in the Autumn.
Ah ! the gold and the red and the sighing of leaves in the Autumn in Taur-na-neldor!
It was more than my desire.

To the pine-trees upon the highland of Dorthonion I climbed in the Winter.
Ah ! the wind and the whiteness and the black branches of Winter upon Orod-na-Thön !
My voice went up and sang in the sky.

And now all those lands lie under the wave,
And I walk in Ambaróna, in Tauremorna, in Aldalómë,
In my own land, in the country of Fangorn,
Where the roots are long,
And the years lie thicker than the leaves
In Tauremornalómë.“

~ J.R.R. Tolkien