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Steve and Natasha having the best time together pranking the other Avengers over Christmas

This is NOT April Fool’s Day!” The shout echoes down the lab halls. 

Natasha smirks and high-fives Steve.  

“You were so right.”  She peers over Steve’s phone while they walk.  “The shiny snowman wrapping paper was definitely the one to use.”   

The peer at the screen of his phone in the elevator, watching Tony unwrap all of his lab supplies, (Each. And. Every. Item.)

“When do you think he finds Dum-E?”

“If I may, Captain Rogers.” came JARVIS’ voice.  The screen in the elevator above the buttons flickered to life.  Tony was trying to move the six-foot stuffed teddy bear wearing a pair of reindeer antlers without success.  

Oh my God, you guys suck.” Came the crystal-clear shout over the audio a minute and a half later when the ‘bear’ hadn’t so much as budged.  Tony went searching for an as-yet-unwrapped pair of scissors or knife to cut Dum-E out of his Reindeer Teddy hiding spot.  

“Ok, we have an hour before Bucky gets back.  We have just enough time to get the palm tree from the lobby and stick it in his bathroom.  Clint has the bags of sand for the floor and JARVIS is ready with Don’t Worry, Be Happy when Bucky turns the light on.”

Steve grinned.  “Perfect. A Caribbean vacation for Christmas he’ll get.”

Toothpaste Kisses

Anonymous: pleas do a mummy and daddy one where you and your daughter are baking in the kitchen for christmas and harry comes in and starts singing toothpaste kisses by the maccabees togther!!!


It was about 9am on Christmas Eve and the house had never been so cheery and bright. Lights hung in almost every room and the huge tree in the living room was a dream.

This was your daughter’s fifth Christmas and she seemed to make every single one better. You and her were standing in the kitchen together, matching aprons around your bodies. She was stood on her kitchen stool (a stool brought by Anne so she could see the counter top) next to you.

“So, shall we make Nanny’s famous ‘Cinnamon Trees’ or my ‘Vanilla Snowmen’?” You asked her, tying her curly locks into a small bun.

She dramatically brought her finger up to her lips and hummed in thought. She looked up at you and smiled.

“Yours! Snowmen!”

“Snowmen it is then.” You kissed the tip of her nose and turned to pick out the ingredients for the recipe you knew so well. Your daughter went to collect the small index cards you had handwritten all your favourite recipes on.

Over the months of your daughter becoming a keen baker, the index cards had started to become stained with chocolate and flour. She jumped back onto the stool and happily waited for you to finish collecting ingredients.

“Okay baby, what’s the first step?” You asked her sliding over next to her, placing the ingredients on the counter top. She picked up the index card and read over it.

“Step one.” She lisped out. “Cream the marg-marg… what’s this word Mumma?” She looked up at you curiously. You peeked at the index card before chuckling.

“Margarine my dear.” She nodded.

“Cream the margarine, sugar and eggs.” She now said with confidence. You agreed and gathered together the right measurements of the ingredients and poured them into a large bowl together.

After mixing everything required together, you chose the snowmen cookie cutters.

“You go first.” You handed her a stencil and she placed it into the dough, pressing down firmly.

As she went to assemble the next snowman, Harry walked into the kitchen, yawning loudly.

“Good morning my princesses.” He hummed, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your shoulder.

“Morning Daddy!” You daughter cheered happily, pressing the cutter into the dough. “We’re making snowmen!” Harry peeked over to her small station.

“They look very yummy. Are they all for me?” He cheekily asked. She shook her head and pouted her lips.

“No! They are for me, Mumma and you!” She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes, Harry copying her. Giggles spilt out of both of their lips and you felt your heart warm.

“Daddy?” She hummed, placing a snowman on a baking tray.

“Yes?” He sung, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Can we sing the toothpaste song?” Harry and your daughter always sang Toothpaste Kisses when they baked. You had caught them many times singing along together in the kitchen with flour in their hair and butter on their cheeks.
Your two messy babies.

“Always.” He scurried over to the counter and sat on it, next to his daughter who was still cutting out snowmen. You lovingly watched them together.

Your daughter looked at Harry with such love and admiration is her eyes. She had the exact same big green eyes as her father and she had the same personality as him.

“Cradle me.” Harry lightly sung. 

“I’ll cradle you.” Your daughter sung back to him, smiling widely.

“I’ll win your heart.”

“With a woop-a-woo.” They both sung together, their voices going high pitch slightly. You released small giggles at their playfulness as they carried on singing. 

Your daughter had cut out all the snowmen she could fit on the cookie dough. You placed the baking tray into the oven, setting the timer. 

You brushed your hands on your apron and walked over to where your daughter was now sitting on Harry’s lap on the counter.

“So with toothpaste kisses and lines.” You sung to Harry and your daughter. 

“I’ll be yours and you’ll be.” Harry sung back, placing his hand on your waist. 

There was a moment of silence in the kitchen which had a scent of vanilla and butter. It was warm with love and cooking cookies. It was moments like these when you realised just how damn lucky you were. 

You’d never pictured yourself with your daughter and husband baking cookies together to take to your mother in law’s.

“Mine!” Your daughter squealed. You both looked down at her and laughed at her random remark. 

“That’s not in the song, silly goose!” Harry chuckled at his little girl. She blushed, hiding her face in her shoulder. He placed small kisses all over her face whilst your brushed small specks of flour out of her hair. 

“Daddy! Stop!” Your daughter squealed, trying to push his loving lips away from her cheeks. 

“No! Kissy monster just wants to kiss you! All day!” He grumbled, holding her hostage whilst kissing her still. She wriggled against his hold, trying to escape. 

“Mumma!” She started to laugh when you attacked her with tickles. 

“I love you so much my sweet girl. I hope this is the best Christmas yet.” He lovingly said to her whilst her bright green eyes scrunched up with laughter.

KaraMel Fanfic #13

Title: Someone Whom She Feels At Peace With

Prompt: Kara teaches him what snow actually is when it freaks Mon-El out.

Requested by @just-netflixing. I hope you like this, honey, because I really enjoyed writing it and it brought a smile on my face :) 

Also posted on AO3.

Kara woke up when she felt two hands on her shoulders, shaking her violently. She was having a pleasant dream, enjoying the long sleep she was having since she didn’t have to go to work or DEO that morning, when someone pulled her out of it. If whoever-it-was wasn’t shaking her so hard, she might’ve pretended like she wasn’t awake, but her superhero senses shot up to the roof as she blinked her eyes open and shot up from the bed, ready to fight if there was a danger.

Instead, she found herself face to face with Mon-El. An extremely freaked out Mon-El. His eyes were wide, his hands gripped Kara’s arms so tightly that Kara was sure it’d break a human’s arms, and he was clenching his teeth as if to keep them from clattering. His face was also paper-white. Kara immediately shook off her sleep, turned on all of her alien senses. “Where’s the threat?” she asked, getting out of the bed and using her X-ray vision to survey the house around her. Mon-El gulped and pointed outside. Well, more like to the curtains, since they were drawn and the window was closed—which was a surprise for Kara. She never slept with curtains closed.

“There’s white stuff out there,” he sputtered. “Falling down. I thought… I thought it might be a poison or something. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. And-and it keeps falling down. I can’t stop it.” He looked so helpless and desperate that Kara raised her brows. She vaguely remembered the weather report mentioning something about snow, yet…

That couldn’t be what Mon-El was so scared about, right?

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@findthebxrd requested an audience with the queen || x 

While it wasnt exactly commonplace to find a dog wandering the streets of Arendelle without their owner, it still wasn’t necessarily uncommon to find one every now and then. Not that Elsa had ever actually come across one herself, but that was besides the point. What WAS undoubtedly uncommon, or rather, entirely nonexistent, was a dog that spoke. And, despite the fact that the voice had been nothing less of friendly and polite, that truly did very little in stopping the startled jerk that had the queen draw back a single step. Eyes wide and lips parted in a silent gasp, the blonde woman simply stared at the canine who seemed wholly undeterred by the fact that this conversation was one that should not have existed.

Then again, there were many things in Arendelle that people might believe should not exist, a certain snowman quickly coming to mind to fall into that list. And, if a snowman could walk around and talk…Well, perhaps a canine who spoke wasn’t too horribly out of the norm. “…O-Oh, um…” the Ice Queen stuttered, the normally poised, well-spoken woman finding herself stumped for the time being as her thoughts scrambled to catch up. “…Well, this is, uh…this is snow…”

Winter Wonderland

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Gifs not mine.

Just one of the many holiday stories I’m planning on writing. I know I started late but I’m blaming it on my annoying school district which started vacation today. Either way, I love winter and I now don’t have to worry about school so I’ll hopefully be able to write more. And as always hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 823

Peeking out the window on an early Sunday morning you gasp in delight. The chilly night before had brought a fluffy layer of white powder, that coated the ground outside the tower.

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sherlolly prompt: molly leads sherlock on a scavenger hunt using clues that are actually hard for him (like pop culture and history and literature) it all leads to a brand new high powered microscope he'd been eyeing for weeks. cuteness explodes.

“Okay Sherlock you can take the blindfold off now!”

“This isn’t a surprise party because my birthday was a week ago and I hate parties, so what is it?” Sherlock took off his blindfold and stuffed it in his pocket. He was now looking at a gigantic handmade poster. It read on April 10th 1970 one of the greatest bands was squashed. Who was it for the next clue?

“Molly how am I supposed to know who this is? I listen to the classics for one and also I wasn’t alive in 1970. And why are we doing this?”

“Because it is fun! Now shut up and think!” Molly kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

“Well you obviously wouldn’t use a word such as ‘squashed’, that implies it is a type of figurative language. So it is a band with a name that can be ‘squashed’. So an insect. Ah yes. The Beatles. Though technically that is an alternate spelling.”

“Very good! Follow me for the next clue!” Molly took Sherlock’s hand and led him from the living room in 221b to the restaurant on his street.

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“I can finally sing the line of ‘Do you want to build a snowm-?’”

“Sing that again and I’ll throw this snowball at your face,” You grumbled, threatening to throw the snowball that you had in your hands. He shook his head with a grin as the both of you shaped the second, smaller ball to place on top of the first bigger ball on the ground of snow. It was a perfect time to build a snowman and Luhan, being the person who has seen the movie ‘Frozen’ kept making references from the movie in which, you hated.

Not much to the side of hating the movie but… you just didn’t appreciate it.

You didn’t watch the movie and… you weren’t going to – which drove Luhan bonkers because he couldn’t talk to you about the movie. However, he has his moments where he would burst out into a song used in the movie and it was quite hilarious.

Now, while you two were building a snowman, he found the perfect opportunity to do so.

“You really don’t like the song, huh?” He said, delicately snatching your snowball before he added it into the bigger snowball the both of you were forming. You shrugged and scooped more snow to add it into the ball before you smoothened it with your hands, “I don’t know but… I just don’t like any references related to the movie.”

He huffed at you, “It was a good movie, alright?”

You snorted, getting up on your feet where he followed you after, “I didn’t say it was a bad movie.”

He scoffed, helping you lift up the big snowball to place it on the bigger one, “Yeah but,” He grunted as he placed the ball on top, “You didn’t say whether it’s a good movie or not.”

You had your hands on your waist when the big snowball was already placed onto the bigger one. He couldn’t help but walk around the big snowman to stand in front of you, a cheeky grin on his face as he knew that was by far the most ridiculous question he has asked today.

“How could I say it was a good or bad movie if I’ve never watched it-“

“Ah ah ah,” He placed his arm over your mouth (because his hands were covered with snow) as he leaned closer towards you, “No bad emotions on this day. Today is supposed to be a good day.”

You lightly nudged his hand away, “Then you should stop with the Frozen references.”

He gaped at you as you walked away from him with a grin, finding for some tree branches to use them as the arms of the snowman. “Hey!” He called after you, following around you as you looked for tree branches on the ground. “That movie was by far the best movie of the year.”

You nodded mindlessly as you picked up a branch, “Yeah, Luhan. Go on. Tell me more.”

He crossed his arms and stopped walking as you took small steps around, “You really don’t like the movie, aye?”

You let your shoulders slump for a moment before you stood up straight. You turned around and used a tree branch to point it at his handsome, doe-like face, “Yah, I didn’t say I don’t like the movie. I’m more of…” You glanced down to the snow where you found it a perfect place to draw out how you feel. You draw two separate circles that overlapped each other and Luhan was watching.

You poked one side of the circle, “This is the emotion of loving the movie.”

You poked the other side, “And this is the emotion of not loving the movie.”

He nodded as he followed your explanation, “Uh huh…”

You then poked at the middle (a bit too harsh), “This, is, where, I, am.”

He couldn’t help but burst into a laugh when you used the same branch to lightly poke his chest, “Got that, mister?”

He held up two of his hands in front of his chest, “Yes ma’am.”

“Now will you please help me find tree branches for our snowman?”

He jutted his cheek at your direction, silently asking for a kiss first. Instead of granting him a kiss, you used the tree branch to tap it against his cheek, leaving a dot of snow there. He gasped, leaning away where he touched his cheek to rub the snow off his cheek. In the next, he narrowed his eyes at you, “You might want to run.”

You cocked an eyebrow up, “Oh do I?”

“Mei li!”

Has anyone else seen that British TV movie called “the father Christmas”? 

it’s based on a children’s book and it’s animated in the same style as the snowman (We’re walking in the aiiiir!) and it follows the story of father Christmas (Santa) as he just goes about his normal life up till Christmas and he just lives in this small house somewhere in England alone in this really unremarkable place with his sleigh under a tarp in an outdoor garage and a few reindeer in his small stable in in garden. 

He’s really gruff and grumpy but kind hearted and likes the small comforts in life like nice grub and a bit of sherry and he decides to go on holiday to France and gets the shits in his caravan and then he goes to Vegas and leaves after some kid thinks he looks like Santa. 

I loved that movie as a kid and it made Santa seem like someone so plausible and real. 


He’s Olaf and he likes warm hugs. Sprung from Elsa’s magical powers, Olaf is by far the friendliest snowman to walk the mountains above Arendelle. His innocence, outgoing personality and uncanny ability to disassemble himself at good and not-so-good times lead to some awkward, albeit laughable moments. He may also have the world’s most impossible dream, but what he doesn’t know won’t melt him—or will it?

“I’m literally this close to death, dude. This close. I’m gonna be a fucking popsicle in the next five minutes - I’ve literally never been this cold before. Not once in my life have I ever been this cold. I’m gonna lose a toe - I’m gonna lose five toes. Hell, maybe I’ll lose all ten. You’ll visit me in the hospital when I’m dying of exposure, right?”