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#62: The Cat (7x10)

The cat. The cat. The cat. 🐱 Whoever sat in that writers room and thought to put this in this episode I have to tell them; Thank you one thousand times! It was amazing. In every way. 👏🏽👏🏽

And the fact that this was done in 7x10 when in 6x10 Richonne was officially born. 😭 Too much good stuff! It was like an anniversary gift and I’m so here for it. 🙌🏾

So before this solid gold moment, I love the shot we get of Rick and Michonne when some of the Trash Trio remind them that they want guns soon.

Like one; last time we saw R&M they were standing in different areas, but of course now they’re side by side once again. Two; it reminded me of a similar shot of them in the Kingdom…

These shots are great cuz first; the king and queen vibes are everything. And second; it really makes R&M feel like partners and a package deal. They are going into any new territory as a unit and they always mirror each other without even realizing it. 

And it’s subtle but you can see Rick look over to Michonne as the trash people walk away and I feel like he’s low key acknowledging how odd these trash folk are. 😂

And then, the next time we see these two, they are standing extra close to each other near that car as the rest of TF load stuff up. I love the way R&M are standing and facing each other in this shot. Like you can tell that their focus is only on each other in this moment.

And Michonne is really sounding like a wife when she says, “Once we get you stitched up, we’ll go right back out and find the guns, right?” Like I love that she says “we” and that she just automatically knows that they’re going to go get these guns together.

I always did wonder how it ended up that Rick and Michonne would be the only two who went on the gun run, but I feel like it’s in this moment where they both knew they wanted to do the run with just the two of them lol. 😋

And I love that she says, “right?” because neither of them ever command the other, they always speak in a way where they allow the other to co-sign and for it to be a joint decision.

And Rick says, “That’s right.” Again, I love how they always verbally validate each other. And you can literally hear the contentment in his voice. Like Homeboy is just in the best mood rn. ☺️

And then Michonne asks “Do you have any idea where?” and Rick says again with so much contentment and optimism “No, but that’s never stopped us before.”

First; The “us”. He means the two of them. Like Rick is so over the moon about the fact that he and Michonne are such a power couple and I love how hopeful he’s feeling. We really haven’t seen Rick be this hopeful in a minute and of course it’s Michonne who has gotten him to this point.

And I love that they are already standing so close, but Rick steps even closer when he says this cuz he really wants her to know by “us” he means the two of them lol.

And then the smile Michonne has when he says this is so sweet cuz you know she loves his hopefulness and his belief in them, cuz she believes in them too. Plus, you can tell she low key thinks his cheery mood is the cutest thing. 😋

And then Rosita tries it when she attitudinally tells them it’s time to go. I was like, “Rosita, girl…

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And I’m glad that they didn’t listen to her and just hop in the car, cuz then we wouldn’t have got another one of my top ten Richonne moments. 😍

Rick says “Hold on” and then he hustles over to somewhere. I love that you see him hustle over cuz it doesn’t matter how injured he is, Homeboy is going to accomplish this goal. And he walks over to this cat sculpture…

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He takes it and then walks/limps right back over to Michonne and she laughs and says, “Why are you…” I love this response from her cuz I love the playful aspect of their relationship. 

And you can tell she’s so amused and charmed by him before she even knows what he’s up to. And he really knows how to make her smile.

He hands her the cat and it legit looks like he’s handing her roses or something. Like all of a sudden this cat from the trash place looks like the sweetest gift possible. 😊

And then he says, “Because we won” And, again, you know he’s talking about the two of them. And I feel like he’s happier about the “we” than the “won” lol. Like he’s glad they won but what really has him smiling is that they won together.

Then, because Rick stays one-upping himself, he goes on to reveal that he didn’t just get this because they won. He tells her, “And to replace the one you lost”. And it was at this moment that Rick won the Husband Of The Year award. 👏🏽👏🏽😋

Y’all! 🙉 This moment was amazing and gorgeous and precious and sentimental and it made me so happy. 

I’m proud to say that the literal second he walked over to hand her that cat, before I even heard Rick confirm this, I told my family “I’m pretty sure this has to do with that cat statue Michonne got in season three.” I hadn’t re-watched “Clear” in ages but that cat moment was still stored in my memory, so I was not late to this party lol. 👌🏽

And when he said, “to replace the one you lost” I was done. 😭 Perfection. Okay, can I break down the reasons I love this?

One; The fact that this man remembered that rainbow cat from season three. He is the realest of the ones! 🙌🏾

It’s actually so impressive that he remembered that cat from all that time ago lol. The fact that he remembered that rainbow cat is so amazing cuz think about all they’ve been through since then. You’d think a rainbow cat wouldn’t stay on his radar. But that cat had to do with her so of course it stays on his radar.

And think about where R&M were at in their relationship when she got that cat. She was still pretty much a stranger and she wasn’t even with Rick when she got it. But, even then, he took note of it cuz he’s been taking note of her since day one. ☝🏽☺️

I love it too cuz I know so many people caught the Richonne bug and started shipping them during “Clear” and so for y’all to receive confirmation that, even in the beginning of their relationship, Rick was really paying attention to Michonne in a deeper way, had to be so validating.

I love knowing that the rainbow cat was something stored in his memory and him alluding to it here reminds us that these are still those season three characters. Y’all, their journey is everything.

And knowing this, there is now no denying that their moment near the car in “Clear” was 110% flirting. 💯 (I just realized how much that “Clear” moment near the trunk parallels when R&M are near the trunk of this car in 7x10 🙌🏾)

This cat moment also made me wonder; at what point did Rick notice the Trash Land cat? Like, amidst all this craziness with Jadis, there was still room in Rick’s mind to notice that cat and think, “Michonne likes that type of stuff. I’m going to get it for her.” 😋 Like it’s now proven that Michonne pretty much owns 90% of Rick’s mind. 😂

Two; I love that Rick stays getting stuff for his wife. And how sweet is this man to celebrate their win by getting a gift for his woman? Like he legit has so much gratitude and appreciation for her. Also, he loves courting her and I’m so here for that traditional romantic side of him.

It’s cool cuz in the tenth episode of season six, Rick got Michonne mints and that helped lead to their romantic relationship, and now in the tenth episode of season seven he’s getting her a cat which will help lead to their honeymoon lol. 😊

Three; I love the way Michonne holds this cat like it’s a teddy bear that he won for her at idk a carnival or something 😉. And it’s sweet that he stays looking right at her this whole time and she has the most genuine smile because of him. I repeat; Sis is smitten. 😊 

Like Michonne’s not just a warrior, she’s a woman, and I love that Rick makes her feel like one. 👌🏽

Four; Rick and Michonne have given off husband and wife vibes a lot in this series and in this moment they were so extremely married. But also their scenes in this episode also felt so youthful and fun and it was like they were simultaneously giving boyfriend/girlfriend vibes.

This scene is also so amazing cuz this is Rick “Nothing to Play With” Grimes being all cute and getting a gift for his wife like this trash heap is Pottery Barn. 😋

Five; Rick saying “To replace the one you lost” is so very sweet and Rick has truly replaced so many things she’s lost. Like phrasing it this way really hits home how much Michonne has gained in her relationship with Rick. They both have enhanced each other’s lives so much.

Six; I absolutely adore that Rick pursues Michonne even though he has her completely. He cares to give her every good thing he can cuz these two don’t just need each other, they truly want each other and they want to make each other smile whenever they get the chance. ☺️

I love that Rick just proudly smiles and walks away, after handing the cat to her, knowing full well what he just did. 😋 Like this was Rick’s “Kiss of Life” moment in a way, cuz he got to do something that sweeps her off her feet, the same way she did for him in 7x5.

And then he goes to the car and says “All right, let’s go” cuz he’s accomplished the most important thing of the day; making his wife happy 👌🏽, so now they can officially leave.

Michonne so deserves someone who will love her and do these little things to court her and make her smile and I’m glad Rick is so good at doing this. As he walks away Michonne just seems subtly stunned that he would remember that about her and she’s so happy.

And he’s so happy to have been able to give her a gift that was meaningful and to reveal to her that he’s been paying attention to her for a long time now. 

Like I feel like he knows that, in this moment, he’s happily ratting himself out and letting her know she’s had a special place in his heart for the longest. 😊

I love that this last moment of their 7x10 storyline was a beautiful callback and a very loving Richonne moment. Like this was such a perfect button for their “anniversary” episode. And the fact that they’ve only fallen more in love since canon is so wonderful.

What this scene confirms is that Michonne is always and has always been on Rick’s mind. It’s just pure facts at this point. 😂👌🏽

And it also illustrates that they are both equally good at captivating each other. Like it’s a talent they both possess lol. 😋

I knew that every Richonne moment in 7x10 was trying to give us clear insight of where R&M’s state of minds were so that, the next time we see them, we’d know without a doubt that these two are more head over heels than ever.

And with everything that went down between them in 7x10 I was like okay this is totally gearing up for the love fest that’s about to go down in just two weeks.

All the Richonne moments in 7x10 were solid gold and nearly took me out, so I knew I would never be ready for what comes next. 🙈😋

7x10 was just the prequel, y'all. And they tried to prepare us with these cute scenes in Trash Land but let’s be real, when you’re trash; nothing could prepare us for the greatness that would become the illustrious “7x12”. 🤗🎉

there are few greater pleasures than imagining Sport in some tiny local grocery store, just think about it

  • the ceiling are too low for him to be doing flips
  • he definitely found that out the hard way
  • instead he walks on his hands or cartwheels
  • he’s the type of person to help out around the store even though no one asked
  • the employees have no idea how to handle him
  • “greg, that guy who walks on his hands came back today”
  • “he organized all the fruit and veg by color”
  • “it’s like walking down rainbow bridge”
  • “he called them ““sportscandies”“??????”
  • “i think he might have cleaned the floors too”
  • “he told me that’s i’m doing fantastic work here, then he just bought his stuff and cartwheeled away”
  • “i think he gave me a tip too, how the fuck am i meant to react to this guy”
  • eventually, when they get used to him, they relabel the fruit section the sportscandy section and no one questions it
Roleplaying A God...


When player characters meet a deity, they’re meeting a being with senses that extend for miles. 

A deity merely has to think of or desire something to have it. 

Its awareness of its portfolio covers vast areas, and its control of the building blocks of matter, energy, and life makes it the master of most situations, particularly on the Material Plane. 

The awesome presence of a deity cows most mortals, and may drive them from the deity in fear. 

Gods seek out mortals who do great deeds that favor the gods, as well as those who threaten their power, primacy, or existence. 

Even when a god graces a mortal or a group of mortals with its physical presence, that god’s attention is effortlessly in several places at once. 

Mortals who reach the home of a deity irritate that power with their interruption. 

They can expect a much cooler (or hotter, depending on the deity and the plane) reception. 

As the Dungeon Master, you manipulate the experience of meeting a god to suit your campaign. 

You can frighten the player characters or welcome them, depending on how you want the characters to feel about their deities, and how much you want the characters to interact with them. 

Depending on what kind of pantheon you have, you may be able to draw inspiration from elsewhere.

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