walking on water

marinette is the kind of person who could accidentally drink a whole glass of dirty paint water and not notice

Continuing the Roux trend. Some older drawings I posted on patreon last month. My friends and I started a new dnd campaign so I’m tryna draw her more in my spare time.


Kate: Javi I love you plz tell me u feel the same!
Javi: no habla es English.

Alternative choices:

Kate: Javi, I’m In love with u
Javi: I’m gay.

Kate: Javi, do you love me??
Javi: hell naw. to the naw naw naw!

Kate: Javi I-
Javi: Yeet!

Kate: Javi I love you lets be together :)
Javi: *makes peace sign and disappears*

Kate: I LOVE U
Javi: wrong number. 
Kate: I'm next to you?
Javi: wrong address. LEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE TONE!

Kate: <3

Kate: *inhales* 
Javi: No.
  • Bokuto: Akaashiiiii!!!
  • Akaashi: yes bokuto-san?
  • Bokuto: you know how the body is made up of 70% water?
  • Akaashi: yes??
  • Bokuto: if i stand on someone does that make me 70% jesus?
  • Kuroo: bro thats amazing!
  • Bokuto: bro i know!
  • Kenma: *scowls* fucking idiots
  • Akaashi: bokuto-san please never speak to me again

so, after being on synthetic ice for the first time today i would like to propose:

the falcs doing PR, and they’ve set up a synth rink to like… show off or something? do a few puck drills and net a few goals before talking to the camera, that sort of thing.

they were told in advance that it would be synth ice, because there was a womens game on their rink or something. all of them were told it was just like skating on real ice, they’d be fine, but they’d have some time before the media arrived to give it a go

but, media being media, there were people there early, from local papers and all of that. they were there to witness what is now known as “the unmentionable press day”

first on is jack, always ready to get on the ice, ready first in his skates and falcs jacket with his falcs shirt on underneath. jeans, because that’s how he is. he makes his running jump like he does on the rink, two steps towards the ice, then launch, and. and.

he makes it to the centre mark. on his face.

marty next, manages two steps before he gets cocky and tries to build up speed. there’s a thud as he hits the synth ass-first. jacks rolled up to sitting, laughing (the photographers do in fact take many photos of this rare sight) at his fellow A.

then thirdy. much more cautious, he’s seen the other two. he steps on, takes a few steps forward, hand over the barrier - not touching, but ready. he takes another step, trips over a join between two of the panels. ends up hanging over the barrier, legs in a half split.

all three of them are laughing at this point, jack and marty are still on the ground

then comes tater, boundless enthusiasm, skating along almost with ease until he reaches the end, tries to turn. he lifts his foot for a crossover, and a yelp is heard back in the changing area as his remaining foot slides out, then the thud as he hits the ground.

the rest of the team are very cautiously sticking their heads out of the makeshift tunnel to see what the hell just happened. at least two are almost falling over because they’re laughing so hard.

jack manages to get to his feet, holding back laughter, the steely focus visible on his face. he stays up, wiggles his feet a little. manages to stay upright.

then snowy comes on. snowy launches himself onto the ice just like jack had, but somehow, somehow he stays upright. he makes it to the opposite wall, turns to look at everyone, shrugs a little at their questioning expressions.

everyone else wobbles their way on with varying levels of success.

the cameras of each and every photographer is checked by george herself, and all photos and videos from the warm up deleted, but at least one video makes it to twitter.

a tweeted picture of jack, shaky-legged and looking absolutely terrified, becomes the smh group chat icon for at least two months.


favourite films i watched for the first time in 2016 - (in no particular order)

- Hell or High Water
- Paris, Texas
- A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
- Fences
When Marnie Was There
- Fish Tank
- Nocturnal Animals