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Amazing Things about Wooden Overcoats Live Show at the Vaults!

- David K. Barnes’ introduction was hilarious and wonderful. He moves like a dapper inflatable tube man, it’s wonderful
- it was just. So cool. To see all these people live. It was great and the energy was amazing.
- the venue was awesome and occasionally you heard trains going overhead as it’s literally underneath the tracks at Waterloo
- I’m terrible with names so I can’t for the life of me remember the guy playing Reverend Wavering (not Andy Secombe) but he was great in the funeral scene. He was great as the Captain as well
- I felt like cause it was quite short we didn’t get a full impression of Georgie’s awesomeness but the way the anger in her voice steadily increased every time she said “fine.” was hilarious.
- little references to things that couldn’t be expanded on in the show but were mentioned and got big laughs - Dr Edgeware, Marjorie sounding slightly evil, Mayor Desmond and Reverend Wavering, etc.
- omg the hatred in the eyes of everyone at Funn Funerals as Chapman tries to joke about being competitors. Also Tom’s awkward laughter was wonderful he is the epitome of sunshine.
- the lighting was great, everything got brighter with Chapman around and then very gloomy with the twins
- “he took off as fast as his very little legs could carry him” *felix trench starts jogging very fast and comically on the spot*
- Nana Crusoe. Just. Nana Crusoe.
- Felix Trench is too cute to be Rudyard, he’s always grinning in the background and laughing over parts of the live show it’s great.
- Beth Eyre kind of ?? Vibrates?? it’s so funny and effective, especially with her steadily growing frustration about her raunchy book. Also the terrifying Antigone laugh was wonderful and terrifying
- the despair in Felix Trench’s voice as they enter Chapman’s (“we got a kettle half-an-hour ago” and sadly repeating in the background “you have a lift!”)
- The bit where Mayor Desmond accidentally read “wasn’t this a funeral home a moment ago” rather than “wasn’t this a antique shop a moment ago” and stayed in character, immediately going “I have absolutely no idea where I am.” the whole cast started giggling and had to take a moment to compose themselves especially when Felix Trench pointed out that his next line was simply “I’m confused”
- the sound effect for the shop door didn’t go off when Felix Trench was miming sticking his head outside the door and he got stuck on one leg, miming trying to force a stuck door.

Honestly it was all so great and I’m really glad I went. Thank you to the cast and crew of the the show, it was a great experience.
Also my friend who hadn’t heard it before loved it and wants to listen now!

BΔSTILLE Song Catalogue

[Last updated: 25/03/17]
This is a list of every Bastille song we know about!

If you can’t find a copy of anything in the list, feel free to message me and I can probably hook you up. At the bottom of the list I’ve also included songs by Dan Smith before Bastille formed and songs he created with Ralph PelleyMounter.

If I’ve missed anything please reply/message me so I can update the list! I’ll be updating it periodically anyway with new stuff they release.

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Let me explain something about the film I Walked With a Zombie: The studio dictated the title, and told the filmmakers to come up with something.

And so, the story goes, the director (Jaques Tourneur) and the producer (Val Lewton) were trying to figure out what could be done with the prospect, when the director said something to the extent of “What about a zombie version of Jane Eyre?”  And I like to think the producer responded “Get to work you beautiful genius.”

Bottom line, there’s a zombie version of Jane Eyre from 1943, where the Rochester character has a MUCH better reason for keeping his wife locked up.

Bastille Songlist

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VS (Other People’s Heartache pt. III)


  • Tuning In (ft. Hums Contemporary Choir)
  • Killer (ft. F*U*G*Z)
  • No Angels (ft. Ella Eyre)
  • Walk to Oblivion (ft. Ralph Pelleymounter)
  • Forever Ever (ft. Kate Tempest & Jay Brown)
  • Dreams (ft. Gabrielle Aplin)
  • Thinkin’ Ahead (ft. Ric Elsworth & O.N.E)
  • Free (ft. Ella & Erika)
  • Sweet Pompeii (ft. Erika)
  • Basement (ft. F. Stokes & F*U*G*Z)
  • Oh Holy Night

Other People’s Heartache


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List all Bastille songs.

  • Other People’s Heartache

-Adagio for Strings (ft. Maiday)

-Requiem for Blue Jeans

-Titanium (ft. Barnaby Keen Band)

-Love Don’t Live Here (ft. Rory Andrew, Jonas Jalhay and F.Stokes)

-Falling (ft. Ralph of To Kill A King

  • Other People’s Heartache pt.2 

-TUNING IN (ft. HUMS Contempory Choir)

-KILLER (ft. F*U*G*Z)

-NO ANGELS (ft. Ella Eyre)


-FOREVER EVER (ft. Kate Tempest & Jay Brown)

-DREAMS (ft. Gab Aplin)

-THINKIN’ AHEAD (ft. Rick Elsworth & O.N.E.)

-FREE (ft. Ella & Erika)

-SWEET POMPEII (ft. Erika)

-BASEMENT (ft. F.Stokes & F*U*G*Z)


  • Bad Blood (The Extended Cut)


-Things We Lost in the Fire

-Bad Blood


-These Streets

-Weight of Living,pt.II




-Daniel in the Den

-Laura Palmer

-Get Home

-Weight of Living,pt.I

-The Silence

-Laughter Lines

-Bad Blood (Live Piano Version)

-Things We Lost in the Fire (Abbey Road Sessions)

-Laura Palmer (Abbey Road Sessions)

-Flaws (Live Accoustic Version)

  • All This Bad Blood

-Poet (Part.I: All This Bad Blood)

-Haunt (Demo)


-Durban Skies

-Of The Night 

-The Draw

-What Would You Do


  • Unreleased Songs 




  • Other Covers

-Diamond and Waste 

-Locked Out Of Heaven

-No Scrubs/Angel/Diamonds

-We Can’t Stop

-Died In Your Arms

-Earth Song/Common People

-Pompeii/Waiting All Night (BRITS 2014! ft. Rudimental)



-Words Are Words





-Starry Eyed (Ellie Goulding Cover)

-When All Our Friends Are Dead


-Things We Lost in the Fire

-Daniel in the Den

-No One’s Here To Sleep (by Naughty Boy!!!)

And a lot of remixe,mashups,accoustic and accapella sessions (best mashup: Naughty Pompeii 2.0.)