walking mechanism

The walks of the signs

Check your rising (the sign acquaintances see) and midheaven (the sign work bosses/employees and strangers see). Also check your sun and dominant.

Based on experience with others’ sun/rising/midheaven

The walk of an Aries:

When the Ram walks, they do not swing their hands. Their walk may seem quite sloppy, but it is just straight to the point. They stand tall, but not completely upright, and their shoulders are quite relaxed. Aries do not take quick paces, but instead long strides. They are the one mindlessly fixing their hair as they walk. Eyes exploring their surroundings, sometimes Aries seem lost, even when they know exactly where they are going. 

The walk of a Taurus:

They keep their body straight, with their shoulders slightly hunched down. Often, they are fiddling with their belt or sweeping their hair to the side. Their strides are big, and they walk fast. The walk of a Taurus almost seems mechanical. When walking, they are looking at their destination, or whoever is with them. They are the ones to turn around in the middle of a busy hallway, without noticing it is packed, just to tell you about a movie.

The walk of a Gemini:

With almost a swagger in their step, their shoulders are down and back in confidence. Their thumbs may be in their pockets, or hands playing with an object. They walk at a quick pace, with usually quite small steps. Their eyes are usually fixed on the destination, even if talking to someone on the way. The walk of a Gemini almost looks unbalanced, as they may sway slightly come side to side. They are the ones who blindly stop in a crowded doorway.

The walk of a Cancer:

Their walk seems to be in slow-motion, and is usually quite humble. They have relaxed shoulders and an air of softness in each step. They are usually talking to someone when they are walking, but if alone will be minding their own business; maybe playing with their hair. Often their hands have to be still, but doing something; like being in their pockets, or holding a book. In busy hallways, they are snaking through the crowd.

The walk of a Leo:

Very proud. Their shoulders are down, their back in straight, and their chest is puffed out. Their movement is bold, with short steps. Often, they are carrying a folder under one arm. Leo will be set on their destination until something breaks their focus, and their eyes start darting around their location. A Leo may swing their free arm swiftly, their palm faces either up or down. They are either the ones blocking the path, or the ones grumpily trying to get past.

The walk of a Virgo:

Their hands have to be busy; fiddling with a tie, holding books, or holding their hands together. Their steps are short, but their pace is quite quick. They are often looking to the ground and glancing down, only looking up to appreciate the scenery around them. Their shoulders are always relaxed, but either enclosed on themselves or open, depending on how confident the Virgo is in a space. They are the ones navigating through crowds.

The walk of a Libra:

Their walk can be seen as sloppy, but usually it is just because they are very chill. They talk soft-footed small steps, and do not walk very fast. A Libra believes they have all the time in the world to get to their destination. Often engrossed in conversation or thought, Libra is looking around, but never as anything specific. They are the ones who block doorways as they are unaware of their surroundings.

The walk of a Scorpio:

The movement of the Scorpion is swift. It is almost like they have perfectly rehearsed every single movement. They usually have their hands in their pockets or a bag around their arm, with the feet pointed out like a penguin. Watching people, their eyes often fix on individual things, then move onto something new. Scorpio walks at a fast pace and is often conscious of those around them; opening doors and standing to one side in order to not be in the way.

The walk of a Sagittarius:

They are fun and sloppy, often stood straight backed in contrast. The Archer is usually find standing tall, with their chest puffed out so slightly. They use their bodies and gestures boldly, maybe their shoulders move up and down when they laugh, or their whole side turns as they open doors. Blissfully unaware of those around them, Sagittarius may fall into you or stop in front of you quite often.

The walk of a Capricorn:

They have a natural swagger. They may have their fingers curled with one palm pointing to the ceiling, or their feet slightly pointing out. They are very active walkers in this way, as they are always doing something with their hands. Capricorn is notorious for fixing or mindlessly playing with their hair. They may sometimes seem fierce or scary, as they stand and walk quite boldly. Sometimes they block the halls, but this is because if you don’t say “excuse me”, why should they move? 

The walk of an Aquarius:

Aquarius is blind to those around them, merely enjoying those they walk with or any plans they are thinking up. They lean back slightly and walk with a group of friends whenever possible. Often, you will see them subtly swinging an arm back and forth. The Water Bearer often walks with a smile on their face. They may be in the way of people, but they don’t particularly care about that, as you could probably find a different way around.

The walk of a Pisces:

They do not draw much attention towards themselves. They walk alone in peace, or often take a back seat in larger groups. The Fish may have their head to the ground as they take quick and small steps. This individual can often be stopped as they tend to swing their arms. If a Pisces isn’t looking at the ground, they may be seeing looking out to the distance, or examine an on-coming crowd.

Arrows from Taryon

Someone mentioned that Taryon and Percy could be rivals, so of course my Perc’Ahlia driven mind would think that Percy and Taryon would try to one-up each other by giving Vex special arrows. Also the fact I find it hilarious for Tary to develop a crush on Vex (or at least flirt with her to piss off Percy). I think Tary see’s her as the de facto leader of the group and wants her admiration but I’m not sure what that could develop into. I might write more (mainly Percy’s reaction) but I wanted to put this out before tonight’s show. Its my first fanfic I’ve ever posted. Also I don’t post things on Tumblr often so this is all new to me. 

           Taryon Darrington held an exquisite gift box as he strutted toward Vex’Ahlia. The box looked like a large gold ingot with detailed etchings on the sides. Placed on top was a single large blue satin bow. Next to him walked a mechanical Gollum holding a quill and a quarter finished tome. It diligently wrote as Taryon whispered, “Doty, take this down: I walked up to the little elf girl confident my latest creation would show her my charming and brilliance. This gift will make me irreplaceable to the group, and to her. One arrow won’t be enough, she’ll want more, and I’ll be there to oblige.”

           Taryon knew Vex was out of earshot even though she had a clear view of him. He didn’t know she could read lips. She rolled her eyes at his ego and crossed her arms as he approached.

           “Is that an arrow for me?” Vex asked at a near monotone nodding at the extravagant box.

           “Indeed it is,” Taryon boasted. “I’ve seen how skilled you are with a bow, but you do miss quite a bit. I thought I’d remedy that with this.” Taryon outstretched his arms holding the box for Vex to take. She kept her arms crossed.

           “I already have someone who makes me special arrows. They are quite wonderful.” Vex smiles as Taryon’s shit eating grin fades. “Thanks anyway,” she adds.

           “Oh really?” Taryon asked astonished. “What do they do? I’d bet mine are better.”

           Vex blinked twice keeping her frustration at bay. “They explode,” she explained.

           “Well,” Taryon smiled. “This one does not.” He opened the box revealing a bow almost as beautiful as the box that carried it. The head made out of sharp obsidian. Arcane glowing runes covered the steel shaft, and the arrows, Vex could only assume by their brilliance, were plucked from the wings of a phoenix. “This one is a homing arrow. I guarantee you will hit anything with it, as long as your target is marked by you of course.”

           Vex did not like Taryon but that arrow was the most beautifully crafted arrow she had ever seen.  “It looks nice,” Vex conceded as she reluctantly took the box. “I’ll try it.”

           Taryon’s smile grew wider. “Who made your arrows before me? I’d like to tell him his services are no longer required. You see I don’t just make homing arrows; I can put a variety of enchantments on your projectiles. I could even make one that explodes.”

           Vex stared him down. “I don’t even know if this works yet.”

           “Oh it will,” Taryon guaranteed. As he turned and walked away he ordered, loud enough Vex could still hear him, “Doty take this down: She was reluctant at first but accepted my gift eager to test it. I await to hear how superior my arrows are than what she used before.”

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McCree gets self-conscious sometimes and since he tends to deflect things with humour, he'll poke fun at himself to try and deal with things. Hanzo catches onto this fact and starts to counter every negative statement Jesse makes about himself and lavishes him with attention when he thinks the other might not be in a good place. That is his handsome, sharpshooting cowboy thank you very much and he'll not take kindly to anyone putting him down, even himself.

I could see this. Jesse is a walking coping mechanism, so this one makes just as much sense. It’s probably something from his Blackwatch days, making fun of himself to overcome a bad situation or a failure. So I could see him as an adult making fun of his weight or something like that in order to try and resolve the situation, putting himself down to try and make others feel better. And Hanzo isn’t stupid and knows Jesse really well, so he sees through it pretty much instantly. At first he doesn’t do much, but as it goes on he becomes nearly instantaneously, giving him affirmation everytime he makes a comment. He’s quick to say “Your body is perfect, do not jest that way, it was a group mistake not yours alone, I do not make a habit of falling in love with idiots, Jesse McCree.” He loves Jesse for everything about him, and knows the importance of good confidence. Plus he loves how red Jesse gets when he puts him up.

((Music: Danny Elfman - Kidnap the Sandy Claws))

Finally drew my favorite character ^w^ I mean, how often do you see a walking bathtub. ;)

(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)
- Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas


Unlike Black Diamond, this literal frog is actually related to Black Tourmaline… at least in a way. His name is Verdelite, also known as Green Tourmaline, so you could consider them cousins.

Verdelite works as a mechanic/technician/engineer sort of thing, because tourmalines conduct electricity rather well, so I like the headcanon of them mainly working in power plants and similar places. Also, he’s defective. His legs don’t work on their own, so he built himself mechanical walking/moving aides for them. Since I failed at drawing those, though, I decided they’re underneath his suit. Luckily he’s green, because that means he’s part of Green Diamond’s court, and Green Diamond accepts all gems.

Disclaimer: I don’t, under any circumstances, consider disabled people “defective”! I used the term because it’s been used on the show as well, and if an amethyst is already considered defective for being too small by Homeworld standards, a gem with non-functioning legs would certainly be called that too.

Hermione exited the doors of Azkaban and walked mechanically until she reached the apparition point, but instead of proceeding, she stopped to look out at the water. The harsh grey waves of the North Sea lapped aggressively against the jagged rocks, repeatedly soaking through her shoes but she paid the cold no mind. She had faced worse than this. Here, in this Merlin forsaken place she felt closer to them than she had since the trials, in some way she could imagine that they were breathing in the same air. She knew they weren’t looking at the same sky. But somewhere on the island their hearts were beating and it made hers feel like it had restarted. She didn’t want to leave just yet.
—  Pictures of You (redraft), Chapter 26

@acaciacambridge )

    – Carter had told Acacia he’d bring her lunch at some point in time ( even if they were being sarcastic ) he assumed now was as good a time as any to show up on the opposite side of town and visit his favorite mechanic. Walking into the garage, Carter looked around before spotting the red hair that fell from the cap on her head. Making his way over to her, he tapped on her shoulder lightly, getting her attention before holding the bag of food in front of himself. “I hope you haven’t taken your break yet.” 

Sam felt stupid walking towards the mechanics garage with her tupperware container and a bottle tucked under her arm, but she believed in paying her debts. And Caiden had been nice enough to help her out in a matter of fact way, as well as offer future help, which he definitely had not had to do. Besides, Sam’s mother had always taught her to say thank you, and Sam was not the type to write ‘thank you’ cards. 

As she walked into the garage, she couldn’t help a wry smile. “So, yeah, it’s kinda weird, but I brought you thank you cookies. And whiskey.” 


A Step in The Right Direction

In chapter 114, we are introduced to Sieglinde Sullivan’s new method for walking effortlessly; her mechanical spider legs!

This is amazing technology and impressive to look at, but it actually has a bit more significance than just showing off Sieglinde’s talents. This device could be seen as a representation of her breaking the final tie with her past and the false village.

When she was told she was the green witch, her feet were broken and bound. She was led to believe that this was the tradition and important to protect the ‘village.’

Sieglinde wasn’t upset by this. In fact, she was proud since she thought her feet was a sign of her duty and responsibility. Of course, this was a lie. The real purpose was to keep Sieglinde from being able to move freely and possibly escape. This made her dependent on others for mobility.

Of course, she was still inventive. She accepted the fact she couldn’t walk easily, but she did use balloons to allow her to walk about castle.

She was still limited since her movements were still clumsy and limited to indoors. She couldn’t just walk around freely everywhere, so this was overlooked. In order to be able to leave this false world she had resided in all of her life, she would need assistance.

Of course, this assistance came and she was able to escape. Back in England, she was to have a new life - and soon cut her hair. While this was upsetting to Sebastian since it was customary for women to wear their  hair up when they saw the queen, it was also a sign of her cutting ties to her life.

However, her feet and difficulty walking without help was still a reminder of her past. When she took shaky steps on her own, used a crutch, or had to have another’s help, it was still a reminder.

With the invention of her spider legs, Sieglinde is finally free to move around easily on her own. While most everyone would stare, she could now walk around the streets of London without assistance. She is finally free of that village - at least in a physical sense.

Of course, she still has all that knowledge concerning poisonous gases she learned when she thought it was magic. There’s a chance that may still imprison her.

Time Out(Mechanic!AU)
  • *Genos waxes one of the cars, pausing and staring at the dish of wax before looking over to Saitama*
  • Genos: *walks over to the mechanic silently, slowly holding out the wax sponge*
  • Saitama: *pauses his work*....if you do that you're going in tire time out
  • Genos: ....*places sponge on Saitama's head and rubs it around*
  • *a few minutes later Genos is sitting on the ground pouting with several tires wedged over him*
  • Saitama: *wiping his head off* I warned you *sits down to work*
  • Genos: *closes one eye* Sensei, could you turn slightly? The sun is reflecting off of your he- *oil rag smacks him in the face*



This is a story I’ve tried to upload several times from my phone and it hasn’t gone through! I thought it had and I am so sorry it wasn’t up when promised. Anyway, this is going to be at least three parts, maybe four! This idea was sort of my own with three other requests combined, all anon!

First request- girl breaks down and Dean picks her up?

Second- Can you write an imagine where the character breaks down and Dean says he can fix her car? Thanks!

Third- To be announced on the last part! ;D


The mechanic walks out, wiping his hands on a towel that was already covered in dirt. You were sure his hands wouldn’t get any cleaner.

“Miss,” he sighs and shrugs a shoulder. “I’m afraid your car is nearly gone. It’ll cost you a fortune to get it fixed, especially here. The best thing would be to rent another one.” He had a genuine look of guilt in his eyes.

Panicking a little, you weren’t sure what to do. What little cash you had was for the gas and food all week, with little else to spend for yourself. To fix your car, you would have to blow off the trip.

Closing your eyes, you have a quick think. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, your car breaking. Maybe this was a sign telling you to turn around, head back, not do this.

Another car pulls up. It’s a black Impala, you knew this from growing up around cars. You didn’t know much about the inside, but you were fairly certain that was a Chevy. It was beautiful, and looked fairly new other than a few other dents here and there.

The Impala stops and two men get out - tall men. One is wearing a leather jacket with several rips, and you suddenly realize he has a bloody lip. The other, a much taller man, is wearing a plaid shirt with ripped jeans and his hands remained in his pockets.

“Can I help you two?” The mechanic asks.

The shorter man of the two nods and glances your way. “But we can wait for this little lady.”

You shake your head. “I need a moment.” You mutter and turn on your heel. You slump over to the shed and prop our back against it, looking around as if you might see another sign somewhere out here, in the middle of nowhere.

“Miss?” The one with a bloody lip pops over, his hands now in his jacket pockets. “The old man told us about your car.”

“I really don’t know what to.” You mumble.

He cracks a small smile and his bottom lip starts to dribble blood. “I might be able to help. I work on mine all the time. As long as there are some spare parts the old man will let me use.”

You look up at the man, squinting in the desert sun. “You’ll help a complete stranger?”

He shrugs and nods back to his Impala. “Or I can offer you a ride, but I imagine you’ll want your vehicle back.”

You don’t really think about it. You accept his offer to help and let yourself be led over to the old man who owns the shop. He’s talking to the taller one, the one with glorious hair that you kind of wanted to touch.

“Excuse me,” the man said, propping his arm on the top of his car. “Do you maybe have any parts I can use? I’ll fix the girls car if you can spare a few tools. To save her some money.”

The old man grumbles something and nods to the shed you just came from. “You can look in there. If you can fix it, I’ll let you have everything. I would, but I have to make a living here.”

“Understandable.” You smile a little, but the old man doesn’t smile, at least not that you can tell. He simply nods and wanders off.

The men beside you give each other a look before turning to you and smiling.

“I’m Dean, by the way.” The man who offered to fix your car extends his hand to you. “This is my baby brother, Sammy.”

“Sam,” the taller one grumbles as you take Dean’s hand and shake it. He has a strong grip, but you could tell he released it some as soon as he grabbed yours.

“(Y\N).” You smile and thank the older brother again.

Modern au headcanon - Bard is a mechanic and walks around in flanel grease stained shirts and messy manbuns meanwhile Thranduil is a boss of a huge company and almost always wears a suit like everywhere all the time and when they go out to eat lunch together when they have a break they look totally ridiculous next to eachother but don’t give a fuck (of course they eat lunches together what the hell)