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Game Grumps Live was amazing!! I got to say hi to Vernon, and i made Danny and Arin laugh ♡

grog not knowing how to respond to vax’ ‘you saved him. you did good, grog’ and then realizing later on that Scanlan did not, in fact, hear him during the ritual is… painful?

Was parking at my apartment’s lot, and the person parking before me took the disability spot in front of my unit. I asked him nicely to let me take the spot, since I have a disability placard, and he didn’t, and he just scoffed at me saying I don’t have a disability because I appeared to be able to walk perfectly fine. Then he walked away, leaving me to park much further away. Saw the back of his car had a trump2016 sticker.

Good to know his supporters are just as ableist as him

Imagine Woozi quietly walking up to you and suddenly placing a kiss on your cheek before casually walking away, leaving you to be surprised and flustered by his unexpected action.


I know, I said I was leaving and here I am again. This place is like a vortex that sucks you back in no matter what. I really did leave. I walked around town and back many times.

Reading all the different views on the latest drama show. Yes, I have a list that started three and years ago, that verifies my feeling as to why SC are together. Its huge. I know the following view point I have will not agree with others, but that’s the way it is. Here goes

I wouldn’t want to be the rebound girl with Sam. Out of a heavy relationship with his costar and trying to live up to a high profile world model, now actress, who is getting recognized the world over for her talent. I don’t think this will ever really be attained. Even if she is Sam’s new squeeze she wont ever be Cait. This is reality.

Back to the IFH. We are suppose to believe SC broke up. So, lets say they did (no I don’t really believe they did), and Sam later said, Yes he was single and the interviewer could write it down, as if it were true. Along comes MM, someone Sam has met before and knows. Wasn’t that nice, someone dropped her name into the fandom? It just so happens she is at the same studio he is connected to. Wasnt she at a concert? No picture, just a guess. Oh look MM is in Scotland. Wait, doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Someone forgot to tell BM that his IG would be examined for everything including hemorrhoids. He, after the fact, scrubs his IG of MM, leaving just one or two pics, for old time sake. Somehow, he infers she is crazy, but of course he wasn’t referring to her. HMMMM. Who knows? The meeting at the wine bar with the tickets for a date are in Sam’s hand. Wow, how strange someone got a picture of this encounter. Some producer from the same studio took the picture and its on IG, fate is at work. Next the ball game. Nope, no one ever who has taken a picture randomly of Sam and gets a clear picture. Grainy, yes I see its him, photos. Who’s is the brunette getting hugs from Sam? We were not suppose to see that. Forget it, that didn’t happen. Even cell phones do better than this. Why does MM have to run to keep up with Sam leaving the game. What happened to ladies first. Sorry, doesn’t apply to this situation. Onward we go. I wont go through everything we have seen of Sam and MM together. Lets just say, if one of my daughters was dating Sam during this drama show, I would be asking why she has been doing this. Besides the fact she wants exposure to the media and having her failing career jump started by being seen with him, this is a really bad dating reveal. She leaves the garbage trolls and others put on her IG. The comments are awful and after a few days actually start to stink. She is using it to draw people in to take a look. They are removed when they are of no more use. Yep all this is real love and she and Sam are going to jam it down the fandoms throat. Accept it folks, it may look like shit but its really great shit. Look even Sam comes to save her ass from the nasty fandom. Where’s the horse and didn’t he ride in to save her? Innuendo????? Absolutely not, what are we talking about? MM wouldn’t do that. Really? I dont think so.

Everything about this dating and being seen together, innuendo, etc., screams shady as fuck. I became angry, I felt someone who is orchestrating this mess really thinks women in this fandom are stupid. Yes stupid. Forget SC and just look at this mess. Antis seem to take anything they are fed, even poisoned apples, and love it. Questions being asked are not accepted. Dont ask about things that make no sense, Just accept it as it is. WS really, really likes it that way. He loves ass kissers. Well Captain K is really an actor who got paid for his role just like the other actors did. He is nothing more. Trump, come watch this show on SM, you could learn some new SM moves here.

Instead of this new romance fading into the media sunset, it keeps going. We get the friends (SC) having fun together and love eyes and then more of MM.

Anyone notice after the BAFTAS, which I really think Sam was shocked he wasn’t recognized. Sam looked punched in the gut with Cait’s speech. Cait has a different profile. She won, she now attends bigger and better promos for herself. London and more schmoozing with the right people. Tony, are you following up on this shit? Man do your job. It is your job, isn’t it? She is now getting the Oscar Wilde award (no I dont think Sam will be there, even though I had hoped). She will be in Seattle with Sam in March. She is being seen, over and over as herself CB the actress and no Sam. Outlander is becoming her show and she is looking like the actress she is. Money Monster helped. It plays on STARZ, what a coincidence.

Where is Sam, in Georgia at a wedding with his GF. Wow what happened? Only the fandom is really interested in this information. Sam may be our Jamie and a good actor, but in Hollywood, he is that guy from Outlander. MM is the struggling actress who is having trouble keeping her career in the drive position. This does nothing for Sam, nothing. The only thing this does is stir up the fandom. Keep us busy wondering if and when the other shoe will hit the floor, fill in the time from now till September, but the rest of the world could care less if Sam is in Georgia with whoever. Even if its true romance or not, we the fandom of fans only care.

Strange when he was in LA he met Graham in LA in the same neighborhood as the studio. Seeing TPTB Sam? Hope he will be busy on some of his next time off. He needs exposure, not a wannabe actress who looks like she is using him, hanging on his accomplishments. In love or not, this is not a great move for this to be his big reveal.

I wrote before that I believed TPTB were orchestrating this mess. Doesnt matter, its a mess.

Why would Sam want us all to know he is attending a wedding with his new GF? Is he trying to show his serious intentions with MM? Her Twitter looks like a 16 year old posting about her boyfriend. A way to much over sell for someone her age. She is what 28? Waiting for Sam’s ridiculous show of over sell. Oh yeah, and lets not mention her divorce, her old boyfriend who one day was her BF and the next kicked to the curb. Dont want her or Sam to look bad. Some people knowing information about BM even shows he still sees MM. Dont even mention NYE, in the same place this year with new Sam where old Billy and she were the year before. Yep, this is a really great person. No, I dont know her, I know OF her. Not by the media. Some of us do know other people in LA besides through media. When you have skeletons in your closet, you might hide them for a while, but they always come out, no matter what someone will find them and you don’t have to dig. They like being found.

If all the above doesnt make you think the latest drama of a picture on MPC leaked out to the fandom and Sam dressed in a kilt at a wedding in Georgia isnt shady as fuck, look again. This is the worst relationship reveal. I could of done better and I know nothing of how to do this. A little bit classier if nothing else.

I wish I could say Sam could make better choices, but it isnt my life or my call. If he is seeing MM and is happy, fine, but there is nothing else out there with him now. Caitriona is moving as fast as she can. Looking for a new part in a movie? Sam is attending weddings. What is wrong with this picture????? Or maybe he already has something and this attention will lead into a new project. Taking the wrong road to doing this right.

Once more, I will say TPTB want the Shippers out of here. That’s what fandoms do, ship. Not in this fandom, we are suppose to do as directed. Even if Sam and MM are the item of the month they want control of the fandom. Feeding information to privileged groups is really controlling them. They get only what you want them to know. Ask Trump, he does it everyday. WS is working hard on this job. Even his side kick looks like he is getting overtime pay. He even knows Sam’s GF. MM is gloating over her knew IG followers and Sam looks like a guy that just doesn’t have it together because everyone else is running the show.

Think about using Sam in other movies and parts and pairing with all the new actresses. What a great win for TPTB. Think of all the great ways of getting people to watch new shows. T2 got a lot of exposure with SC and through the fandom. Someone is having fun with this.

Even if this is not the right answer to the last few day, all this is shady as fuck. All of this, if MM and Sam are together, could of been handled in one quick sweep. All this garbage was not needed. Its like teenagers handling the office for a day. Really unprofessional no matter what is happening. Sam posting his location and showing up in a kilt. The kilt is great, but the leaking of this event was done wrong.

So what’s next? I’m sure the show will continue. Sam seems to not be able to have a GF that isn’t part of the fandom. So I’m waiting for the next chapter in this drama mess. His GF has nothing to do with Outlander, just him. Why is she here Sam???? Do we as fans have to have her in our face? Your life is supposedly private. Just spread this around like butter why don’t you? Something stinks. Nope, I am not that into Sam’s private life that I need MM. I wont be doing that.

Cait moves on, and as I type this I am sure her agents are looking for new material for her, where does that leave Sam? No more couple. Outlander?? Does MM get to be the big deal here? We will see, I just hope its better than it is now. If Sam and Cait are together. I say WTF you two? Sam you need more than Weddings and wannabes.

If Sam has any love for Cait, I see hurt in the future. If Cait moves on to someone other than Tony we will see how Sam handles that.
If Tony is the man in her life, Sam is already out. Maybe Cait could start dating and plaster it all over the fandom like Sam. Wait, she is to classy for that. After Outlander maybe she could move back to LA? I just feel bad that MM is Sam’s next GF. He needs more. A woman, not Leg-hair. My opinion, but as the saying goes “a man gets the woman he deserves”. An Oscar Wilde quote ironically.

So, waiting, again to see more of this show. I always say it cant get any worse and then it does. I wont say that anymore, lets just wait and see.

Sorry for the rant and sporadic changes, I am still pissed this whole thing was handled this way. I guess I expected to much and should of realized I wasn’t going to get something more than anyone could give. My expectations were to high. Won’t do that again.

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Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.

my mom watches her shows in the family room of our house where everyone is always hanging out and sometimes theres a (hetero) sex scene in whatever she’s watching and no matter how explicit or non explicit it is no one cares. its not a big deal. i mean its a little weird sometimes to just listen to really bad moaning for a solid minute but its not like she changes the channel or anything its just part of the show.

but me? i flinch when i’m watching two girls on my laptop and someone walks by or enters the room. not sex with two girls just. two girls. thats all. i pause the video and i wait for them to leave, my heart beating really fast. im not even in the closet. if the girls kiss i feel like i have to hide my screen and make sure no one saw i was watching that. 

i hate this more than anything