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Enchiladas? Why?
I mean, I love enchiladas, but you’re literally walking eyeballs. Enchiladas have a) molten cheese b) chili pepper (I know there are milder versions, but word enchilar means ‘add chili pepper’, therefore ‘proper’ enchiladas should have it). And you put those inside your eyeballheads.

No wonder you have eyesight problems.

Peepers and Sylvia, A Curious Rivalry

One of the major character dynamics in Wander Over Yonder is the Looney Tunes brand rivalry and chase between Wander and Lord Hater. Wander is an extreme optimist pitted against Hater’s gloom-and-doom pessimism. Wander switches between trying to befriend and redeem Lord Hater to playing the ornery Bugs Bunny to Hater’s Elmer Fudd. It depends on Wander’s mood and the given set of circumstances. 

Behind Wander and Lord Hater, though, are Sylvia the zbornak and Commander Peepers the walking, talking tiny eyeball man. There’s a brewing rivalry and contempt between these two, but it’s more the direct result of their friends being enemies than anything else. I like to think that it could develop into a more personalized, one-on-one dynamic as pronounced, if not moreso, than Hater’s beef with Wander. It’d be interesting to see Peepers specifically target and challenge Sylvia; she already deliberately targets and beats him silly as often as the opportunity arises. Where Wander outwits Peepers by playing the energetic, random, and unstoppable Roadrunner to his Wile E., Sylvia has strong intuition and instincts. She’s wary and cautious, usually the first to notice something amiss or incoming danger; so, in short, she’s far less likely to fall prey to traps and tricks and a cell wouldn’t hold her long. If anything, Sylvia wouldn’t just befuddle Peepers like Wander would: She could be challenged and opposed with Peepers’ more conventional traps and strategies. It’d be a match of wits and adaptability.

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Usually, Sylvia powers through issues with her brute strength. But, Peepers can match Sylvia’s physical prowess and hold his own if he needs to in direct fisticuffs. If Peepers has any real advantage, it’d be his cleverness and cunning: He could very well bait Sylvia and enrage her. She’s twice as unwieldy when she’s at her angriest, but she’s not thinking straight. That’s when she’s at her most vulnerable in regards to being tricked and goaded; exactly where Peepers could lead her into a custom-built cell or otherwise. This would prove a worthwhile effort since Sylvia is a major asset to Wander; his fail safe and trump card, per se. Isolate Sylvia and Wander becomes a bit more manageable. Take Wander out of the picture and Lord Hater’s biggest distraction is his ridiculous crush on Lord Dominator. 

Though, that said, Sylvia could very well return the favor: Peepers is equally temperamental. Mess up his plans, comment on his questionable standing with Lord Hater, and he’s reaching for his ray gun in the heat of his wounded pride. It seems like Peepers can get ridiculously sensitive and tripped up by his own ego. Why else didn’t he go bare-chest full-on macho when Emperor Awesome was talking smack in “The Cool Guy”? But, then again, Peepers is more of a careful, sidelines schemer than an aggressive frontman. Hence why Hater is the piece de resistance in planet-conquering plans. Tangent aside, to her credit, Sylvia has bested Peepers more often than the reverse happening. He can become laser-focused to his own detriment at times. 

For the most part, Peepers and Sylvia are pretty evenly matched in many respects, though. 

But, there’s further potential for the two in regards to their odd, mutual understanding. There was the epiphany-brand, “Jinx! You owe me a soda!” moment in “Battle Royale,” where both announced with equal frustration: “Do you know what it’s like to have a fool for a friend?!” 

Every time Wander beelines into danger or acts on the most ridiculous of whims, Sylvia chases after him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt and has the physical back-up he needs. She’ll also play the tough love card and be the voice of reason, but it’s a toss-up as to whether or not the wandering orange fuzzball actually listens. In Peepers’ case, he’s the glue that holds Hater’s empire together: He takes care of the technical details, battle plans, and every other practical necessity or goings-on. All of this is in addition to being Hater’s counsel and confidant, trying to keep the easily distracted skeleton man focused, if not comforting him when his ego gets crushed. 

Of everything Peepers and Sylvia relate most on, it’s that inevitable moment when Wander or Hater respectively defy their warnings and charge on with whatever insane plan they had in the first place. Especially the mounting frustration, eye-rolling, and heavy sigh that initially follows. Of everyone in the universe, they’re the most likely to understand each other’s biggest frustrations as well as why they dredge through it all in the first place. Complaints wouldn’t fall on deaf ears; it’d be met with a sympathetic nod. That’s partly why seeing these two declare a temporary truce and rush after Hater and Wander struck such an interesting chord. They’re strangely kindred spirits, but they can never be friends because of how much their morals and ambitions clash; if not Peepers’ direct attempts to destroy/capture Wander. 

The other half comes in as a bit ironic: Wander is stretching to extremes to befriend Lord Hater, where Sylvia would go to similar extremes to get away from the fellow. Yet, given a pressing enough set of circumstances, she can reason with and make a begrudging truce with Hater’s second-in-command. Their interactions are deliberate; the kind of dynamic Wander would consider a fantastic start with Hater, but can never achieve despite his best efforts. What if another set of circumstances arose to where Peepers and Sylvia made another temporary alliance? How would a cautious, but candid discussion between the two play out…? I imagine a lot of glaring, snippy and sarcastic dialogue, and eventually, the two swapping stories about ridiculous misadventures if only to pass time. There’d be so much meat to a fireside chat between the two once they broke the ice enough: Consider Peepers finding out that Sylvia is a reformed baddie in her own right. Just imagine him looking at her incredulously and crying, “How could you willingly give up evil?!” And, what if Peepers started out as a stiff, by-the-books good guy that snapped and turned evil because he met Lord Hater (my unfounded headcanon). He’d get the same incredulity from Sylvia. He’s such a capable villain, but he could do so much good if he redirected his skills and efforts. Just….so much untapped potential here! 

Wander and Lord Hater may be the show’s flagship rivalry, but there’s just as much, if not arguably more, intrigue to the rivalry between Peepers and Sylvia. 


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OK. LET ME EXPLAIN. I was drawing like. ONE HUG.
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The temptation of cuddling tiny adorable walking eyeballs was tOO BIG.

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She probably has some sort of fanclub on homeworld. She is the popular girl and everyone squeals as she walks by.