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If you’re one of the people wondering why it’s 2017 and Sherlock Holmes and John Watson still haven’t kissed on TV, then you might be interested in what I have to say !

As an aspiring writer/director, I want to right decades of wrongs and finally free these characters and finally allow them to be happy together. 

What I offer you is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, both young (early 20s), both queer. The action would take place in modern Paris (because I’m a poor french worm)

Now, why am I telling you all that :

The project is only at its development stage, meaning I’m still working on the story (though the main pitch is already defined). Also, it’s all amateur work, so I’d be doing this on my free time, with my own money etc.. 

So basically, I need people interested in this project to help me out !

  • For the writing phase: as I’m not a walking ACD canon Encyclopaedia, I might need a lot of help concerning the canon and especially the cases. I might also need help writing said cases.
  • For the filming phase: I’ll need actors (preferably french speakers), but also sound engineers, scripts… (but we have time for that)

So if you’re interested in the project, if you’re motivated, send me a PM and don’t forget to share and reblog !

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I need a The Bachelor AU for hartwin pleasee

Uhh, I tried.

It’s not that Eggsy regretted ever signing up for the show, but – he regretted ever signing up for the show. Not like, really regretted it, enough to make him want to pack his bags – he couldn’t anyway, because he had signed the contract – but his life sure would have been a lot easier if he wasn’t The Bachelor.

His main problem was that he had let it slip that he liked ‘em older, and now he was faced with the most handsome men around fifty that the producers could find. He had elected to ignore what the gossip rags had to say about his raging daddy kink.

So there he was, with four incredibly handsome men looking at him in anticipation, and only three glasses of scotch to hand out. You’d think he’d be used to this by now, because they’d started out with twelve men, but no. It hadn’t got any easier.

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Some of the Batfam’s weird talents

Alfred: Can tap dance, something Bruce horrifyingly learned at a young age during a Christmas party where Alfred had one too many cups of ‘nog

Bruce: Can recite movie lines verbatim. It’s a part of his memory, but for some reason movies really stick in there. A lot more than anything. It’s a regretful talent, especially when the movie is bad. 

Selina: can train nearly every animal she meets. Those cats dont follow her around because of the treats she always has on her, eat your heart out cesar millan, she got the batcow to moo everytime Bruce talked for longer than ten seconds.

Dick: can tie cherry stems in his mouth. He literally acts like he’s in a porno every time he does it, cheesy pickup lines and everything so that everyone can get the full effect of the trick. 

Barbra: Speaks elvan. She was a hardcore Tolkien fan when she was growing up, her elven name is Idhrenniel.

Jason: can do that apple/arm roll that Aladdin does. He taught himself this neat trick during his brief attendance at GA. He had been given the role of the famous ruffian much to the families dismay. Jason never got to see the final production, Bruce pulled him out. 

Tim: Can perfectly mimic Bruce’s and Batman’s voice, something that comes in handy when pranking Jason. 

Stephanie: Never spells a word wrong, ever. She’s like a walking encyclopaedia, she just knows every word

Damian: Can write perfectly in cursive with both hands, with his eyes closed. He demonstrates this at school, often.

Cass: Can eat ghost peppers without flinching. When Harper saw this, she nearly puked. 

Duke: can guess people’s zodiac signs within moments of meeting them. He and his mum were hardcore horoscope believers when he was little. It’s partially why he’s so good at reading people. 

God The Imperfect

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2067

Pairing: ChuckxReader

Summary: Chuck agonises over your contradictions and his feelings until Charlie tells him to buck up and ask you out.

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For @lykoslupus, who wanted Derek helping Stiles realise he is strong and not worthless. 

Derek finds Stiles curled up at the foot of his dorm room bed, breathing heavily, like he’s been running- or having a panic attack. It pulls at something inside him – something he still refuses to completely acknowledge, even though he and Stiles have been friends for more than two years now- the way he looks so small and unthreatening; vulnerable. It reminds Derek of the way he used to look at Stiles, like he was breakable, and something pulls again – tightening – taking his own breath away.

“Couldn’t make it to the bed, eh?” he asks, walking over, sitting down beside Stiles on the floor.

Stiles shrugs and shifts closer to him, pressing his face against Derek’s thigh, breathing still uneven. Definitely a panic attack. “I don’t deserve a bed.”

“Everyone deserves a bed.”

“Ha! You lived in a train car for a year. You slept on a floor.”

“I slept on a mattress on a floor.”

“Case and point.”

“It was still a bed.”

“Don’t sass me, Hale.”

Derek rolls his eyes but doesn’t bite back, taking in Stiles’ room instead; the white board on the wall, the pieces of string attached to it – the very replica of the one Derek knows still sits in Stiles’ room back home. His laptop is open, battery low, something about Banshees in Gaelic Scotland on the screen. Derek can’t tell if Stiles is doing research for Lydia or his folklore final but either way, he knows Stiles can’t keep going like this.

“I thought we could order a pizza. There’s a place just opened up around the corner. It sells milkshakes.”

Stiles doesn’t even smile. “Can’t eat, too busy failing.”

“I bet a milkshake would help.”

“Why are you even here, Derek?” Stiles snaps, pulling away, and Derek watches as his body begins to shake. He wants to reach out, to hold Stiles close, but he knows if he does he would never be able to take it back.

“I’m here because I’m hungry.”

“You drove for four hours to eat shitty pizza?” Stiles snorts. “Try again.”

“I drove four hours to eat shitty pizza with you.” The words are out before Derek has the chance to stop them and he holds his breath, hoping Stiles won’t pick up on what they really mean- what they have come to mean, over the last two years.

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“I’m sorry, that was awesome. It’s true what the other guys say, you are the smartest person to come through here.”

“Is that - is that what they say? Yeah, well, maybe, I mean. Okay. Okay, Simmons is probably smarter, technically, but that’s because she likes homework more than life itself. She’s a walking encyclopaedia.”

“It’s nice to have someone to talk shop with all the time or to just plain talk to.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 deleted scene “The Smartest Person”

i have been thinking about this a lot
it bugs me how people see remus as the only marauder that knows about great literature
as much as i love the headcanon ‘remus the walking encyclopaedia’ (and i really do love it), i feel like sirius would know an awful lot too
he will have had a tutor before hogwarts and would have been taught about history and literature from a very young age so the black family had well-educated children that they could show off to people
maybe that put sirius off books and literature during hogwarts but i refuse to accept that he would be clueless
and i refuse to accept that remus would be the only marauder with any knowledge of great english literature

i also really like the idea of remus and sirius reading classic texts together in a corner of the gryffindor common room


The first cap is from 7.15: Repo Man, and the second from 10.19: The Werther Project.

In both instances, Sam is vividly hallucinating. In both instances, his hallucination figures out something that his panicked conscious mind needs to fathom urgently, and in both instances it’s to save Dean.

We know that among Sam’s many attributes is a near-photographic memory, superhuman powers of concentration, a keen intelligence, and an ability to sift through a lot of information in a relatively short time. He excelled in both school and college with very little support and resources, as well as in researching the arcane and the supernatural–Dean calls him a “walking encyclopaedia of weirdness” early in the series.

(I don’t know if Sam ever enjoyed his role as researcher, particularly as a kid? I mean, he was a curious kid and probably enjoyed the opportunity to learn new things, but that it was in service of something he loathed probably soured the role considerably for him. Plus, I don’t think he particularly enjoyed how it meant that he was often left behind on hunts to look up things as and when his father and brother needed, like in 7.03. But we know he did take a course on Native American folklore among other things at Stanford, so freed from hunting, he loves learning for the sake of learning.)

After the Cage, Sam’s mind is tampered with a lot–from the soullessness, to the Wall, to the breaking of the Wall, to Sam piecing his fractured soul back together, to Castiel doing whatever to mitigate the worst of Sam’s psychotic break, to the Trials frying his brain, to Gadreel settling in there like a parasite, discreetly and not-so-discreetly messing around with his brain chemistry, altering his memories, and then just trapping Sam’s conscious mind in a dreamscape for god-knows-how-long. After all of this, we continue to evaluate Sam’s intelligence along old terms, frustrated when he turns for help, when he does faulty research every now and then, when he doesn’t know Enochian after two hundred years in the Cage, when he doesn’t intimidate his enemies by invoking his long experience with Hell and the worst it has to offer.

It’s interesting, the ways Sam does show just how long he’s lived and how much he knows. Whether it’s figuring out an obscure summoning spell at first glance in 7.15 or performing a complicated spell that had eluded much more experienced MoL on his first try in 10.19, or even his rapidfire ‘reverse exorcism’ in 8.02 to trap and kill the demon possessing Eunice (and Eunice herself), they are moments that have come with a high price, physically, mentally, and morally.

Everyone just kind of assumes Combeferre will know a lot about classical music, but whenever asked he will just point them over to Grantaire who is pretty much a walking encyclopaedia on the subject. And no one really thinks much more about Ferre’s tastes in music since he chooses not to get involved in the endless squabbles for domination of the Spotify queue.

And then comes the day when everyone is pestering Enjolras a bit too much and Combeferre just smiles from his desk in the corner and is absolutely no help at all when suddenly Courf gets a single youtube link in his inbox from E and of course everyone crowds around to watch. It’s a concert recording from some youth music festivals, quite a few years old. The band is your typical heavy metal ensemble and they actually sound really damn good and then they zoom in on the guitarist looking very nice in a tight , black t-shirt, fingers flying and hitting every note perfectly at top speed while still somehow managing to adjust a pair of very familiar glasses anD HOLY SHIT ‘FERRE WHEN EXACTLY WERE YOU PLANNING TO TELL US???

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Could you have believed what the writers laid on us? I mean, transclone! That's awesome, man. (Spoilers, obvs).

I’ve seen it and now I believe it. I didn’t think that they would go there, but indeed they have. And now we’re left to process this lovely dude with the chinstrap and mullet. (And today we learned one thing that not even Tatiana Maslany can rock and that is a bad mullet) 

My very long, rambling, analytic thoughts on Tony’s character are under the cut. Do with them as you will, but this is really just my personal opinion on a lot of this stuff and how he benefits our plot and how Tony may be perceived by less involved OB viewers.

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