walking doge


I love how my shit editing is so inconsistent lol

Reactivity update:

- we’ve been going on frequent walks with some of my friends w/ their dogs and Millie ?? has been ?? so good ?? Like literally I think she growled/barked maybe three times yesterday and that was it! (I know that sounds like a lot but that’s actually really good for us haha)

- attention while heeling w/ distractions is getting along so well! the problem is, Millie gets so anxious when we’re out (but improving), that she doesn’t always take food from me so it’s hard to find incentive for her to actually look at me - but we’re getting there, and she’s improving so much every day!

Art Deco illustration by Jean Pages, Marchesa Luisa Casati’s Soirée Magique (Magic Night) at Le Palais Rose, Vesinet, 30 June, 1927.

Published in Vogue Paris, September 1927.

Marchesa Luisa Casati threw a lavish party that was considered poor taste in economically straitened times. On 30 June 1927 guests arrived for a Soirée Magique at the Palais Rose in Paris she had christened “The Palace of Dreams”. Captured for Vogue Paris by the photographer Baron George Hoyningen-Huene. The evening had been carefully staged, but when a storm struck, guests were forced to flee in a pandemonium of soggy wigs and crinoline.

There was also a parade in carriage, Queen Marie-Antoinette (the Viscountess Jean de Segonzac) and the Count of Artois (Pierre Meyer), then the late arrival of the serpent that four Egyptians brought, A sarcophagus, but when supper was returned to the drawing-rooms, one could cry out his admiration at the serpent of black jet, which was the Duchesse de Gramont, née Ruspoli; One could see and congratulate the Giovanni Mocenigo, in his habit (the Count of Beaumont) walking his costume as Doge Giovanni Mocenigo.

anonymous asked:

Okay but I want to know about your dog seducing cows??????

Ah fair anon. You asked the best and worst question of all time. So,

Story Time:

Since mentioning this to the fandom wife @abookandacoffee I have made it my mission to get photo evidence of how my dog is a huge player and seduces everyone?

First off, I have never met a human who does not love him? Even random drivers/a mail woman once/ resteraunt owners will just see him and be like omg I have these dog biscuits can I give him a biscuit he is so precious so good yes

Which is fine humans I weak I am the same

But cows

I draw the line at cows

So the fields where I walk my doge have cows in them right now, which is a new addition, but cool. He doesn’t chase cows because he is a good boy and also just wants the TENNIS BALL BALL BALL BALL WHERE IS BALL 24/7 it’s tiring. So he’s ignoring the cows I’m ignoring the cows, the cows are ignoring every other dog that passes them like who gives a fuck we’re all used to it.

And everytime we come through??? These cows are PSYCHED.

They ALL watch my doge as he sidles through like daaaaaamn look at that doge he’s a doge and every time one or two of them seem to be elected official greeters and they will careful careful careful creep on up to him. Dog, being curious when approached by huge beasts, drops his ball (for once) and goes up to sniff them because dogs. And how do the cows repsonse?


Every time.

I have to spend five minutes every damn time just standing there in terror like PLEASE DO NOT TRAMPLE MY SWEET PUP TO DEATH whilst he just basks in HUGE cow tongue the size of his fucking face licking his face all over like mmmm dog fur yes this is so much better than grass.

When I say every time I am not exaggerating. They will then follow us until I have a stand off with them because this is MY DOG TIME NOT YOURS YOU SMELLY POOP DROPPER GAS MACHINE (cows are cool and all but not when they follow you round okay they are big and scary and my mum told me too many trampled to death by cows horror stories)

So yeah.

That’s the ongoing story. Pics or it didn’t happen will come when I one day remember to take my phone with me on a dog walk (i.e. probably never I hate carrying shit on dog walks)

Hinata Star Awakening private messages - 2/?

Hinata says that he’ll be making his special omurice for the performance, and urges you to make it too~ And you mention that you love spicy omurice, and he says that the two of you are really made to match, and that it must be fate that the two of you have met ;_; come Hinata let onee san hug you how can you be so cute it should be illegal for you to look so innocent and be such a smooth talker ;_;

Hinata asks you if you have seen his notes on old text (like Old Japanese; kinda like actors in Shakespearen plays having to speak in Elizabethan English). You say that you’ve seen Kaito holding it, and Hinata gets really annoyed, cause Kaito’s gonna start doodling everywhere on it and he’s gonna go grab it back asap damn you Kaito

Hinata says he saw an old man walking a big doge at the park and he felt nostalgic seeing it. You ask if the dog was as big as Hinata (I’m sorry Hinata), and he says that although it was a big doge he was definitely bigger DX and he chides you for bullying him, then he says that he’s gonna get bigger so you’ll stop saying stuff like that (<- this part might not be accurate, I apologise if there are mistakes ><)

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What are Seijoh's favourite memes?

I knew one day this ask would come… Some of these have proper names I’m sure, but I’m not some kind of meme expert. I also doubt that many of these are so worldwide as to have reached Japan, but whatever. Like I said, I’m not some kind of meme expert.


  • “Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”
  • “Draw me like one of your French girls”
  • exasperated/annoyed Picard


  • Rickroll
  • “Surprise Motherfucker”
  • TR-8R


  • dat boi (unicycle frog)
  • “Don’t ever talk to me or my son again”
  • creepy Villager
  • “Do you even lift”
  • “That escalated quickly”


  • 60s Spiderman
  • Zuckerberg note pass from The Social Network
  • stock photos of people laughing with salads
  • “I crave that mineral”


  • Sean Bean as Boromir, “One does not simply… [walk into Mordor].”
  • Doge
  • [Steals the bike and runs]


  • Moon moon
  • “blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin” (it helps him remember to lock his door in the mornings, by reciting it in his head, replacing “blocked” with “locked”)
  • Everything changed when the fire nation attacked


  • “It’s over 9000!”
  • He-Man (“Oh my god do I try!” etc)
  • “Mmm whatcha say”


  • Philosoraptor
  • IKEA monkey


  • that picture/gif of Kim Kardashian with the caption “Tragic.”
  • Hoverhand
  • If it fits, I sits (cats fitting themselves into unlikely containers/spaces)
to do list (04.10.17)


  • maleficium
  • chaos
  • james connections page
  • james navigation


  • activity check
  • advertise


  • update 2017 harry gif hunt (tour gifs)
  • chord overstreet gif hunt
  • update muses & squad page


  • organise photos on phone
  • finish pll
  • walk doge
  • read blood meridian
  • tidy room
  • check emails
  • edit read/watch list
  • put away summer clothes
  • research for dissertation