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Glenn calming you down when you're having a Nightmare would include:


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• Him being waked up by feeling your body tremble and whimper escaping your lips

• Him directly taking you closer into his embrace and trying slowly wake you up with gently kissing your shoulder and your neck

• Then, as you would continue to tremble and being stuck in the nightmare him softly calling out your name until he sees you opening your eyes

• Him telling you calmly that everything is okay, that it was just a nightmare and that he won’t leave your side

• Him wiping the tears from your cheeks and kissing you softly before telling you that if you want to, you can tell him everything and he will listen

• Him listening to your words while feeling how his concern about you grows and he just wants that you never have to see something like that again

• Him then pulling you closer and telling you that you can close your eyes while making sure that you know that he will do everything to somehow keep the nightmares away

• Him stroking over your back while letting his lips rest on your forehead, trying to make you feel as safe as he can while feeling how you slowly fall asleep again in his arms

• Him watching you peacefully sleeping until he’s sure that everything is and stays alright 

• Him then slowly falling asleep again but having a light sleep through still being concerned about you and feeling the responsibility to protect you

• Him being relieved when he wakes up in the morning and sees you still sleeping peacefully and closely huddled up to him just for him to realize once again how much he loves you

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