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PSA: After 704 and in general? Those of you out there who still insist on hating Enid can choke. As a matter of fact, Carl’s gonna choke you to death for disrespecting her and I’m gonna laugh.
I love this little [Carol and Daryl] reunion. […] When you get to write this little tiny bits for characters who have been around a long time and have a history, so much can be communicated in very little. I feel like we have that with Carol and Daryl, and with Glenn and Maggie, and we can have this really full moments with almost nothing said between them.
—  Angela Kang, writer of “The Same Boat” in TWD S6 commentary
705 is forever a rewatch. I got everything I’ve been wanting for a long time from it ensemble and ship wise. Just...yes! One of the best episodes EVER.
If Michonne's stood by Rick through cult leaders, cannibals, Carl's emo tweens, PTSD flareups AND Messie, then she's in for good! I'm sure Ezekiel's nice and all (and he's got a fucking TIGER!) but Michonne is a 1 man lady and that man is Rick fucking Grimes! #Richonne
Salty McFuckTruck: "Well, if #TWD is gonna keep on shoving #Richonne in our faces, then I won't watch!" We be like:
I’ve fallen into a new fandom and I don’t want to get up. I am now 100% Richonne trash and I have a lot of eps to watch and fics to plan. The realization hit me this morning and I reacted accordingly on Twitter...

1. So, I’m #Richonne trash now & it’s all y'all’s fault! I’ve noticed #TWD in the background but never got into it but then y'all on my TL…

2. It never fails. Give me a silver fox, an awesome black lady, give them layers, make them lovably flawed, and I’m doomed to OTP! #Richonne

3.#TWD And just going into the #Richonne tags, reading ALL the fic, looking up their story arc and I’m just…

4. And OF COURSE, I get fishhooked by #Richonne just in time for Denny from Grey’s to rise from the dead to try & off them. OF COURSE. #TWD

5. Now, I’m not too worried. It would make no sense for Rick or Michonne to get got by Negan’s bat of DOOM but is it October yet? #TWD

6. Why do I always do this to myself? Please tell me that #TWD’s showrunner is better than #Scandal’s or #SleepyHollow’s! I NEED MY #RICHONNE!

7. I'ma need all Grimes Family 2.0 to live. I'ma need #Richonne to make it and kick Savior ass and for Carl/Enid to be a legit thing, too. #TWD

8. I guess it’s time for me to binge watch. I’ve been #TWD adjacent for years but now, it’s time to plunge headfirst screaming into the fandom.

9. #Richonne makes me feel like I feel for #Olitz. Actually, they make me feel harder for them because their showrunner’s not a total POS! #TWD

So the commentary on Them

That Jude guy asks Norman how he played his grief

Not only does Norman trip over his words but also says that certain characters and certain people mean different things to you. Which I take as him and Emily are freaking close and that they shipped Bethyl just as much as the rest of us. Also the fact that he kind of stumbled a bit in how he worded that, idk man like he had to get his thoughts together so he wouldn’t blow a secret… Furthermore when you cut to the “we are the walking dead” scene, Norman only mentioned characters that are alive: Rick and Glenn. Yet Norman’s actions in this episode are pointed toward Beth, so maybe it’s cause he can’t spoil that she’s alive, Just saying.

PS: totally fishy there isn’t commentary for Slabtown and Coda, and that Emily didn’t do ANY commentary, I mean Chad did commentary for his death episode yet why couldn’t Emily for her “death.”

Also Sonequa saying that Daryl feels and felt sweetness toward Beth :D This cast kind of so ships Bethyl. She also says that Daryl fixes little Beth lol, your Bethyl is showing Soneque. :P And when Jude says that he thought that Daryl may of actually cried in front of Maggie, that’s my biggest hope for season 6 for Daryl and Maggie to have a heart to heart about Beth for some point, before they find out that Beth is alive

Lastly: Jude directed Still too…. just saying lol.

Thoughts Team D (mostly on the first point but whatever you want)?


My blog from the hours of 9PM-10PM is gonna be so lit with walking dead commentary and all things RICHONNE! I’m sorry, but I’ve waiting since s3 for rick and michonne to have a love intrest! At first I thought I was just dreaming for things, but one of my OTPs is happening and that’s never really happened to me in a show before! I’m too hyped…. I need to make a blog for richonne now that it’s real, but tonight that’s all I’m talking about!

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