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Genera: Fluff

a/n: dedicated to my bestie @lolot12 cuz she requested this imagine ❤️

You walked through the crowded company, politely bowing at everyone on your way out. You waited by the company’s entrance for your driver, unaware that someone’s day had just started.

Hoseok fixed his face mask, making sure it covered the bottom half of his face and not to stare at you too much so you won’t catch him.

He’s been following you everywhere for months ever since you two bumped into one another in your father’s company’s main hall.

He remembers how your eyes met. How his heart twisted. And how bad he felt after getting rejected on his job interview, not because he wasn’t compatable, but because he wasn’t going to see your face again.

So he decided to watch you quietly, admiring you from afar and watching you shine whenever you smiled or laughed.

“Yes dad” you picked your phone which started ringing earlier.

“Did you get your invitation?” He asked and you frowned.

“What invitation?”

“I’ll show it to you when you get home” he told you and you smiled.

“Okay, I’m on my way!” You told him and you two hung up.

Your driver arrived and you got in, sending Hoseok running to his bike. He biked all the way behind you to your house, but he just stopped there. He might be stalking you, but he still respects your privacy.

“I’m home!” You announced and your mom greeted you.

“I got this amazing dress for your party tonight!” Your mom told you excitedly.

“What’s up with this party you’re both talking about?” You laughed sitting with your parents in the living room.

“My friend’s son is throwing a party. Just for fun, and he invited you” your dad explained and you nodded.

“Oh, okay. When tonight?” You asked.

“Probably seven or eight so you might as well go get ready because you only have two to three hours” your mom told you and you got up and quickly got to your room.

You got ready for a shower and walked to the curtains to close them when you noticed someone by your house’s gate. You stared at him for a while, trying to remember where you saw him.

“He’s very familiar” you told yourself, shrugging and walking into the bathroom.

By your house’s door stood a bored Hoseok, waiting for you to come out. He looked around, but there was nothing to look at really. He huffed and looked up at your window, wondering what you were doing. His thoughts were cut off by his phone’s ringing.

“What?” He asked.

“Are you after her again?!” Hyungwon, his best friend, asked. He rolled his eyes.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Hyung! You’re just torturing yourself. Ask her out or let her go!”

“I can’t get rejected. I won’t be able to handle that, so I’m just watching her for now” He replied, looking at his feet as he leaned on the wall behind him.

“How’d you know how she’ll react?!” Hyungwon asked, frustrated.

“Why would she look at me?! She’s beautiful and successful and lives in a nice house and has a lot of way better looking guy friends and colleagues! I’m nothing compared to her” He said, his best friend sighing.

“Hyung, I told you not to underestimate yourself like that. Cmon, you know how good looking and sexy you are” he teased and Hoseok held back a smile.

“Well, I am, but I’m still not enough for her. I know she doesn’t like looks, they’re something complimentary to her. That’s why I like her so much. God, it’s killing me” He explained.

“Just..the guys are going out tonight, you’re not coming?” Hyungwon asked and Hosok sighed.

“I don’t know”

“You’ve always waited, but she never came out. Stop missing out on fun, you need to have a good time too” he said and Hoseok thought of everything he missed.

“Fine fine I’m coming. I hate you”

“I love you too” he laughed. Hoseok hung up and looked up at your window one last time, hoping you’ll come out, but there wasn’t anything.

He got on his bike to leave when your driver’s car pulled up at the gate. His eyes widened and he covered his face and pulled up his hoodie, ready for you to finally come out.

You looked at yourself one last time in the mirror. Skinny black mini dress, silver heals, smokey make up, red lips.

“I’m getting you, Changkyun” you smirked before leaving your room.

Hoseok held his breath as you opened up your house’s door and walked to the car. His jaw dropped and his eyes were as wide as they could be.

“Holy…” he whispered.

As your driver drove off, he biked right after you. Changkyun’s pent house wasn’t that far, which obviously is an advantage for Hoseok.

When you got there, your driver opened up the door for you to get out, obliviously shooting Hoseok right into his heart.

He looked up at the building towering over him and his heart fell. He thought maybe you’ve already had somebody. He couldn’t resist following you and so he did. When you got to Changkyun’s house, a lady at the door took your name and made sure you were on the list. When everything was right, she opened the door, smiling at you.

“Oh” Hoseok realized what was going on and felt relived it’s a party and you weren’t meeting up with a guy. But you could do that at party, can’t you?

“I’ve got to get in there” he told himself then it hit him. He frowned down at his dusty jeans and T-shirt then sighed. He left the building, sulking, and biked back to his and Hyungwon’s place.

“What took you so long?!” Hyungwon asked as soon as Hoseok walked in and threw himself on his bed.

“She’s so beautiful” he yelled into his pillow.

“Get yourself together” Hyungwon told him, sitting down on the bed by his feet.

“Hold on” he raised his head off the pillow.

“Now what”

“Why not wear really nice clothes and try to get in?!” He looked at Hyungwon as he sat up.

“Hyung, you don’t want to mess with the rich. What if you got ca-” he stopped when Hoseok already got in the bathroom to take a shower.

“At least you’re living with a fashionable friend” Hyungwon sighed, getting up and looking through Hoseok’s closet.

Hoseok got dressed into Hyungwon’s suit, which was a bit too tight and long for him, but he didn’t mind at all. Hyungwon styled his hair, pushing it back to make him look like he was one of them.

“You’re actually useful” Hoseok told him as he wore his shoes. Hyungwon face palmed.

“Okay, tell the lady at the door that you’re a new money and that you’re too close with the party’s host that he or she didn’t even have to add you on the list” Hyungwon instructed and Hoseok frowned at him.

“I don’t even know the host’s name! We don’t even know if it’s a male or female!” He complained and Hyungwon thought for a solution.

“You’ve got his house number and building, right?” Hyungwon asked and Hoseok nodded.

“Give me his address. There’s someone I know who can help” Hoseok quickly gave him the address and he called that person.

“Hey, it’s Won, can you find this address for me?” He asked the guy on the phoebe before giving him the address.

“Write it down” Hyungwon whispered to Hoseok and he quickly pulled out his phone, ready to type.

“Lim Changkyun, 21 years old, AZ Entertainment’s heir, he lives in Gangnam in his pent house alone” Hyungwon repeated after the guy out loud for Hoseok, who’s mouth was slightly opened from hopelessness, to write.

“Alright, thank you very much” Hyungwon said then hung up.

“Damn” Hoseok breathed and Hyungwon sighed.

“Are you still sure about this?” Hyungwon asked.

“I’m leaving” Hoseok stood up and walked to the door.

“Thank you Hyungwoonie” he smiled at his best friend before leaving and walking to the bus station.

“Hyung!” Hyungwon called. Hoseok turned to look at him.

“Get her! Make her fall in love with you! Face first!” He yelled and Hoseok laughed. He waved his hand at him before continuing walking.

Once he got on the bus, everyone’s eyes twinkled at him. He smiled politely at everyone, bowing slightly. Some highschool girls kept whispering and giggling in the front, glancing at him every now and then. Even the old woman sitting next to him couldn’t keep her eyes off him.

“I have a single daughter, she’s 21 years old” the old lady suddenly told him and he smiled nervously.

“I, I’m taken” he half lied. He wasn’t in a relationship with you yet, but his heart was definitely taken by you.

When the bus finally made it to Gangnam, Hoseok left the bus and walked to Changkyun’s building. He got in and took the elevator to the 18th floor.

“Your name?” The security lady asked.

“Shin Hoseok” he said and she flipped through the papers she had.

“My name’s not on that list” he told her and she raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m so close to Changkyun, he didn’t put my name on the list. He just asked me to call him when I get here” he told her, quickly changing Hyungwon’s name to “Changkyun” in his phone.

“How’s everything?! did you get in yet?!”

“Oh Changkyunah! I’m at the door!” He answered and Hyungwon laughed.

Hoseok showed the guard his phone call and she looked at him skeptically before opening the door for him.

“Just made it through” he laughed to Hyungwon as his voice got faded with the loud music.

“Have fun!” Hyungwon told him before hanging up.

He walked around the crowded house, looking for you. He sighed at the sight of the living room that was as big as his and Hyungwon’s entire apartment.

But he reminded himself what he was doing there and kept searching for you. He was about to go up the stairs when he noticed a balcony.

He walked out and saw more people out there, surrounding the pool. And there were you, on the other side of the pool, Changkyun’s arm around your waist as you laughed along with him and his friends.

Hoseok stared at you, not know if he should melt at your laugh or grief that you’re surrounded by someone else’s arm.

“You guys should date, seriously. You too are the perfect couple!” One of Changkyun’s friends told both of you and you looked at each other before laughing lightly.

“We’re just, you know, hanging out for now. Nothing serious” Changkyun clarified and you nodded, sipping on some champagne.

Hoseok couldn’t hear that conversation, but the sight of you and Changkyun was enough to tear his heart apart. He wanted to leave, but his legs would just not move. He decided to stay there and watch you.

He smiled when you smiled and his heart danced when you danced. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, but he had to when he saw you walking towards his direction.

You made your way to the mini bar that was set on the other side of the pool, also Hoseok’s hiding spot ever since he arrived. 

He quickly walked away from the bar as you approached it and hid in between the crowd. He tried stealing glances of you since you were so close to him, but he could barely see you through the dancing crowd.

“How could so many people fit in here?!” He thought, glaring at everyone.

You got the drinks and was on your way back to Changkyun and his friends. There wasn’t enough space to walk other the the brink of the pool. Hoseok watched you as you walked, holding his breath.

You finally made it to Changkyun and gave him his drink before you drank yours. He slipped his arm around your waist again, making Hoseok’s blood boil.

A song you liked started playing and you started dancing. Changkyun smirked at you as he danced along. You were way into the song that you didn’t notice how close to the pool you were.

Hoseok watched from the other side as a guy unconsciously knocked you into the pool. Hoseok’s eyes went wide at the sight.

“Y/n!” He shouted before pushing through everyone and jumping right in.

“Jump in! What are you doing!” Changkyun’s friend told him.

“My suit will get dirty though! And don’t worry, she can swim” He told his friends and they all face palmed.

You heard someone scream your name before jumping in. You thought it was Changkyun, and that was the perfect scenario you’ve planned. But as Hoseok got closer, you realized it wasn’t him.

You swam to the surface and saw Changkyun standing there, just watching. Hoseok made it to the surface, but he just watched the scene like everyone else did. You were about yell at Changkyun when someone cut you off.

“Coward!” Hoseok yelled. You turned your head to look at him. Everyone looked at him, but his vision was focused on Changkyun.

“What?!” Changkyun laughed.

“She was drowning! You’re only good for holding her?! You should’ve used those arms to get her out!” He yelled angrily.  You frowned at him, then realized he’s the same guy who was by your door earlier that day.

“Who’s this?” Changkyun asked you, but you only swam to the middle of the pool where Hoseok was.

You looked into his eyes and his heart almost stopped. The moment he fell for you was repeating itself and his heart couldn’t handle it.

You suddenly placed your hands on his face and everyone held their breath. Everyone knew you and Changkyun were a thing even though you weren’t. But they still believed you two were for one another.

“I hope you don’t mind” you whispered before pulling his face closer and kissing him.

Everyone gasped and some cheered. Hoseok couldn’t hear any of that. It was like he was dreaming. He couldn’t move nor think. He just let you kiss him for as long as you wanted to.

You pulled away and swam to the pool’s ladder and got out, leaving Hoseok blanked out by himself. A guy stretched his arm out for him and helped him out.

“That was great, man” the guy told Hoseok as he patted his back. Hoseok was still getting himself together.

You stood in front of Changkyun, looking into his eyes. He frowned at you.

“I’m sorry, okay?” He told you. You raised your eyebrows and laughed, grabbing a glass of wine from his friend and pouring all over his suit.

“You better be” you told him.

“Hoseok!” his head shot up at your call. You walked to him, grabbing his arm.

“Let’s go” you told him and he followed you without a word.

“Let’s stay in for a while” he told you when you two got to the building’s lobby. You frowned in confusion.

“It’s cold out there, you don’t want to get sick” he told you quietly and you smiled, shaking your head.

“Do you like me?” You smiled at him and his mind went crazy.


“You’re the same guy. In the company’s main hall, then in the employment profile, at my house door, and now here. Perhaps, were you stalking me?” You asked him calmly and he felt vulnerable. He thought of just telling you everything.

He grabbed your hand and pulled you to the sitting area that the lobby had. You sat down on the leather couch and Hoseok knelt down in front of you.

“You’ll probably laugh, but I seriously like you. Ever since I saw you in the main hall that day, I couldn’t see anyone else. And that admiration grew within me and I found myself following you just to look at you” he talked sincerely and your eyes twinkled.

“You could’ve just asked me out?” You told him and he smiled slightly at your hands.

“To me, you’re not just a girl I like. You’re someone I admire her attitude and thinking. I didn’t want you to end up with someone like me, who has nothing to offer to you-”

“You have your feelings to offer. Liking me for who I am and not for what I am is the biggest thing to offer. Not to mention your looks, of course” you told him and he laughed shyly.

“Is it too late to ask you out?” He smiled. You smiled bigger and shook your head.

“Would you like me to stop stalking you, and just watch you closely. About this close?” He whispered, his face right in front of yours.

“I don’t mind that at all” you giggled.

After that night, Hoseok kept his word literally. He never let you off. And as the company’s vice president, you employed him just so you could see him all day, everyday.

Your parents weren’t too happy about your relationship with Hoseok due to his social status, but they couldn’t forbid you when you just came home every time after a date extremely happy.

Hoseok listened to Hyungwon’s words and made you fall in love with him. Face first.

bad | 07

  He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: smut, romance, fluff

WORDS: 10 243

WARNINGS: mature & sexual content, profanity, dirty talk & other filth

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon

A/N: please beat my ass for taking over a fucking month with this. hopefully it was worth the wait tho ;). writing this killed me.

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5 mile run new Boku No Hero thoughts are as follows:

  • this is my all-time favorite “previously on” section. it was highlighting Bakugou’s resolve to win by mashing together all the clips of him declaring his ambitions but because its Bakugou it was actually just a 2 minute montage of Bakugou fucking screaming
  • Todo acts naive but i doubt that more and more each day with the number of sick fucking burns he’s gotten in at people, case in point:
  • Bakugou: -storms on in to Todo’s room and starts yelling at him.-
    Todo: Hey Bakugou :))) you know what this reminds me of? :))) That guy you fucking hate. :))) Except he did this better. :)))) You really cant ever live up to him can you :)))))))
  • Bakugou calls Todoroki “IcyHot” in the dub and I watched the dub today specifically in hopes that he’d call him IcyHot again and he DID.
  • I’m not done with this scene because the PHRASING HAD ME IN STITCHES–Bakugou stormed in like “Hey IcyHot, is this how you fucking treat your opponents!?” while blowing up Todo’s table. And Todo responded with “That’s what Midoriya said too…” I dont think Deku said it quite like that, Todo. But too late now I can’t stop picturing:
  • Deku voice: “Hey you stupid piece of shit sore-muscle hot-and-cold sports pack you better fucking look at me while i stand here and break all my fingers and yell, because fuck you, you fucking icepack.”
  • Bakugou his table
  • His table Bakugou
  • This is the screamiest Bakugou’s been to date, I’m glad for him
  • ominous BOOM noises from inside the iceberg
  • dub!Sero called Bakugou a “moleman” and i want the world to know that Bakugou’s been canonically called a “moleman”. Moleman Bakugou.
  • Bakugou, grabbing Todo by the hair and piledriving him into the ground: “GIT FUCKING GUD, ICYHOT
  • Aizawa: -provides commentary on the strategy, strengths, and weaknesses of the children’s fighting techniques-
    Present Mic: -sees Todo surfing on an ice wave and says “Looks like fun!!!”-
  • Bakugou: “Use your full power IcyHot! I want the world to know you’re trying to destroy me!! THIS MEANS NOTHING IF I CAN’T SURPASS DEKU!!”
    (Regina George voice) Why are you so obsessed with me?
  • Bakugou, or better known by his full name, Katsuki “Fidget Spinner” Bakugou
  • Bakugou: -screams incoherently for 20 minutes trying to rile Todo up-
    Deku: -says one thing-
    Todo, heart racing, palms sweaty: holy fuck. holy shit. thats my fucking boyfriend.
  • Srs for a moment, I really adore and am moved by Todo’s character development here. The easy shonen answer would be for Todo to be “fixed” following his fight with Deku, but the poor kid’s sitting on like 10 years of trauma. He’s not fixed. He’s healing. And healing comes with pain and doubt sometimes.
  • Like I actually clutched my shirt while his fire unraveled.
  • Bakugou: -pulls of the coolest fucking spin projectile move in history-
    Bakugou: -lands like this-

  • We are blessed with Dad Might in this house today
  • Todo: “My path forward isn’t as clear as I thought. There’s still someone I need to settle things with…”
    Todo: -steps off the podium, walks into the crowd, punches Endeavor in the face- “Fuck you Dad”
  • In the sub All Might calls Bakugou’s face “amazing” but in the dub he calls it “scary” and 4 years were added to my life when dub!All Might gave Bakugou the once over with the medal in his mouth and went “…still scary.”
  • I want to empahsize that several hours pass after that scene cut. It’s evening. The kids are changed back into their school uniforms AND back at the classroom. And Bakugou still has the fucking medal in his mouth. No one took it out. 
  • me: fuck…i hope iida will be okay
    also me, who’s read the manga: (hes not gonna be okay)
  • The hospital scene makes me kinda want to take back all the making fun of Todo I did because…god fucking this poor child…he deserved so much better
  • Protect Mama Midoriya she deserves the world


a quick think inspired by a recent comic by @ludwigplayingthetrombone

McCree always stays Hanzo’s left. 

Hanzo doesn’t notice it at first, as it’s a detail that hardly bears attention. He realizes it for the first time when they walk through a crowded place, which forces them to move around other people and each other. McCree always finds his way back to Hanzo’s left side, eventually. He is casual about it, settling back into stride by Hanzo as though he belongs in that space, almost as though he is unaware of the habit himself. 

Hanzo doesn’t mind, necessarily. As long as McCree is beside him, in that close proximity where they can brush against each other as they walk, or reach over for an affectionate touch, he is happy. But he tests the theory out for himself, trying to walk at McCree’s left for a couple of days, and every time, McCree finds some way to switch sides again. 

“Why do you do that?” Hanzo finally asks one day, when he nearly trips over McCree as they try to move around each other again.

“Do what?”

“You must always be on my left. If it changes, you always move back. Why?”

“Oh.” McCree immediately looks sheepish. He rubs the back of his neck with one hand, averting his gaze skyward. “Well, that’s just ‘cause my prosthetic’s on my left side. So I like havin’ my right side to you.”

Hanzo frowns. “Why would that matter? I do not care that you have a prosthetic.”

“It ain’t that. It’s just–I can’t feel anythin’ with my left hand, is all.” 

Hanzo must still look confused, because McCree laughs softly. “So, you know, if I walk on your left side, I can feel if I do something like … ” He trails off as he reaches out with his flesh hand, gently touching the tips of his fingers to Hanzo’s left palm, then curling their hands together. Hanzo looks down, smiling as he finally realizes.

“Or this,” McCree continues, insinuating himself closer so he can wrap his arm around Hanzo’s waist, hand flat against his hip. Hanzo hums, enjoying the closeness, but has to resist the urge to lean into it and stop them both in their tracks.

“Or this,” McCree says again, rubbing his hand up Hanzo’s back until it settles against the back of his neck, fingers gently playing with a few hairs that have fallen astray from Hanzo’s ponytail. 

“I get it,” Hanzo says with a laugh. “Far be it for me to stop such a noble goal.”

McCree chuckles and reaches down for Hanzo’s hand again, threading their fingers together and holding fast. “The noblest,” he agrees. “I got lucky with you. I’m not gonna let somethin’ like my own metal hand get in the way of havin’ you every way I can.”

How to make wings without a harness

Most of the time wings that are a bit heavy needs the support of straps that goes around the shoulders and under the chest to stay up against your back. 

Harnesses works very good but if the dress etc have bare shoulders however the straps are going to show. 

This is how I normally do wings in a way to avoid having a harness for those character designs.

First of all this method will not work if the top/dress is loose fitted. The wings will require some support to hold them in place on your back. I find that corsets are the best for this especially if the wings are a bit heavy but I have also used it in tops without boning.

Start of making your wings seperated on two bars. Make sure the bars are made out of a stiff material since they are going to support the weight of the wings. If they end up being to week and bend the wings will slope and gap away from your back. 

For my angel wings in felt I used 3 mm thick aluminum bars to hold up my, a bit more heavy, wings. I then covered them in worbla and connecting them using some more worbla, This creates a good wing base and makes them stay with a good distance from each other. 

In a similar way I attached an other pair of wings made out of worbla to a base, but since these wings are quite light a few layers of worbla was enough to keep them stiff and not bend.

Make sure not to make the base too short since you will stick it into your back lining and don’t want it to fall out.  

One of the most important steps when doing these kinds of wings is to bend the base a bit. Most backs are not 100% flat so put the wing base against you back and mark where on the base where a gap between the base and your back starts to show.
If the base is made of a thermoplastic you can just heat it up and bend it at the marking into the right angle. Otherwise, like for the base with aluminum, you can saw it of and reattach them again to create the right angle.
You can of course make the angling of the base before attaching the wings but I find it easier to do it after. 

When the base is done you can just stick it in to the top. I find that sticking it into the bra strap also helps the wings stay in place a bit better.

I personally love this method since you super easily can take the wings of and back on if you want to sit down or walk in a crowded hallway without worrying about people bumping into you wings.

(Photo at the top was taken by David Johansson)

random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]

There is beauty everywhere you go, as long as you are willing to look for it. The flowers grow in the pavement cracks, the skies are blue through the clouds and people are smiling as they walk down crowded streets. Look for happiness wherever you are and you will see it emerge from places you never even imagined.

Happiness by Amy Kennedy


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Send To All - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Prompt: There’s this comedian called Michael Mcintyre who has a chat show and sometimes plays this game called “send to all” where he takes the guests phone and sends a mass text out then reads the replies out. It’s on you tube and hilarious but anyway i was wondering if you could do something where the reader is an actress on the show and agrees to play and he sends out a flirty text or something like that and she gets a few funny replies from Evans, Fassbender, Macavoy, Cumberbatch and TOM HIDDLESTON
Note: Okay so I went a bit mad with this one and did make a few adjustments, however 99% of it is what was asked for. This one is for the lovely @dohegotthesuperbooty - I’m sorry it took so long (I’m really behind!!) - for anyone who is interested, the video behind this idea can be found here.

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You were stood at the side of the stage awaiting your cue; it was your turn to appear on several British chat shows to promote your new film. You were staring in a new rom-com opposite Tom Hiddleston; the two of you had become very close over the last course of shooting the film, a fact that had purposely been left out of the media.

The show you were appearing on was that of comedian Michael McIntyre. All you could think about was his infamous game of ‘Send to All’. The producers had prepared you for the game; however it was up to the host as to whether or not you would be playing.

From centre stage, you heard Michael call your name. You began to walk over, the crowd went wild. Walking over to your seat, you waved to the audience. Once you reached the spot where Michael was stood, he gave you a friendly hug and welcomed you to the show. The two of you took your seats. Once the crowd had quietened down, he welcomed you to the show once again.
“So, welcome to the show!” He smiled.
“Thank you!” You said with a smile, “Thanks for having me, I’m a big fan of the show but I never thought I’d be sat here!” You exclaimed.

The interview was going extremely well, you were laughing and joking with both the audience and the host. Then he said those words you really didn’t want to hear.
“So we have a bit of a tradition on this show.” Michael began to laugh; everyone knew what he was going to say. “I like to play a lovely little game called ‘Send to All’ with my guests, are you up for a go?”
You started to think, what options did you have? If you were to say no… well, you’d only be forced to play to prove you had nothing to hide.
“Sure!” You said, a little too enthusiastically.
“Excellent!” Michael matched your tone. “The rules are simple, I’m going to come up with a message to send to all of the contacts in your phone and we’re going to leave it over the course of the show and then see who replies!”
“Great, can you just not send it to my mum” you laughed, as did everyone else in the studio.

“Okay, I think I’ve come up with the perfect message” Michael grinned.
“Oh no” you joked as you handed over your phone.
“Here goes…” Michael typed each word as he said it. “Hey, it… feels… like we haven’t seen… each other… in such a long time…” Michael stopped typing and looked over to you, he was giggling at the message he was typing. You on the other hand were using your laughter to disguise how red your face had become. “Why don’t we…” he continued to type “meet up… for a drink… or two?” Michael turned to you once again, “Do you use emoticons?” he asked.
“Probably too much” you responded.
“Excellent, how about little kisses?” he asked.
“Yeah, I guess, just one though. And always lowercase!” you added.
“In that case, I’ll add a little winking face and a kiss!” He looked up and addressed the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have our text message!” The audience cheered. “Okay, here’s the message…” he paused and cleared his throat, “Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]” he laughed, as did the audience. You began to laugh but at the same time you were slowly bringing your hands up to your face to once again, cover up how red it was. “What do you think, shall we send to all?!” He asked the audience. They went wild. “It’s gone, sent!” Michael turned back around and walked to his seat to continue your interview.

You spent the rest of the interview trying not to think about the messages currently coming through to your phone. You had just about removed the thought from your mind when Michael said “Right, well there’s just one last piece of business we need to discuss before I let you go.” He paused while the audience reacted. “Let’s read out some of the replies to the text we sent from your phone shall we? Okay so the message we sent read ‘Hey, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Why don’t we meet up for a drink or two [question mark] [winking face] [kiss]’. Wow, okay so you’ve got a fair few replies here!” The audience cheered.
“Better than getting none I suppose” you joked.
“Right, first up we have Chris Evans ladies and gentlemen! Wait, is this Captain America Chris Evans or BBC Radio DJ Chris Evans?” he asked you.
“I don’t think I should answer that until you’ve read the reply,” you laughed “no it’s Captain America Chris Evans” you smiled.
“Well Chris replied with ‘Dude, we aren’t even in the same country right now! Count me in for next time though, we’ll all go out’ how nice is that! But what does he mean by ‘all’?
“Yeah, he’s a good egg!” you smiled, “I’m guessing he just means getting the old gang back together”
“Okay next up is… it looks like you’ve got the number of everyone who’s ever been in a Marvel film here!” the two of you laughed as he continued to look for the next reply. “I think we will go for this one next, James McAvoy.”
“Oh no!” you exclaimed as you brought your hands to your face, “This is going to be a bad one isn’t it!”  
“That depends what it means! It says ‘Are ye sure pal? You know what happened last time!’ then there’s one of those laughing and crying faces. What happened last time?” He questioned you.
You tried to contain the laughter, “nothing, nothing happened last time – at least nothing that you’re all probably thinking anyway! All that happened was a few of us had gone out and had far too much to drink, we all got a taxi and when it was my stop James helped me out of the taxi and then after insisting I was fine… I fell up the steps.” The audience and Michael laughed at your story, you chuckled, after all it had been quite funny.

“Wonderful, we have time for just a few more! Who’s next? ‘Benny C’ is that who I think it is?” you nodded in response. “We have to read this one! It says ‘Sorry not tonight, I’ve got my hands full. However you can both count me in next time!’ At least he’s up for the next time, but what does he mean by both?” he questioned you.
“Well a fair few people know I’m here tonight, he probably just knows it was you” you smiled.
“Hmm,” Michael looked as you quizzically.
“He is Sherlock Holmes after all,” you added “all that detective knowledge has to have rubbed off”
Michael agreed with you and moved on, “Okay, this is the last one now, let’s go for the man himself, your co-star Mr Tom Hiddleston ladies and gentlemen!” The audience cheered, some more excited than others as you heard several women let out high pitched screams.
Your face turned the brightest shade of red possible; you could only hope that he hadn’t said anything that would give the two of you away.
“Let’s see what he has to say shall we,” Michael cleared his throat, “’Darling, we spent six months together making a film and I’ve seen you every night since we got home. Shall I come and pick you up? x T’” Michael took a moment for everyone to process the message he had just read. “Well, well, well! It looks like you were hiding something after all. Anything you want to say?” He asked.
“No, not really” you responded, you could feel yourself getting warmer. You were debating whether or not to address it, although Tom had practically already made that decision for you and left you without a choice. In the end, you decided it was best to talk. “When you shoot a romantic film you spend a lot of time with your co-star and about sixty percent of that time you’re in quite an intimate position.” The redness was starting to disappear from your face, replaced only by a smile that suggested you were happily in love.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the show is ending on a lovely note! Thank you to all of tonight’s guests and I’ll see you next week!”

why the speak now world tour is literally the best concert tour to ever exist:

  • i don’t think you should wait, i think you should speak now
  • the extra long intro of sparks fly that just builds up the tension and excitment for when taylor appears
  • the gold sparkly dress
  • the way sparks fly slows down and you can hear the piano play
  • the red electric guitar
  • when taylor takes a pause during mine to make her infamous hand hearts
  • the way taylor shouts “GO!” before the story us starts playing
  • the agency and every single way they are involved in this tour
  • the extended “now now noooooooooowwwww” in the story of us
  • that dancer performing and cheering on the crowd before taylor jumps out
  • the way taylor and the dancers just pop out of the stage during performances
  • taylors cute side braid
  • the banjo/fiddle intro before our song
  • the porch with the front steps
  • those random fake animals
  • the pure country jams with our song and mean
  • the cute little white dress she wears when performing our song and mean
  • the violin intro before back to december
  • back to december being played on piano!!!!
  • the white piano
  • the mashup of back to december/apologise/you’re not sorry aka the best mashup to ever exist ever
  • he said it’s too late to apologise it’s too laaaaaattttee THIS IS ME SWALLOWING MY PRIDE STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU it’s too late to apologise SAYING IM SORRY FOR THAT NIIIIIIGHT it’s to laaaattteee he said you’re not sorry nooo no nooooooo
  • the beautiful blue gown that taylor wears
  • the fact that she’s wearing the better than revenge dress underneath
  • that red sparkly dress
  • how after taylor sings “let’s hear the applause” caitlin and liz sing “show me how much better you are”
  • the guitar solos playing after better than revenge
  • the fact that taylor performed speak now right after better than revenge, like what a master of story telling
  • the wedding march playing before speak now is performed
  • the fact that there was an actual wedding on stage
  • but you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl *CLAP CLAP*
  • taylor fricken swift literally ruining a wedding
  • that beautiful purple dress
  • taylor giving the gloves she wore to some lucky fan in the audience
  • taylor walking through the crowd while an extended version on speak now is playing
  • finally finishing speak now when she arrives at the b stage
  • the b stage being a fricken tree
  • the many amazing covers taylor performed eg nashville, drops of jupiter, bette davis eyes, sweet escape etc.
  • the cute little ukulele she plays
  • the upbeat ukulele version of fearless featuring hey soul sister and im yours
  • the acoustic version of ours
  • the koi fish guitar
  • taylor playing last kiss on the koi fish guitar with the harp being played on the main stage
  • taylor playing the beginning of you belong with me and then making her way through the crowds to get back to the main stage
  • the way she orchestrates the crowd to sing the chorus of you belong with me
  • taylor sitting on the stairs singing dear john
  • the beautiful piano/violin intro with the ballet dancers before enchanted starts
  • the fairytale style dress taylor wears while performing enchanted
  • the whole fairytale theme for enchanted
  • the extended ‘please don’t be in love with someone else etc’
  • when the extended intro to haunted starts playing and taylor acts scared and runs off the stage to change outfits
  • the haunted bells
  • the tattered black/red dress
  • the haunted into + the bells = perfection
  • taylor disappearing under the bells and then returning from underneath the bells like a minute later wearing the black and silver dress and with the sparkly guitar
  • this song is so completely 100% for you
  • the way the crowd screams when she sings “the crowds in stands went wild”
  • the way liz sings “this is absurd”
  • we have absolutely loved spending time in your town and you’ve been so amazing to us. I mean, you guys know every single word and you’ve danced this entire night and it means the world to me and every single person you see on stage. thank you.
  • taylor sitting on the couch with the agency performing fifteen
  • the pretty pink princess dress taylor wears
  • how on the screen there are photos of the agency from when they were fifteen and them at the present
  • how the last photo shown during fifteen is taylor at fifteen
  • how in some shows taylor performed safe and sound
  • that show when taylor performed eyes open before it was officially released
  • taylor of course performing love story
  • flying around the stadium/arena in the balcony
  • all the special guests she brought out during the tour
  • the arm lyrics
  • when she wore the 13 on her hand
  • the way the stage was inspired by central park
  • the fact that this tour so completely portrays the magic that taylor manages to capture in the album that she wrote and produced all by herself when she was 19 years old
An Arranged Marriage

Dean Winchester x Reader

2000 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

A/N: This is a request from @criesateverything. Requested an arranged marriage with Dean. 

Growing up in a hunter’s family was nowhere close to being a normal life. Sure, you lived in a community, but it was filled with hunter’s and their families. While you were learning your ABC’s and 123’s, you were also learning about the different types of monster’s and how to kill them. School was not a place to socialize. There was no such thing as friends, and you never even dreamed of having a boyfriend. It was a strict life, one filled with rules and death followed you everywhere.

It was a different life. Many would call it child abuse, and in some instances, you could see where that would be true. Yours might not have been perfect, but your parents cared for you. Being a hunter, there was a certain community, a certain way of life that didn’t make it easy to bring in strangers to the life. That’s why, starting in the early 1900’s, hunters started arranging marriages. With at least five different hunting communities country wide, it was the safest and wisest way to make sure that the hunter’s legacy continued.

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