walking around feeling satisfied

There is something broken inside me. A part of me that cannot be fixed. I thought it was my heart but I have loved and been loved in return and still, something inside me remains empty. There is a hole that cannot be filled. Not with love, not with happiness, not with feelings. It consumes emotions with a hunger but never seems to fill, it never seems to be satisfied. I walk around like a rollercoaster, feeling everything yet nothing. Hurting but not knowing where it hurts, where all this pain comes from. Maybe it’s my soul, a part of me that cannot be seen, that cannot be touched, that cannot connect with the world around me.
When we’d go out, we wouldn’t even have to go out. We’d just hang out. This girl made me trust myself. I was walking around, feeling satisfied, can you imagine that?
—  Lloyd Dobbler, Say Anything
Louise/Logan - Sleepover

Wow guys, I’ve always wanted to write this fic and I finally was able to. The new Bob’s Burgers episodes got me in the writing spirit again. I really need to get ready for school now so I’m just gonna leave this here and edit it later if there are any grammatical errors. Here you go lovelies, a Louigan fic <3

EDIT - Fixed all the errors (I hope). Feel free to read and enjoy now~

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