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Plz can you do Your bed head is really cute.” With Clint Barton x ticklish! Little sister reader? I've just been having a really hard week and need something to cheer me up💙💙

Sure thing, anon! And I totally feel you on the hard week thing. Mine keeps getting worse :( And I’ve had like three breakdowns already. But I understand the need to read cute fics when you’re down. I just wish there were more out there that I loved :/ 

“Your bed head is really cute.”

“Oh shut up,” you huffed as you walked into the kitchen after you woke up.

Clint chuckled. You hated him for always being a morning person. So damn cheery and jokey. 

You yawned and scratched your head as you trudged your way to the counter to make yourself a cup of coffee. Luckily it was already brewed.

“How’d you sleep?” Clint asked.

“Fine. You?”

“Like a rock,” Clint informed you, watching as you went about your business, “Ah ah, that’s salt, Sleeping Beauty. Sugar’s the one in the jar.”

You blinked your eyes a few times and blushed, reaching for the sugar instead. You wouldn’t want salty coffee.

“Want to go to the shooting gallery today?” Clint asked you.

You groaned, “Do I have to?”

“You’re the little sister of a damn good archer, it makes sense that you should develop a good aim with a bow and arrow, too.”

You took your coffee and sat next to Clint, leaning your head on his shoulder, “I don’t wanna… I’m not nearly as good as you.”

Clint smiled softly, “With practice you will be. Want me to toast a bagel for you?”

You nodded, “Yes please.”

“With butter?” 

Another nod. Clint knew you too well. You sipped your hot coffee before pressing your forehead into the marble countertop, shutting your eyes once more.

Clint chuckled at you and tweaked your side before getting up to make you breakfast. You jumped and grumbled when he did that.

Finally after you were well-fed and well-caffeinated, Clint took you to the shooting range in the Avengers towers. 

“No, higher. Come on, that’s so obviously gonna miss him,” Clint pointed out.

You frowned, “Alright fine. Calm down, Hawkeye,” you aimed and shot the arrow, hitting the target in the heart since it was a human shaped paper, “Happy?”

“Yes, but you should have better judgement.”

“Stop heckling me, maybe, you jerk,” you nudged him, pouting. 

Clint felt bad, seeing he may have gone a bit overboard. He went behind you and lifted the bow in your arms, “Come on, I’ll help you. The touch has to be light, that’s the key.”

You let him string up the arrow and you lifted your arms to aim. You felt a sudden flutter against your raised arm, right in the hollow of your armpit. You shrieked and pulled that arm down.


Clint tried holding back a grin but didn’t quite manage, “What? Focus, sis. This is important.”

You saw that damn mischief in his eyes and narrowed your own at him. Maybe you’d trust him. You scooted forward a bit to try and distance yourself from him as you elevated your arms to shoot once more. 

Again, there came a swift tickle to your armpit and freaking again you laughed and squeezed your arm to your side. You turned around and Clint wasn’t hiding his smirk anymore. In fact, he was openly chuckling.

You growled, “Knock it off!”

“I’m tryhying to get you to lighten up. This isn’t the end of the world.”

“Well… I know… but it’s still annoying,” you stuck your tongue out at your older brother.

Clint grinned, stepping closer to you, “Oho now you’re just asking for it,” and he made sure you dropped the bow and arrows so you wouldn’t accidentally hurt him as he went after your sides with tickles.

You threw your head back and pushed at him as much as you could, all while laughing like an idiot, “AHA! SHIHIT CLINT!” you squeaked when he wormed both hands up under your arms.

“Archers shouldn’t have ticklish armpits,” Clint teased, “Kind of a big flaw, don’t you think?”


Hawkeye made sure to tire you out a bit as he tickled you, “There. I stopped.”

You slumped against the wall and panted, “Whyhyhy doho you insist on annoying thehe shit out of mehe?”

Clint shrugged, “Maybe cuz it’s my job? You’re an annoying little sister. I gotta keep you in check somehow.”

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How old are you?: 16
What are you good at ?: ummm, sleeping, climbing, getting up early, piano and sports!!
What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved?): working towards getting a medical degree actually!
What is your aesthetic?: fire ;)
Do you collect anything?: umm I’m not exactly a collector but I’ve got like a small, tiny, minifigure thingys
What’s a topic you always talk about?: tends to be Until Dawn, or with two people, the Sam/Jess ship, and they know who they are.
What is a pet peeve of yours?: I have so flipping many, like a certain haircut annoys me, it shouldn’t but it does, walking outside after you spend ages on your hair only for it to take two seconds for wind to destroy it entirely. When I get up too late, even if it’s by a minute, not getting over like say a B on tests, god I’m such a little nerd XD
Good advice to give: DON’T DATE ASSHOLES
What three songs you recommend?: Everything by Jordan Fisher. Just saying.
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*Ayato and Yui skipping stones together at a lake*

Yui: It’s such a beautiful evening.

Ayato: *whispering* Take that, you fucking lake.


[Finally we meet again…]
“Alicia, have we met before? You look really familiar to me! I feel like we’ve known each other… like… 100 years ago?”
“I don’t know, have we?”
“The zombies must have eaten my brain, sorry…Your name again? Alicia?”
“Alicia…Cl-… Clark”
“You can’t even remember your own name? Tell me you’re not a zombie, hahaha…”
Fix: Zombies -> Walkers, I messed up, too much TWD

Flynn has no reason to trust ANYONE now.  He was right there - ready to finally, finally avenge his family and rid history of the cancer that is Rittenhouse.  But he chose to trust Lucy, agreed to try it her way.  All that remained was to go home, to bring his wife and daughter back.  Bring Amy back.  

Yet here he is, betrayed by someone he thought he could trust, right at the moment he’d been waiting for for so long.  Can you imagine how crushing that must be?  He’ll never get to see his wife and daughter, and Rittenhouse still remains.  And the worst part is that Agent Christopher used and abused the trust and silent understanding that Lucy and Flynn had - not caring about the consequences or how it might damage their relationship.  Not caring that he was going to destroy the mothership afterward.  She’s more than happy to let Mason strut free, but Flynn gets locked away?  No wonder he’s such a cynical merciless wrecking ball.  

Well good job, big brother.  You fucking locked up the one man who’s willing to do what it takes to eradicate Rittenhouse, brick by brick, individual by individual.  And now, thanks to you, a traitor has the mothership and you don’t even know it.  And when you come crawling to him, begging for his help, I hope he tells each of you to fuck yourselves.  

I just pray that he and Lucy can find a way to trust each other again, because she had no idea she was the bait.  I believe she genuinely feels terrible for what’s happened to him.  I don’t know how much loss and betrayal one man can take before he lets the pain and rage completely consume him…There was a good man inside Garcia Flynn.  It’d be a miracle if he survives this.


Who am I…

Who am I…