No skipping out today! 2 miles of shorter intervals inside since it’s 90° out and I waited too long to workout. I’m taking extra time to stretch and do my shoulder exercises because I’ll be carrying a backpack the next two days. A regular pack has been bothering it on day hikes so I’m certain a fully loaded one is going to irritate it. Hopefully the extra chest openers and stretching will help!
Happy Friday, friends!

ELI5: Why can people walk many miles without discomfort, but when they stand for more than 15 minutes or so, they get uncomfortable?

I work at a vein surgeon’s office. I actually asked him this.

Basically, when you are standing, blood flow slows and “pools” in your legs due to gravity. But when you walk, your muscles contract and push the blood in your veins and vessels back up into your upper body.

On the side note, seasoned military personnels are able to stand at ease for long periods of time because they are actually swaying back and forth very slowly in micro-movements to contract their muscles and relieve the tingling and numb sensation you get when you keep standing for long periods of time.

Edit: As others have suggested, not locking your knees is also key

Edit 2: As others have mentioned, micro movements could be flexing your calves, distributing weight back and forth between your heels and toes, wiggling your toes, etc.

Edit 3: If you have persistent leg problems even without prolonged standing and even after conservative measures (compression stockings, exercise, etc.), I would recommend getting a referral to a vein specialist from your PCP (in the US) to get it properly treated. You may just have bad veins.

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