walkin' the dog

Everybody’s Walkin’ the Dogs

Summary: They’ve been flatmates forever, and friends for even longer than that, so it seems like the most natural thing in the world for Arthur and Merlin to get a puppy together. But what happens to the puppy when they are both away? Arthur doesn’t trust the (devilishly handsome) new dog walker. At all. And Merlin’s not too keen on the (ravishingly beautiful) replacement that Arthur finds, either. Jealousy, pining, and misunderstandings ensue.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

Summary: Aithusa might have been no bigger than a house cat but she was still a dragon. That meant wings, claws, and her own personal hoard, which in Aithusa’s case included soft pillows, fluffy socks, and much to Merlin’s chagrin, stolen pants. When Merlin found out that his winged ward had stolen a rather considerable pile of clothing for her hoard, he thought that it would be the end of any kind of friendship with his neighbor. But when Merlin met the victim of Aithusa’s burglary, he was pleasantly surprised to find Arthur, a man who had never in his life seen a dragon let alone a burglarizing one, and Cavall, a curious German Shepherd puppy who was quick to befriend the little white dragon. From there, it was only the beginning.

In Which Everyone’s a Little Bit Magic

Summary: Or how, in the span of six days, Arthur manages to not get his father killed, discover interesting things about himself, and discover even more interesting things about the people around him.


Summary: “How often do you and Merlin have sex?” 


The Cakes a Lie

Summary: Merlin and Will pretend to be engaged to get free wedding cake samples. Obviously this backfires on Merlin when the baker turns out to be the gorgeous Arthur…

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23 for frank castle from the otp list 😊???

23. Falling asleep together

“Jesus, I’m gonna melt!”

“It’s alright, it’s fine. First thing tomorrow mornin’ we’re gonna go pick out a new AC-”

“-Nooo, I can’t wait that long!” I whined. It had finally cooled off outside just a couple degrees, but inside my apartment it was still sickeningly sweltering. I had just taken a cool shower, Frank jumpin’ in after I hopped out, and pulled on some panties and a sports bra. I don’t think I could fathom covering myself much more than this; hell, even the sports bra was more than I wanted. As I fixed the box fan I had in the window of my room to get some cooler air circulating in here, Frank was toweling his head dry in his boxers behind me.

“Complainin’ ain’t gonna cool you off any.”

I rolled my eyes as I fell backwards across the bed. “Shut up.”

He chuckled and hung the damp towel over the shudder door of my closet. “You’re feistier when you’re hot.”

“Well I’m sorry burning at 800 degrees doesn’t exactly keep me in the nicest mood. I have no clue how you’re so okay with it.”

“Hmmm, I’ve faced hotter days. Watch out.”

I shuffled myself around so he could comfortably recline against the pillows on what had become his side of the bed. As badly as I wanted to curl up next to him and rest my head against his chest like usual I knew I’d probably stick to him; skin-to-skin contact would only make me hotter. I shoved the comforter to my feet and pulled the bed sheet up to my waist, keeping my top half completely exposed. “What else are we doin’ tomorrow; I have off, remember?”

He sighed as he settled against the pillows, scratching at the stubble on his chin. “What do you wanna do other than cool this place off?”

I shrugged. “Lunch and drinks? I can’t stop thinking about fish tacos and a margarita from Pico’s downtown. Maybe three.”

“Hmmm, what else?” He rested his arm on my pillows and began lightly fingering the damp strands of hair in the messy bun on my head. I focused on tracing scars on the side of his abdomen while I thought about what I could possibly do with Frank for a day.

The possibilities were endless. I wanted to do everything with him. I always caught myself watching other people to do things together and thinking what it’d be like if Frank and I did them ourselves. Simple stuff like grocery shopping together or walking Max. But I knew the other side to Frank, the side that made him keep his hat low and stay off the grid. I didn’t ask him out much because I didn’t want to put him in a position to tell me no. I was fine only being able to do things with him occasionally on my days off. I learned to take whatever time I could get with him and not waste a second of it, especially since he was determined to constantly put his life on the line.

“Wanna go to the movies?”

He huffed a small laugh. “The movies, hm?”

I ran an index finger along the outline of a bruise the shape of Africa. “It’s quiet, dark, kinda intimate; why not?”

“A movie date… S’a lil’ old school, ain’t it?”

“Well it’s nothin’ like the drive-ins they used to have back in your day-”

“-Alright alright alright. Forgot how funny you are.”

I smiled and closed my eyes, resting on folded arms as Frank continued idly playing with my hair. “I’ll let you pick.”

He shook his head. “I’m just gonna choose the one I know you wanna see.”

Eyes closed I still managed to roll my eyes. “You’re no fun.”

“Be quiet. Just cool off and get some rest.”

I sighed. “Is Max okay?”

“Belly fulla food and a bowl fulla water. He’ll be fine ‘til I take him out in the mornin’.”

I sighed, listening to the steady hum of the fan in the window and waiting to cool off, enjoying Frank’s presence. “How’s Alan?” Alan was a character Frank made up one day when we were walking Max. We stopped for a break at a nearby bus depot and began telling stories about passersby, and this one was a particular favorite of mine.

He chuckled. “Alan’s good. He’s, uhhh, beatin’ the heat.”

“Tell me more,” I urged, settling into the bed and getting myself cozy for storytime.

“Well, remember how we saw him in those, uhh… well shit, I don’t know if you can even call ‘em shorts.”

I chuckled to myself and nodded. “Mhm. They were biking shorts.”

He sighed. “He’s in his bikin’ shorts, walkin’ his dog somewhere. Actually no- He’s in a cyber cafe.”

“We have cyber cafes in Hell’s Kitchen?” I was more surprised by the fact Frank even knew what a cyber cafe was.

“Maybe he lives somewhere else and was here handlin’ some business.” As I listened to his story he continued to run his fingertips along the damp hairs at the nape of my neck, lulling me to sleep. It always both amazed and humored me how someone that appeared so dangerous, the bringer of nightmares to life, could be so gentle and caring. I dozed off and oddly enough the moment he stopped speaking I was wide awake. I popped my head up and looked to the left of me and Frank’s eyes were shut, head resting against the wall and his hand loose on my shoulder. He must have been exhausted; only on the rarest occasions would I catch him sleeping, especially before me.

I gently rubbed on his stomach, whispering his name. “C’mon, lay down, babe.” He grunted in response, not too different from the fully conscious version of himself, and cracked an eye open before situating himself comfortably in the bed. I cooled off a great deal but still wasn’t ready to wrap myself up in him like a burrito like I normally would. I turned my back to him and scooted closer as he loosely draped a heavy arm over my hip. I rested my hand over his and intertwined our fingers. He leaned forward and pressed a few soft, sleepy kisses to the back of my shoulder. I smiled lovingly and closed my eyes, squeezing his hand for a second. “Mmm, I love you.”

He grunted again, his way of saying he loves me too before hugging me to his body as we both drifted back to sleep.

while i was out walkin my dog a 12 year old boy ran up to me and yelled “why are you so fat” at least i dont live w my parents you little bitch


Norma Tanega — “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog”, ca. 1966


Baes walkin’ dogs. The other day I saw a person jogging with their dog and suddenly these images came to mind so here we are. Enjolras with a blonde border collie and Grantaire with a terrier mutt. Maybe they’ll meet and get tangled up together.

I also challenged myself to do thinner lineart than usual and I like the result. Even though they’re simple, I put them up as prints. Enjolras, Grantaire.

pom!elsa crack hc: walkin’ the dog

just another day in pom!elsa-verse feat. Anna ‘I-did-not-ask-for-this-and-where-the-hell-is-my-coffee’ and Elsa ‘yay-it’s-park-with-anna-day-this-is-the-best-ever’.

my warmup doodles are getting weirder and crack-ier and apparently runs parallel to my stress levels.

check out the story, Tiny Hearts by fruipit the stabby stabby pencil.


Happy Birthday Walter Mosely!

Prolific author Walter Mosely was born on this day January 12th in 1952.  Most noted for his crime fiction, Mr. Mosely has written under many other genres such as, science fiction, non-fiction, and YA and has had 3 books adapted into films. 

(photo credit: Kim Demarco)


Easy Rawlins Mysteries: 

  • Devil in a Blue Dress (1990)
  • A Red Death (1991)
  • White Butterfly (1992)
  • Black Betty (1994)
  • A Little Yellow Dog (1996)
  • Gone Fishin’ (1997)
  • Bad Boy Brawly Brown (2002)
  • Six Easy Pieces (2003)
  • Little Scarlet (2004)
  • Cinnamon Kiss (2005)
  • Blonde Faith (2007)
  • Little Green (2013)
  • Rose Gold (2014)

Fearless Jones Mysteries:

  • Fearless Jones (2001)
  • Fear Itself (2003)
  • Fear of the Dark (2006)

Leonid McGill Mysteries:

  • The Long Fall (2009)
  • Known to Evil (2010)
  • When the Thrill Is Gone (2011)
  • All I Did Was Shoot My Man (2012)
  • And Sometimes I Wonder About You (2015)

Science Fiction:

  • Blue Light (1998)
  • Futureland: Nine Stories of an Imminent World (2001)
  • The Wave (2005)
  • 47 (2005)

Socrates Fortlow Books: 

  • Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (1997)
  • Walkin’ the Dog (1999)
  • The Right Mistake (2008)

For Young Adults: 

  • 47 (2005)

Other Novels: 

  • RL’s Dream (1995)
  • The Man in My Basement (2004)
  • Walking the Line (2005), a novella in the Transgressions series
  • Fortunate Son (2006)
  • The Tempest Tales (2008)
  • The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2010)
  • Parishioner (2012)
  • Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore (2014)
  • Inside a Silver Box (2015)


  • Killing Johnny Fry: A Sexistential Novel (2006)
  • Diablerie (2007)


  • The Fall of Heaven, Samuel French, 2011
  • Lift’, World Premiere at Crossroads Theatre Company on April 10, 2014.

Non-Fiction Books:

  • Workin’ on the Chain Gang: Shaking off the Dead Hand of History (2000)
  • What Next: An African American Initiative Toward World Peace (2003)
  • Life Out of Context: Which Includes a Proposal for the Non-violent Takeover of the House of Representatives (2006)
  • This Year You Write Your Novel (2007)
  • Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation (2011) 

Graphic Novel:

  • Maximum Fantastic Four (2005,with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby)

Crosstown to Oblivion:

  • The Gift of Fire / On the Head of a Pin, Tor Books, 2012
  • Merge / Disciple, Tor Books, 2012
  • Stepping Stone / The Love Machine, Tor Books, 2013
updated favorite doodles masterlist #4 :-)



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toucan undies saga ~


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lashton twinning // lashton drum-off


WWAT poster


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