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Fresh off from work but gotta stop by the studio to drop of some art supplies. I ain’ want to be walkin’ around smellin’ like sweat and cheeseburgers lol.  Finna find somethin’ to eat and chill mane. 

My homie Taz was suppose to be takin’ care of my crib back in Houston but this nigga managed to get kicked out smh. Now I gotta fly down there and handle shit b’cus the landlord ain’ tryna hear shit over the phone… Free everything but niggas will find a way to fuck up an opportunity I swea’ lol. 

me: *walkin around in a haunted mansion with a piece of lettuce in my hair*

portrait of a woman hanging on the wall: *follows me with her eyes*

me: I have a girlfriend

portrait: ok lettuce head

omg yesterday at work my boss handed me a cheque and was like ‘i need you to deliver it to this building, it’s quite a large amount of money so be careful’ and i looked at it and it was just over 1.4 million dollars


someone out there in this world thought i was emotionally mature enough to just fuckin…. carry…… in my own two hands….. 1.4 million dollars…. for 3 city blocks….. in the slight wind…..

let me fuckin tell you i have never been more stressed in my ENTIRE LIFE my palms were sweaty knees weak arms spaghetti i was carrying 1.4 million packets of gum in my hands AND IT WAS WINDY WHAT IF I HAD DROPPED IT?? WHAT IF 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS HAD JUST BEEN FLOATING AROUND THE CITY IN THE WIND???? like do you even god damn understand how many packets of gum that is 

i bet nobody in the world has even SEEN 1.4 million packets of gum at once and there i was LITTLE OLD ME with the power to PURCHASE 1.4 MILLION PACKETS OF GUM AND I WAS JUST WALKIN AROUND IN THE SLIGHT WIND AND nobody… KNEW… NOBDOY WHO WALKED PAST ME… COULD UNDERSTAND… THE POWER… THE GUM… IN MY POSESSSION 

and then i got to the building and it was so fancy the doorman who was probably 40 years older than me called me ma’am and i didn’t know how to respond so i laughed nervously and said thank you which i don’t think is actually the appropriate response to someone calling you ma’am now that i think about


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I can't lie, your art is awesome and I stg with the sink zimbits pic you drew I accidentally reqd Jack's quebec shirt as Queerbec

(anon referring to this Inktober dood)

lsdkfjlskdfjei so in my (albeit limited) research, it seems “Queerbec” has historically been a term used by others (*cough* assholes) in Canada outside of Quebec as a derogatory reference to Quebec, but WHAT IF this is just another one of those “ridiculous low key ways in which Jack comes out” things?

Like if there was a line of souvenir shirts being sold in Montreal that said “Queerbec” and came in a variety of pride colors? So Jack’s just spotted walkin around with Bitty like:


taehyung is just… so beautiful ,,…. like…… i cnt believe someone that beautiful is walkin around on this earth rn..,,,…… bein beautiful…. bein the most beautiful guy ive ever seen…..,,,

Okay but like hear me out, The Paladins singing iconic Disney songs:

They could just be on a mission in there lions with nothing to say until someone breaks the silence.

Lance: “Let’s get down to business!”

Hunk: “To defeat!”

Pidge: “Zarkon!”

Everyone except Keith yell in unison.

Lance and Keith together in the blue lion when Keith’s lion malfunctioned.

Lance: Smug look.

Keith: “……Do not-”

Lance: “I can show you the world-”

Keith: “I don’t wanna see it.”

Pidge getting ready in the bathroom.

Pidge: Looks deeply into the mirror, faintly pressing her hand against it. “Who is that girl I see…staring straight…back at me?…Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?…

Lance staring out the window into space, thinking of his home.

Lance: “I wanna be where the people are…I wanna see, wanna see ‘em dancin’. Walkin’ around on those- What do you call ‘em?”

Keith: Passing by looking confused. “Uh, feet?”

Lance: Clenches his fist as he skips a couple of lyrics. “Up where they walk! Up where they run! Up where they stay all day in the sun! Wanderin’ free, wish I could be, part of that world!

Shiro getting ready for the day in his room.

Shiro: Fixing his hair, talking to his reflection. “Wait and see, when I’m through. Boys will gladly go to war with you. With good features and a great hairdo, I’ll bring honor to us all.” He then starts getting his eyeliner ready. “When I’m through, I won’t fail. Like a cherry blossom, soft and pale. With winged eyeliner that could impale. I’ll bring honor to us all.”

Everyone outside his door listening before joining in.

Lance: “Please bring honor to us!”

Hunk: “Please bring honor to us!”

Pidge: “Please bring honor to us!”

Keith: “Please bring honor to us.”

Everyone including Shiro: “Please bring honor to us all!”

Instinct Pt.4

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: Bucky has finally found the omega he wants for his own, but catching his prey may be harder than he first realized.

Word count: 1.3K

Warnings: Mention of violence, mention of deceased partner, mention of blood, mention of attempted mugging, a/b/o dynamics, a lil angst in this chapter

A/N: When I wrote this, it was literally the last thing I was supposed to be doing in that moment. So I naturally had all the motivation to write this. The power of procrastination, my friends.

My lovely editor: @markiminhoo

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3


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“Okay, but how did you manage to get yourself beat up by a gang in the first place?” You asked as you wiped the blood away from Bucky’s face with a damp cloth.

“I heard a scream so I went lookin’. There was this beta and I guess she thought it was a good idea to go walkin’ around by herself. A few guys were trying the mug her, so I stepped in and now I’m here. And one of ‘em had a knife, that’s how I got that” Bucky explained quietly, nodding towards the recently stitched gash on his thigh.

You were doing your best to avoid glancing at his lower half which was only covered by a tight pair of boxer briefs that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

You nodded a little, silently placing a hand on his cheek to tilt his head at a different angle to see if you had missed anything. Bucky responded by closing his eyes and breathing deeply through his nose when the scent gland on your wrist passed under his nose.

All your omega instincts told you to let him smell you. To let your scent relax him. However, your heart said no, so you quickly adjusted yourself so you weren’t displaying yourself to him.

You belonged to Riley. You would always belong to Riley. He was gone and you were here, but you would always be his and never anyone else’s.

You took a step back from Bucky.

“You seem okay. A few bruises and cuts but you don’t seem to be internally damaged in any way. Maybe a bruised bone or two but nothing serious,” You hesitated slightly before continuing. “I’d like to keep you here overnight for observation.”

Bucky looked up from the floor to your face, his intense gaze sending a chill down your spine.

“Alright.” He agreed “Where?”

“Where what?”

“Where do you want to keep me?”

“Oh, right.” You nodded quickly, feeling  embarrassed by your own obliviousness. “I have a cot in my lab you can sleep on.”

He nodded, pushing himself onto his feet and nearly falling over when he discovered that it hurt to put weight on his slashed leg.

Without thinking you quickly tucked yourself up under his metal arm to steady him. You were hit right away with a blast of scent, which almost made your knees give out. The only thing that really kept you centered in that moment was the wave of fear and surprise that also wafted from him.

You looked up at him to see him staring down at you. You were confused by his fear, what could possibly be scaring an alpha of his proportions? Then you realized he wasn’t staring at you. He was staring at his own arm, the metal one that was wrapped over your shoulders.

You felt a pang of sadness for him that made your heart ache. The inevitable omega part of you wanted to comfort him, sit him down and make him okay with himself. Even the normal part of you didn’t want him to hate that part of him. What the Hydra made him do wasn’t his fault. That arm was a part of him and even if he saw it as a weapon, you only saw it as a piece of him.

“Come on. Lets get you to my office” You said softly, pushing your emotions to the back of your mind and adjusting yourself under his arm.

You slowly helped him limp over to your office. Because you were an omega you were smaller than him and you probably didn’t offer much assistance, but it was enough to keep him upright and moving forward.

Once you were in your office, you laid him down on your cot. You hadn’t meant to become so concerned with his wellbeing but being an omega, it was only in your nature to want to take care of alphas.

“You’re comfortable?” You asked, pulling up your blanket over his body.

Bucky looked up at you with soft eyes, nodding slightly.

“Okay, I’ll be right back. You try to get some rest, alright?”

He simply nodded again, seeming to be moping in his own discomfort. You couldn’t help him anymore than you had already had.

You quietly left your office, closing the door and walking back over the table where’d you’d fixed Bucky up moments earlier. You pulled your phone out of pocket and flipped through your contacts before tapping the call button on one of them. Your phone rang three times before it was answered.

“Yeah, hey Steve. It’s Y/N. There’s been an incident with Bucky…”


You slipped back into your office as silently as you could, thinking Bucky was asleep, only to find him sitting up in the cot, your blanket around his shoulders.

“Oh, hey. I thought you were asleep.” You smiled, walking over to your desk and sitting down in your chair. You curled your legs up underneath your body, effectively tucking yourself into a ball.

“Why are so nice to me?” Bucky suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” You responded with a frown.

“I’ve been a total jackass to you and you know about everything I’ve done for Hydra, but you still treat me like I’m a good person.”

You sighed softly before standing back up from your chair and walking over to Bucky. You sat next to him and placed a hand on his cheek.

“James Barnes, you have been a douchebag to me over the last few months. You’re right about that, but don’t you dare ever think that what Hydra tortured you into doing defines you as a person. I believe that you’re a good person Bucky, you’re just scared to show it.”

You were almost expecting to Bucky to become defensive when you called him out on his fears. Instead, you found him curling into your touch with a look in his  eyes that practically shouted how broken up he was on the inside.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am. I’m sorry about how I’ve acted and treated you. I’m sorry for not being understanding about your situation,” He paused to lightly touch the faded bond mark on your throat “You deserve to be treated better. I’m going to try harder to be a better person. It’s always been my intention I guess it’s just…”

“It’s easier to hide your feelings than confront your demons.” You butted in quietly.

Bucky nodded to your words.

“Lay down now, okay? We can talk more tomorrow morning, but you really do need to sleep now, alright?” You whispered, running your thumb over his cheek bone and standing up.

He grabbed your wrist with a gentle grip before you could walk away and you paused to look back at him.

“Stay?" Bucky pleaded hesitantly.

You smiled sympathetically at him before sitting back down with him and making yourself comfortable. He slid his body down the cot before resting his head on the pillow you had placed in your lap for him. Bucky closed his eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.

You had unintentionally slipped your hand into his hair and began absently playing with it as you watched his body relax into sleep. You felt bad for him. You did honestly believe that the alpha before you was a good man, he just had a hard time trusting himself to let others trust him.

Bucky didn’t deserve what had happened to him. No one did, in your opinion. It just so happened that he was the unlucky one who ended up in the unluckiest position for seventy years of his life.

You may not have wanted to be mated again, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t help Bucky. You wanted to help him, be his friend, you really did. You just hoped he could accept help and not hope for anything else.



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this gonna sound like the most “only 90s kids” bullshit ever, but hear me out: I feel like the same thing that happened to how people perceive the general look of the 80s is now happening to the 90s. people who weren’t alive during it just kind of assuming what things must’ve looked like. 

much like how the 80s consisted of all neon colors and heavy synth, everything in the 90s had a fuzzy VHS static dust filter over it and people would just be walkin’ around and get fuckin slime dumped on them by nickelodeon at random.

Mr. Balor Will See You, Now

Characters: Finn Balor X Riley Carter (POC)

Summary: Riley Carter works in the writer’s wing of Balor Club, Inc, which is owned by Finn Balor. Not only does she writes for the company, she writes for a small magazine in her college dorm where the girls shared their fantasies, sexual or not. One day, she gets over plied with the magazine and the business article for the company that she accidentally sends her maybe or maybe not sexual fantasy about her boss to the company. The same day a few hours later, she is called into Finn’s office and smut ensues.

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Finn Balor, Praise kink, Spanking kink, Oral (Male giving and receiving), A little choking kink, a little Fluff, Porn gifs (’cause why tf not?)

Notes: What is up, Gang? What is up, Squad? I’m back at it, again. Back with another one. This time with just my fiance, Finn Balor in a 50 shades of grey spin-off. Inspired by THIS gif set. Sorry for the delay. Been busy with school bullshit and more bullshit. 

“Thank God I’m home.” Riley said, sighing and takes off her shoes leaning against the wall. 

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