This Means War

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Pairing: Negan x wife!Reader, Gabby (OC)
Word count: 985
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, blood, violence

Part 8 of Happily Ever After

At first, it didn’t seem that other women were getting the hint- that Negan was your husband, and your husband alone. The woman he had been with (who you later learned was named Nina), must have made it seem that Negan was back to his old ways.

Seeing women eye him was nothing new, but with your current issue, now it bothered you. Bit by bit it ate at you until you’d lost it. A woman named Vivian had the nerve to not just eye him, but to put her hands on him. She stood behind him, slightly to the side. Either she didn’t see you walk into the dining room, or she was that stupid.

Your eyes were on her as you saw her hand move over his left shoulder, into his hair. As you neared the table, your jaw clenched. Negan watched you, seeing the anger in your eyes. The jealousy blazing, and he knew that Vivian just screwed herself over.

Grabbing her hand, you pulled it away from Negan. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to touch other people’s property?” You glared at her, bending her fingers back.

She shot you a look. “Not my fault you can’t keep him satisfied.” She ground out.

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“Oh, wrong thing to say.” Negan chuckled, shaking his head.

“Glad you’re fucking amused.” Your eyes were on her, although your words were for him. Your eyes followed her as she bent her knees, lowering to the ground as you continued bending her hand further back. You were thankful that Gabby and William were napping, or you’d back off of her. “Now, you, and all the other fucking skanks that have been eye fucking my husband? Need to back the fuck off.” Shoving her down, you stood over her. “Touch him again, and I will break that fake as fuck nose that I know daddy bought you before the world went to hell.”

The silence that hung over the dining room let you know that she wasn’t the only one who had heard that warning. Getting up, Vivian flexed her hand slightly, shooting a look at Negan. “You should keep your bitch on a leash.” She spat.

“Oh, that was just the fucking stupidest thing for you to say.” He sighed, sipping his beer. Negan sat there as if nothing was happening, just waiting for the fallout.

Grabbing her by her hair, you grabbed her wrist, twisting her arm behind her back. You yanked her back towards you, breathing heavily. “Look around, sweetheart.” You ground out at her, voice low. “It’s the last fuckin’ time you’ll be seeing it.” Without warning, her face connected with the table next to Negan’s arm, causing him to glance over at her.

Negan chuckled lightly. “Like I said- wrong thing to say.” Licking his lips, he finished his beer off and stood up. “Now, I’m guessin’ this one isn’t too welcome around here, is she?” He asked.

You shrugged. “She can leave the Sanctuary, become walker bait, or work for points. I. Don’t. Care.” You glared at him, your eyes locked on his.

Over the next couple years, you made Negan work for your marriage. There was no question about how hurt and pissed you were. After that, no one saw Vivian again, and no one ever heard what you’d decided to do with her. Once the blood was washed from the table and floor, there was no evidence that she’d ever been in the Sanctuary.

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For the angel that is @jodiereedus22 ❤️❤️

The prison had been a beacon of hope to your group, and you’d all settled in well after the farm had burnt to the ground. You and Daryl shared a cell and you couldn’t be happier with how he was finally opening up to you. Your group had come across a town called Woodbury and their leader ‘the governor’, who wasn’t the nicest person in the world. Daryl had found his brother who he hadn’t seen since the beginning and was torn as to whether to go with him or stay with the group. You’d argued countless times about the pros and cons of each situation, not made any easier by Merle sticking his nose in your business.
“Come with us,” Daryl said one day, after a particularly bad row.
“And trust your brother with my life? I don’t think so,” you snapped, “how are you two even related?”
“Ya trust me don’t ya?”
“Of course I do. But it’s completely different to trusting him as well.”
“Please, I don’t wanna leave ya,” he begs.
“If you loved me at all then you wouldn’t!” You shout, walking out of the cell. When you get back he’s gone. You go and see Carol, she hasn’t seen him, then to Rick, he hasn’t seen him either. Glenn comes up to you and sits you down.
“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I saw Daryl leaving with Merle early this morning when I was on watch,” he says softly, “I’m so sorry.” You look at him and start to cry, he holds you and after a few minutes you suddenly run off to be on your own. Sitting by the fence, you stare at the walkers snarling and reaching for you. With the way you’re feeling right now, you want to walk into a group of them and become one. You walk right up to the fence, almost so that they can reach you. Rick watches you from the prison through binoculars and silently worries.
Over the next week, you withdraw yourself even more. Daryl hasn’t come back yet and it feels as though half of your heart is missing too. You do your chores, then disappear into the cell you used to share with him. Some of his things are still there, his smell still on the sheets. Every night you cry into his pillow, sobbing hard, your body shaking as tears stream down your face. Rick needs you on top form now that the governor is threatening to attack, so he puts you on watch on top of one of the buses for the night, to make you feel part of the group again.
Unbeknownst to you, Daryl’s returned and is helping Rick with the fences before coming to see you on watch.
“D'ya think she’ll be mad?” Daryl asks Rick as he looks over at the bus, the sun setting and illuminating your face.
“Oh yeah, really mad. But she loves you Daryl. It’ll take a long time for her to come round, you left without saying goodbye. She cries every night, I don’t think she knows we can hear,” Rick explains sadly.
“I should never have left,” Daryl bows his head as the words leave his mouth.
You look over to Rick and see someone’s with him helping with the fences. Suddenly a truck catches your eye in the distance, but as you go to signal a bullet goes straight through your shoulder, knocking you off the top of the bus and falling to the ground. Daryl sees you fall after being shot and looks to where it came from, spotting the truck as well.
“Rick! (Y/N)’s been shot! QUICK!” He shouts, running up the hill. As he gets halfway up, the truck comes belting through the gates by the bus you were on and walkers start spilling out of it. Daryl picks up speed as he knows you’re there somewhere.
“You get (Y/N), we’ll sort the dead,” Rick yells as he runs along side him and sees your group coming out of the prison to help after hearing the loud noise. Daryl gets to you just as walkers we’re closing in. He stabs the closest few and quickly slings you over his shoulder, running back inside the prison with you. Herschel is inside, unable to help with the hoard outside, but ready to assist anyone with medical attention. Daryl runs in and carefully places you down on the table in front of Herschel. He looks Daryl up and down, surprised that he’s back, then looks down to you, unconscious and with a bullet wound.
“Daryl! What happened?” Herschel asks, limping over to you.
“She… she got shot, fell off the top of the bus. Walkers… almost got her,” he stuttered.
“Get my kit from over there would you?” He asks as Daryl starts pacing. He grabs the kit and hands it over the Herschel, who sets it down next to you, then gets out some large tweezers. He digs the bullet out, cleans the wound and stitches you up, bandaging over it.
“Is she gonna be ok?” Daryl asks, biting his thumb.
“She’s lost some blood, but not too much. She’ll have a large bump on her head, but should wake up soon. We need to keep an eye on her incase she has concussion,” Herschel explains, “now I’ve got a couple of other people I need to see. Are you okay to stay with her?”
“Yeah, 'course,” Daryl mumbles, sitting down next to you. You start crying whilst asleep and Daryl wipes your tears away. This continues for the next couple of days as you lay there out cold. On day two as Daryl sleeps next to you holding your hand, you wake up with a scream as a nightmare pulls you out of unconsciousness. You lay there panting with fear, sweat dripping down your forehead, when you see Daryl’s face pop up into view, his hand going immediately to your cheek.
“(Y/N)! What’s wrong? Are ya okay?” He asks, eyes wide with shock.
“I’m… fine… is this real?” You answer between deep breaths.
“Yeah, it’s real. I’m back. Ya fell off the top of the bus when ya got shot, I saw it happen,” he rambles.
“You… you were the one with Rick.”
“I was helping him with the fences when it happened.” You went to sit up and get away from him, still affected by him leaving, but he stopped you.
“Herschel needs to check ya over before ya get up,” he says, gently laying you back down. You frown at him and say nothing as he walks off to find Herschel.
“Well hello there (Y/N), lets take a look at your head,” Herschel says, opening your eyes wide and looking into them with a light. He then moves his finger about in front of your face, your eyes following it. He asks you a few questions and then steps back and checks your dressing, making sure you hadn’t bled through.
“Okay, you seem good to go. You’re a lucky woman (Y/N), if Daryl hadn’t been there, you’d be walker bait. Take it easy, not to much bending down, and make sure you see me about your dressing everyday,” he explains.
“Thanks Herschel,” you smile.
“Don’t thank me, thank Daryl,” he chuckles, then exits to check on the wounded who helped clear the walkers. You sit up on the edge of the table, facing away from Daryl, then head up to your cell. Daryl follows, but you ignore his footsteps behind you as you enter the small room and sit on the bed looking down at the floor.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry I left,” he starts, standing in the doorway, “I was stupid-”
“Yeah you were stupid. And heartless, and cold, and you broke my fucking heart Daryl,” you begin to sob, your shoulders shaking, then you wince in pain.
“I didn’t mean to. I love ya,” he sighs, now kneeling in front of you, between your legs and holding your thighs.
“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have left in the first place,” you cry, “leave me alone.”
“I ain’t going anywhere,” he says defiantly, “I’m staying here with ya, I know yer angry at me, but I love ya and I ain’t leaving.” You huff at his statement and lay down on the bed facing the wall. He lays down behind you and wraps an arm around your waist, then leans his head up by your ear.
“I’ve missed ya,” he whispers, hand squeezing your hip. You turn to face him and look up into his eyes.
“I can’t just forgive you that easily Daryl, you really hurt me going off without saying a word,” you say sternly.
“I know, and I’m sorry, I wish I’d never done it. I regretted it as soon as I stepped out of the fences.”
“Why didn’t you come back?”
“It’s a long story, but I’m here now, and I promise ya I’ll never leave ya again,” he says softly, nudging his nose against yours.
“Pinky promise?” You ask, lifting your hand and sticking out your little finger. Daryl smiles and does the same, linking it with yours and shaking it.
“I pinky promise,” he repeats. He puts his arm around you and pulls you into his chest.
“Ouch,” you wince, “I did get shot y'know.”
“Sorry baby,” he says, looking concerned, making sure no blood is leaking out onto your dressing. You settle into a comfortable position and fall into a deep sleep for once without crying. Daryl holds onto your all night, his grip only loosening when he drifts off as well. The next morning you wake to find him looking down at you, his hand tucking a small piece of your hair behind your ear.
“Morning,” he croaks in his deep southern voice.
“Morning,” you smile. Daryl sits up a little and pulls you further onto his now bare chest, your head up on his shoulder. You kiss his neck and his chest, running your hand along the scattering of hair on his torso, lightly dragging your nails across his skin as you go. He strokes your arm, sliding his way down to your hip and over your bottom, giving it a light squeeze.
“I jus’ wanna lay here all day,” Daryl admits.
“Then we will,” you reply, kissing his chest again. He smiles down at you and kisses your head, squeezing your bum a little harder as he does so.


Caught by Surprise

A/N: @ofdragonsanddreams16 requested the dialogue prompt “Please put your penis away.” for Merle and Michonne. I hope you enjoy! <3

Word count: 561

Warnings: Mentions of a willy

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“Ya sure y’ain’t gettin’ our asses lost, sweetheart?” the familiar gravelly voice drawled from behind Michonne as she trekked further into the forest.

Michonne looked behind her to see Merle stomping around, his eyebrow cocked as he waited for an answer. “Ye of little faith,” was all she said as she turned and continued on.

“Now hold up,” Merle snarled back as he caught up to her and fell into step with her. “As far as I know yer far less experienced huntin’ and trackin’ like I am. So why don’t ya let me take care of-”

Michonne stopped in her tracks and turned to Merle, her mouth curled into a scowl. “And who let the walkers split us up from the main group because you insisted you had things handled? You’ve done enough today,” she said in a low tone as she watched Merle’s teeth grit. He knew she was right but was too stubborn to admit it.

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I love season 2 of TWD so much because it’s Glenn’s prime. We see how innocent and pure he is. We see how he would do ANYTHING for his people even if that meant risking HIS OWN LIFE. From being used as walker bait to going out and getting pills for Lori. We see him grow so damn much. We see him crushing on Maggie and by the end of the season we see him telling Maggie he loves her. Season 2 is also the end of an era. RIP to his adorable baseball cap. No season could EVER compare to season 2 and it sucks that it’s so hard to watch it now. It’s nearly impossible to watch without me crying and thinking about his fate. He’s so small and innocent. He deserved nothing but the best but the writers always gave him the worst.. :/

I Want to Go Back

Take me back to season 2 where we had nothing to worry about except for Sophia’s fate and whether or not Hershel would let the group stay

Take me back to season 2 where everyone was still alive and happy instead of dead and miserable

When Rick spent his time growing strong and learning how to be a leader while convincing Hershel to let them stay rather than becoming broken and trying to keep his group in line.

When Shane tried to do the right thing but gave the wrong presentation. When he wanted Rick gone and Lori and Carl for himself. When he constantly rubbed the back of his head in distress.

When Lori played house with Carol and worried about Rick and Shane rather than watching her own son. When she crashed Maggie’s car out of idiocy. Take me back to when she nearly got Maggie killed for the morning after pills.

To when Andrea got depressed and came out of it. To when all she wanted was to prove herself to the group and her guns back. Take me back to that little argument between Lori ad Andrea in the kitchen while Maggie and Beth were screaming in the next room. Take me back to when she was still alive and her life wasn’t taken by the hands of the Governor.

When all Dale tried to do was be a father to Andrea. To when he gave advice to everyone. When the last thing he did was fight for another boy’s life. Take me back to his showdowns with Shane.

Take me back to the time Glenn was alive and the only thing we had to worry about was if he and Maggie would stay together. When he had to go into that well to get the walker out. When he told everyone there were walkers in the barn. Take me back to the time Glenn was alive and happy with Maggie.

When Carl did nothing but wander off. Take me back to the moment he got shot and the last time Shane was a friend rather than a foe by consoling Rick when Lori wasn’t there and going to get the medical supplies with his first victim.

When Daryl risked his own life to save a little girl when he didn’t have to. When his bond with Carol started and they become like mother and son toward each other. Take me back to the time he got Carol the Cherokee rose and guilted himself over Sophia’s death. Take me back to that time.

When Carol played house with Lori. When she constantly worried whether or not her daughter was alive. When the only friend she had was Daryl.

When T-Dog was just T-Dog. When he nearly drank that contaminated water but Dale stopped him. When he was that one character that almost never spoke. Take me back to that time.

Take me back to the time where Maggie still had her father and her sister. Where she had nothing to worry about except her family and Glenn. Take me back to the time where Maggie called Glenn ‘walker bait’ and those conversations she had with Hershel.

Take me back to the time where Hershel was a stubborn old man. To the time where he wanted Shane off his farm. To the time where he wanted to believe that the walkers in his barn were just sick people. Take me back to the time where he was still alive.

Take me back to that time where Beth sang. To the time where she was in a relationship with Jimmy. To the time she fell into depression and wanted to die. Take me back to that time where Andrea tried to help her. To where Lori tried to help her. Take me back to that time.

Take me back to season 2 where it was all somehow innocent. Take me back to season 2 where they had no idea what they were in for.

I want to go back.

I wish they never left the farm.

I want to go back.

Glenn Rhee x Daughter!Reader- My Saving Grace

Requested By Anon: Hi! Could you do a Glenn imagine where he found a little girl (around the same age as Carl) at the beginning and he becomes a fatherly or brotherly figure to her and raises her? I need some happy Glenn fluff after the premiere 😭😭 

* This is probably shorter then you would’ve liked.. But here you go. RIP our precious pizza boy. :(

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 The end of the world had brought the end of everything you knew. And at 12, it was almost a guaranteed that you wouldn’t survive. You beat the statistics, learned how to adapt to a new world, and you fought to live another day. You always carried the memory of your family on your hands and in your mind, nightmares hidden behind your eyes.

Nearly a year into the apocalypse, you found yourself outside of an enormous prison in Georgia, where you could see a group of people tending to the outer fields and readying supplies for what seemed to be a run. Hiding your small form in the bushes, your fingers gripped the hilt of your knife until you heard twigs snap behind you, and came face to face with a Korean man in his late twenties.

  “Sh… I’m not going to hurt you, sweetheart. I’m Glenn.”

There was something lurking in his eyes, an number of emotions that made you tear up because they reminded you so much of your father. Loyalty. Kindness. Compassion. Oh, how you missed him.

You sheathed your knife, straightening your spine as you extended your hand. “Y/n.. I’m y/n.” Glenn smiled widely, studying the dirt caked on your arms and the walker blood speckled across your face. It had been a long time since you’d met a kind soul and from that day on, you were so thankful to be apart of Glenn’s life. “I’m 13. Do you have a group in that Prison over there?”

He seemed to be studying you rather intently as he answered, “As a matter of fact, I do. Are you looking for a home, y/n? Because I can give you one.” His voice was soft as Glenn holstered his weapon, crouching down into the forest floor with his arms angled at his sides.

  “Yes.” You murmured. “But I’m confused, what’re you doing?”

  “It’s a serious piggy back. Jump on!”

Glenn took you into his home and began to raise you as his own, with his new bride Maggie Greene at his side. The couple fell in love with you, their adopted child who they’d given a safe haven, who seemed to brighten the lives of everyone in the group every possible second.

He taught you more about wielding a knife, helped you with your accuracy, even taught you how to throw them. Maggie talked to you about what it was like to fall in love, and how she’d come across Glenn, who was nothing more then walker bait the group had used to solve problems on her family farm.

You could remember the first birthday you celebrated at The Prison, right before it had fallen to the hands of the Governor. You’d woken up one morning inside the cell you shared with Beth, who had become one of your closest friends. You could hear music from a guitar in the hallway, the rare laughter of  your family echoing against the concrete walls.

  “What-What is going on out here?”

Sure enough, Glenn was sitting on the perch with Beth at his side, strumming along to one of the many songs that came through his head. “This is your birthday celebration, y/n!” Rick called out, laughing as he took Maggie into his arms and spun her around, right into her fathers embrace. “Carol even made you a cake!”

It was the little things that stuck in your brain when they happened. Your 14th birthday party, the day that Glenn took a stab wound for you so you wouldn’t get hurt, the night Maggie tucked you into bed in Alexandria after a bad nightmare.

But the one thing you would never forget, was when you helped Maggie reveal to Glenn that he was going to be a father. Since you’d met Glenn you’d been taking guitar lessons, and you’d found a book full of songs for guitar in your basement in Alexandria, and had learned a song that had constantly played on your radio before the Turn. Maggie had asked you to wait in the living room until she had told him herself, and then play Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift.

It was an understatement to say you were ecstatic as Maggie came down the stairs and took Glenns hand in hers, murmuring under her breath so it was just loud enough for the two of them to hear. A grin spread across your face as Glenn took Maggie in his arms, spinning her around by the waist as he repeated in a mantra,

  “I’m going to be a dad?!”

Maggie nodded eagerly, leading her husband into the living room where you patiently awaited for the expectant couple. “I’ve got a present for you, just to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. For taking me in, making me your family.. From the bottom of my heart, you two are my saving grace.”

I won’t let no body hurt you

Won’t let no one break your heart

And no one will desert you…

Please try to never grow up…

The Library Confutation

Hi can I pease have one in a scenario where we’re just screaming at each other and he hears me swear for the first time and gets all hot and bothered and I’m still mad at him and it just goes on from there sorry if this is bad omg (add: For the swearing can I have a medium level of smut (: thank you babe)

Not bad at all, I love it! hopefully I do your request justice :) enjoy!


“YOU CAN’T JUST GO RUNNIN’ OUT LIKE THA’, YER GONNA GET YERSELF KILLED.” According to Daryl, me going outside the fences to grab a pack someone must’ve dropped was gonna get me killed and that he also had enough authority over me to yell at me. He wasn’t my boyfriend, he wasn’t my keeper, and I sure as hell was done taking his shit.

“Daryl please stop yelling at me like I’m five years old. If you’d like to have this conversation, the only way to do it is civilly.” I reply in a calm voice while browsing the books, not meeting his blazing baby blues.


“Daryl please I-”

“YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE ANDREW?” I tried to hold my composure but I couldn’t. I shut my eyes and grit my teeth, the mention of my little brother’s still very fresh death making me fill with rage, the fact that he would even use that against me.

“Fuck. You.” I mutter trying to keep calm.


“I SAID FUCK YOU.” I screamed turning to face him. That was the first time I’ve cursed or even raised my voice since I’ve been here. He advanced me with a look of total rage.



“Shit I can’t even be mad that was so fucking hot.” He says before kissing me again. “Never heard ya swear before and God the things it’s doin to me.” Soon enough my back hits the wall beside the bookshelf. My hands are threaded in his hair and his are resting on my hips. He shifts his hands under my butt and lifts me so I can wrap my legs around his waist. I tug at his hair as his lips trail down my neck leaving hot wet kisses in his wake. I pant as he kisses along my collar bone and grinds our hips together. I feel the wall leave my back when he puts his lips back on mine and walks us over to the table.

He sets me down to take off his shirt before raking his hands slowly up my body, pushing my shirt up as he goes. Soon enough we were only down to what covered our lower halves. Daryl starts to grind our hips together again and my back arches.

“Wait stop.” I pant and he halts his movement immediately. With concerned eyes cutting through mine he cupped my cheeks.

“Wha’? Something wrong? Does the table hurt your back?” I laugh and cover my face.

“No, no. I just…” He tugs at my wrists to free my bright red face.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“I-I’ve never.. Ah god I’ve never had sex.” His jaw dropped as he fumbled over his words.

“Oh, oh my gosh, ’m sorry.” He stuttered and began to climb off me.

“Wait Daryl!” I grab his hips in an attempt to steady him, “I want do this! I really do. I-I want it to be you.”

“Nah ’m gonna make it special for you, you deserve that. I’ll make it happen soon Darlin’ ’s the least I could do with all the shit I put you though.” I nod and he smiles then kisses my sweetly. He starts to climb down when I stop him again.

“You’re not gonna leave me hanging are you? There’s other things besides straight sex and I’m sure little Daryl there wouldn’t mind it either.” I provoke and his eyes widen so I pull him down and kiss him. He starts to get the message when he kisses back and grinds his hips down. I grip his back and moan a breathy moan, pushing my hips up to meet his. We continue this and soon enough are feeling the fire spread throughout our bodies, it doesn’t take long considering it’s been forever since either of us have had anything close to this.

“Shit Daryl.”

“I know I know.” Our grunts and moans fill the air as we reach our climaxes. After we laid there, on the hard wood table top, I was tucked into his chest with his flannel shirt on and he in only his soiled boxers.

“We’re gonna have to find you a new pair of these” I joke snapping the waistband of it against him.

“Totally worth it.” He smiles a lazy smile at me and kisses the top of my head. It’s safe to say that little fight was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Block List

Because of fandom fuckery, I have often had to block certain bloggers, especially being in the Beth/Bethyl/TD corner of the fandom. This is a masterpost of blogs to block. It will include blogs that have targeted my specific corner and blogs I’ve seen attack other parts of the fandom. Some blogs are on the list because their anti-whatever posts end up in the tags on mobile even when untagged. If I can, I will link posts to other warning posts that have receipts and/or more information on particular blogs, and I definitely have receipts for untagged anti-posts that appear on mobile.

A blog does not end up in my block for having a different opinion. I don’t care what you ship, I care what you say about other shippers and bloggers. All of this is to protect my and my followers’ emotional/mental health.

Update: a line through the list indicates it has been updated, so you know where to look for new blogs.

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“Shut up. You’re smart. You’re brave. You’re a leader. But you don’t know it. And your friends don’t want to know it. They’d rather have you fetching peaches. There’s a dead guy in the well? Send Glenn down. You’re Walker-bait. I can’t take you becoming one of them.”

The Walking Dead (2010- ) Creator Frank Darabont


Little White Lies ReaderxJesus ft. Daryl

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Request: Hello love! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you are Daryl’s sister **Or close friend** and he gets pissed when he finds out that you are dating Jesus? Thank you!

 Requested by: anon

 "WE CANT TELL HIM! NOT YET AT LEAST!”  This argument has been going on for days now and Jesus was not going to win.  He wants to tell your brother Daryl about the relationship you have been hiding from him.   You have been dating Jesus for about three months and been keeping it a secret from the rest of the community and from your older and over protective brother Daryl.  Daryl has a hard time accepting outsiders, and given how he and Jesus first met he is not the biggest fan.  

Jesus has been trying to convince you to tel Daryl for days now but you don’t see hat working out. “Cmon (Y/n) how mad could he get?” 

You turn to face Jesus and give him an annoyed look and you both let out a giggle.  “Jesus lets just see how it plays out.  It is working out fine for now lets not make anything worse then it has to be.” Kissing his cheek quickly you rush inside your house to have a family meal, just you and Daryl. Maybe this would be a good time to tell him. 

*after dinner*

Dinner was the same old same old.  You guys talked about runs coming up and how to reinforce the walls, but nothing about you and Jesus came up.  

Putting away the final dish you look to see Daryl finally settling down cleaning his bow, “Hey I promised Eugene I would take his shift tonight so im gonna head out.” Rushing past him before he can get a word in you are out the door and down the street, but not the tower to Jesus’ house.  A little white lie never killed anyone.  

Before you can knock on the door it swings open to reveal Jesus who quickly attacks you.  Your hands make his way to his hair while his lips explore your neck.

“Hey Jesus get a room!  Wait (Y/n)? What the hell is going on!” You recognize that voice anywhere. “Daryl please I can explain.” You rush down the steps while adjusting your hair and rush over to your fuming brother.

After explaining everything to Daryl he is still wicked upset, but is more relaxed than we he found you playing tonsil hockey with Jesus. “(Y/n) I trust you but I don’t trust you,” he says pointing his finger at Jesus, “and if you hurt her ya walker bait you me?” 

“Believe me Daryl,” Jesus sayings while putting his hand in yours, “No one is gonna hurt her while im here.”

Glenn Rhee

The person who called rick a dumbass in season one.
The person who was braver and put walker guts all over him and walked through walkers with rick.
The one who was literally walker bait every time.
The one who took a chance with Maggie.
The one who cares about every single person of team family.
The one who knew that anything could happen to him and Maggie. But he wanted to marry her anyways.
The one that found Maggie every time they were split up.
The one who is literally the sweetest, caring person ever.
The one who I’m going to miss oh so very much.

Glenn Rhee, you beautiful little cinnamon roll. I love you. And miss you.