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DGM: Silent Hill AU

Few months back I thought how cool it would be if there was a Silent Hill AU with D.Gray-man characters. I searched it up, but couldn’t find anything already existing. In my disappointment I thought, “too bad, it could have worked so well if… DAMN.” I don’t really need any more pet projects, but this one kinda planned itself out.

Don’t know if I have time to actually do anything with the concept, so I’ll share some of my musings:

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Things I need: a Marvel movie released in theaters  with Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli, Natasha Romanoff, Maria Hill, Melinda May, Gamora, Sharon Carter, Wanda Maximoff, Jessica Jones, and Trish Walker.

This needs to happen. Immediately. Because how can you not love ladies saving the universe across multiple points in time?

hey guys i made a mix for nonsense mag! check it out <3 illustration by me

track list ⤵

Amerykahn Promise - Erykah Badu
Ain’t no new thing- Gil Scott Heron
Everyday People- Sly and the family stone
Everything is everything- Lauryn Hill
Fight the Power- Public Enemy
1000 Deaths- D'Angelo & The Vanguard
When the revolution comes - The Last Poets
Save the Children- Marvin Gaye
My people-Erykah Badu
They Say/Shangrila ft Tay Walker- The Internet
Higher Ground- Stevie Wonder
Brown girl blues -Destiny
I wish i knew how it would feel to be free- Nina Simone
Alright- Kendrick Lamar

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one tree hill characters » Samantha Walker [nicknames: Sam]

“She gave me up, she didn’t want me, right? What does she want now, to say she’s sorry? Well, then she should have said it. Every time I sat there in that coffee shop, right in front of her. She didn’t even know that was her own daughter. So screw her and her “I’m sorry’s” because all that ever got me was a sucky life. And there’s nothing she can say to fix that.”

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Holaa me podrias hacer una playlist para solar: capricornio lunar: geminis y asc: leo ?? Muchas gracias y buen blog.

¡Claro que si! Aqui vamos con tu Playlist

Nombre de Playlist: Lxgcl

-Gravity-Againts The Current

-Are You Mine?-Arctick Monkeys

-I´m Gone-Rj Word

-Locked Of Heaven-Bruno Mars

-Perfect Strangers-Jonas Blue

-Starving-Hailee Steinfield.

-I Took A Pill In Ibiza-Mike Posner

-Cheap Thrills-Sia

-Treat You Better-Shawn Mendez

-No-Meghan Trainor

-Faded-Alan Walker

-Castle On The Hill-Ed Sheeran

-If I’m James Dean You´re Audrey Hepburn-SWS

-If You Can´t Hang-SWS

-Tomorrow Never Dies-5 Seconds Of Summer

-Eyes Wide Open-Sabrina Carpenter

-Back To Beautiful-Sofia Carson

¡Espero que te Guste!


A Series of Horrors pt2

Multi-part creepypasta stories. All links lead to the playlist the narrator created for the story. Here’s a link to part one.

Scratching” narrated by @creepypastajr written by Jacob N.

Borrasca” narrated by @mrcreepypasta written by C.K. Walker

On a Hill” narrated by @natenator77 written by Michael Whitehouse

Leo” narrated by @mothercreepypasta writen by Kenneth Kohl

Failed Experiment of 1917″ narrated by Spectre Arcane written by Coffee4Reason


I fight like a girl. I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim. I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped. I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously. I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far. I fight like a girl who offers and demands respect. I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body. I fight like a girl who fights back.

If you subscribe to the most basic tenets of feminism and women's liberation, and the eradication of the heteropatriarchy/male-supremacist hegemony

…then thank Black women. Black women pioneered feminist theory and praxis, and hell, even Gloria Steinem admitted to it in an interview. bell hooks, Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, Alice Walker, Patricia Hill Collins, Barbara Smith, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and so on. And it was Black women who brought us the Black Lives Matter Movement and coined the neologism “misogynoir”. White women do not- and never had a monopoly on feminism and women’s liberation. And in addition to the great many contributions (and even leadership) Black women made to feminism and women’s liberation remember there’s also Third World/anti-colonial feminism, Latina feminism, Xicana feminism, Asian feminism, Muslim feminists, Middle Eastern feminists, Indigenous feminists, butch lesbian feminists of Color, etc. So don’t be fooled by the horribly whitewashed photos of the Women’s March from around the globe. Feminists of Color/women’s liberationists of Color have always existed and have been in the thick of the struggle to liberate the female sex and abolish the heteropatriarchy/male-supremacist hegemony, along with the white/Western-supremacist power structure.