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MCU Women of Color Recast

I was inspired by @zamnwilson and @unclesteeb, who made a list of women in the MCU recast as women of color. So here’s my list!

Sofia Boutella as Natasha Romanoff

Lucy Lui as Pepper Potts

Stephanie Beatriz as Maria Hill

Aishwarya Rai as Carol Danvers

Janelle Monae as Sharon Carter

Angel Coulby as Peggy Carter

Diane Guerrero as Jane Foster

Tatiana Eva Marie as Wanda Maximoff (I wanted to use Alina Serban but I found this great picture that just scremed Scarlet Witch)

Gabrielle Union as Hope van Dyne

Jaime Chung as Lady Sif

Aja Naomi King as Jessica Jones

Sanam Saeed as Trish Walker

Gina Rodriguez as Karen Page

Q’Oriaka Kilcher as Bobbi Morse

Alexandra Grey as Jemma Simmons

Fan BingBing as Angie Martinelli

Genesis Rodriguez as Dottie Underwood

Michaela Coel as Darcy Lewis

happy 13rw playlists

these songs make me think of the happiness within each character (except bryce tyler and marcus), considering there is too much sadness in this fucking show lmao 

this is like pre-shitty actions on their tapes like when they were genuine and sweet kids

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steall waterfall walk by anna n rob


clay “welcome to liberty high” jensen

hannah was bisexual *theory*

Courtney is obviously gay, but Hannah was different. She didn’t pull away when Courtney kissed her and she never seemed against it. If she was weirded out in the slightest, she would have pulled away. They were drunk, but they weren’t incompetent. They knew what they were doing. It’s not like it was one kiss either; they made out and Courtney got on top of her. The only reason she shined the light in Courtney’s face was because she heard the clicks of Tyler’s camera. When Hannah confronted Courtney about it, she wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed at all by it. Courtney on the other hand, was completely and utterly terrified. That’s what made me think she was bisexual or maybe she didn’t have a label. Either way, you get my point.

Things my friends have said about bands

‘Vic Fuentes, he sounds like a fine cheese’

*watching congratulations* ‘Are those potatoes??’

‘Ah that’s the sirens I can tell because of the Kellin boy, he has a nice singing face’

'There was this song I really liked but I forgot who it was by and the album but I remembered the album cover so I spent two days searching up different variations of “two Asian boys holding hands”’

*watching kfad* 'This song scares me so much you think it’s going to be a fun nice, calm song but then nOPE’


'That song that has blue in the video and there’s an “ooh” in it is really good, I just can’t remember the name’

If the way Sam’s storyline ended was bullshit and you know it clap your hands

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If the way Sam left and never contacted Brooke again was bullshit and you know it clap your hands

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If the fact that Sam started referring to the other woman as her real mom the instant she met her as if a biological connection to a woman who she’s never met and who never did jack shit for her invalidated everything Brooke every did to help her was complete and absolute garbage

If the way Sam’s storyline ended was bullshit and you know it clap your hands

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