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Why we won't get another episode

Because life won’t give us all the answers.
We don’t know why each individual person kills themselves and we don’t know why each individual person bullies someone and we don’t know why headphones always manage to come out of our pockets tangled.
13 Reasons Why won’t give us all the answers.
We won’t know if Alex will survive the gunshot wound.
We won’t know where Justin will go to live.
We won’t know why Tyler has all those guns.
We won’t know how Jessica’s dad will react when she tells him what happened to her.
We won’t know if Bryce goes to jail.
We won’t know what consequences Sherri faced.
We won’t know what comes out of the new friendship between Clay and Skye.
We won’t know if Courtney will ever come to terms with her sexuality and eventually come out.
We won’t know if Tony, Clay, Brad, and Skye will be good friends, or help each other through all of this.
We just won’t know because that’s not how life works.
We may know the what but we won’t know the why. No one is going to leave us thirteen tapes to finally understand.

We will not get another episode because this story is over, and all the questions we have will go unanswered, and we’ll just have to live with that.

happy 13rw playlists

these songs make me think of the happiness within each character (except bryce tyler and marcus), considering there is too much sadness in this fucking show lmao 

this is like pre-shitty actions on their tapes like when they were genuine and sweet kids

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clay “welcome to liberty high” jensen


steall waterfall walk by anna n rob

hannah was bisexual *theory*

Courtney is obviously gay, but Hannah was different. She didn’t pull away when Courtney kissed her and she never seemed against it. If she was weirded out in the slightest, she would have pulled away. They were drunk, but they weren’t incompetent. They knew what they were doing. It’s not like it was one kiss either; they made out and Courtney got on top of her. The only reason she shined the light in Courtney’s face was because she heard the clicks of Tyler’s camera. When Hannah confronted Courtney about it, she wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed at all by it. Courtney on the other hand, was completely and utterly terrified. That’s what made me think she was bisexual or maybe she didn’t have a label. Either way, you get my point.

Prom -Zach Dempsey

A/n: omg y'all idk if this is accurate, I never went to my prom Hahaha, enjoy babies! ❤

I put whip cream on a cappuccino and handed is over to Alex Standall, “enjoy your coffee.”
He smiled at me and took the drink of the table and left to sit with Jessica and Hannah.
The front door opened and I’m came Zach looking around Monet’s before spotting me. He smiled widely at me and started to walk over. I looked at my best friend Skye helplessly. I’ve had the biggest crush on him forever.
She shrugged and continued making someone’s drink.
“Y/l/n! What are you doing here?” He asked laughing slightly. He was pretending to be shocked to see me.
“Hey Dempsey! Yeah, I work here. I have for the past, oh, I don’t know, year and a half.” I said annoyed, “and you’ve seen me here since school started this fall, yet, you’re still pretending like you don’t know I work here?”
His smile dropped but he just reached for his wallet, “one Hot Chocolate please.” And handed me a 5 dollar bill with it.
I was about to start to count up his change, “keep it.” He shrugged.
I smiled and put the money back down before scratching hot chocolate on a paper in front of Skye.
“I’ll have that done in a second for you.” I nodded toward Skye who slid a coffee across the table to a middle school age girl.
“Y/n,” Zach said once I went to put the remaining change in the tip jar.
“Yes, Zachary?” I turned around to look at him.
“Um… I actually came here because I was just wondering if you had a date to prom yet?” He asked nervously.
“No,” I said walking over to the other side of the counter and changing out the filter, “i don’t know. I really have never wanted to go.”
Zach’s smile dropped, “oh…” he muttered.
I walked over to his finished drink and put while cream on it just like I did to Alex’s, “why? Do you need advice for asking someone to prom. Those promposals are getting so serious.” I laughed at how much effort people have been putting in for one night that doesn’t even matter. Skye handed me his drink which I put a thick, baby blue, striped, straw into. I slid his drink across the table.
“Um no. I just thought, maybe, you’d wanna go with me…” he looked down at his shoes.
The corners of my mouth tugged upward, “sure.”
He sighed, “I understand.” And grabbed his hot chocolate.
I laughed pushing a stand of hair behind my ear, “I said yes dumb head.”
“Wait really?!” He asked shocked.
“Sure why not,” I said well another person came towards the counter, “you should probably get out of here though, you have practice in,” I glanced at the clock, “about… 3 minutes and I have to take this order.”
Zach realized what time it was and he scrabbled to his feet and he just took his drink, smiled at me, and jogged for the door.
I looked at myself in the mirror once again, “i think I’m ready.”
My mom nodded and her eyes welled up with tears and she quickly wiped them.
I covered my face with my hands ever so gently to not smudge my makeup, “mom don’t cry. I’m just going to prom, not disappearing.”
“Oh don’t do that.” She took my hands away from my face and smiled fanning her eyes, “you’re just so grown.”
My friends and I all decided we wanted to all come to my house, with our families, to get ready for prom.
“Okay! Ladies, I think we’re all finished here?” My mom announced. Everyone nodded in agreement.
I linked arms with my best friend, Jaylyn, and she and I walked together outside. I stepped down the steps of my porch to see Zachary and all my friend’s dates outside too.
I smiled at in Zach’s direction to see him in depth of a conversation with Jaylyn’s boyfriend.
“Cameron!” Jaylyn said happily walking over to hug him.
“Hey.” That pulled him out of his conversation and put all of his concentration on Jaylyn. I looked at my best friend and her boyfriend admiringly.
Zach stared at me with wife eyes before I made my way over to him.
“Staring is rude, you know?” I joked and he laughed putting his head down.
“Hey baby.” He said happily dragging out the ‘y’ hugging me.
‘I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt’
My heartbeat quickened at the sudden slow song. I brushed my hands over my dress, smoothing out the sequins of my royal blue dress.
Zach walked back from talking with Justin and Jess.
“So… it’s a slow song.” He pointed out obviously before grabbing my hips lightly and pulling my body closer to him, “and I’m pretty sure this is the part when we dance together.”
I laughed lightly looking down, I wrapped my arms around his neck, having to lean up on my heels a little bit, “I guess so.”
'Take me back to the night we met’
This was one of my favorites songs, and only one person In all of Liberty knew that. I glanced up at tony, who gave me a wink and pointed to his DJ table.
I shook my head, internally laughing.
So it is, I went to prom with Zach Dempsey, The star basketball player. It almost didn’t feel real, but In a good way. I relaxed and I felt like no one else was in the room besides us.
The only thing that mattered right then, was Zach.
“You’re so beautiful.” The boy in front of me said snapping me out of my thoughts.
My eyes met his and thanks to the dim lights, he didn’t notice the pink tint rise on my cheeks.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I smiled taking a 'freshly-done-nails-hand" to run through his soft, black hair.
“I love you y/n.” He whispered seconds later.
My stomach did a flip and my knees got weak but Zachary’s gentle, but firm grip on my hips stopped me from slouching even a little bit.
“I love you too…”

Things my friends have said about bands

‘Vic Fuentes, he sounds like a fine cheese’

*watching congratulations* ‘Are those potatoes??’

‘Ah that’s the sirens I can tell because of the Kellin boy, he has a nice singing face’

'There was this song I really liked but I forgot who it was by and the album but I remembered the album cover so I spent two days searching up different variations of “two Asian boys holding hands”’

*watching kfad* 'This song scares me so much you think it’s going to be a fun nice, calm song but then nOPE’


'That song that has blue in the video and there’s an “ooh” in it is really good, I just can’t remember the name’

13 Reasons Why- Zach Dempsey Imagine

 Hey guys! As promised, this is my Zach part 1 13 Reasons POV, out for your enjoyment. The next installment will be Jessica, Part 1, so watch out for that next week or so. Enjoy!

Zach, Part 1

(This is Zach thinking over the first time he met Hannah and the weeks after)

She was a pretty girl. That was the first thing Zach noticed about Hannah that night at Kat’s party. It wasn’t the first time he’d noticed a girl, or the first time she’d noticed him, because Zach Dempsey had attracted female attention all his life, with his muscular body and his popular jock status, but she was the first girl who didn’t even give him a second glance. It was Justin who’d caught her eye, him and that stupid smile of his. He didn’t want to say he was jealous, but the truth was, Zach had never been in second place ever in his life. It wasn’t a good feeling. 

In a few days time, school started again, and he found out that Justin had noticed her too. It bugged him, though- he knew Justin didn’t really like her, that she was just his next passtime to distract him from life. He knew it wouldn’t end well, that it would be heartbreak and tears, and he wanted to warn her. Something kept him from doing it, though. He wanted to believe it was loyalty to his friends, but, as much as it shamed him, he wanted to see Hannah regret falling for Justin Foley.

 Zach knew a little of what Justin’s home life was like, but not much; Justin always clammed up about it when he asked. In many ways, he hated the conversations he had with his ‘best friend’, because they never talked about anything other than girls and basketball and weed. It was fun for a while, and Zach knew that was all any of the guys at school talked about, but it always felt like something was missing. Reality, the future, deeper issues; Justin and Bryce swept them away in a fog of smoke and under bottles of vodka, so Zach did the same, never realizing how much he needed to talk about things. Not until his life was dragged into the mess that was thirteen labelled cassette tapes.




So i wrote an imagine about the incredible Jeff Atkins but I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable about posting it because I’m french and I’m afraid it’ll be awful

Do you want me to post it?

Justin Foley- a 13 Reasons POV imagine

Hey! So this is just going to be a series of POVs on how the characters of 13 Reasons felt during certain parts of the story. It’s mainly going to focus on Jess, Justin, Alex, and Zach, but occasionally there will be bits on Courtney, Tony, Jeff, and others. No Bryce though. Never Bryce. Without further ado, here goes!

Justin- Part 1

(This is the around the time Clay began listening to the tapes)

He wished he’d never met her. He only went to Zach’s that night because his mother’s asshole boyfriend was staying at the house again, and he wanted an excuse to get out. Him and Zach had been fooling around, playing video games and smoking, when they decided to go to that party, considering it would be the last time they would meet Kat. They had run up, feeling invincible in their letterman jackets and the shroud of popularity as they got drenched by the rain, and it was just a simple, random action, to him, as he smiled at the girl on the porch. If he knew how screwed up things would be, because of that smile, he would never have done it.

When the guys started pointing out that she was into him, he shrugged it off. She was just another sophomore girl, cute, maybe, but it didn’t mean anything to him. When she tried getting closer to him, he reciprocated, thinking it was a fling, just a game, because to Justin, no relationship had ever been anything more than a pastime. He had seen how his parents ended up, how his mother’s relationships left them both broken and defeated; he didn’t want anything serious with anyone, ever.

Since the beginning of high school, Bryce had always been providing for him; his shoes, his clothes, his books, they all came from Bryce. He took what Bryce gave him gratefully, but it always left him feeling hollow, like he was a charity case that received everyone’s pity. Everytime he walked down those halls in his friend’s Nikes, he felt like the world was staring at him, that they knew how broken and lost and poor he was inside. He hated it, hated that feeling, and he was always the one to try the craziest things, do the most dangerous stunt, be the guy who did everything first just to show his friends he wasn’t worthless. To stop them pitying him.

That night at the playground; it was stupid, pointless. He regretted that picture with all his heart, and the guilt chipped away at him every day. It was a kiss, just a childish, stupid kiss, and he’d known that. He had taken that picture just to prove to Bryce he was as tough as he seemed, that he was a player and good enough for his group. He’d never wanted to send it out, but when Bryce did it, he never stopped him. That was what Justin hated himself for; for not doing enough, for not grabbing that phone, for not deleting that picture and saving a girl’s life. He had been an kid, just a kid trying to act like a man, but the months that followed had aged him beyond belief.

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8. & 97. For Alex? 💕

YASSS! Someone requested Alex ❤ I love him sm. Here ya go babe I hope you like it.
The floor is lava
Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.

“Alex, what in the world are you doing?” I asked my best friend as he placed pillows on his wood floors.
“Somethin’.” He replied and looked about the room before putting another pillow down, “the floor is lava.”
Leave it to Alex Standall to be the most random, weird person ever. With that he jumped from the polished floors onto a pillow.
I too jumped on the couch, “Ha ha! I have quick reflexes, you will never surprise me with this game.”
Alex jumped from the pillow by the TV to the one by the bookshelf. The pillow slipped and Alex fell flat on his back with a grunt.
At first I laughed and hopped off the couch and jumped pillow by pillow to him, “i win!”
Alex groaned again and moved his arms over his stomach.
“Oh… are you okay.” I asked putting my hands on his face.
“Yeah, I just got the shit beat out of me by a floor though.” He muttered sitting up and running his hands over his bleach blonde hair.
“Better the floor than Montgomery.” I said pulling him up. He glared at me annoyed like.
“Hey at least you’re still hot when you get the shit beat out of you.” He seemed to lighten up after that.
“Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.” He replied as he sat in a stool.
“I’m the one embarrassing myself?” I asked raising my eyebrows, “and maybe I was flirting. Then what?”