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► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

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How would the main 4 steal a kiss from their s/o? (yes i put in Kanda because i spent 2 days trying to imagine it and nothing xD)

(Surprise kisses are best kisses.)

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  • Allen pulls a classic- he points at his cheek, asking if you would be so kind as to give it a kiss. When you go in for in, he suddenly turns his head and you kiss his lips instead.
  • If you aren’t paying attention, he just calls your name. When you turn, he is right there, stealing a kiss off of a very shocked you.

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  • All of Kanda’s kisses are sort of stolen, let’s be real here. You just never expect him to initiate it, but he does it out of the blue. 
  • He’ll wait until you two are alone, grab your shoulder, turn you around and kiss you. Then he leaves while you’re wrapping your head around what just happened, as if he didn’t just kiss you.

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  • Lavi tells you that you have something on your lips. You go to reach up and wipe off whatever it may be, but he grabs your hand and kisses you. When he pulls back, he says, “Oh, nevermind, it was just my lips.” 
  • He is also a fan of tapping your shoulder, getting you to look over, only to find nothing. When you turn back around, he’s leaning in for a kiss. 

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  • Now I am no expert on how well she can control Dark Boots, but if it’s a lot, you can bet there with be Spiderman kisses from Lenalee using her boots to float above you. She just hangs down in front of you suddenly and smooches you.
  • If you are talking about something and you look particularly cute, she’ll grab your face and kiss you while you aren’t paying attention. Now you’re paying attention.
But I look at them and think…maybe connection isn’t always about words, or even about actions - it’s about presence, the promise of presence. It’s knowing that after you leave home, there will be someone there for you when you come back, someone with their own stories, their own life worth telling you about
—  Satellite, Twilight Mirage ep. 12

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