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Power Man & Iron Fist #10 by David Walker & Sanford Greene

Amidst the ridiculousness of Civil War II (yes, that’s still going on), various heroes teamed up to help people falsely imprisoned due to hackers changing their criminal records. Y'know, something actually heroic.

As a 100% certified fan of superhero team-ups, I approve. I think Walker’s superhero stuff has an interesting, different perspective to it, and I recommend it highly.

Also, seeing Misty and Colleen together is always A+++.

Medicinal Store Q&A

A message from Elstine:

Hello, hello folks! Elstine here with the Harboson Company again. Today we want to go over what the Medicinal Store can do for you ICly and OOCly in terms of roleplay.

Things such as:

Why should I visit the medicinal store?

What does this add to my roleplay?

What does this do for the community?

We hope you enjoy the read, and if you do - please reblog and let your friends know about the upcoming roleplay store opening on Wednesday, the 19th of April!


1. Why should we visit the store? - What a fantastic question you theoretical person, thank you. The Medicinal Store is designed with the community, you, the people of the community are our main concern and focus - that being said, we are doing whatever we can to add to your roleplay experience. From furthering your immersion level, to being a quest-giver, to simply teaching you actual herbalist/alchemist/medical things to further the accuracy and enjoyment of your roleplay. We want to add to and aid the community. Additionally, we want to work with other stores and business folks to better and expand the business/trader/merchant/investor roleplay field.

Here are just a few examples of some roleplay scenarios:

You are a Soldier of the Alliance or religious organization. Though a skilled warrior, you have next to no knowledge of herbs or alchemy, so you head over to your local medicinal store, tell them your situation, and get a wealth of knowledge, some life saving products at a military discount. Later on in your roleplay encounter a buddy of yours is severely burned! Luckily, you picked up a special salve at the store that helps to restore and nurture the extreme burns - either saving a limb or life.

You and/or your friends are new adventurers or mercenaries. Eager/desperate to make some coin, you head to your local medicinal store that often advertises for work. There you are given several potential tasks - hunting down a large shoveltusk in the far and foreign reaches of Northrend. -Travel to the Swamp of Sorrows, deep within Rebel Orc territory to pick a life-saving, rare herb. -Or you can guard an outgoing caravan leading to another store far to the North; the road is filled with infamous bandits!

Of course, either you can DM these events or we can provide a DM. 

2. What does this store do/aim to do for the community? - I am glad you theoretically asked! The Store and the guild, as mentioned, are here to expand and strengthen the business/investor/merchant/trader/etc. forms of roleplay. Back in the day, next to the Nobles in terms of power were of course the merchants; yet we hardly see much of that happening in our own fantasy here. We believe there just hasn’t been much of a foundation to encourage this type of roleplay. We would like to be and/or strengthen this foundation to add more depth in the roleplay of WrA.

While Nobles, Criminals, and Soldiers are great - there are also so many more roles that are exhilarating and rewarding. We just want to give people the chance to find such a role!

But, a TLDR? Add more public events, help OOCly with business oriented roleplay folks that are starting out, ICly invest and help business folks, add more communication between businesses that already exist, create a place where realistic/logical roleplayers and more fantasy based roleplayers alike can go to add to their depth of roleplay, instruct/educate folks in various medical/alchemist/herbalist themes to further expand their roleplay, and inspire new ideas. - Among many other things.

3. What is the store’s name, location, and when does it open? - Ah, another brilliant question theoretical person. The store is named: The Vital Spice. It is a store on the canals between the Cathedral and Trade district, just cattycorner of the crossing bridge! And we are officially open (hopefully) Wednesday the 19th, April - likely around 6PM ST regularly.

4. What exactly does the store have to offer? - Oooh, another brilliant question theoretical person! The Vital Spice will have a lot of things to offer, especially initially. Being a realism/hardcore/logical guild, we require ourselves to actually physically roleplay out the travel to various locations, the hunting of various animals and herbs, returning, processing the animal and herb goods into products, and finally bringing it to the store.

So, initially we will have a wide, wide variety to see what the community likes most, as any business would. Once we figure out what we need more or less of, we will go from there.

That being said: salves, potions, tonics, tinctures, specialized bandages, exotic spices, medicinal spices, medicinal animal goods, alchemy equipment, as well as offering work to others as mentioned. Not to mention - there are dozens of variants of each of these concoctions!

5. How does the guild/store plan to involve other groups? - Oh dang, theoretical person, dropping the hot bars. Well the short and sweet answer is - A lot of ways!

For instance, we have already approached Percy with the Stormwind Guard, the Oathsworn Vanguard, Angie with Shadowbrand Acquisitions, and many others (At least OOCly), to offer initial donations, provide them with supplies, and act as their official traders, among other things! We want to involve as many as we can ICly manage!

Thank you for the read (and reblog), we hope this helped answer any potential questions out there; however, if you have a specific questions, feel free to send us a message - anon or not, or contact us in game!

If you’d like to schedule some roleplay and or get involved in some way, let us know as well!

Thank you all again! We will see you on our next post or on Wednesday!

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