walker the corgi

White-haired anime boys???

nah what a fuckin joke what a – *trips*

*hundreds of thousands of photos of white-haired anime boys spill out of jacket*

w-what a bunch of fuc KING assholes

these aren’t mine I’m just

*gathers them up while frantically sweating*

listen i just listen FUCK

*thousands of pictures of white-haired anime boys scatter across the floor*

shit fuC K I’m just holding them for a friend

just lisTEN


Walk in the Park (a Secret Mutant gift for Thursdaychild)

Erik likes to sit in the park bench pretending to read, but the truth is that he is watching that adorable dog walker and his corgis.

Now that the Secret Mutant authors have been revealed, I can proudly present this year’s tiny comic I drew for Thursdaychild’s adorable prompt. It’s here on AO3. Happy holidays, everyone. :3


We went to the new Brea dog park for a corgi meet-up this morning.  The park is amazing!  Rhys had so much fun.  He got to meet so many new corgi friends including Odie, Walker, and Kirin. He also got to see his good friends Gatsby and Scout, and even my sister came with her chiweenie Chef. Rhys was even reunited with his half-sisfur Arya! They look identical! They share the same papa, but are siblings from another mother and were born about 2 weeks apart.  (Fun fact:  Arya and Gatsby are also half-siblings - they share the same mama.)

The park was really nice, so we’re looking forward to bringing Rhys back for more fun and playdates! Let us know if you want to go anytime :)