walker texas rangers

Warframe but like in high school

Atlas: Senior. Workout buddies with Rhino. Has a rock collection. Surprisingly good at cooking.

Ash: Senior. Bros with Excalibur. Closet weeb. Thinks Banshee is attractive.

Banshee: Junior. Loves listening to dubstep. Headphones never come off…NEVER. Very quiet and shy.

Chroma: Senior. Has a large pet lizard that he feeds live chickens named “Draco”. Plays Dragonborn in Dungeons & Dragons. Has multiple dragon posters.

Excalibur: Senior. Plays Quarterback on the football team. Has high grades. Also closet weeb. Has a crush on Mag.

Ember: Sophomore. Has a thing for Valkyr. Throws lit firecrackers at people. Smokes weed.

Equinox: Freshmen. Creepy twins. Finish each other’s sentences. One wears black, the other wears white. ALWAYS together.

Frost: Junior. Has a thing for Ember. Is always wearing a hoodie because he’s cold…all the time.

Hydroid: Senior. Likes pirates of the Caribbean. Wears a pirate hat everywhere. Perverted. Tells terrible pirate related puns.

Inaros: Sophomore. Has a beetle collection. Timid. When threatened throws pocket sand. Nekros’ younger brother.

Ivara: Freshman. Loves Archery. Reads comics Green Arrow and Hawkeye are favorite heroes. Pro Hanzo in Overwatch. Always falls asleep in class.

Limbo: Junior. Wears a Tux everywhere. Thinks he’s good with the ladies. Not very good with the ladies. Terrible at Math.

Loki: Sophomore. Ash’s younger brother. Plays pranks with Mirage. Has a criminal record for Vandalism and Public indecency. Also smokes weed.

Lotus: Principal. Knows everything about the students. Chooses to do nothing about it. Inexplicably always drinking coffee. Plays phone games during work hours.

Mag: Freshman. Trusted by Lotus to keep everyone in check. Never acts out. Straight A’s. Makes Nyx jealous because her boobs are bigger. Loves Astrology and Physics. Has science blog. Smallest in school

Mirage: Senior. Teases Loki with “Perverted acts”. Loves playing pranks. Blew up Principal’s bathroom and didn’t get caught. Rarely shows up for class.

Mesa: Junior. Plays Overwatch with Ivara, mains McCree. Loves to tell you what time it is (you know damn well what I mean) Has a bunch of old Cowboy movies. Remembers every scene of Walker Texas Ranger.

Nyx: Senior. Small boobs, big brain. Everyone listens to her, Sorta the disciplinarian.

Nekros: Senior. Always wears all black. Never smiles. Everyone thinks he’s planning a school shooting. Hangs out with Saryn a bunch.

Nezha: Sophomore. Only Transgender in school, loves to tell everyone about it. Burned down the gym one time and didn’t get caught.

Nidus: Senior. Owns every zombie movie ever. Likes to wear zombie makeup to school. Jumpscares Mag all of the time.

Nova: Senior. Beast at astrophysics…beats Mag actually. Has a weird thing for blowing shit up. Respected by Ember.

Oberon: Junior. President of Nature club. Loves butterflies. Extremely dense but has an A in biology.

Octavia: Junior. Banshee and her are the female equivalent of bros for life. Made Banshee’s Spotify playlist. Makes her own mixtapes. Plays MYRNE on morning announcements. Lotus would’ve done something about it if she weren’t jamming so hard.

Rhino: Senior. Jacked! Pretty dumb. Great football player.

Saryn: Senior. Owns a Katana for God knows why. Pretty chill. Student Council president. Smokes and drinks. Developed something for Nekros. Created the dogmatic teaching of “Biggest boobs makes the rules”. Also not very liked by Nyx.

Stalker: Sophomore. Emo. Probably planning school shooting. Hates everyone but Nekros.

Titania: Freshman. VP of nature club Huge crush on Oberon but will never say it. Even dressed up as a butterfly to get him to notice her only to be outshined by his butterfly costume.

Teshin: Gym teacher. Doesn’t give a fuck.

Trinity: Junior. Goody two shoes. Helps out the school nurse. Wants to be a doctor.

Vauban: Senior. Engineer. In robotics. A’s in physics. Heard of sports at most.

Volt: Junior. On track team. Listens to Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack while jogging. Crush on Saryn.

Valkyr: Junior. Good at gym but not much else. Anger issues.

Zephyr: Junior. Owns a pet hawk that creeps out Saryn. Does parkour and hanglides.

Wukong: Freshman. Practices gymnastics. Practices martial arts with the Bo staff just to say he can. Showed up to practice drunk one time. Has a pet monkey named Pyjak that he puts sunglasses on and takes selfies with.

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+ The Walking Dead | The Walking Dead | Negan | Talking Dead
+ The Good Wife  | The Good Wife  | Jason Crouse

# 2015

+ Guns For Hire | The Adventures of Beatle  | Guns For Hire | Bruce
+ Heist | HeistVaughn | Bus 657
+ Desierto | Desierto | Sam
+ Extant | Extant | JD Richter
+ Solace | Solace | Joe Merriweather
+ Texas Rising | Texas Rising ‘Deaf’ Smith
+ The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe | The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe | Joe DiMaggio

# 2014

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+ Shameless | Shameless | Charlie Peters
+ They Came Together | They Came Together | Frank

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+ Red Dawn | Red Dawn | Andy Tanner 
+ The Possession | The Possession | Clyde
+ The Courier |  The Courier

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+ Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding | Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding | Jude
+ Texas Killing Fields | Texas Killing Fields | Brian Heigh
+ The Resident | The Resident | Max

# 2010

+ Jonah Hex | Jonah Hex Jeb Turnbull
+ Shanghai | Shanghai | Conner
+ The Losers | The Losers | Clay

# 2009

+ Taking Woodstock | Taking Woodstock | Dan
+ Grey’s Anatomy | Grey’s Anatomy | Denny Duquette
+ Watchmen | Watchmen | Under the Hood | Edward Blake | The Comedian | Comedian

# 2008

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+ Sobrenatural | Sobrenatural John Winchester | Azazel | Young John Winchester | Mary Winchester | Sam WInchester | Dean Winchester | I support John Winchester 
+ The Accidental Husband | The Accidental Husband | Patrick

# 2007

+ P.S. I Love You | P.S. I Love You | William
+ Fred Claus |  Fred Claus  
+ Kabluey | Kabluey | Brad
+ Live! | Live! | Rick
+ Grey’s Anatomy | Grey’s Anatomy | Denny Duquette

# 2006

+ Jam | Jam Dale
+Sobrenatural | Sobrenatural John Winchester | Azazel | Young John Winchester | Mary Winchester | Sam WInchester | Dean Winchester | I support John Winchester 

# 2005

+ Chasing Ghosts | Chasing Ghosts | Detective Cole Davies
+ Weeds | Weeds | Judah Botwin
The O.C. | The O.C. | Joe Zukowski | The O.C

# 2004

+ Monk | Monk | Steven Leight
+ Six: The Mark Unleashed | Six: The Mark Unleashed | Tom Newman
+ Tru Calling | Tru Calling | Geoffrey Pine
+ Dead & Breakfast | Dead & Breakfast | The Sheriff
+ The Handler | The Handler | Mike

# 2003

+ Something More | Something More | Daniel
+ Star Trek: Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise | Star Trek | Xindi-Reptilian 
+ CSI |CSI | Bill Nolan |  Undercover Agent 1

# 2002

+ JAG | JAG Wally | Weapons Officer
+ V.I.P. | V.I.P.Randall Waring
+ The Division | The Division Father William Natali
+ Angel | Angel | Sam Ryan
+ The Practice | The Practice |  Daniel Glenn

# 2001

+ ER | ER | Firefighter Larkin

# 2000

+ Walker, Texas Ranger | Walker, Texas Ranger | Jake Horbart

# 1999

+ Road Kill | Road Kill | Bobby

# 1997

+ Legal Deceit | Legal DeceitTodd Hunter

# 1996

+ The Burning Zone | The Burning Zone | Edward Marcase
+ Sliders | SlidersSid | El Sid
+ In the Blink of an Eye | In the Blink of an Eye | Jessie

# 1995

+ Mystery Dance | Mystery Dance | Shay Astor
+ Dillinger and Capone | Dillinger and Capone | Jack Bennett
+ Undercover Heat | Undercover Heat | Ramone
+ Extreme | Extreme | Jack Hawkins

# 1994

+ Black Sheep |Black Sheep | Bobby Debeneke

# 1991

+ To Cross the Rubicon | To Cross the Rubicon | Rod
+ Uncaged | Uncaged Sharkey


+ Love Easy | Love Easy

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Happy Halloween!

A taste for blood
Won’t hold them back
With nails that cut like razors
Hungry for flesh
See the undead hot on our trails they chase us
We need a place
Somewhere to hide
Where they won’t think to go inside
Watch as your darkest fears return to life.

Don’t bother sleeping without one eye open wide
There’s creatures in the night to haunt you
Their arms are reaching out to hold you tight
Your demons come alive to chase you
(ba dada dada da da da da da, dadda da da dadda da da)

Nowhere to run they’re closing in on us
I can see the faces in the windows staring in at us

Don’t bother sleeping without one eye open wide

There’s creatures in the night to haunt you

Their arms are reaching out to hold you tight
Your demons come alive to chase you

(Jesse, you take the front door.
Justin and Jack, you take the back,
If anything comes in,
You put a bullet in their fucking brains!
We’re coming out of this alive,
We won’t become like them.
We’re leaving here tonight.
We’re leaving alive!)

No way to stop
What has been done
You felt the bite now you’ll be one
Don’t tell your friends what you’ve become

You’re not the same
‘Cause I can see it in your eyes
I can see it on your face
You’re hoping for a taste

Do you feel your blood starting to boil within your skin?

Do you feel your stomach turning?
You know that it’s the end!

This is the end

(no turning back now you’re under its spell)
(we have no choice, but to send your body back to hell)

Don’t bother sleeping without one eye open wide
There’s creatures in the night to haunt you
Their arms are reaching out to hold you tight
Your demons come alive to chase you

Here they come!
There’s nowhere left to hide