walker sisters


Imagine being another woman Kit Walker loved and running into him five years after escaping from Briarcliff in the coffee shop you own.

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“(Y/N)” Lana said as she was about to walk out of the shop. Kit turned in his chair to see you for the first time in five years. “tell Scarlett and Robb, I said hello”

“Will do Lana” you smiled at your friend as she walked out. As you turned to go back to your work, your eyes land on the blonde. “Well if it isn’t Kit Walker as I live and breath.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Kit chuckled hugging you. “Its good to see you.”

“You to” you told him. “Sorry about never writing or anything. I’ve been busy keeping this place open. But I’m truly sorry about Grace and Alma.”

“It takes time but the kids and I are dealing with it” Kit said as the front door opened and a brunette woman walked in with a set of twins, one boy and one girl each with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes just like Kit.

“Mommy” the two shouted running straight to you.

“How was school” you asked them.

“Awesome” your son Robb said “Ms. Blake let our class have an extra rescue.”

“and we got cupcakes for Austin’s birthday” you daughter Scarlett told you.

“Sorry Miss (Y/L/N)” Mrs. James said. “there a bit hipper”

“It’s okay Laura” you told her handing her this weeks check for watching them before she left. “you two run on to the back room and play.” Once the twins at went to the back you turned back to Kit. “Sorry about that. I complete forgot they would be dropped off early”

“It’s fine” Kit told you with that smile you fall in love with back when you first meet him. “So your mom”

“Yeah it’s kinda hard to believe” you told him. “but eight month after escaping Briarcliff those two showed and have been a pain in the ass just like the father since day one.”

Even though you didn’t up and say they were his, Kit know the were. Back in Briarcliff you always told him he was a pain in the ass. He know he had to wait for you tell him yourself though. So you talked a few more moments before saying goodbye and promising to stay in touch. As he walked out to his truck he turned back to see Robb and Scarlett run out to you and grab hold of your hands. He smiled to himself, hoping he’d at least get to know them.


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